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Satan's Signs Found in Most Logos

November 25, 2021

logos3.jpg MitsubishiLogo_Hexagram.jpg
(left, the omnipresent swoosh)

(from May 16, 2019)

Have you noticed that corporations are taking political stands, and coincidentally singing from the same globalist songbook? Have you noticed that whites are becoming a minority in ads and miscegenation is fostered by TV commercials? It's as though someone blew a whistle and they all came out for gender dysphoria and "multiculturalism". Now it's toxic covid GMO "vaccines."

The explanation is that, despite our pretensions to "freedom," we actually live under a Communist regime. "Money" is the blood supply of society. The blood supply is controlled by the Masonic Jewish (satanist) central banking cartel. They are the Casino, the House. "Money" is their Chips. In other words, the blood supply is poisoned. 

All public and private entities are controlled by the world central banking cartel which seeks to enslave humanity by undermining gender (family), religious, racial and national identity.  They use Freemasonry and Organized Jewry to achieve this end.   

Illuminati (Satanic) motifs are present in the logos of numerous corporations, cities and states. These motifs include the dot in a circle (penis in vagina), the Eye of Horus (666 or "OK" sign), the swoosh (sunrise on horizon signifying Lucifer the light bearer), the Masonic Compass and Square, the Masonic Two Towers, the Star of David, Pentagrams and Pyramid without the capstone. This is the way they signal their dominance to insiders.

                                                             Makow --Ten  Signs Western Society is a Satanic Cult 
----------------                                                                         -------------- We are Mental Prisoners of a Death Cult 

caterpillar.jpgFrom a reader- Don't forget about Caterpillar. One must be a Freemason to get promoted to the top job slots. The A in CAT represents the Masonic compass. Name stands for Cater to the Pillars of Masonry. Then there's the pyramid.

220px-Liberal_Party_of_Canada_logo.pngCanadian Liberal Party (swoosh)  

Canada's Conservative Party (dot in circle)

disney.jpegDisney 666

Tesoro, a large petroleum refiner

Voice of America, dot in circle


Delta Airlines - Pyramid 


Iowa - Swoosh and sunrise

hcm_logo.gifThese logos combining dots, pentagrams and swooshes are everywhere.

Time Warner  (Eye of Horus)

ottawa.jpegOttawa ( The O, 666 is on every street sign, police car, city bus and vehicle.)

Toronto (Two Towers)

winnipeg.jpegWinnipeg, Dot in circle, swoosh, on every city bus and vehicle. The dot in circle is made of stylized 6's - as in 666


Google Chrome search engine (dot in circle)
also 666  

cbs.jpgCBS (dot in circle) 


APTN - Eye of Horus, dot in circle, swooshes



colorado.jpgFrom Joe: Colorado Seal with all-seeing eye at top

dod-bros_front-grill-pickup-emblem_37_b.jpgEarly Dodge car emblem (from Daniel)

GOP and Democrat Logos
GOP Pentagrams inverted
 in 2000 

shelloillogo.jpgShell Logo is not a shell but a rising sun. 

msofficeiconsformac.jpgRichard - MS Office Icons for Mac appear to be Hebrew Letters  (Richard)

200px-PasokLogo.svg.pngPanhellenic Socialist Party (Governs & Bankrupts Greece)  


Woolworth in Australia 666   

666       Vav - Hebrew 6th letter  

BC Logo.jpgThe new BC logo is pure Freemasonry.  The golden arch, the sun is like an eye at the top of the pyramid/mountainThe colors are also Freemason blue and yellow. 147 Masonic lodges in BC  

lithuania.jpgLithuanian Labor Party

Australian Made.jpgPyramid, Kangaroo is Eye of Horus

142px-Vpol1.pngVictoria (Australia) Police- pentagon, facing down



Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for " Satan's Signs Found in Most Logos"

James C said (May 16, 2019):

In Isaiah 14:12, Satan is pictured as the actual king of the entire Babylonish system because he is its real author. Revelation 17:5 describes a "daughter of Babylon," not the original city of Babylon, but a subsequent counterpart, perpetuating the abominations of the original system. The demonic economic system enslaving most of the world had its origin in ancient Babylon. To reiterate, Satan is its author. He is the original king of Babylon. In my opinion, Satan offered this same money power to Christ. Christ refused the offer, but the Jews became acquainted with the system during their 1000-year sojourn in Babylon; and spread the system throughout the world. They have the money power because they worship Satan. Not all Jews. Just those at the top of the satanic pyramid. Throughout the Bible,

Satan is pictured as a reptile of one form or another. Apparently, the reptile brain functions primarily by the use of symbols. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that we are seeing satanic symbols everywhere. Dogs piss on everything to mark their territory; the worshipers of Satan use symbols.

