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Makow- Cohabiting with a Monkey

May 25, 2024

Satanists have programmed our minds to shut down at the mention of "God," our loving Creator, and benefactor.  For Satanists, God is the competition. 

So they created this ridiculous straw man image of an omnipotent God and held Him responsible for all that goes wrong, when in fact, God depends on us to do His will.

We can't find God because we are God.  Obviously, not the Creator but our true identity is that spark of Divinity which God implanted in the human soul.

I asked an "atheist" if she believed in a difference between good and evil. She said she did. Then you believe in God, I said. God is the Moral Order.

 Our desire for God, our spiritual ideals -- for beauty, truth, goodness, love, and justice-- is what defines us as human. 

Our souls are confined in the bodies of apes. We are thwarted when 'we' identify with our monkey thoughts, such as greed, lust, and fear instead of God. God hears all our thoughts. If we let Him edit these thoughts, we can experience Him our true Self. The Kingdom of Heaven is within.  

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.' ... 
'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these."   Mark 12:30-31

The soul must tame the animal. Satanists reject the soul. "We... do not embrace the concept of a soul imprisoned in a body," says the Church of Satan. They make their appetites and whims supreme and pronounce them god. These depraved freaks are the Illuminati. They run the world and want to degrade humanity to their level.

Cohabiting with a Monkey
(Revised from Aug 27, 2020)

by Henry Makow Ph. D.

I have a confession to make. I've been living with a monkey for most of my life.

I call him "Curious George." (He is very curious to me.) We're an odd couple. He is always posturing and foraging. I try to keep him in check.

His vulgarity is a constant embarrassment. It seems that at a young age, his mind was corrupted (programmed.)   

When he sees a beautiful female TV reporter, he doesn't see a human being doing a job. He doesn't listen to the info. He is too busy undressing her. This is "sex-obsessed George."

When his best friends suffer some misfortune, there is a tinge of satisfaction. This is "Schadenfreude George." Or should I say, "Insecure George?"

One of George's worst habits is "judging" everything he sees and hears. "Judge not, that ye be not judged," George. Focus on your own faults! 

Paradoxically, George is not a jealous monkey. He accepts that there are smarter, more talented, more hard-working monkeys who are more deserving than him.   

cartoon_airplane_46492.jpgAt other times, I think of George not as a monkey but as an airplane. I am his pilot. I have to fuel him up
at least three times a day, clean his cabin and empty his toilets. I change his oil about once a week.  Sometimes his batteries wear down so I give him a nap.

I sit in the cockpit in front of a computer screen. George wants a drink. George needs stimulation. George is always "wanting" something.

He is always trying to increase his store of coupons (called "money") useful for getting the things George "wants." If not that, he is checking his stocks, book sales, and Twitter followers. Sometimes, I am appalled by the risky stock market bets he makes. Although I would not live any differently if I had twice as much money, George loves to play the market. 

He also thrives on praise from other monkeys and gets quite angry if they act like, well ....monkeys! 


George lives on a planet infested by his kind, a large zoo without cages. He is surrounded by bad examples. George is cohabiting with seven billion monkeys.  

The planet is ruled by a clique of evil monkeys who
"corrupt in order to control." They don't want simians like George challenging their supremacy.   Everywhere George looks, he is encouraged to be his worst.

Porn, violence, greed etc. are pushed in his face. George rarely gets accurate information or sees positive role models.

I try to shield him from all the filth and instead expose him to truth and uplifting experiences.   ape.jpg

I wish I had home-schooled him. He wasted most of his life studying ... other monkeys.


As you have probably guessed, George is an animal that has served as the vehicle for my consciousness for some 70 years. I figure he's got about 20 years left before he expires and I am reunited with God.

(Apparently, the Creator has chosen this curious method of self-expression: Inject Himself into a higher Primate and hope the seed will grow. Unfortunately, this plan is in jeopardy.)

George is definitely not the virile young ape he was once. There are many signs of wear and tear. 

insanity90.jpgGeorge is so demanding that I often forget I am not him. That distinction is what distinguishes me from an ape. It's what makes me "human."

