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Independence? Women Rue Becoming Wage Slaves

September 9, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

More than ever, women have a sense of betrayal and frustration because their "leaders" sold them on careers and being "strong and independent."

A new poll of nearly 4000 working women conducted by Women's Day, found that a stunning 57% dream of quitting their jobs to stay home with their kids and 63% viewed their work as "just a paycheck." 

Two-thirds said they would "change what they do in a heartbeat." Four-fifths would NOT want their daughters to follow in their footsteps. Nevertheless two-thirds are worried about losing their jobs and would work longer hours just to keep them. (Talk about a wage slave.)

In 1950, less than 30% of the workforce were women. Today that number approaches 50%.
In 1956, 35% of all women worked. Today 60% or 72 million do. If the 1956 level had been maintained, 30 million American women would not be in the workforce today.  They would be looking after their families, their homes, their communities and themselves.

In spite of the obvious dissatisfaction of female working stiffs, their cultural caretakers are loath to admit that feminism was a trap. Their jobs depend on it. (More on this below) "Everyone hates to work," they rationalize.

My mother had a business importing watchstraps in the 1950's. My father asked her to give it up and concentrate on being a homemaker. He was able to support a young family on the salary of an engineer. My family reaped the benefit of a full-time mom.

The central banking cartel, led by the Rockefeller Foundation, decided to double the labor force (lowering wages); lower the birth-rate, and break up the family by convincing women to have careers and sex instead of husbands and children.  Feminism was the vehicle for this social engineering backed by propaganda disguised as "women's lib." Gender division is part of a long-term pattern of Illuminati subversion, which also includes inciting race, class, religious and national divisions.

Their goal in attacking marriage/family is to plug the wellsprings of our humanity and identity. Men and women were willing to sacrifice. They were willing to play roles which were noble and in tune with human nature. Now people are divorced from these roles and are lost. The bankers can control us better this way.

Occasionally a truly independent woman discovers these truths and is able to convey them. Recently Katie Rolphe wrote of the hedonistic pleasure of motherhood...the all-consuming love that threatens "everything you are and care about" -- which, in Roiphe's case, is her writing career. Suddenly, she doesn't want to go back to work; being with her newborn feels far more important and rewarding. "Taking care of the baby -- physical, draining, exhilarating -- is more like farming: following the rhythms of the earth, getting up at dawn, watching the corn flush in the sunrise. It is not at all like writing."

[I'm not suggesting women shouldn't work if they want to or have to. Obviously, they must be prepared to support themselves, and this requires training. My mother-in-law told my wife: "find a man who can look after you, but be prepared to look after yourself."]


Wednesday, an article in the Huffington Post  explained how the Fed has taken over the field of Economics. As a result, there were few independent voices capable of criticizing the Fed (i.e. the central bankers) and avoiding the credit catastrophe of last Fall.  As you read the first few paragraphs, understand that this is a template for what has happened in every sector of society, every profession, every organization, including government, media and education. This is how they sold feminism. They control the money. They control everything through the people they buy off. This is the model of our enslavement.

"The Federal Reserve, through its extensive network of consultants, visiting scholars, alumni and staff economists, so thoroughly dominates the field of economics that real criticism of the central bank has become a career liability for members of the profession, an investigation by the Huffington Post has found.

This dominance helps explain how, even after the Fed failed to foresee the greatest economic collapse since the Great Depression, the central bank has largely escaped criticism from academic economists. In the Fed's thrall, the economists missed it, too.

"The Fed has a lock on the economics world," says Joshua Rosner, a Wall Street analyst who correctly called the meltdown. "There is no room for other views, which I guess is why economists got it so wrong."

One critical way the Fed exerts control on academic economists is through its relationships with the field's gatekeepers. For instance, at the Journal of Monetary Economics, a must-publish venue for rising economists, more than half of the editorial board members are currently on the Fed payroll -- and the rest have been in the past."


It's remarkable that this article appeared. As the oppression administered by the central bankers increases, more of their dupes will get wise. Their ranks will be swelled by
millions of women (and men) deprived of their natural role and birthright. There will be a great division in society between the central bankers with their legions of lackeys, and humanity as a whole.

