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USSR - Illuminati Experiment Was "Social Catastrophe"

December 5, 2019


from May 20, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.


As we edge toward world government, it pays to recall the Illuminati's last great social experiment, Soviet Communism, which Juri Lina describes as a "social catastrophe." 

In his book, "Under the Sign of the Scorpion"  (2002), the Estonian writer says about 150 million people died as a result of the Bolshevik Revolution, subsidized by the Illuminati (Masonic Jewish) banking cartel.The West pretended to oppose the Bolsheviks but in fact defended them and betrayed the White Russians who were our allies in WWI.  The Bolsheviks would have lost except for Western intervention. (322)

An additional 60 million people were murdered under Chinese Communism. These Satanic regimes "gripped the... people by the hair of their heads" (Winston Churchill) and brutally destroyed two advanced civilizations. The Illuminati central bankers still run the world.  If "Past is Preface," are we being set up for similar brutal treatment? Is this the reason why the truth about these "revolutions" is suppressed? Why we are being dumbed, degraded and trivialized?


Juri Lina claims that the USSR was ruled by Jewish gangsters. Soviet "anti-Semitism" was the spin they put on their gang wars. Marxist ideology was a smokescreen. Josef Stalin was a Jew who spoke Yiddish and married Jewish women. He was diagnosed as a "paranoid hysteric" by a doctor he murdered for revealing this. He had an inferiority complex due to being only five foot one inch tall and employed a stand-in for public appearances. He murdered his second wife in 1932 when she accused him of genocide. Like Lenin, another Jew (who died of syphilis) Stalin was also bisexual. (pp. 284-286). These are the freaks the Illumati bankers put in power.

Stalin was under the influence of another Jew, Lazar Kaganovich (and married his sister.) Kaganowich played on Stalin's paranoia to murder over 20 million Comunist party leaders, functionaries, and army officers, especially those aware of his nefarious deeds. Stalin and Kaganovich were after their rivals' gold. During the Great Terror of 1934-38, NKVD Officers began wearing a new symbol on their sleeves, a sword and serpent. "This symbolized the struggle of the cabbalistic Jews against their enemies," Lina writes. "There is no devil according to the Talmud. Satan and God are united in Yahweh." (301)

At the peak of Stalin and Kaganovich's terror in 1937-38, executions reached 40,000 a month. Alexander Solzhenitsyn estimated a million executed and another two million died in death camps. Literaturnaya Rossiya  estimated total deaths due to murdder, induced starvation and maltreatment at 147 million, five million a year for the period 1918-1938. Lina points out that many killed were women and children who were classed as "enemies of the people." After all "they cost money" i.e. were "useless eaters" in Communist eyes.

Huge mass graves surround the major cities of the USSR. One containing 100,000 bodies was found in Kuropaty, six miles from Minsk. Every night from 1937 to June 1941, the NKVD lined people up at the grave side, gagged abd blind-folded. To save bullets, the executioners tried to kill two people with one shot. (303)

At the peak of the terror, the NKVD began gassing people to death in lorries. The West considered all this to be normal. Bernard Shaw said nations had the right to eliminate undesirables. The US ambassador to Moscow, Joseph Davies, a Freemason, was especially enthusiatic about the show trials. (304)

The USSR lost an additional 35-45 million people during the Second World War. The historian Nikolai Tolstoi claims that half of these were actually killed by the Bolsheviks and blamed on the Nazis. During campaigns against counter revolutionaires in 1949-1952 another five million people were murdered. (307)

Apart from the Holomodor (1932-32)  which killed 15 million Ukrainians, there was another (lesser known) organized famine in the Ukraine in 1946-1947 to put down political resistance. This killed two million. Another million Russians were killed or irradiated in 1954 when the Communists tested an atomic weapon on their own people. (318)   



The Bolshevik Revolution was totally organized and financed by Illuminati bankers (Schiff, Rockefeller, Warburg etc.) and the German government, which they controlled. (206)

Anthony Sutton found that 95% per cent of Soviet technology came from the US or their allies. He said the Communists couldn't have lasted "one day" without Western aid. While pretending to be engaged in a "Cold War," the West actually provided billions in direct military and economic aid to the Soviets. How else have a war? (322)

A quarter million tractors were needed for the "collectivization" of the Kulak farmers land.  With financing from Kuhn Loeb, 80 US companies participated in building three huge tractor factories. These were also used for building tanks.