The whole cosmic drama takes the form of domesticating our ape vehicles. I must regularly unplug the "George" computer. I want to experience myself, as a soul, instead of George.

I must increase consciousness through meditation, prayer, and reading the Bible. "The Lord is thy shepherd. Thou shalt not want.Hear that, George!? 

Our would-be masters want to erase the idea of God-consciousness. If we are just animals, they (not God) will shape and control us. 

If they increase fear, they keep us thinking like animals. So they regularly stage mass shootings.

I wish George were more like a horse. Horses are vehicles by nature. They are graceful, peaceful and take direction.

George, why couldn't you have been a horse?? 

-----------Monkey or Mensch
-------------Unplugging the NWO

First Comment from Glen:

Henry, I laughed at this because it was funny and almost cried as it is so true. It is rare indeed when we take the time to think about what the big picture is all about. As I have learned life is nothing more than your thoughts and those thoughts turned into actions. I have nothing more to add than this is one of the greatest analogies of life I have ever heard.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Makow- Cohabiting with a Monkey"

Ron said (May 26, 2024):

So they created this ridiculous straw man image of an omnipotent God and held Him responsible for all that goes wrong, when in fact, God depends on us to do His will.

We can't find God because we are God. Obviously, not the Creator but our true identity is that spark of Divinity which God implanted in the human soul.

Henry, God IS omnipotent and that means that He doesn’t twiddle His thumbs patiently
waiting for us to do His will. If He wants something done He commands it and we obediently

Also, the spark of divinity nonsense is pure Kabbalah.


Thanks Ron

We disagree. I am speaking from personal experience and decades of study.


Bryan said (May 26, 2024):

I hate that fucking George.

Richard said (May 26, 2024):

With regard to your article, “Cohabiting with a Monkey” I agree with the notion we have both desires of the flesh and thoughts from God.
However I totally disagree with the idea God is whatever you conceive God to be. If Washington DC is five hundred miles south of where you stand it is not five hundred miles to the north of where you stand. It is where it is and nowhere else. By the same token if there is a God He is what He is. God does not exist in the form of whatever Sally imagines Him to be and also in the mind of George who imagines God to be something quite different. God is Who He is. If Bob says God is our inner self and Mary says God is a crocodile living in a cave and Albert says God is the God of the Crow Indian nation they cannot all be correct.

His existence and identity is not determined by what the creatures of His creation make up in their own heads what they imagine Him to be or what they’ve been told He is but rather it is up to us the created to discover Who created us and all the details of what He is. As scripture says, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to seek it out.” Just as humans have an Intelligence Quotient they have a Soul Quotient. Some are drawn to seek out the desires of the flesh some are drawn to seek out the mind of God each of us with varying ebb and flow from one to the other.

The powers that should not be unfortunately have dumbed down the masses to follow their lusts not their soul. It takes a self actualizing person to control their mind, control their emotions, and follow what they know in their heart is best.

Though their numbers have fallen sharply against the sea of the duped and the damned they stand out like stars in a black sky.


Thanks Richard

God has to be conceived in order to be a factor in your behavior. Your argument makes no sense.


G said (May 25, 2024):

Sometimes I think you seek a perfection that might be unreachable. Over the years I've seen you reaching, struggling, as if the point you were reaching from was less valuable than the point you were reaching toward. Could be true. Some say, "What we have is it." It ain't over there or later.

But anyway, very astute self-analysis, Henry. I'd say your experience is pretty darn universal: None is not without a monkey. I bet yours is worse than you let on. Mine certainly is. That monkey is insatiable. Once in a while I find it in myself to be able to contain him for a few days, but he always comes back with a vengeance.

And just yesterday he told me something I found hard to believe. He said that he was also part of God and one day I would understand his part in the plan. He ended by suggesting we share a cocktail.

Monkeys, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

Gabriel said (August 31, 2020):

I noticed that quite a lot of readers are giving Henry a hard time for his philosophy about God. I hope those readers could be a little more open-minded. God, It's not about religion, it's about spirituality. It's about being in harmony with yourself and the universe. It's about consciousness and being good to yourself and others. It's the universal force of good. Religions just muddy the whole thing up, all about dogma. Be conscious, be healthy, be good and God will be with you the whole way; and you'll have no fear. And please don't label us as new agers, we are just real. Putting labels on others is not spiritual.