Feminism is one of countless hoaxes designed by Illuminati central bankers to enslave humanity by creating wars, plagues, and depressions while generally degrading and demoralizing mankind. The world wars, the Cold War, 9-11, the war on terror were all engineered by them. They belong to a satanic cult, the Sabbateans, and their influence is now pervasive and overwhelming. We need to wake up before it is too late.


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Comments for "Independence? Women Rue Becoming Wage Slaves"

LT said (September 11, 2009):

Regarding "Female Wage Slaves". This song, Bob Dylan's, 'Everybody's got to Serve Somebody", fully illustrates the state of affairs here on Earth. I'd rather serve my family and loved ones, than the Government or Illuminati bankers. I'd rather get behind a man I love, than follow the feminist agenda any longer. It's time to choose who we serve.

Peter said (September 11, 2009):

A little while ago I was sitting next to a 28 year old woman who was getting a bit nautious in all her 'I am going to have such a great career in IT' talk. I tired of it so after about 3 molnths that one day I just looked her squarely in the eye and said "I am amazed that you women wish to trade being with your children in return for working in the work force for 40-45 years."

Her face dropped like a stone. She said "I never thought about it like that. I had no idea I might have to work for 40 years!" Oh my. How stupid can these women be? The follow on? What did she tell me just a few weeks ago? That she is negotiating with her husband about when they might have children so that she can give up work permanently and raise her children!!

She now wants to 'give up her glamorous career in IT'. All that education and all that effort in training her? Obligation to use it? No! Why would a woman who has taken up a place at university, gained all that training, gained all the expertise in the first 5 years of working have any OBLIGATION to actually contribute back to her society by using what she was taught? Women don't have any 'obligations' they only have 'rights'. She kept a young man out of that position who would be about 90% likely to work in that career throughout his life. When she leaves to have her babies and never come back (as my ex did) all that economic contribution to her will be wasted. And as your survey says, we see this over and over again.

In the UK women doctors drop out at the rate of 60% in the first 10 years. To replace these doctors the UK poaches doctors from Africa. What then happens in Africa to the women and children who do not have doctors to serve them? They die.

This is why I love dating eastern European women. They have had communism for 90 years. They know that women have to work until they die....just like 99.99% of all men have had to do for all of history. Welcome to our world ladies. Now 'take it like a man'.

A.F. said (September 11, 2009):

I discovered your site little more than a month ago, just about the time I became engaged. I am 26, the daughter of still married parents and sister to 3 girls. I am an American student at university with no particular religious affiliation but recently have felt a strong belief in God. I also feel that my education was a waste because I have learned more by searching for information on my own rather than in class. The only real learning I received was observing a microcosm of world corruption and backward thinking on campus which only reaffirmed my 'conspiracy theorist' views. I used to follow my father's ideas of socialism and my mother's independent streak thinking I would never get married or have children as I had better things to do with my life. I thought help raising my younger sisters was enough.

However, I did not have anything better going on in my life as I felt lost and simply shuffled around doing what was expected of me: education, a career, and become self sufficient in a barbaric world. I had lost all ambition and desire for whatever goals I had set before college.

It was not until I met my fiancee that I truly felt at home with myself, loved and respected myself, my family and friends better than I ever had before. I am truly happy. Not because he is my soul mate, completes me, or doesn't impinge upon my independent lifestyle; no. I love and respect him and myself because I feel like a true woman with him; keeping the home up, wanting to cook, sew, have children, wear dresses, pantyhose, wanting to be there for him when he wakes up and when he comes home...I feel natural wanting to stay at home and be a wonderful wife supporting a wonderful man. He is a real man who loves his work, provides a home, loves and cares for me.

Thanks to your insights, I have a clearer understanding as to why I feel how I do. I only hope more men and women will stumble upon your literature and see the goodness that you are spreading and find some peace in their lives for once.

Karen said (September 10, 2009):

When the father of my daughter left me for an older woman and less responsibility I tried to do the " right thing " and go to work to support my daughter and I. As this gnawed at my entire being - working to make money to give to someone else to raise my child, so I could make money... - as just plain wrong. I was then harshly criticized when I decided to be financially poor but emotionally rich and raise my own child. The government threatened to cut me off if I didn't find a job and go to work. They offered to pay my daycare so I could work.

