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Why is Titanium Dioxide in our Food?

October 3, 2012

We have been enslaved for control by future electromagnetic weapons and tasers.  A solution of water and Titanium Dioxide will superheat in microseconds from directed energy weapons. Each human or animal is now a target!

We have heard about the effects of Fluoride in our water. But we remain unaware of the greater dangers of Titanium Dioxide in our food. 

by Rob Watson

Titanium Dioxide is used in cosmetics and vitamins and other drugs as a filler to construct tablets. But it is also used in skimmed milk, cheeses, yogurts, mayonnaise, chocolate marshmallows, manufactured fast foods, tomato ketchup. It is fed to animals that humans eat. 

Titanium dioxide accounts for 70% of the total production volume of pigments worldwide. It is widely used to provide whiteness and opacity to products such as paints, plastics, papers, inks, foods, and toothpastes. It is also used in cosmetic and skin care products, and it is present in almost every sunblock, where it helps protect the skin from ultraviolet light.

Titanium dioxide is a metal oxide with unique properties. It rivals diamonds for hardness and is notable for excellent electrical properties. 

But why in food? This chemical is not a nutrient; it is totally insoluble and amounts to eating ground glass!

The American Cancer Society has listed Titanium Dioxide among the five most carcinogenic substances on the planet. It is considered a cause of 
Asthma, cancer, kidney disease,  Alzheimer's and fertility loss. There are many animal studies on the Internet linking this chemical to the above diseases.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified it as an IARC Group 2B carcinogen ''possibly carcinogen to humans''. 

But the real explanation may be political control. When one considers the military effectiveness of this chemical, one begins to realize that we are being "magnetized" for control by future electromagnetic weapons and tasers. 
 A solution of water and Titanium Dioxide will superheat in microseconds from directed energy weapons. Each human or animal is now a target!

Here I am reminded that governments fear their people, more than they fear other governments.

"We the People", have been too trusting of the bodies who govern us!

Titanium Dioxide is not of food, it's simply a silent poison!

The World Health Organization continues to allow manufacturers to poison children's food, animal stock feed and then the earth's bio-mass!!

We do not bleed or choke immediately, but quietly, slowly and inexorably as 
 its dreadful payload settles into some inner organ, waiting only to be triggered by certain frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.

Here the particles of Titanium Dioxide dance a merry tune creating reactive oxidize species ROS, damaging DNA, killing essential cells in plant, animal or human environments. 

Titanium dioxide is similar to asbestos. It has a glass-like structure; is insoluble; and bio-accumulates in food chains, with disastrous effects upon animal and human bodies. 

While we, as parents or teachers have remained ignorant of this scenario, a total betrayal of humanity has been taking place.

There can be no justification on God's Earth for the inclusion of this substance to be any part of a food chain, or for it to be discharged into waterways or the environment.

"We the people" call upon friends, scientists and doctors to Speak Up! 
For silence is the mark of a slave!  And complicity will be the death of humanity.

WHO its parents and its servants continue this Holocaust, this total betrayal of its charter and its raison d'être by allowing vitamin, cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers to include Titanium Dioxide in their products. 
This act of Environmental terrorism does not wait for change!

It is profound change!


Rob Watson/ Biographical Note

How does a retired 67 year-old professional photographer become the Internet researcher?
I think it was a sense of injustice regarding the events of 9/11, the 7/7 London bombings in other world events they do not have the ring of truth to them.

I was born and raised in India and became a British citizen when my parents left India in 1949 returning to Britain. We were all part of of the British Diaspora living in far-flung lands.
Part of my early schooling was in England.I arrived back in England, aged four and not speaking the word of English for my native tongue having been brought up by servants in India was Urdu.

The culture shock to my system was terrific, the poverty in post-war Britain exceeded what we had known in India. 

Because my father was serving British officer and doctor, the rest of my education matched his postings abroad in Singapore Hong Kong and Libya.

I arrived in Australia in 1969, after a three-year period working as a professional photographer in New Zealand. I continued my career as a photographer until 1986 when I made the transition into sales and marketing within the photographic industry.

From 1990 I worked as a consultant in the exhibition and Internet industries.
This was drastically reduced by a fall off a step ladder in 2001 and its consequential effects upon my career.

Since then and every Christmas season I have been an in-store Santa, this has left me with plenty of time to pursue other interests of renovation and research. During one Christmas season,a family came to visit Santa as they done so for many years previously.

However this year it was different, because one of their children, a little girl aged about seven was in the children's hospital. 

Their request to Santa that year was simple "Santa can we please have my sister/daughter/grandchild back?"

The little child died later from cancer. Had Santa failed his charter?

The confusion from that request still rings in my ears! Sometime,somehow I would make sense of all this. 

But I did not imagine that I would arrive at a point where,like a fool on hill, I perceived a monstrous conspiracy towards humanity was taking place. This is the reason for my research


Read the chemical assay for this product

Titanium dioxide the chemical.

List of generic food names in which Titanium dioxide is permitted by WHO.

Titanium dioxide is used as a white food coloring agent.

This article lists a range of food products in which titanium dioxide is used and particle size.

Recent research lists the following diseases caused by Titanium dioxide.

List of food applications oils, sugars and sweets.