Under the Rapallo Treaty signed in April 1922, German consortiums built numerous airplane, locomotive and munitions factories throughout the USSR. Krupp built tanks and submarines in Leningrad and Rostov. German troops rehearsed Blitzkreig tactics on Russian soil. Clearly the Illuminati elite sponsors both sides of every conflict. Without this industrial activity and economic aid, the USSR would have quickly failed. 

The West's Illuminati politicians and financiers didn't lose any sleep over the executions or the 15 million sent to the Gulag. (343) Their newspapers suppressed this information. They are as guilty as the NKVD executioners, and it was all done on our dime.

"The Western financial elite wanted to use market economy capitalism as an anvil and Communism as a hammer to rule the world and entirely subdue it," Lina writes.

Eventually the cost of maintaining the USSR became too heavy, and the new Russia was born, under the Freemasons Yeltzin and  Putin.

The same gang of Satanists and mass murderers continue to rule our planet. Our politicians are their conscious or unconscious agents. This doesn't bode well for the New World Order. A thin patina of law and civilized tradition separate us from the barbarism and chaos experienced in Russia.

We live in a fool's paradise.  The price of not bringing these monsters to justice for crimes like 9-11 is that they continue to inflict their madness on the human race.


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Comments for "USSR - Illuminati Experiment Was "Social Catastrophe""

Dan said (May 25, 2009):

Recently I've seen Russians appearing on the speaking, radio guest, and book circuit billed as experts who can explain to Americans what they can do to soften the blow of the 'fall of America'. This goes with the tidal wave of 'fall of America' propaganda in the mainstream and internet media now.
What's missing is no mention at all anymore of what they were selling us when the Berlin Wall mysteriously 'fell' and a decade after - ie, that 'we won' the cold war; 'free market' enterprise and capitalism had triumphed by default. Thanks to Ronald Reagan.
That wasn't the 'truth' of course, just the particular fairy tale of the Bush I/Clinton era. But that's down the memory hole of media, and now Russians are making the circuit to give Americans advice on how to become good socialists.

People need to know what really happened during the 80's. What was all that 'Evil Empire' and nuclear holocaust fear mongering about (en)during Reagan? 'Star Wars' technology development, building up the military again - for defense against the Soviets - that's how they sold it to the public, with those military recruiting 'Freedom isn't free' and 'be all you can be' commercials.

In that surreal 1980's cable television reality it was never explained why Mikhail Gorbechev, head of the dreaded KGB who supposed clawed his way to the top seat of the Evil Empire capable of destroying the world, simply kissed Reagan's ass and gave half of civilization away to be picked to bones by western bankers to swoop in and buy up the goods for pennies on the dollar. I've hope a Russian might write a real book about that.

What did the real managers of the Soviet Union stand to gain going along with what Gorbachev did?

Well, it's my understanding from the Russians I communicated with a few years ago, that most Russians loved Stalin, and loved life under Stalinist communism.
Why? What follows aren't my reasons but the reasons I was told by Russians.

- As many millions as he murdered, those were the bad elements in society (according to contemporary Stalin fan Russians).
- Other thing they say: Stalin foiled Trotsky's Jewish conspiracy and imposed nationalism (the way Russians like things)
- perhaps most importantly, they recall the post-war Russia as a time of prosperity, with full employment, easy jobs, never going hungry or homeless, free medical care and a living assured for life. This is what they've been sore about since Yeltzin because they lost all of that
True, there were shortages during the 80's, but they think that was done deliberately and Gorbachev sold them out and took a golden parachute to sunny California.

