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The Hidden Jeff Rense

February 14, 2012

jeff_on_trike.jpgFiddling  While America Burns

(Jeff Rense, 66, riding his $30,000 Harley Trike, a lifestyle partly supported by donations from his  readers. )

Despite making in excess of $450K from his web site, radio show and  businesses, twice a year he duns his readers for "donations." If we are going to expose others, we had better look honestly at ourselves.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

When Jeff Rense said he would no longer link to my web site because of one article I posted, I didn't phone to kiss his ring.

His actions were so irrational and his manner so pompous, I felt there was a missing factor.

 "You have insulted me," he wrote when I merely questioned his haughty dismissal of a story I posted on my website.

I sensed that something was not normal. He had dealt a body-blow to me and everything we had built over 10 years; and I doubt if he gave it a second thought. 

While the future of humanity hangs by a thread, he terminated a valuable collaboration and "friendship" due to a minor, passing difference of opinion.

Instinctively, I didn't want to reconcile. He offered to continue posting my work on his site. (My many able contributors were banned.) I had done that for seven years. It would be like moving in with mom and dad at age 62. 


I have since learned that Jeff Rense is not what he seems. Behind the dulcet tones and angst about the world, is a smooth talking salesman using our fading freedom as a means to get rich and amass a collection of luxury items he can hardly afford.

Despite making in excess of $450K from his web site, radio show and businesses, he duns his readers for "donations" twice a year.

These "donation drives" bring in an estimated $20K annually.
How is Jeff Rense any different from a Christian evangelist who scams his flock?

I remember donating myself. At the time, I didn't know he lives in a luxurious cedar mansion on a five-acre estate near Ashland OR worth in excess of $1.5 million.

I didn't know about the $30,000 Harley Trike shown above, and his other motorcycle.

I didn't know he was spending in excess of $100,000 to build a model railroad that traverses his whole property.

I didn't know he spent $30,000 on a tanning bed.
I didn't know he was restoring a vintage station wagon, a "Woodie" at a cost of $100,000. He claims to have invested $140,000 in a 1953 Muntz Road Jet which is trying to sell.  

I didn't know he was spending tens of thousands excavating ponds and planting trees on his estate.

I didn't know he spent a fortune on multiple face lifts.


Jeff often complained that he had money problems. He wanted to sell his web site to "pay off his debts." 

To explain why he was hard up after making $300K from advertising alone, he told me he spent $500K to redo the foundations of his house. When he sued the previous owner, his Jewish lawyer betrayed him.

Sure. The sad truth is that Jeff Rense is a child who can't manage his money and lives beyond his means.

I don't care how Jeff spends what he has earned.

Just don't ask me for a donation.

Think of all his loyal readers who sent him their hard-earned $20 bills so the "truth" could be told.

I want my money back.

As for my trust, he will never regain that. 

Note to Readers: The alternative media is a mirror image of the corporate media, suppressing information based on personal & financial ties. Please circulate this article far and wide. Thanks! 

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Comments for "The Hidden Jeff Rense "

William said (February 16, 2012):

There isn't a whole lot of information regarding your dispute with Jeff Rense on his website, other than the suspicious response from "Anonymous." In attempting to get the other side of the story, I read your articles and, I must say, I completely agree with you. He appears to be nothing more than another pompous windbag like Alex Jones and, as such, cannot be trusted. Let me rephrase that: His views and what he promotes must become suspect.

This revelation is disquieting. It proves just how deeply entrenched the "control" has become - and they MUST control both sides of every argument. In fact, I have long suspected that "Anonymous" was itself a CIA/Mossad operation. After all, is it really believable that a "no name" group could operate with impunity against multiple governments? No. This opinion was cemented when they began their attacks on Ron Paul by claiming his Neo-Nazi links ( Like WikiLeaks, it's all a mind fuck. The very fact that "Anonymous" would come out in defense of someone like Jeff Rense is laughable, at best. It does seem to confirm that they are, in fact, CIA.

Thanks William

This anonymous website is something Jeff concocted. It is not related to the hacker collective. I do not think Jeff is controlled by anyone other than his personal demons.


Robert said (February 16, 2012):

I also posted a response to the Anonymous article.....they did not post fact they removed all comments....what does that say.....hmmmm??? You can tell who the cockroaches are when the spotlight of truth is on, and the guy behind the light, like the messenger gets crucified!


Thanks Robert,

It's very heartening to know people like you understand what I am talking about.


George said (February 16, 2012):

Jeff is hardly sitting idle, "while America burns", let alone "fiddling" ... Could YOU, Henry -- or anyone else you know or have met or might meet in the future -- be putting out so many articles a day, every day, all year, year after year, attempting to stop the evil now besetting every man, woman, child and every member of the flora and fauna of our suffering planet -- as Jeff is doing ?

