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France Fights Masonic Jewish Hegemony

October 17, 2013


(Left. FNP Supporters. France is one of the few Western countries to have a strong nationalist party.)

David Masada is a patriotic young Frenchman. We asked him to report on the Front National Party, which recently made gains in local elections. He believes the FNP represents French resistance to domination by Organized Jewry and Freemasonry whose policies are satanic in character.

(Editor's Note: I post this because it characterizes the political situation in the West, and because, as a Jew, I believe many Jews want no part of it. )

by David Masada


France is ruled by Freemasonry and Organized Jewry. One is designed to serve the other. The will of French citizens, their vote, the survival of their history, their heritage, their culture and ancestral religion (Catholicism), does not matter to this clique.

Their aim is to destroy every root, every memory, every link to the past, every vestige of religious meaning, and above all, any shred of patriotism left in the heart of the French people. That's why they always emphasize the dark side of French history and ask the French people to genuflect in front of Jewry and the holocaust.

The aim of Organized Jewry is not to exert a benevolent and impartial power for the benefit of mankind and its general well-being. Its aim is to replace God, and to be worshiped the same way.

For century, France was the bastion of Christianity and stands in the the way of the Jewish globalist agenda. They do not want any nation left standing that could challenge their domination. Organized Jewry's thirst for power, greed for money, ignorance of moral and religious ideals all are behind our present culture of death and destruction.


In France, behind every call for "progress" and "social change," you always find a Jew.

The removal of death penalty was initiated by the Jewish lawyer Robert Badinter. The abortion law was perpetrated by Jewess Simone Veil. The "anti-racist" groups were all set up by Jews. (SOS Racisme was created by the Jew Julien Dray and the Jew Harlem Désir; all chairmen have been Jews since then, up to today with the Jewess Cindy Léoni).

As in every country they settled, French Jewry has created many groups to exert pressure on the host people to disarm legitimate resistance to their Luciferian agenda.

The survival of French people as autonomous entity doesn't matter to them, because they simply don't regard themselves as any part of it. Their sole allegiance goes to their tribal entity, Freemasonry, and for some, Israel, but not to France and its people.


jmlp.jpgHence, they made of the Front National and [its founder] Jean-Marie Le Pen (left) their number one enemy. He  refused to bow in front of the Jewish power. Therefore,  he had to face this occult power that control everything and hold  the destiny of France and of its people in its hand, just as they control the fate of the American people (leading them to bankruptcy)...

History is stubborn; that's why they are suppressing the young generation. (Jewish Freemason Minister for Education Peillon removed Louis XIV, Napoleon, and François 1er from school books last year...).

Only the colours of events appear to change, but in fact the meaning of history remains the same.

But let's make one thing very clear. We are obviously not talking about individuals here. We are talking of Jewish Money Power and all its proxies, mainly Freemasonry (B'nai Brith, Bilderberg, Skulls and Bones, CFR, Trilateral Commission, etc.) We are talking about a centuries-long agenda of subversion that is now close to fruition.

The two most important Jewish populations - outside of Israel - are to be found in France and in the U.S. That alone explains the recent policy of war carried out by the French government.

Hollande1.jpgThe current President of France is the Marrano Crypto-Jew Hollande (left)

The current minister for Foreign Affair is the Jew Fabius

The current minister for Education is the Jew Peillon

The current minister for Economy is the Jew Moscovici

Obviously they are all Freemasons...

I could draw the same list about people on the media (press, TV, etc) university and so on. French people are getting more and more aware of it. But  they cannot yet understand how Jews can be so evil toward them when they hold the best positions in most sectors of economy (particularly in media, culture and of course banking). They enjoy much higher status than the average French citizen. But it's surely not enough for them...

Jean-Marie Le Pen was told by a high ranking B'nai Brith member that they feared that their "thought control" will fail to prevent him from being elected in 2002; and thus for years, the Front National was the main subject of concern of organized Jewry. That is the reason behind the media campaign of slander on the party and its President.

The "Republican Front" (Front Républicain) was put in place by the other opponent parties (Socialist and UMP) during an assembly of B'nai Brith (Masonry exclusively for Jews). It was an agreement among political parties to combine their vote whenever they were facing a Front National member during an election... (That's the democratic ethic of the political elite in France, to bypass the vote of citizen in order to maintain their grip on all positions of power...)

This is how the Socialist party and the Leftists ensured their election.


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First Comment by TJ:

I am a 34 french man from Paris and a regular observer of the french political life. The Front National is not a real opponent to Judeo-Masonry. It's its toy. As a writer said it, it is an equivalent as a political party of Goldstein, the false opponent to the system from 1984, trying to channel the malcontents.

Louis Alliot, vice-president of the parti is a jew for Christ's sake! A Jew who went in Israel to make the point that he and the FN are friends of that country. Gilbert Collard, famous noisy lawyer who became a Front National representative in the French National assembly, is a freemason. And there are many others agents infiltrated in that party. Jean-Marie Le Pen made a couple of déclarations about the jews and the Masons but it was mostly to make humoristic and provocative comments about the Shoa, not to denounce the Judeo-Masonic domination over our country, or at least not clearly. Marine Le Pen never say a word about those subjects.The leaders of the party never declared themself against the French Republic, which is judeo-masonic creation.