Can't really argue with that last part. It explains why it was decided to fold the Soviet form of communist socialism. It was giving too much to the workers and useless eaters.
American socialism will provide only for those able to produce their quota, same as the 'new' Russia and FSU.


Salman said (May 24, 2009):

Harley [beloe] is wrong on this one!!!. Stalin was Jewish no doubt on that one. But Prince Philips is descended from German Jews who entered Britain. This includes Queen Elizabeth herself -

There is also the fact that many members of the British Royal family consider themselves to be descended from the House of David, and are British Israelites. Jew run Wikipedia even admits it - - much like they admit Blair is Jewish on his momma's side!!! The talmud promotes the extermination of the goyim -or the sheep - not Malthus. "Anglo-Dutch financial forces" is pseudonym for Jewish financiers. If people like Harley continue to minimize the role that the Jews have had in mass murder - ever since they popped up on the face of this earth...then I think that dumb goyim deserve to be mass murdered by them Jews!! Just like the retarded Americans who got killed on 9-11 and other false flag attacks by Judenrat terrorists!!

Prince Bernhard is Jewish -

His name gives it away. Bernhard Biesterfield - you can't get more Jewy than that!!! Bertrand Russel was Jewish. Yes, the old Austrian Habspurg family is of part Jewish descent as well.

Galton was a cousin of Darwin. And the Huxleys were very close with the Jewish community. The Jewish Chronicle once interviewed Galton as well.The article in the next link shows how many of the Eugenicists were in fact Jewish. So most of these Masons are in fact either Jewish or part Jewish, or very closely connected with the Jews.

K said (May 22, 2009):

Henry, we have not seen the bottom of the real estate market yet. Mathematically the bottom is zero value, and the zero value on homes is in keeping with the goals of the central bankers who have made other living accommodations for the city dwellers who will in the near future loose all the equity in their homes to the central banksters.

These accommodations come with public transportation (ie light or heavy rail) that will take city dwellers directly to camps where the utitlities are paid by the government. The light rail will then take the world citizen to their jobs at the factories and plantations in the morning, where they will work for 15 hours under the close supervision of the Sino-Russian soldiers armed with AK-47's. Ofcourse the world citizens will have the view of barbed wire and military personel carriers and revolutionary music to enjoy in the background.

Henry, as you stated in your recent article on your site, mass genocide on par with the 150 million/60 million slaughtered in Russia and China is coming to the western nations soon.

I believe that city dwellers will be sitting ducks and will be used as fodder to man Sino-Russian factories and rice patties and other meanial labor jobs. I believe those who leave the cities and live off the land by farming, fishing and hunting will have a much better chance of survival.

Personally I am preparing to leave the big cities soon with other friends, and live off the land until Messiah comes to restore this mess.

Chris said (May 22, 2009):

Are you going to do a piece on the American Idol runner up Adam Lambert and the guy that beat him anytime soon? I myself am not a fan of the show and try to watch as little TV as possible (for good reason as you can imagine), but I wanted to check a few things out just so I could form some sort of opinion on all of the hype.

One thing that amazed me was some of the hatred and vitriol pointed toward the clean cut looking winner, Kris Allen. I won't comment on the talent as both are talented people, but talent aside, Adam has to be one of the most emasculated men I've ever seen. Back in the day he would be appreciated for his talent but wouldn't be the least bit attractive to most women because he was androgynous at best and more feminine than the women at worst. Now he is wanted by the women and it would seem some would defend him to the death if it came to that.

I understand all the social re-engineering stuff but did the masculine male get wiped out at the primitive and biological level of modern women? I was always kinda under the impression that the masculine male was more of a classic never goes out of style thing as opposed to the girly showboats who weave in and out based on estrogen levels and moonspots etc. Now it seems as if traditional males are judged as boring (hell I go in to burning buildings, nothing boring here) and guys that look like a strong gust of wind would knock them over are going like hot cakes.