And, how a man spends his personal, hard-earned money is his own affair, just as personal as his choice of beer, football teams, and women, or what he and his wife do in private.

MY SHRINK HAS TO go on holiday several times a year. Without that recreation, he could never do the great work he is doing, helping so many in need and on the edge of giving up, like I was, when I went to him as a basket-case around 20 years ago. I DO NOT BEGRUDGE HIM HIS VACATION-TIME, nor yet his hobbies, and what they might be, I NEVER ASK, THEY ARE HIS BUSINESS -- as long as they help him to survive, to continue in spite of the massive stress he is under.

So now you want to be a policeman checking up n Jeff and publishing even where he lives ?? -- he must have millions of enemies -- how's your conscience, man ???

So I quit your newsletter.


Thanks George,

If you think Jeff's service absolves his sins, that's your choice.
I believe people need to know the man who is deciding what we read.


Luvgabe said (February 16, 2012):

I want you to know that I wrote a comment last night, responding to that "Open Letter to Henry Makow" on the Anonymous for Responsible Internet Journalism (ARIJ) site. This morning, my comment is still not published. I doubt it ever will. Here's my reconstruction of what I had written:

"I find it noteworthy that this blog (ARIJ) is less than two months old and this Open Letter is only its second post. For all we know, Anonymous may be Jeff Rense himself. Truth and deception have certain sign posts and indicators. Unlike Rense, Makow does not hide behind a wig and fake moustache. Unlike Rense, Makow does not boast a resume with accomplishments and awards that are untraceable and unverifiable.

Gene said (February 16, 2012):

As the battle continues, my opinion that Jeff acted unreasonably in ending his relationship with you stands. He needs to be forthcoming as to why he behaved in such an uncaring and heavy-handed manner. Nonetheless, your subsequent ad hominem attack sheds no light on the issue, and places your integrity in issue.

Why? Because it was a clear character assassination which reads transparently as a response to hurt feelings which fail to address the core issue. Given the nature of your attack, it is bound to fail among more thoughtful readers. Here I adopt your post on Bill Cooper's forward in Behold a Pale Horse:

"...believe everything bad that you ever hear about me. See if that changes anything."

Sure Rense makes a profit from his site. And sure, arguably, he shouldn't be soliciting funds. But in the end he will be judged by the enduring content of his site and it is an admirable one, as is your site, for those of us opposed to the New World Order in all its beastly dimensions. I doubt most will believe that Rense is only or primarily in it for the money when his commitment is evidenced by an enduring record of postings and interviews.



I agree that Jeff has done immense good and that is why I was proud to be associated with him for a decade.

Yes, I was angry and hurt by this unprovoked blow to me and my work. About a third of my readers came from his site. However, the "ad hominem" issues I raise are relevant to a man who enjoys the power and trust he does.

1. Does he have a right to suppress legitimate theories about Fukushima and banish allies who entertain them on their own web sites?

2. What does his cruel treatment of a friend say about his character and mental state? Is his focus really on the common enemy?

3. Who does Jeff Rense really serve? To solicit donations from readers to support $30K motorcycles is immoral. Who builds a railway on their 10-acre estate when his fellow Americans are suffering from the worst recession in a lifetime?


W said (February 16, 2012):

This is in response to anon's comment, below: From what I understand, godlikeproductions is run out of Tavistock Institute, so it does not surprise me at all that your post on Jeff Rense was pulled, as well as your post inquiring about why it was pulled, so that now there is no trace of your further dissent. It makes total sense and may shed further light on Rense, as they seem to share the same style (i.e. censorship).

Just birds of a feather looking out for one another, wouldn't you think? Wonder just how many more "conspiracy" sites and "truth" movements there are out there that are nothing more than tares blending in with the good wheat?

All will come to light sooner or later but the key, I think (as in the case with Rense) is to pay close attention to their behavior, not to what they say. In this way, you shall know the tree by its fruit.

W said (February 16, 2012):

I'm with you on this one Dr. M. For years i have noticed a somewhat (OK...really) creepy inflection when listening to his broadcasts. I have about ten thousand hours of experience from my training at U.C.L.A., Berkeley, Berkeley Center for Human Interaction, U.S. Navy Chaplain's Corps, National Directorate of the Y.W.C.A., California Health Educator's Association and am a founder emeritus of the Human Development Center.

