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Men, Take Your Mind off Sex

March 1, 2013

migchels.jpg(left, Migchels, Friday pm, Holland time)

We are the men. Our lack of control over our sex-drive is OUR problem.
It is OUR task to find ways of controlling it. These ways are available.

by Anthony Migchels

Porn is without a doubt a truly horrible spiritual attack, with devastating effects on family and the fabric of society. One does not have to be a saint to see this. One must be a fool to deny it.

There is every reason for men to complain about women; most of them are simply horrible. There is an all-out war against men going on and the feminists are the "useful idiots" destroying their protectors. But to use that as a valid excuse to turn to porn is wrong and self defeating.

Nowadays it is commonplace to read in 'news'papers and magazines that 'men think of sex every 2 seconds'. I can tell you this: I have days on end without thinking of sex even once. But many men go along with this complete nonsense and assume their masculinity is dependent on their craving for sex.

In truth: it's the other way around. If you want to be a complete idiot not even worth being trampled on by a feminist, than please continue to be a sex crazed moron. If you want to be a man, get a grip.

It's sometimes hard to have normal relations with other men these days. You can't walk down the street enjoying a conversation for one minute before the other guy is distracted by some tits or ass, it's pathetic.

I remember how I woke up to this myself. I was healing from a nasty youth and I started to realize my sexual fantasies were rather violent and power based. David Deida helped me see it. Slowly but surely I started to disallow these thoughts in my brain. It cost me years, but they're gone now, and I'm a better man for it.


Ten years back, I was sitting in a bus and a young girl came in, tastelessly and sluttily dressed. I noticed my brain automatically generated the thought 'yo, hot chick!'. Suddenly I wondered where that thought came from and I observed her a little closer. She was just a plain gal, not knowing how to dress herself and how stupid she looked with all her goodies on display.

That was when I started deprogramming myself.
It is not too difficult to stop your brain from producing all sorts of nonsensical thoughts about sex and women. Just learn to be aware of these thoughts and stop feeding them by giving them attention. Shut them down when you become aware of them.

What also greatly helped me was learning to circulate sexual energy throughout my body, as the Taoïsts taught us. Normally speaking it builds up in the groin and is blocked there. The pressure mounts and the urge to relieve grows. This is the 'sex-drive'. Once we learn to spread this energy throughout our system, we start to master it. It starts to enhance us and energize us.

Women are women. We are equipped with a strong sex drive, because otherwise we wouldn't be interested in women at all. If it weren't for their womb and the tunnel of love, women would be second-rate men, not worthy of much attention.

They need us, for protection and guidance, to fulfill their life's destiny. Young women are pretty to attract a man so he will sacrifice to protect her. They are not Goddesses and they are not sex-slaves. A young girl is our sister. Another man's daughter.

I'm still not completely in control and occasionally succumb to far too easily accessible porn. I would welcome a ban, which they are discussing now in that very small hope for mankind known as Iceland.

It is despicable that men defend porn and the utter sexual degeneracy that is getting worse by the day.

The New World Order would be dead if we solved just that, because once we get our heads out of our dicks, things tend to fall in place.

Anthony Migchels is a Dutch activist for monetary reform. His blog is here.

Makow comment - For me the key is detachment: Realizing that many of our thoughts do not belong to our real identity (soul) but to the monkey that is our material manifestation. See Cohabiting with a Monkey   and Taking Sex out of M/F Relationships .

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Comments for "Men, Take Your Mind off Sex"

Richard said (March 2, 2013):

As a young man I had a real battle with my sex drive but turning to Jesus I asked for His help. Briefly it was that love, joy and peace come from Him not women. When we see an attractive woman we should praise God because that is the way God made them. This brings the light of the Gospel into the situation which drives away the demons and doesn't denigrate women.

It is interesting to me that Satan degrades women by associating their beauty with the negative rather than a recognition of His handiwork. Both men and women have have responsibility here but God wants people to experience His blessing and personal intimacy in marriage.

Pagans blame women for sexual attractiveness and use the handiwork of God to degrade and blame women. El Shaddai means the "Almighty multi-breasted one" in Gen 17:1 which is God's way to counteract the Ashterah of the Canaanites.

God wants intimacy and commitment in our relationship with Him as well as in marriage. The Ashterah was about lust and sex which destroys relationships but not love and is the oldest Satanic trick and greatly damaged Israel. Satan attacks where God wants to bless.

Hector said (March 2, 2013):

Porn is poison for men and one of the reasons there are many demotivated people around, along with masturbation, a real damnation that for many of years of my adolescence tormented me.