Crowd control weapons

Please note bodies containing Titanium dioxide transfer heat faster

First Comment by Kyle, an environmental engineeer:

Just so you understand, the carcinogen effects are only related to inhalation. This is going to be associated with manufacturing of the titanium dioxide, everyday people like you and me won't be subjected to this. The fact that it is insoluble is a good thing for the human body. That is what makes it non-toxic for food products, because it is stable. Please check your facts and understand the issues before posting an article such as this.

Now, if you want to create a scare, which I do not recommend until all facts are out, then nano-sized titanium dioxide may have some cause for concern. But, only because we don't yet know all of the side effects. Think of it this way, nano-titanium dioxide in our digestive system may simulate inhaling titanium dioxide dust because it might be able to pass through the blood stream. Keep in mind though, no matter the size, it will always be stable in natural environments.

If you are really concerned about what goes in food, then see the recent article in ES&T about food-grade titanium dioxide occurrence in common food products and the relative size distribution. Again, this is just a preliminary exposure assessment and there is no need to begin the fear mongering.


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Comments for "Why is Titanium Dioxide in our Food?"

Jim said (October 5, 2012):

itanium Dioxide is only one of the many food additives that are harmful. There are more than 3000 additives and preservatives that can be found in processed foods. However, there is a new threat that cannot always be seen. It's genetically modified organisms.

Plant and animal DNA are being manipulated for various reasons; everything from quicker growth to the ability to withstand heavy doses of herbicides

Scientists in France have recently conducted a study on rats which were exclusively fed GM corn. The rats, over their two year life span developed liver and kidney damage and grossly huge tumors. Female rats were affected in a greater percentage than male rats.

Most meats you find in a store are from animals which were fed GM grains. They are also given mass quantities of antibiotics to help control infections they contract while living in confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

Your best bet is to eat locally, organically grown whole foods. Shop your farmer's markets and country produce stands. Get to know the folks who raise and grow the meats, dairy items, and produce you buy. Ask them what they use when raising their product.

Also, read the labels on the prepared food you buy. "Natural" doesn't necessarily mean healthy. In order for a product to carry the organic label the manufacturer has to meet a certain standard. There are many benefits to doing this.

You support your local economy instead of sending your money to the big agriculture industry. (Search "Monsanto"). You know what's in your food. It tastes better and it's more nutritious.

Learn to cook and take time to prepare nice, healthy meals. Slow down and make mealtime a family affair. Teach your children how to grow a garden or raise an animal for food. Let them help you in the kitchen. Can, dehydrate, freeze and ferment your own food. (I fermented a batch of crock pickles this summer. Yummy! Gonna try making some sauerkraut next.)

The more you're connected with your food the more you'll appreciate the good and natural things God has given to us.

Alan said (October 4, 2012):

Dear Henry a number of years ago I attended a factory seminar for contractors at the Benjamin Moore paint factory in Johnstown, NY. One of the lectures was about the contents of a quality paint, the number one ingredient that separated a good paint from a cheap paint was titanium dioxide. This powder helps give the hide for the masking of the underlying color. The higher the percentage of titanium the better, yet this is the most expensive part of the paint because of the strength and whiteness of the powder. This is also used in coffee mate for the same effect. But if this is an expensive ingredient in paint, is that also the case for food?

Funny how Gods foods come with no labels, but man has to mess with the natural foods and add all sorts of ingredients, put it in a can or a box and print a label on it. Then most people don't even bother to read it anyway. I think this article will prompt similar interest in the other unhealthy food additives! Great topic, a quick simple untechnical overview and well written.

Franca said (October 4, 2012):

and there is a big difference between the nanotech form of titanium dioxide and the natural form.... people need to beware of anything nanotech. more of the nanotech version is being used in products offered on the market, including suntan protection products. Many "green" SPF producers are refusing to use the nanotech titanium dioxide in their lotions.

Stephen Coleman said (October 4, 2012):

Blaming Titanium oxide for causing cancer, kidney disease, asthma is based upon all the rest of faulty science that does all it can to rip the mind away from the body. The two cannot be separated and that is why medical research will never find the causes to the vast majority of chronic illness. And this is why it also finds nearly every substance known to cause health problems.

I was employed in livestock nutrition for a decade and formulated livestock feeds for poultry, swine, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, guinea pigs, rabbits and even ostrich feeds. Never once was titanium oxide used or even considered. From my point of view, farm animals eat better that most humans. Good nutrition is profitable for farmers, its not so profitable for the medical industrial complex.

As far as its used as an adjunct for the use energy directed weapons, I don't know.

Tom said (October 4, 2012):

If Titanium Dioxide is a carcinogen, why are women who have worn foundation makeups for decades containing this white pigment not showing signs of cancer all over their faces? Surely, if true, there would be an outbreak of facial cancer in women worldwide of incredible proportions. Why aren't artists who use this pigment daily coming down with cancer? Brie cheese is coated with TiO2. Do the French have higher rates of stomach cancer? I've not heard of it.

Doug said (October 4, 2012):

Most of this electromagnetic stuff on the web is BS. I do believe that cell phones may cause cancer and that their may be directed energy weapons, but as someone with a degree in engineering and a particular interest in electromagnetics I can tell you most of these people espousing powers or conspiracies regarding EM stuff are wrong, I cannot say an idiot from a mental institution yelling about the worlds end tomorrow is wrong either - and a broken clock is right twice every day. But to ramble on about something they know nothing about is to be like a broken clock. There could be something to titanium oxide, but not to do with EM waves.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at