L said (August 29, 2020):

As the daughter of a Baptist minister, raised inside the fundamentalist "system", I spent over 70 years within that "system" accepting the Bible as THE Word of God.

I was pushed into examining this Belief System because of the results of it in my own life!! I have come to the conclusion that the "God" of the O.T. is not The Source of All!!

I liked what you said....we cannot "find God" because each of us IS "God"!! That is SO true & is the secret withheld from humanity & why it is so easy to keep us enslaved!!

The Muslims say the Koran is THE Word of where do we get by fighting over whose Book is correct?? I now am of the opinion we should search out ALL Ancient Writings & leave the psychotic, blood thirsty "God" in the dust where he belongs!!

It was quite a Lightbulb Moment when I realized that Communion is simply a mockery set up by those who would control us....and it has worked for over 2,000 years!!! 😇

Hugs from this Grandma!!

Tony E said (August 29, 2020):

I often think back to my youth and recall sexual dalliances, I wonder now if I was under some spell or satanic possession? I wonder what heights of greatness and genius I could have achieved?

It has become crystal clear to me now what Sun Tzu meant when he said "A man who has conquered himself has conquered the world"

DW said (August 28, 2020):

Hi Henry. Thank you for the great article today, 'Where to find GOD', and all of the others as well. I've been reading your articles daily, since about 2010 and have been lead on different avenues of research from things I've seen on this site. I find that pretty much everything is spot on.

I wanted to share something based on the intro to today's article... I was an atheist most of my life and about 10 years ago I was working with someone who was Christian and we used to debate often. One day he said to me, "all of the reasoning you use to come to your conclusions about GOD, are reasons not to believe, have you ever tried finding reasons to believe in GOD?"

It kind of struck me. It was so simple, yet made so much sense. I realized then that I was being negative and already believed in having a positive outlook on life. So I changed my way of thinking about GOD and gave it a shot.

Al Thompson said (February 5, 2018):

Associating monkeys with people is insulting to the monkey. Do monkeys put explosives on themselves and then go blow up another village of monkeys? Do monkeys fly bombers over other monkeys? Do monkeys establish governments? Do monkeys start religions? If what you say is true, then the monkeys have better control over themselves than most people. A monkey's behavior is better than people because he usually stays within the natural order. For whatever reason, they seem to have more control over themselves. Monkeys seem to have the natural ability to stay within the natural order of life; whereas, people seem to be twisted by every stupid teaching that an insane mind can imagine. The solution is too easy. Mankind must re-establish a strong moral order in order to have a successful society. Separating from all symbols and activities of the occult would be a good start.

Matt B said (February 5, 2018):

Appreciate the honesty and lighter tone of this one...

Yes, it's much easier to point our fingers at the sinner without while neglecting the sinner within i.e. recognising and amending our own fallen state (with the help of God's grace).

Satanist, Aleister Crowley, was an adherent toThelma: ""Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.""

It's important when we speak about God as being Love, we also define Him as Truth. The Bible. can't remember the exact Scripture references, literally refers to God as both love and truth. In the Gospel of John, Christ says "I am the way, the truth, and the life..." Truth is a Person. Christ.

Love and Truth are inseparable. When Christ spoke of the two greatest commandments, He meant that he who truly loves God with his whole heart will also truly love his neighbour, and therefore he will live by God's other commandments by default. All of God's laws stand upon love e.g. a couple who loves each other will marry and make a lifelong commitment to one another before engaging in the marital act. Couples who put the cart before the horse are being reckless and irresponsible, and putting their passions rather than love first.

That's one example. We could look at any commandment and/or grave sin and easily come to the same determination.

The Crowley, i.e. satanist, approach to 'love' is putting one's own will first, which can easily be corrupted and clouded by the inner monkey, to borrow your analogy. Whereas the person who is following God first, (true love), submits his own will into the service of God's Will/Law aka Love.