SP said (May 16, 2019):

I saw you had your satanic signs post up, and noticed you didn’t have one very prevalent one in there. It refers to the letter ‘X’. If you noticed, there are a lot of references to this. A few examples:

The origin:

Oliver said (January 22, 2012):

The following video is probably the most coherent explanation of the symbolisms and chaos sorcery behind the staged 911 events that I have come across: (Was 911 a masonic ritual sacrifice?)

The first half of the video explains basic masonic symbolism and the lore behind it. Although the video is lengthy I found it worthwhile in always going a step deeper than what is common knowledge. The lecturer Marc Passio cites Manly P. Hall: " ... masonry misleads those who deserve to be mislead ... the blue degrees are but the outer portico of the temple ... the initiate is intentionally mislead by false interpretations ... it is not intended that he understands them, but it is intended that he imagines he understands them." The same symbol can be employed to either support or invert the divine order.

The circle or compass represents leeway / spirit whereas the square represents not only enforcement but also base consciousness. Base consciousness in all it´s reactive predictability can easily be steered and manipulated by staged threats. The specific placement of square, double square or cube inside cube symbolisms or even inverted pentagrams on enforcement personnel reveals how they (as well) are being used and manipulated in the engineered problem, reaction, solution dialectic.

He further explains the pyramid on the 1 Dollar bill. The brick pyramid actually blocks the true light coming from above, so that it cannot reach the earth. The bricks represent petrified consciousness, captive in matter and controlled by left brain thought identification which cannot spiritually ascend. The brickheads as epitomized in communist leadership, EU-technocrats or DARPA transhumanists refuse to trust God and cannot see the anti-life world they create despite all their supposedly wonderful ("necessary") agendas.

I couldn´t even scratch his following excellent explanations of 911 symbolisms in a brief comment. An interesting detail is that they were forced to pull building 7 although it was never hit by anything, thereby giving away their plot to even the vaguely aware. If they had left the third (´middle´) building standing, then the living truth / spirituality / care / ´the goddess´ or conscience would - in the symbolism of the occult perpetrators of the 911 ritual - still have been left standing. All very well explained in the video.

Larry said (January 22, 2012):

While watching television one day, an ad for the State of Nevada tourism came on; the song was catchy.
After hearing it a few times, the lyrics came through loud and clear:

But when the the sun shines bright
I'm on my knees...

LOL. Sun, Ra worship? Who skis or play's in the snow on their knees?
These are the first lines that are heard on the 30 second T.V. spot but the link I've supplied is the whole song; the lyrics can be heard about the :22 second mark.

Dick said (January 22, 2012):

As a professional graphic designer, I wanted to add a few thoughts.

It's difficult to design a mark (the symbolic part of a logo) that
can't be analyzed as having occult symbolism. Because many logos
intend to condense information about the company into a simple,
memorable symbol, and because you draw from the visual history and
vocabulary people are familiar with, you can end up with a lot of
"suggestive" motifs without knowing it. If you work for a
hierarchical firm, your work gets edited by creative directors. If
you don't, it gets edited by your client.

Most of today's logos draw from the 1950s-80s period, where
corporate America was in full bloom. Most of the influential logo
designers from this period were Jews, like Paul Rand (Peretz
Rosenbaum), Saul Bass and Milton Glaser.

There are a few logos with unmistakable "illuminati" symbolism – ie
the London Olympics "Zion" logo (Wally Ollins), the Alfa Romeo
logo, which is over 100 years old, the original Proctor & Gamble
logo (, Starbucks.
Though I would suppose a lot of so-called illuminati logos, like
Target, are over-analyzed.

In my experience, there is a very nepotistic "foundation" culture
to which a handful of designers and agencies are attached.
Chermayeff & Geismar ( seem to be
the official identity designers to the Rockefeller and Hearst
interests. One of the most influential design agencies of the last
~30 years is called Pentagram. Someone like me might accidentally
design an "occult" logo for a small business, but would have no
access to a multinational oil company.

Here's a pretty good list of designers worth knowing:

I would assume that the majority of "illuminati" logos are
accidents or just derivative of other logos, but there is certainly
a small and mostly Jewish group of "illuminati-friendly" design
agencies who seem to handle most of the big ones.

John said (January 22, 2012):

Have most of them here

Luciferian Symbolism

eg Eye symbol

Eye hand sign



Horn hand sign

Maggie said (January 22, 2012):

I can't imagine you're unfamiliar with the work of Bryan Kemila at IlluminatiMATRIX, but just in case…

Here a good introduction to that site and the breakdown of subliminals in numbers and letters: >

Here's Kemila's video about the origins of the 3D universe: >

And here's the IlluminatiMATRIX site itself: >

The issue of subliminals and symbolism runs very, very deep.

Kemila is almost alone in his depth of understanding about what we're all caught up in.

To understand that website, it takes some background in kabala and occultism, foreign to most people, and it takes patience to read all the material on the site from 2008 to now.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at