However most of the female commenters are just hypocrites. Why would you ask? While these women point correctly the error and heinous sin of these men who have fallen into the porn trap and are or were addicted to it, I am pretty sure that, as most women they are entangled to the female porn, aka romantic novels and movies that set expectations well beyond the realm of possibility, are addicted to social networks that give a false sense of value due to having hundreds or thousands of "male friends" providing attention, or were not even virgin before marriage, ergo, with their capability for real love either greatly damaged or completely destroyed.

These women, actually the majority of them, especially those that call men idiots are the perfect example of the "Christian feminists" (deb amongst others) and the reason why most "Christian" girls are to be avoided.

Monica said (March 2, 2013):

Normally I don't comment on discussions of this sort, but I protest that James (below) likes to advocate men avoid responsibility for their actions by blaming testosterone, how women dress, advertisers, movie makers etc. He sounds like Adam in the Garden of Eden who went so far as to even blame God for his misdeed by saying, "It's that woman YOU put here with me!".

Anthony Migchels is neither eunuch or milquetoast, if you actually READ his article. It sounds to me rather like sour grapes because Anthony has become master of his lower nature (through a great deal of dedicated effort to become a man he could respect, and at no small cost to himself) whereas James refuses to believe it's even possible to try, thus the string of ready excuses. So it's difficult! Now there's a surprise! It's even more difficult when you build up the mountain and excuse yourself from taking the first step to try to climb it!

The true nature of mankind is intellectual, with a powerful will, make no mistake about that! This will is the primary target of Illuminati attack and their well aimed missiles drag mankind to his lowest, carnal nature and keep him there. James implies that with enough hormones it is impossible to withstand those attacks, so why not just resign yourself to living off the porn they dole out and admit your defeat. Heck, he even justifies it! Sounds like intellectual milquetoast eunuch to me!

Bryan said (March 2, 2013):

That's a sad story. I lean a little with Duane's comments, essentially. Stick with him if possible. Give him a chance to man up, and stop telling him about himself. He's probably all too well aware by now.

Tim said (March 2, 2013):

Dear Henry, I have noticed a lot of your articles deals with homosexuality and pornography. Satan has certainly been successful in turning this world into Sodom and Gomorrah.

But I want to give hope to those who are bound up by Satan to these things. There is a cure! 99% of homosexuality is caused by demons who have been placed there by homosexual acts, either voluntary or involuntary. Notice how there are many accounts of boys being 'turned' into homosexuals by predator priests and pedophiles. Well that is because of the powerful demons who have been placed into those boys by that act. Think about it, why would once straight boys, after being molested, then turn into homosexuals, and desire to keep doing those filthy acts, if it wasn't for those demons that are now in them creating these homosexual urges.

In the book by Rebecca Brown MD, 'He Came To Set The Captives Free', she explains about these 'doorways' that give demons legal right to come into our lives. There are many such doorways, such as some demonic games, tarot card readings, and anything to do with horoscopes, drugs and alcohol a doorway to let demons of addiction into our lives, etc. But some of the most powerful demons are sexual, and especially so with homosexuality.

But there is hope, personally Rebecca has delivered homosexuals from their demons, and therefore cured them. But I don't think you even need someone to deliver you. If you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, who came to this world and died for us, and CONFESS to him your sins, and ADMIT your guilt, and the fact that you can do NOTHING without him, he will forgive your sins and deliver you from the demons which control you. Jesus has said, "ask and you shall receive" and "if we CONFESS our sins he (Jesus) is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

You know, it's a struggle to over come, especially sexual thoughts. But try this, next time you are tempted by thoughts of lust or adultery, or tempted to turn on some internet porn, instead, kneel down, and ask Jesus to help you overcome. Ask him out load, reverently, and with faith. Just see what happens! Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised. Jesus has given us power over the enemy. "Behold I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." Luke 10:19. Those of you who are tempted by lustful thoughts, tempted to do self abuse etc, why don't you command the demons of lust to depart from you in the name of Jesus Christ. Rebuke them out LOAD, (because they cannot read your thoughts), and just see what happens! again, you will be pleasantly surprised. You will get peace, and those thoughts will leave you. Most Christians don't realize just how much power we have under Christ. Lets use that power against the enemy!

It's wonderful to be FREE, free from Satan's bondage, free from the lusts of the flesh. But the warfare is tough and it is a spiritual battle for your mind. It's a wonderful thought knowing that you CAN have the victory if you WANT it, by just asking Jesus for the help. It's a matter of WANTING to gain the victory.