Denny said (February 16, 2012):

I'm a huge fan of your site. You've published a few of my articles and I've read your books and I love what you bring to the "Truth" table. I don't know alot about Jeff Rense, nor do I care or listen to his radio show. But I do enjoy his site as finding informative truthfull articles from other sites. This being said, you two need to "kiss and make up" so to speak. I believe Jeff was wrong to no longer link to you over one article that I actually enjoyed and believe to be at least partially true. (blow up a dynamite factory with a stick of dynamite), how ever, your latest article about him seems to cross the line. Even if you truly feel this way, it's probably not appropiate to publish your real
feelings on your site. I believe you are bigger then this and I and a
whole lot of other truth-seekers would like to see this resolved. Agree to disagree and take up your problems with him personally, and confidentially. He needs to grow up and you need to chill........please......for ALL of us........please........


Thanks Denny,

Will you be sending him a donation?


Bert said (February 16, 2012):

Be assured of one thing ... Rense was not posting links on his site to yours out of any desire to do you a favor. Your work, and the work of your many grass-roots contributors, and your loyal followers, have brought more credibility to Rense, than Rense has ever click-and-flicked off onto to yours. When he was linking to your articles, you were floating his boat far more than he was ever floating yours. The issue has to do with the power to create personal integrity. He never thought for one minute of handing off links to your site for free, or for love of principles of truth and freedom from zionism, fascism, or tyranny. He was linking to you, for his own credibility. Period. If you got some fresh hits (arghhh) by giving credibility to the Rense site, big deal! Rense benefited far more than you did. You don't need a Rense clickership. You need loyal followers, and they are harder to build. I believe that when the true geometry is seen, it will become obvious that he was setting a trap for you. The real geometry is that, by linking out to your site, he was giving himself far more credibility. Credibility is the core issue here, not clicks, or flicks, or illusions of them.

Rense talks a great game, but his decision to pull links to your site shows how small minded a so-called journalist he really is. He may try to put out some other bullshit as cover. The core issue is that it was your core credibility that was floating his boat.

rw said (February 15, 2012):

henry, i don't know who gave you this information but i for one am grateful you put it out there for all of us to see.

rense is obviously just another alex jones type, making out like a fat cat off of the "patriot movement" . thanks again henry.

JCW said (February 15, 2012):

WOW... Someone who allows a differing view point, like you, is somehow one who is not defending the truth movement? Is Jeff the one and only true guardian? Without him are we lost? I'm with you, he believes in UFO's.... Do I discredit him because I don't believe in one segment of something he believes in or do I simply focus on what I believe to be credible?

I will say this, I see Jeff in a new light... He's not a religious zealot who is preaching a religious dogma... He's simply making a living and it would seem a very comfortable one.

Eddie said (February 15, 2012):

Sorry to hear about your falling out with Jeff Rense. I began to suspect him several months ago for the exact reason that he refuses to entertain any possibility that Fukushima was a deliberate disaster. I was open to either a natural disaster or deliberate sabotage. I swung over to 100% in favor of sabotage after hearing David Icke explain how it was done. (Mossad security at Fukushima, laser cannons disguised as security cameras and the ease of setting off an earthquake as the cover.) I read Fargame's article about Jim Stone, and now David Icke's account is even more plausible.

It's rather sad for me. Most of the people I rely upon for my news seem to hate each other and accuse each other of being government agents.

Jay Weidner said (February 15, 2012):

I am disappointed that you attacked Jeff. I know Jeff, he is a friend and a neighbor of mine. Jeff built his place himself. He is one of the hardest working people I have ever met.

He has a bad knee and can barely walk and he cannot afford an operation.

Lisa Guilani is a total scumbag as is her boyfriend who is also writes porn.

I am stunned by this as you were one of my favorite people. You have no right to say what Jeff owns or not in public, . That is his business and no one else's.

You are making many assumptions here. Now I question other things you have written. If you are so wrong about Jeff how can I believe you on anything else?

I can assure you that Jeff Rense is not rich, not at all.

MS said (February 15, 2012):

Amazing....just, AMAZING. This is one of the self-proclaimed "front men" of the 'Freedom' movement huh? I would like to see the life style of Alex Jones and those riding his coat tail revealed too. All I have to say Henry, is with friends like that, who needs a proctologist?

Kristina said (February 15, 2012):

Amen -Thank you!

Luke 8:17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

Rick said (February 15, 2012):

This story is very disturbing. The information you put out here is very revealing. Where does it come from?

Doesn't he care that he is alienating friends, and allies, like AJ and you, and how many others? I wonder what his problem is?

Greed? Arrogance? Sold out?

Why does he hide? What is he hiding? Just what you have been revealing, or is there more?

Is he really 66? Amazing!

I think you are being generous in your reporting, and not getting into trashing him, and name calling like what happened with AJ. This material that you are releasing is really important and we all need to know it.

Who are our leaders? Are they any better than those running the show?

These stories sadden me. I am sorry for you, for him, for all of us trying to know the truth.



I think we need to consider what Anthony Sutton said, re. a "leaderless resistance."