I hate to say it but the "powers that be" did a good job in their brainwashing

Tyron said (May 22, 2009):

If these Satanists/Illuminati are willing to murder 100s of millions in the east,can anyone honestly propose to think or say that the people of the west,in paticular white christian males, are not the next target of mass extermination on their march toward world government? Why not come out and proclaim a spade a spade in reguard to what is obviously there end game plan?

Harley said (May 22, 2009):

Much of the critique of the USSR is right. However, this was not a Jewish operation, Stalin was not Jewish, and it would be a huge blunder to ascribe the disease of oligarchism to the Jews. A number of Jewish people became bankers for the old European nobility. However, they used their power not on behalf of Jewish interests or concerns -- in fact, they never lifted a finger in defense of the persecuted Jews of Europe, they loyally served their real masters, the landed nobility, and helped them morph into a financier nobility.

Look at Prince Phillip of Britain, the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. These are among the powerful elite. The original Bilderberg grouping included the old Hapsburg family (Austro-Hungarian Empire) and many princes.

Secondly, the problem with the Estonian author is that he doesn't understand the British role. Both the Nazis and the Bolshevik Revolution were financed and backed by the Anglo-Dutch financial forces. They believe in extermination of the "lesser races." This is a British conception, developed by Malthus, advanced by Darwin, the Huxleys (sponsors of Darwin), Francis Galton (father of eugenics), Lord Bertrand Russell. These were all anti-Semites, but they were happy to use Lord Rothschild -- who was also anti-Semitic!

Be very careful with this kind of article. It is bad history, which plays on the feeling of helplessness in the face of organized evil.


Harley--You are describing the Masons who are part of the Illuminati Bankers. -henry

Patricia said (May 22, 2009):

I have been a 30-year UFO investigator and have written over 30 books on the paranormal. What I have deduced from the evidence I have seen is that many of these ‘illuminists’ have belonged to secret organizations which seem to call up the same intradimensional entities. Allistair Crowley and William Butler Yeats called in entities which resembled Whitley Streiber’s grey aliens. I believe that these entities play on the egos of these vain men and have promised them they were receive money and power if these illuminists ‘serve’ then(the alien forces). They are about to bring in their grand ruler-lucifer. And they are stupid and vain enough to believe their bargain and treaties will be kept. My question is this: when you sanction the killing of all but 500,000,000 human beings, what makes you think that creatures with those ethics will honor any agreement made with you? They are dupes and are slowly realizing it! They know that the rest of us will find out about their ‘friends’ who refuse to rescue them! Perhaps this is when we will be rid of the Bushes, Rockefellers,etc.? That is, if there are enough of us left to even care-
PS- what thinking creature would value the accumulation of inherited wealth over intelligence, diligence, and spirituality? A demon, perhaps?

David said (May 22, 2009):

We live in a fool's paradise. The price of not bringing these monsters to justice for crimes like 9-11 is that they continue to inflict their madness on the human race"

While the Illuminati Bankster's and their agents were busy in Russia, Martin Bormann, and the Bormann Brotherhood were weaving their web of evil personifying the Hegelian dialectic. Not only wasn't that monster brought to justice, the worst of the worst Nazi's were recruited during "Operation Paperclip" and brought to America, to inflict their madness on the human race.

The Illuminati Bankster's successful cookie cutter techniques for destroying Czarist Russia and Germany, are being implemented right here in the good ole USA.

William Stevenson in his book "The Bormann Brotherhood" claims that Hitler was a masochistic pervert who groveled at women's feet, ate dung and drank his niece, Geli's, urine prior to Bormann murdering her. Because of Hitler's one testicle birth defect and inability at performing missionary style sex, pulverized bulls testicles were added to his daily pharmacopoeia of dexedrine, pervatin, cocaine, prozymen, ultraseptyl, and antigas pills. Now imagine if you can what goes on behind closed doors in the Oval Office, Bohemian Grove, and Federal Reserve. These crazed genocidal junkies couldn't hold down a level entry job at McDonalds, but with a little help from a City of London Bankster Gangster, they can rule the world.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at