James said (March 2, 2013):

There are all kinds of testosterone levels, from milquetoast to raging bull. Easy for a milquetoast to tell a raging bull to control himself. The testosterone counts of most young men are on the high side, and many don't get enough whoopee. Thus their 24 hour preoccupation with boobs and asses. A high testosterone count is not easy to contain. Not impossible, but with porn everywhere it's that more difficult. The evil porn producers/manipulators exploit precisely that weakness.

There is only one remedy to get rid of the preoccupation: more sex, commensurate with the count. Since that is not happening in many cases, our society is the way it is. Very simple. It leads men to develop and keep a mental preoccupation long after their testosterone counts have come down.

Sermons from milquetoasts or eunuchs are no help. They don't have a clue what they are talking about. Only elder men who were raging bulls once can see the full spectrum. But not all admit it. Was it an elderly Diogenes who said that only after physically losing the demon lust was he finally able to think completely clearly?

Not that anyone should be blamed for his low count, nature produces all kinds. But being (lucky?) enough not to be born with a raging bull nature, let them at least look a little farther than their own personal limitations.

Richard said (March 2, 2013):

One reason we males are sex-crazed is that we are constantly bombarded with powerful sexual stimuli, most of which comes from sources that would not commonly be considered "porn".

Banning porn would accomplish little without banning nearly all advertising, television programming, and Hollywood movies, which would be a good idea for other important reasons as well as reducing sex obsession.

Sophocles said (March 2, 2013):

Plato: The Republic, Book 1, 329C.

'How about your service of Aphrodite, Sophocles; is your natural force still unabated?' And he replied, 'Hush, man, most gladly have I escaped this thing you talk of, as if I had run away from a raging and savage beast of a master.' I thought it a good answer then and now I think so still more. For in very truth there comes to old age a great tranquility in such matters and a blessed release. When the fierce tensions of the passions and desires relax, then is the word of Sophocles approved.

Brian said (March 2, 2013):

Good article. I like how Anthony gets right to the heart of things

But there's one passage where I think some women readers may misunderstand where he's coming from:

"If it wasn't for their womb and tunnel of love, women would be no better than 2nd class men."

Now, as a man, I get it. But in the interest of turnabout is fair play, I would add this:

"If it wasn't for their sperm and tower of power, men would be no better than 2nd class women!

Robbie said (March 1, 2013):

You state: “Nowadays it is commonplace to read in 'news'papers and magazines that 'men think of sex every 2 seconds”

Rubbish !!! Let me tell you what men think of most of the time, how to pay the Gas bill, Rent or mortgage, Electricity bill, Food bill, Clothes bill, and how to pay for the Petrol or Diesel.

Your “Men think of sex every 2 seconds” is in the same league as “1 in 4 women are raped.”

Henrique said (March 1, 2013):

Great intervention by A. Migchels! Finally a man that has his head in the right place. I was watching with disgust your last article and how it was turning out, the ganging up on the woman without any empathy, just based on their own frustrated life experiences, and worst of all, the APOLOGY of the very tool used to the extreme to demoralize and destroy the biggest enemy the conspiracy has on the face of the Earth - US, heterosexual men. I do feel somewhat sorry for those guys who suffered in the hands of greedy women and all that ( if those stories can even be completely trusted, for all we hear is one side) and I even have to admit that it's closer to me than anything, for my parents relationship was also what you could call a disgrace that ended up in divorce.

But instead of grieving it forever and caving in to the system, surrendering to self-piety and complicity, and maybe growing up to become the next pimp-superstar, I kept believing in high morality and today I believe in it more with every day that passes, even not being religious ( morality has nothing to do with religion when it comes down to it. in my opinion ).

And I indeed had everything AGAINST me, for I'm from one of the ( I actually consider THE ) most hyper-sexualized country in the world - about everything here is soft-porn at least; the other day I was zapping and saw, in a Catholic channel, a middle-aged show host ( not ugly, BTW ) wearing a mini-skirt. I wish it was a joke, but it isn't.

In order to destroy families, you need to hyper-sexualize society; Russel, Kinsey, Freud, Adorno-Horkheimer-Marcuse and a host of other icons of the Brotherhood dedicated their whole lives to degrade and diminish morality and culture to reach this goal. As Alan Watt says, we're the most studied species on the planet, and they surely worked hard to distort our nature and everything around us. High morality, honor, intellect; these things are actually closely related, and they're worth killing and dying for. Long live sanity!

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