This is a subtle but important distinction. Satan can't create. What he can do, and he's a master at this, is counterfeit God's truths. He's so good that any undiscerning eye can be easily fooled by his counterfeits.

G said (February 5, 2018):

Hey Henry, Curious George has sooooo many cousins. There's one in every home. The relentless bastards work overtime. Ain't it a life's work to get unslaved by them? A good thing they know how to have fun once in a while. One even taught me to dance.

Bill said (December 15, 2015):

This is a great analogy. The higher nature versus the lower. Scripture says "we are created a little lower than the angels." It's a constant battle. The flesh versus the spirit. We will either feed the one and starve the other - or vice versa. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Who will save me? Thanks be to God for His gift. Jesus already conquered sin and death FOR me. How awesome is grace!

Tony B said (December 14, 2015):

Interesting way to describe the basic war of human beings on earth. A constant internal war of soul against flesh so long as we live on this earth. Victory over the varied and fleeting lusts of the flesh being the true reason for the earthly segment of our lives.

Even more interesting is the degree of confusion, wishful thinking, and half knowledge among most commenters. I understand it because I've lived it myself most of my life. What I was lucky enough to discover in my old age (thanks to my twins) is that Catholic writings make the war extremely easy to understand. And they never vary because truth doesn't vary.

Well, maybe after protestant V2, what is now called "Catholicism" has lost that oneness but I never read that latter day stuff.

Anyway, it's nice to see you thinking in this direction. Keep going as you are. You'll never regret it. I wish I had progressed so far at your age.


Thanks Tony,

At age 66, I love being referred to as young!


Clifford Shack said (December 14, 2015):

'No want' is the greatest bliss.
Even an emperor is no match for a man with no wants.

~ Ramana Maharshi

Andrew said (July 17, 2012):

Just read your cute curious george monkey primate monkey article dated June 24. I think the animal(monkey) couldalso be a metaphor for our EGOS as we continually self monitor to try to keep them in check and healthy.

Additonally i like the way you said that a peaceful horse would be a better animal to strive for like in Picassos famous Guernica painting(the fascist bull crushing the peaceful horse). Additionally if i may suggest instead of a horse(based on reality) i would suggest the fantasy animal of a "unicorn" = a one hormed horse unleashed in the imagination and representing christ conciousness i think would an even better metaphor than either a darwinistic monkey or real horse. BTW did you know that Frederich Nietzsche lost his mind when he witness someone flogging a horse in the street?Did you know that Poet and lyricist Jim Morrison was a fan of Nietzsche and by the way created this as poetic imagery in one of his songs. BTW Great Inspirational Article!!

Eric said (July 6, 2012):

Thanks for writing this article and sharing the struggle.

The popular culture wants us to accept this monkey and not only accept but embrace the monkey.

Your article is a breath of fresh air.

I like the statement: "Apparently, the Creator has chosen this method of self-expression: Inject Himself into a higher Primate and hope the seed will grow."

It helps to know other men have the same battle.

It seems our society wants to "hyper-sexualize" everything. They know if they keep us in fantasy land, they can control us.

Reminds me of the commercial "It's my money and I'm not going to take it any more".

In other words, "It's my brain and body and I'm not going to take it any more."

Mariel said (July 6, 2012):

Gregory, I find that Henry is right. We have a body which is a vehicle. We have a spirt/soul which inhabits it.
You cannot expect the body to easily relinquish the "brainwashing" you say you have undergone. It will fight.
The concept that we have a battery of angels ready to fight for us when we resist temptation to be "George" is
a wonderful thought--and sadly the opposite may be true, that there are demons waiting to help us get on with
the George-agenda.

I believe we must remember that our bodies, including brain, are going to sin because it is built in, but this can
be made less with effort and prayer. It will never completely go away--the brainwashing of childhood, friends, and school
will always intrude, at least in my long experience. But Jesus "paid the price" to forgive us for these George
times. And we will be set free by Him when He comes to do so--free at last! We may still look a little like
George in Heaven, though, so we can recognize each other until we get used to sublimity. Just my imagining about
what Heaven will be like--and deliverance from George.