Tony said (February 15, 2012):

Hard hitting stuff about Jeff Henry.

I'm glad you posted this information.

I had no idea.

I understand that boys will be boys and I know many men who are
thrilled by all these toys.

But I have never met a serious person involved in this kind of stuff.

So perhaps is a business after all, and not resistance.

Bric said (February 15, 2012):

These types of childish, self centered people can only see the world as if they are something special and everyone else revolves around their "royalty". This is exactly the type of people we have in Congress and in the other government branches. They act like royalty as their "let them eat cake " attitudes keep the stratification of the masses intact.

In many cases it is in another area besides money (health or relationships) wherein the playing field becomes equal, again. Pride comes before the fall.

anon said (February 15, 2012):


Please allow me to applaud your efforts in exposing Rense. It seems as though this man has some powerful friends. I tried to post your original Rense-exposing article on an internationally popular conspiracy forum, Godlikeproductions. I linked your article, posted a small excerpt, and got over 500 views and 10 comments in a matter of less than an hour.

Then, all of a sudden, my whole entire thread was deleted. So I made a thread asking why my thread was deleted, and then THAT thread was deleted! Rense obviously has friends on other conspiracy sites who are trying to keep this whole feud with you under wraps.


Jack said (February 15, 2012):

His known behaviour in relation to the Fukishima issue has been disgraceful.

For someone who has repeatedly stated that he's not trying to push any point of view, he just provides the info and let's us decide, to now actually ban your site because you provided an alternative view is just plain wrong - unforgivable.

Even just the fact that he didn't explore Jim Stone's compelling evidence, and instead went on air railing against anyone who dared advance any other opinion on this disaster. As far as
I'm concerned he's just as bad as any Fox news anchor trying to portray 9-11 truthers as lunatics and terrorist sympathizers.

Anyone who can whip up so much fear and uncertainty over something as horrible as radiation poisoning - and with such
enthusiasm - sure, they are definitely capable of taking the money of trusting good-natured people and spending it on a
self-indulgent lifestyle.

I'm sure he doesn't care about losing my $6 a month subscription, or the page-views he used to get from me while I was afraid to admit that his material was really was mostly tabloid, sensational and often puerile - but I'm sure I won't be the only one going elsewhere for my info now.

Anthony said (February 15, 2012):

I just finished reading your second article about Jeff Rense, and I want to thank you for exposing the man.

I have been listening to Rense regularly for six months as a paid member, and I recently felt that there was something wrong with the man. I looked past that because he has had some informative shows. In fact, I learned about your site from your interview with Rense a few years ago.

When I read your first article about Rense, my suspicions were confirmed, and I decided to cancel my subscription immediately. I respect your work more than his. I have read four of your books, and have listened to almost all of your interviews, and you are a man of great insight. Your work has transformed my life in many ways, opening my eyes to the truth about women in contemporary America, and about the powers that really run the planet.

One said (February 15, 2012):

Thank you Henry for exposing a side of Jeff Rense that all should know about. Your first article on the matter of not posting your link was enough for me to question his validity. I always had a gut feeling there was something that wasn't quite right with the way he operated.

And now i know my gut feeling was right.(its never usually wrong) He is a sham and deserves nothing more in the "taking credit" area for exposing truths of this upside down country and world events...I am disgusted that I had once trusted his so called "works". If he is making that kind of money annually and living that kind of lifestyle maybe he should be donating his share to the movement, obviously he is not...

I am however a big fan of your site and have no arguments about your views for they say what very many will not. Keep up the good work and one day goodness will prevail!

Sent from a very concerned citizen of this world.

Adam said (February 15, 2012):

Betrayed! Again! Thank you for exposing this narcissist posing as a human-rights champion. I guess it only makes sense that if someone were truly legit -- "a needle in the vein of the establishment"-- then they would be taken down by TPTB. I will miss going there for the compiled news links but at least I won't see his panhandling requests again...which now would be really hard to stomach after learning about this.

N said (February 15, 2012):

Just read your article about Rense. It's hard to fathom how a person who purports to be a champion of truth could carry on in such a despicable manner. Your analogy to a Christian evangelist soaking a trusting congregation for cash is bang on.

Have you seen the W5 expose of Benny Hinn? I'm glad that you are putting this information out there, and I'm sure many of Rense's former fans are too. Certainly a person has the right to do with their money as they please, when it is honestly come by. It's a wonder he has not been exposed until now, or perhaps he has but the info was suppressed or didn't reach a wide audience.

I agree with you whole heartedly when you said in your previous article that though these are ominous times and researchers must work together, those who deserve to be exposed, must be exposed. I don't think anyone appreciates being fed bullshit and told its chocolate pudding!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at