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Are Sandy Hook "Victims" Alive?

January 5, 2014

Hiding in Plain Sight - (I realize I am about three weeks late but I just discovered this shocking evidence, so I assume it is not widely known.)

This video suggests that some school pictures of the Sandy Hook "victims" were taken six-years-ago. The video states that eleven of these children, now age about 12, were among 26 that sung at the Superbowl Feb 3, 2013 in commemoration of the tragedy Dec. 14, 2012.  Their pictures do indeed correspond.  Unfortunately, the video maker does not account for the remaining children.

This marks Sandy Hook not only as a political hoax (designed to promote gun confiscation), but as a financial fraud as well. The parents have garnered millions of dollars in donations.

According to Professor James Tracy, "None of the children actually booked to perform in New Orleans on the evening of February 3, 2013 were identified by the event's organizers, the argument being that if they remained anonymous they might better represent "Newtown children," a press report observes.

The video suggests that the children's chorus includes Sandy Hook decedents Olivia Engel, Charlotte Bacon, Avielle Richman, Josephine Gay, Ben Wheeler, Emilie Parker, Caroline Previdi, and Grace McDonnell. Also present are surviving siblings Walker Previdi (Caroline), Jack McDonnell (Grace), Guy Bacon, Nate Wheeler (Ben), and Jake Hockley (Dylan). and Freddy Hubbard (Catherine)."

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----------  Victim Jesse Lewis Returned from the Dead to Pose with President Obama 

In this video, Sofia Smallstorm reveals Newtown is home of a group organizing for Agenda 21 and NWO. We see neighbor Gene Rosen quote the children as saying they were "just practising." A child says it was a drill. Smallstorm cites a school janitor who investigated who cleaned up the blood and found none did. Coroner says he hopes this doesn't backfire on Newtown. Governor talks about a drill. Smallstorm shows 5-6 people running in the bush behind the school. And on it goes. (Just watch the last ten minutes if you don't have time.) Newtown was a giant hoax. The gall and duplicity of the ruling class is mind boggling. 

Need to be Paid

Drill Started Before 9-11 Call

Sandy Hook- The 9/11 of Gun Control 

Is this the "Deceased" Emilie Parker?    The Parker family had only two daughters. Emilie invented and photoshopped. 

Thanks to Ox for alerting me to this new information...

First Comment from Brian:

Two good videos by Youtuber "The Ricoman1973" 

Watch the mother of allegedly slain 6 year old Catherine Hubbard beam and smile in a CNN interview one month after the supposed shooting. She looks as if she could not be happier. I simply don't buy it -

Francine and David Wheeler, parents of Benjamin Wheeler, said slain at Sandy Hook, both have acting backgrounds. Francine appeared in a very strange pornographic cartoon movie called Mutant Aliens back around 2001 or so -

A man and woman named Nick and Laura Phelps appeared on CNN the day after the alleged shooting claiming to be Newtown residents with kids attending Sandy Hook School. Both appear to be acting, and both also have performing backgrounds - Laura being an aspiring standup comic, and Nick even making an appearance beside Michael J. Fox in his sit-com Spin City.

They appear in the following video alongside the Wheeler couple. The video also exposes the connection between Francine and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Maureen White whose husband, Wall Street big shot Steven Rattner, acted as accountant for New York gun grabbing Mayor Michael Bloomberg. My, but these people get around, don't they?

Info on Wheelers and their political connections courtesy of Youtuber "The PaulstalService"

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Comments for "Are Sandy Hook "Victims" Alive? "

Chetsy said (January 7, 2014):

I don't live far from Sandy Hook, but don't have any ties to there although I have a very good friend whose niece and nephew go to school there. She told me about the greed of the town kids when it came to split up all the donations: American Girl dolls were snatched up 5 at a time even though you were only to take one toy. I understand that many of the victims were newcomers (how convenient), but not all. I haven't heard her talk about town-wide skepticism. I think she has to tread lightly.
If the victim's photos were actually themselves 6 years ago, then what about the brothers and sisters?

Here is a video you may have missed: (who is this woman kidding?)

I think there is so much b.s. going on. In the video, Emilie Parker looks not so much like her younger self, but the resemblance to her mom is undeniable. That is one creepy family.
Please keep at it.

Joan said (January 6, 2014):

Dallasgold bug found the Picasa photos album of Jennifer Sexton and did a video on the 12th of May 2012 re the Gabby Gifford shooting victim.
The photo albums are gone now or private but were certainly there and open when he did the video as I was only just beginning to come aware of Crisis Actors at that time and went through the Picasa photo album.

Jennifer Sexton aka. Vicky Greenberg aka Laura Phelps (Sandy Hook Parent)

Also shows her with her daughter Samantha Sexton aka Christina-Taylor Green [Gabby Giffords shooting victim]

Also this video was done in May 2012 showing Vicky Greenberg and her husband 6 months before they appeared as Laura and Nick Phelps.

My feeling is that they are put in as two bit actors (but actually are not and have an agenda as False Flag participants) so that when they appear in these false flag drills they can confuse people because of the multiple names.

However these Picasa photo albums certainly looked genuine, but then again they could be there to mislead. My feeling is that they are genuine and they did not realize that the people who are so do not fall for their lies would find the albums and document them.

JG said (January 5, 2014):

Unfortunately some "truthers" in the Alternative Media like Mark Glenn are attempting to discredit any conspiracy motives about Sandy Hook.

These handful of people under Glenn's misdirection are becoming laughable.

They are trying to say that entertaining of any conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook hinders and degrades the "truth movement".
Ya right!

MM said (January 5, 2014):

He is a youtube video, showing that a Masonic temple, is directly behind Sandy Hook, where the men were reported running to.

Very Interesting.

TONY B said (January 5, 2014):

One fact that really sticks (from an earlier video I've seen) is that every last "murdered" individual at Sandy Hook was a RECENTLY MOVED INTO THE AREA INDIVIDUAL, BOTH STUDENTS AND TEACHERS. NOW MOVED OUT. My, my what an impossible coincidence. Like Obama's foreign student loans.

Give me a break!

American Free Press owes, at the very least, an update and an apology to its readers on this.

What's more, one of the prominent nay sayers of Sandy Hook being a hoax is Glenn Beck, who describes himself as a "Mormon with libertarian views" and who was recommended to Yale as a theology major by none other than Joe Lieberman. Hummm! Some conservative, huh?

Anyone who still claims that "you can't get that many conspirators together" had better get interested in the truth behind Mormon style freemasonry. This is not an American, or ever a Christian, oriented group, folks. Been there, seen that. Someone with some guts had better check it out.

Dennis said (January 5, 2014):

You may be surprised to learn that there are thousands of people putting this type of information out to the general e-people. They use actors and others whom are not so famous.

If you look at the facebook walls of some of these people, you will see what i mean.

ed chiarini

richard b dawson

shine on

misty rivers

earl schiambia {from Louisiana}

ed hunter

Some of these people do not agree with each other exactly. There is even some bitter bickering going on. It makes it much more difficult to understand and accept when the people that are 'informing' us fight with each other calling each other 'shills'.

Very confusing indeed.

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