Dick said (July 6, 2012):

Thanks for this reflection. It's a great way to put the duality any
"truth seeker" struggles with. I think the more you embrace the
spiritual realm, the more sharp is the contrast to the bodily
realm, and the more guilt, anxiety, temptation, etc. any person's
"monkey" will want to indulge in.

As Christ said, "Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this
little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

Sometimes when my monkey gets out of control, I like to read the
haiku of Kobayashi Issa, who is very childlike, and helps free my
mind from my passions:

The blossoming plum!
Today all the fires of hell
remain empty

Brian said (July 6, 2012):

Since time immemorial this Earthly realm has been the 'devil's playground. The fundamental reason for this depiction goes right to the heart of what has been the 'field' of our experience. This has to do with what we call "matter" being in an EXCLUSIVELY physical state, as opposed to its true state of spirit whose reality COULD be of a 'physical' nature.

To actually realize ourselves as spiritual beings, and properly define "spirit-uality" infers an understanding that through our power of intention we, and we alone determine the nature of our experiences. Experiences which are not BOUND by the controlling illusions of space and time.

This is what's being remembered by those who have "eyes to see" and "ears to hear".

Serena said (July 6, 2012):

Was this 'George' Darwin speaking? A flawed anal-ogy if ever there was one although 'we' are being 'made' in 'their' image through the ingestion of edjewcation and media monkey-see-do bombardment.

I've lived among many primates, most of them women. Endless wants and imagined needs to the obliteration of others right to just 'be'. As for horses, they are not 'vehicles' Henry; they are born wild and free, increasingly in nothing more substantial than a train of our imaginations, a symbolic gesture of how they once were prior to domestication/enslavement.

Nature is our teacher from which we can draw a myriad of examples from which to choose an appropriate guideline for our relationship to life, partnering, procreation. Some men are happy seahorses; deriving deep satisfaction from nurturing their young whilst their lady seahorse rides the waves of opportunity to further the specie. Others are lions, happy to kill the young of another in order to further his own genes, regardless of the heartbreak caused the lioness and all her hard work of rearing. Between these two extremes are endless variations.

We are what we choose to be but there are consequences to such narrow and inappropriate choices for, as the pinnacle of biological achievement on Earth we are, at best all of these things and none in particular.

If we lived like certain specie of birds, mating for life, building safe nests, protecting our young from predators and the dedication of feeding and training, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Peter said (July 6, 2012):

John is completely wrong to ascribe such importance to the body and relegate the mind (or more accurately the seat of consciousness) as being inferior.

It would be comforting to think, would it not, that we are the sum of our parts but in this world we clearly are not since the greater part of ourselves is hidden by the veil of blindness provided by this human vehicle with its vaccinated bastardized functionality.

Devoid of willful expression in spiritual realms from whence all
reality emerges we stumble through life like the flotsam and jetsam of some awful disaster never being able to pull together the strands of understanding enough to discern an appropriate course.

Well that is all about to change. An approaching Superwave of Enormous power is entering this Solar system and has already alerted us to its proximity via imaging provided by IBEX, Chandra and other satelites.

Already the Bow wave of the Heliopause has ceased to exist. The latest IBEX update confirms this. When this energy arrives here on Earth in late December it will activate the long dormant DNA in our fleshly vehicles and we will remember who we are.

Latent abilities will also become active for many so it will help to
keep an open mind.


"something Magnificent will happen and Many Spirits will return to the Stars"
see for more on this Namaste.

Richard said (July 6, 2012):

Our inner monkey has been quite a co-pilot on this proving ground/ field of folly. Despite the base insanity,somehow we are still here.

To Gregory, below, your words and pain echo my own sadness, joy, and wonder at the immensity of what surrounds us.
Oddly , I was studying Matthew 23-24 last night intently.

I wish I could say it gets easier every day... but that doesn't seem to be the Hand we are dealt. We are the survivors, and witnesses, and I pray that each of us can make a difference, even if it's helping someone along the road, to leave this place having somehow made a difference.

John said (July 6, 2012):

In your article, "Cohabiting with a Monkey", you wrote:

"As you have probably guessed, George is an animal that has served as a vehicle for my consciousness for some 62 years."

