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Sexual Revolution: Bestiality & Pedophilia are Next

October 12, 2013

sexrevhoof.jpgThe desire to have sex with animals is just another sexual orientation.  That approach worked with homosexuality and it's now being used to promote and normalize incest, bestiality, and pedophilia. The Illuminati plan is to normalize everything that is degenerate and corrupt.

"From vagina surgery to breast implants to pole dancing for six-year-olds to twerking for teens, the porn industry is the beast devouring our culture and along with it our lives and the lives of our children.  Unless we recognize the plague and all its forms, we are doomed."

by Ron

Henry, I've read at least a dozen books about pornography that when put together do not make the case against this Satanically inspired "opiate of the masses" as effectively as you do in this essay.  Still, there are a few more things that can be added.

bdj.jpgFirst, as you correctly note, bestiality is next in the New World Order effort to enslave us.  It's been tried before.  A look at history shows that in the 1970s, the Illuminati pushed a mentally ill young Danish woman named Bodil Joensen (left) into world-wide prominence by filming her pornographic performances with animals.  Briefly, bestiality porn looked like it was going to go mainstream before it was pushed back underground through the efforts of decent people.  The tragic Ms. Joensen died in the early 80s, a broken prostitute, after the porn industry had finished exploiting her.

If at first you don't succeed, try again, and so the Illuminati are trying a different approach this go round.  The wikipedia entry on zoophilia discusses this subject in some detail, including the marketing of dildos in the shape of animal penises.  A woman Ph.D. originally from Israel named Hani Miletski is among those leading the charge to normalize bestiality today.  Not surprisingly, she has strong connections to think tanks and government agencies that suggest Illuminati entanglements.  Her promotion of bestiality in her book "Understanding Bestiality and Zoophilia" takes the form that you might expect--the desire to have sex with animals is just another sexual orientation.  That approach worked with homosexuality and it's now being used to promote and normalize incest, bestiality, and pedophilia.


vine.jpgTurning to the Internet, as you say, pornography is dictating norms.  There is an "app" called Vine that is a video version of Twitter.  Vine allows users to post six-second long videos, mirroring Twitter's 140 character tweets.  If you search the word "naughty" on Vine you will see videos posted by everyday adult women and men, not porn stars.  These women and men are exposing themselves, with tight close-ups of their genitals.  Most masturbate for Vine.  There are also websites picking up these videos for viewing on the Internet.

My own theory about these amateur porn star wannabes is that they are driven by narcissism.  Many of the posters of this material post new videos over and over, thus seeking external validation due to their weak sense of self.  Creating that weak sense of self among children while they are in school, thus driving humanity to narcissism, is part of the New World Order agenda.  Social media, like Facebook, helps to create that need for external validation through acquiring so-called friends.

You also bring up the subject of flashing vaginas in public, and how it may become common.  Before I left my career in academia, I had as early as 2003 seen panty-less, pruned private parts being flashed in class.  Narcissism, the addiction to thrills, and the influence of the porn industry played a part, in my opinion.  There was a "celebrity" at the time named Paris Hilton who was flashing her shaved lady bits to the papparazi, and I think this behavior also influenced a number of females on campus.  Since then a wide variety of these untalented "celebrities" have engaged in similar exposure.  It's no longer shocking for them to do it, so why should anyone be shocked when the girl next door does it?

Many celebrities are creations of the Illuminati, themselves enslaved by mind-control methods invented by the New World Order.  They not only promote pornographic lifestyles, but also Satanism.  From Madonna to Lady Gaga, and now to poor Miley Cyrus, these and other entertainers are cogs in a larger Illuminati machine that practices cultural engineering on a vast scale--all of it intended to enslave us to our carnal appetites.


bratz.jpgPornography is introduced into the lives of children in some new and highly creative ways, and this should also be considered by parents concerned for their children's welfare.  The Bratz dolls look like hookers or porn stars.  The new Monster High dolls look more like dead hookers or dead porn stars.  I consider these toys to be an entrée to necrophilia porn, porn portraying sex with the dead.  As children graduate from playing with their Monster High dolls, there on the Internet Goths and emos in pornographic poses suggesting necrophilia will be there for them.  I suppose some corrupt academic will come along and claim that's just a sexual orientation too.  Part of the Illuminati plan is to normalize everything that is degenerate and corrupt.

Which leads me to the subject of anal sex.  My impression is that the porn industry is pushing anal sex beyond what the typical porn consumer would like to see.  In the real world, anal sex is not that popular--yet.  But by pushing it on the Internet, the porn industry is trying to create a new sexual ethic revolving around anal sex.  Let's be clear.  Anal sex is inconsistent with natural law.  It is associated with Satanic rituals throughout history.  Satanists believe that the act of anal sex opens up the receiving partner to be entered by demonic forces.  Thus, it's reasonable to suspect that the industry itself is under the direction of Satan and his earthly representatives.