I stuck to my guns and refused. I didn't choose the easy road but I know I chose the right one. Now that she is an adult attending University I can can look back and be so very thankful for all those years. I was able to always be there for her, giving her love and support, guidance, and a close relationship she knows she can count on. I wasn't able to buy her video games, takeout food, or trashy cloths, but instead taught her the pleasure of reading, how to cook, and a strong moral foundation.

I'm not so sure women are wage slaves so much as consumer slaves. They are being brainwashed into thinking if they can't buy all the ipods, blackberrys, and latest Hannah Montana trashy cloths they are failures as moms. Their husband, if they have one, couldn't possibly support all these imaginary " needs ".

I was lucky. I chose to do the right thing, and in doing so found a husband who much prefers to come home to a warm house, hot cup of tea, and loving smile rather than a flustered wife rushing through the door and shoving takeout in front of him because she's too burnt out to cook. My needs are few - food, shelter, and love - and he can easily provide that. We save money because I have the time to garden (grow and preserve our own food ), sew our cloths, and don't have to pay to commute anywhere. He may not do the dishes, but he would fight and die for me. He stands up for me and my rights, protects me, and treats me like a lady.

Feminism was great for men and the establishment. It gave them sex without obligation and children without the responsibility. It gave pedophiles our young girls who now think if they are not sexually active by 15 there is something wrong with them. It gave the consumer machine 50% more income. It gave the government 50% more tax revenue.

And it destroyed our entire way of life. I see no hope of a return to " old fashioned " values.

Lesley said (September 10, 2009):

Great Article. Gill said, "because there is no "female" partner, practically both spouses are the male gender". ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!! Now that is funny!

Let me say, that I could have written what "Carole" said in her vitriolic response to your article. I started buying into the feminist camp when I was 8 years old. I have spewed my share of anger at the male sex. But now, I think differently. Gender roles affect us very deeply on other levels. Now, I want to get along with men. I see
Carole's point of view and I see the truth of what Gill is saying...I just don't want to fight with men anymore. It doesn't work for me! Growing up in the sixties and seventies, I was "engineered out of my instincts". I know this isn't every one's truth. I was an angry young woman who battled with men at every turn. I wanted to prove I was equal or superior to men.

It took me two failed marriages to realize something. To me, "equal" meant "worthy". I wanted to feel as worthy as men. To some, equal means the same. Men and women are not the same. Heterosexual males and females have different gender role assignments. We don't have to follow them (as evidenced by the current state of affairs). We are mammals after all. It might behove us to look at the animal kingdom with more respect.

I look back now and I see all of the brainwashing that I fell for. Brainwashing was what we called it in my day, now it's "social engineering" or "mind control". Any way you look at it, the bottom line is, "how happy are you with the state of affairs between men and women?
Like it or not, when I am my feminine self, rather than a competing nit-picker, men are nice to me! They mow the lawn! They compliment me on my pretty dress! I may want it to be different but it is what it is.

Carole said (September 10, 2009):

Sorry I don't share your perspective on feminism being an illuminati plot.
I've read a few of your articles on feminism and think you're barking up the wrong tree.

I see men as the cause of all the world's problems.
They say its a man's world, men dominate in politics, business and the professions.
Why shouldn't women be represented in equal proportions in these areas?

When you look at the subject rationally, it is obvious that men are responsible for:

1. Wars - planned and fought by men
2. Murders and violence
3. Most criminal behaviour
4. Secret societies that plot to undermine society (all men)
5. Big corporations that rob and loot the world's resources (mostly men)
6. The priesthood which cons the public and keeps them in subjection with threats of eternal damnation for disobedience
7. Pedophilia and rapists - rarely committed by women.

It is time that women took a stand and refused to be dominated by the brutes that men have become, and put them in their place once and for all.
All this rot about the little woman's place being between the bedroom and the kitchen is macho hype, typically used to keep women in their place.

A world where equal representation is between men and women's values, I would think, would be a more balanced and humane world.
Men use brute force, bullshit and bluff to assert their stand over women and other men who don't share their values for macho dominance.