Your "animal" is every bit an expression of your essence as is your mind, or any other aspect of yourself. With out your body, which includes your brain, you wouldn't even have a "consciousness," which is why bodies exist in the first place. I am sure that there is a reason why men find women compelling, for it they did not, the race would cease to exist. Your essence is to be found in your totality.

To suppose you mind is superior to your body is pure hubris. Our minds get us into all sorts of trouble, such as the construction of nuclear reactors, of which we have enough to make the planet uninhabitable for many thousands of years, and likely will. And it is only hubris that allows us to think that we can control these monstrosities.

Art said (July 5, 2012):

This is in relation to the Curious George article, and the response by Gregory.

I spent my Fourth of July doing a bit of research about Satanism in Hollywood. Along the way I happened upon a video that ,for some reason, really resonated with me. I cannot really explain it ... all I can say is that I "know" it to be more truth than error. For Gregory, it's important to understand that his realization of the situation he finds himself in is what brought him here for answers (does that make sense)? He has made a conscious decision (free will) to NOT accept the world around him as the absolute truth, so he is permitted a level of discernment to help answer his question. He chose to "fight" against an unseen force that is more than happy to keep his eyes closed to the truth.

When we "choose" to resist temptation, we have a whole army of angels specifically appointed to fight on our behalf. If we choose not to resist temptation ... we get the opposite (possession). It's free will .... we just cannot comprehend what goes on behind the scenes when we exercise it. We simply need to understand that we are never alone, even though what we see in this morally polluted world all around us seems to indicate otherwise. The eyes deceive ... yes?

Anthony Migchels said (July 5, 2012):

(For Gregory)

Two truly wonderful little booklets exist, that guide the seeker to the Spirit within. They are called 'God Calling' and 'God at Eventide'. They have down to earth, daily practical advice on how to live in the Grace that Christ came to offer.

They have done more for me than anything else and I would like to heartily recommend them to Gregory below.

The texts can also be found on-line at

Christine said (July 5, 2012):

(Note to Gregory - below)

When Adam and Eve committed Original Sin, it left a stain on our souls that is erased by Baptism. As punishment for that sin, we all struggle with concupiscence, or a strong will to do evil, particularly with regard to impurity.

The Saints became saints by overcoming concupiscence through the practice of mental prayer. Meditation, or mental prayer, is the practice of silently meditating on sacred scripture, spiritual writings of the Saints, and other great spiritual writers like Thomas a Kempis' The Imitation of Christ.

St. Teresa of Avila practiced mental prayer by reading a little, and then silent prayers of adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and supplication. Mental prayer produces peace of mind and clarity of thought.

St. Teresa said that "The devil knows that he has lost the soul that perseveringly practices mental prayer." Gregory, if you want peace, keep seeking God in mental prayer and the rosary. Pray it every day.

Gregory said (July 5, 2012):

I am a young man from Zimbabwe who came down here in South Africa to look for opportunities since my
country could not offer me any. As l look around myself and the world at large, l can't help but realize that all
of humanity is reeling in an iron clenched fist of evil. I read your articles every now and then and they add up to
what l see around me and relate to on a daily basis especially in a third world country like South Africa.

I was born into a Roman Catholic family, my grand parents were both active and devoted Catholics. Being an open minded person has enabled me to realize that not all I have been taught both at school and by my grand parents is not true, from vaccinations, AIDS, God, Catholic faith, homosexuality etc

I find myself suffocating and drowning in all this crisis that the world is in today, I WANT TO FIND GOD AND BE SAVED, I have the will power but l just cannot seem to shake off the brainwash l find myself in. I know there is God, I read my King James Bible because l now know that Satan is busy tempering and perverting the Word of God.

My question to you is, how do l shut off the world and ask God to have mercy on me and touch me? I need help, l can feel it and sense that there is a spiritual war out there. I want to belong to the good and even if l will not make it to heaven, l want to be part of the drop in the sea that will help enlighten the masses about the deceptions we are warned of in Matthew 24 2-7.

As he sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?” And Jesus answered them, “See that no one leads you astray. For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will lead many astray. And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places.
(Matthew 24:3-7 ESV)

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at