I am not a prude.  Tasteful nudity does not offend me.  But the porn industry goes far beyond mere nude photos and videos, taking consumers on a ride leading to their enslavement.  From vagina surgery to breast implants to pole dancing for six-year-olds to twerking for teens, the porn industry is the beast devouring our culture and along with it our lives and the lives of our children.  Unless we recognize the plague and all its forms, we are doomed.

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Comments for "Sexual Revolution: Bestiality & Pedophilia are Next "

Debra said (October 13, 2013):

Porn is one of the most despicable crimes committed by so-called civilized people.


Doug P said (October 13, 2013):

Where does porn come from ? It comes from society of which the purpose is to provide safety and comfort. The by-product of safety and comfort is boredom. Its the number one enemy of modern society. The movie Point Break is about a group of young men trying to overcome their boredom with society. They go around robbing banks and surfing big waves in California to battle boredom and describe cars on highways as steel coffins.

Porn is just another by-product of the bored society. I think porn is a "let it happen on purpose" (LIHOP) rather than a "made it happen on purpose"(MIHOP) occurance. It was inevitable, just as other sins.

Maybe this whole conspiracy is a by-product of boredom experienced by our rulers who long ago never had to lift a finger.

Steve said (October 13, 2013):

This particular article showed me just how corrupt this world has become. Even those with spiritual fortitude need to be cautious. As a minister having dealt for years with the homeless, many haunted by sexual deviancy, you could cut the air with a knife for the spiritual darkness.

Being exposed to pornography at a young age, it was something that formed my world view and become a stumbling block for much of my early life. My regret is not as much the impact it had on me as the part I played in corrupting others. It's one thing to hurt yourself.

Having matured in my pursuit of the Lord, it was something that for the most part that was put away. It did however at times revive to distract me and never at a convenient or expedient time. That is its design. That said, it never was an obsession, but more a thorn in my side to draw me away. I can relate to Paul's lamentation of doing the things we should not do.

The final triumph came when the Lord commanded me to confess to my wife. She suspected, but was diligent for me to work it out. When I did, she completely understood and became my strength in helping me overcome. I went further and confessed to my closest friends and confidants. After all, "with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation." Not to diminish the gravity of my struggle, but I liken the experience to making a New Year's resolution. The declaration was supported by those close to me. It made me accountable to see it through and I was not alone. It became a burden shared.

Those is positions of responsibility may shrink at the idea of making such a confession. After all, they are supposed to be morally bulletproof. Yet, under that exterior remains a remnant of flesh that reminds us from where we came. While we are accepted perfect in faith, we still abide in this vessel of flesh. We can't always do it alone. There is strength in numbers and no matter our self-view, we can rely upon the help and support of faithful others.

To recognize and confess our weakness is strength. For in our weakness, God's strength is made perfect.

Bill said (October 13, 2013):

Porn (sex/lust) is certainly potent. Like alcohol or drugs, it can be over-consumed and become addictive. But let's compare it with love, work, money, popularity, power, friends, family, health, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, charity, God and hobbies. “Man's nature, so to speak, is a perpetual factory of idols.” ― John Calvin. We jump from one possibility of happiness to another. If we a lucky, we find our niche early in life and ride it until it no longer satisfies. But the world keeps changing. The shelf life of happiness keeps shrinking. Someone keeps moving our cheese. Or outlawing our drug - even if that is raw milk or non-GMO corn.

I encountered porn when I was 13 years old. It was wonderful, electrifying. Nothing has ever replaced the rush of porn in my life. Drugs can be wonderful on the way up, but the down is always worse than the high is good. Love is the same. Life is full of promise and joy - until the dawning of a new reality sets in. She doesn't love you anymore OR you don't love her anymore. The rush of great investments or business deals in wonderful. But money cannot buy happiness. It's just numbers on a bank statement. Vacations to mountains and beaches are fun - for a couple days. And then the monotony sets in. It becomes a chore to complete your itinerary and you can't wait to get home and sleep in your own bed again, right? To me, boredom is enemy #1.

I don't want to look at porn 99% of the time. Nor do I want to drink alcohol 99% of the time. I don't even want to exercise 99% of the time. But when I am in the mood, nothing is better than clicking on my favorite porn site and reading a hot story or watching a hot video. It gets me high immediately and for free. I don't have to get in my car, drive to the X-rated book shop, buy tokens for the jizz-coated jack-off booths in the back (where several pervs and homos are hanging out). I get to choose the content I want, to achieve the exact effect I want, in the privacy of my own home.

Sure, I would prefer a loving relationship with the girl of my dreams, but I have tried to find that - spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (mostly on a failed marriage and divorce), spent years of my life searching - without success. Now I am a MGTOW - men going their own way. Porn has enabled and empowered me to say NO to women. So, Illuminati schemes aside, I am thankful for porn.



I think we have to make a distinction between porn being used as a stop gap by an older man like yourself, and it being used to corrupt youth, and society in general.


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