I can't see how you support your theories of women needing to be subjected to a man.
In your dreams Henry, and its nothing to do with the illuminati creating feminism.
Did it ever occur to you that the world is going to become a more humane place when women are equally represented in positions of power?
All you can think of is the "little woman" being available to coddle a man's psyche and breed more people when the world already is bulging at the seams with people.

You can try and reply to me but I don't think you have a leg to stand on.

Gill said (September 10, 2009):

This is a great article, it condenses the author's ideas about feminism and its social implications.

The feminist movement is pure social sabotage. It caused almost total destruction of the patriarchal (Christian) family, "empowered" women, turning them against men, women with their salaries and self-sufficiency, made men useless and dispensable. Divorce became easy and is now the natural destiny of modern "marriages". Feminism also caused mass unemployment for men as the offer of labour increased many-fold. If for women job, work is an option, an alternative, as stressed several times by the author, for men is the only way they can have a honored and fulfilling life, thus, not being able to grow a family, alcoholism, crime and drugs become their fate. The results are perverse, few and very unstable families concentrate income because both spouses work. In these families, both are stressed because both work, kids are abandoned (if there are any), and actually there is no harmony because there is no "female" partner, practically both spouses are the male gender.

Additionally, women will never marry men who earn less than them (when is convenient, they follow nature and assume that they are not providers), thus, this cause another perverse effect, women's salary is for her "extras" (she doesn't has the obligation to work after all), but men's salary is for the family. At the same time his salary is small and cannot take care of the whole family because she entered the work-place and caused the drop in salaries. And this will never end, young women are brainwashed to become independent in order to survive, they do not trust modern men so they start their careers, and modern men by their turn, are not trustful, because they became emos without any moral reference, the result is a catastrophic feedback process.

Nowadays, "marriage" have established deadlines, the first serious discussion or fight results in divorce, once women is independent, they have this option. Marriage have become just a "women's social fantasy for their ego and instincts". And this evil agenda goes completely against God, as the family must be indissoluble, man and woman must become one flesh, and man must provide and be the guide at home, woman are supposed to grow kids and receive love. With this new formula, this is completely impossible to achieve.

Laura said (September 10, 2009):

Comment on Wage Slaves: Women today need to get an education, as I have seen this among relatives, friends over decades: Men can die in war, accidents, sickness or leave the family, divorce, thus women need to earn a living, insurance pay outs don't last as long as most people think.

Who wants to live on welfare and food stamps..Women need to have something to fall back on as there is no guarantee of a financially secure future. If women want to stay home and raise kids, they still can work from home on the computer, and or work part time.

If there is a large gap being unemployed , many employers won't hire the less experienced..Real estate sales and other self employment is best for moms that want more time with kids. In the 21 st century, few women have the luxury of just staying home; the cost of living is going up up up. The good old days are gone.

Walt said (September 10, 2009):

Nice article about wage slaves. I don't believe though most women would quit to be homemakers. Personally I don't care that most women are unhappy about there jobs. It's always been that way for men. Just getting around to figuring that out? Now that work is actually work and not fun and cute their stuck just like men. Maybe if any women out there who do become homemakers, sorry that's not PC I mean stay at home moms. My mistake.

Knowing what it's like out here maybe but I seriously doubt it that they will appreciate their husbands who drudgingly go to work every day. We certainly have to appreciate them for everything, for what I don't know.

Christine said (September 9, 2009):

As a female wage slave, I have to agree 100% with the poll. If I could retire, I would in a heartbeat.

Most work is boring and the way they treat and pay you is terrible.

Eddie said (September 9, 2009):

Henry we all know that the war on terror was a hoax to bring in the New World Order, and all Americans gave up all their freedoms and rights to fight the war with all these bad people
who don't exist. I mean who are they fighting? Perhaps they are fighting the Taliban in Afgan who killed the the drug trade for the Elite, or what about the pipeline from the Caspian Sea
for Israel.

Now, they are hitting the kids through Homeland Security as all you young woman must conform to fight for what is right, as there are there are bad people out there and they are all a bunch of Arab terrorists that must be put down, and all the
young women in American must get with the agenda and it is time to get angry and 'get with the agenda'.

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