 Of course it would have been a very hard position to take if you want to be a legitimate party of the system, but once you make that concession, to accept the Republic, you cannot be a real opponent to that system, as a consequence the solution cannot be found in a political party.

The FN as also been used by the socialist party to win over the "right" party RPR before and UMP today in the elections.

And, finally, more and more they make ideological compromises or even shifts that make them every day more compatible with the dominant ideology.
For all those reasons, Front National is a scam and not a real force of opposition.

David Masada replies:

I agree with comment from TJ. His statement is correct and he has a point with Louis Alliot (Marine Le Pen boyfriend...)

However, I was more referring to the struggle of Jean-Marie Le Pen throughout his political career...

Although the validation of the Republic is necessary to any political party, the FN has genuine intention to withdraw France from NATO, European Union, European Currency and so on.

They are making choice strategically ; they cannot openly bribe about being opponent to Jewry and Freemasonry.... That would be their end politically ; but they know who pull the strings and who control media and people's brain...
They know that Freemasonry IS the Power in France.

In that sense, they are the only political alternative left (for those voting...)

A political party cannot be as purely radical as one can be writing an article or comment on website. It has to deal with the reality of power.

Otherwise, there is no hope on the political scene. There is no alternative, no turning back from our predicament, if anybody doesn't take control again and serve the best interest of the French, that will be the end of France, its people, its independence, its sovereignty, its wealth, its heritage.... But perhaps all that is already gone after all...

One last thing,

If the FN was not seen as threat and a serious opponent, it would not be labelled as evil by the politicians of all stripes and the media altogether...

Makow comment-  The Illuminati often give credibility to a false opposition by vilifying it.  See   The FDR Banker's Coup Ruse 
                                    (They staged a phony coup to give FDR credibility)

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "France Fights Masonic Jewish Hegemony "

Robert said (October 18, 2013):

There has been a vast literature in France for two centuries protesting the perceived undermining of the fundamental culture of the nation by Freemasons and Jewish-controlled finance, of which the polarizing controversy known as the Dreyfus Affair, beginning in 1894, is one of the best-known expressions. So David Masada's writing about these influences is no new revelation.

The situation has become acutely distressful only as administrative centralization has been perfected at the national level and then increasingly transferred to international institutions pursuing agendas that are indifferent, indeed often actually hostile, to the priorities of native populations.

For decades subverted educational systems in all countries have inculcated, particularly in students who have been selected to play influential roles in various areas, the belief that nationalism has caused such horrors as the World Wars (despite abundant evidence that nations were manipulated into involvement), and therefore that the hope of mankind lies in the triumph of internationalism. The result has been the contrived mushrooming of a huge globalist-minded bureaucracy that instinctively perceives nationalistic sentiment as an impediment to social progress. What looks to most ordinary people like a treacherous campaign of cultural sabotage is, in the eyes of most of its perpetrators, a policy of the highest morality.

The essential goal of this policy is to strip initiative from the individuals who constitute society, and therefore the antidote for it is to create institutions that increasingly favour the exercise of such initiative. The key is the radical distribution of power to individuals through reform of the financial system, which could as easily serve a decentralizing purpose as it now in perverted form serves a centralizing one.

SS said (October 18, 2013):

Lawyers, politicians, corporations, the Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, Big Government, Too-Big-To-Fail: Parasites. I prefer to call them the synagogue of Satan. No irony, Jewry; just some of the Devil's children. And while that's all passing away, there's much damage left to be done. The sons of Perdition. To destroy, and ultimately be destroyed, that last part not in their plan. So, we get the last laugh if you can last that long. A minor consolation for the big picture.

Dissent and revolution are fomenting everywhere. This is THEIR plan. It is THEIR instigation. And most are happily following along in their own way as if they have a choice. At the front or from a distance, it's all the same. It is a hook in their mouths. For out of chaos, order.

When the world is burning, those that remain will cry for a new leader for the new era, as if things have changed. Oh, they will, but for the worse. And One will rise from the ashes, his deadly wound healed. Meet the new boss, WORSE than the old boss. And you won't get fooled again???

Remember, to control the opposition, you simply have to lead it. The irony of history. There truly is no new thing under the sun.

JG said (October 17, 2013):

Well written article here David.

There is no such thing as establishing peace with these people or having any reasonable debate or mutual consent.

The Christian West that once was has fallen victim to their New World Disorder agenda and now they are starting to feel the pain.

Greece, Spain, and now Portugal are bankrupt.
England and France have become multicultural experiments that have lost their identities and cultures.

Germany has a Marxist Chancellor that just got re-elected to another term.

And, America who has been the "hammer" for this New World Disorder is bankrupt with no culture left beyond rap music and naked women.

These people of Masonic and International Jewry control planet Earth because they are the aggressors and organizers.

And, the nations of the West have fallen victim to them because they have been successfully divided and stripped of their religion, culture, heritage and wealth.

Bob said (October 17, 2013):

I agree with you that most Jews want no part of this scheme. But how do you oppose it without being branded as anti-semitic or 'promoting hatred', or as a self-hating Jew?



By rejecting the "anti Semitic" smear as the cheap trick it is, and showing the people they don't need to be ruled by slander and intimidation.

"Anti Semitism - It's a trick we always use"


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