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Top Secret Gorbachev Files Unveil Globalist Agenda

May 17, 2010

Reagan_Gorbachev.jpgby Richard Evans

In 1999, the Moscow office of the Gorbachev Foundation granted access  to its vast digital archive to a limited number of vetted Russian history researchers.  One of them was Pavel Stroilov.  Parts of the archive were password restricted, but Stroilov noticed he could see the password by peeking whenever the office archivist booted the system.  He memorized it and for several visits managed to access and secretly copy volumes of folders amounting to 50,000 documents.
Stroilov couldn't believe what he read.  The restricted documents were the KGB transcripts of private and secret conversations of Mikhail Gorbachev during his years as leader of the Soviet Union
In a recent interview with urban policy magazine City Journal, he said they "tell a completely new story about the end of the Cold War. The 'commonly accepted' version of history of that period consists of myths almost entirely. These documents are capable of ruining each of those myths."

Stroilov decided the facts had to be available to the public.   He emigrated to London knowing he'd be a wanted man in Russia.  He was right about that.  What he hadn't expected was that no publisher or media outlet in the world was interested in publishing the Gorbachev archives. No library wants to house them or fund their translation. "In fact, he can't get anyone to take much interest in them all." 

berlin-wall.jpgThe reason is that they expose the difference between myth and the real agenda of the NWO

The myth is that the Soviet Union's economy collapsed under the weight of massive military spending and inefficient bureaucracy.  Most Europeans believed that Soviet economics was no match for Western capitalism. Most Americans still believe a retired Hollywood actor singlehandedly forced Soviet bankruptcy by amping up the arms race.


Soviet transcripts of 1989 conversations between Gorbachev and the current Spanish EU commissioner for economic and monetary affairs,
Joaquín Almunia, prove back channel support for East/West German re-unification as a step toward Socialist unification of all of Europe.  Aluminia pledged opposition to the lasting independence of the Baltic states and Ukraine.

In one conversation Gorbachev confided to Almunia, "the success of perestroika means only one thing--the success of the socialist revolution in contemporary conditions. And that is exactly what the reactionaries don't accept."

euccp.jpgInterviewer Claire Berlinski remarks: "It is impossible to imagine that figures who had enjoyed such close ties to the Nazi Party--or, for that matter, to the Ku Klux Klan or to South Africa's apartheid regime--would enjoy top positions in Europe today. The rules are different, apparently, for Communist fellow travelers."

Stoilov replied:  "We now have in the EU an unelected socialist party running Europe. Bet the KGB can't believe it."

What do these socialists and fascists all have in common? They are Freemasons-- Illuminati.

This vision of a world Communist state, is part of the long term plan.   In the famous  "Red Symphony" document,
Rakovsky outlined the Illuminati plan to blend Communism and Capitalism. In each case, the Illuminati (i.e. "They") will control all wealth and power.

"In Moscow, there is Communism: in New York capitalism. It is all the same as thesis and antithesis. Analyze both. Moscow is subjective Communism but [objectively] State capitalism. New York: Capitalism subjective, but Communism objective. A personal synthesis, truth: the Financial International, the Capitalist Communist one. 'They.' " (p.276)

The central banks and economies of both East and West are owned by the same Illuminati Jewish families. Communism and capitalism are just facades. All that remains is for the veil to be lifted: the NWO.

This echoes Ford Foundation President H. Rowan Gaither's shocking admission to un-American Activities Committee researcher Norman Dodd  in 1953:  "We use our grant-making power so as to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."  Gaither was also co-founder of the RAND Corporation military/intelligence think tank in 1959.

National_Bolshevik_Party.svg.pngA punk rock band at the time  broadcast a truth in a song with the predictive title, "The Walls Came Down":  "I don't think there are any Russians, and there ain't no Yanks, just corporate criminals, playing with tanks".

Soviet socialism and international corporate capitalism were rackets all along.

The  paragraphs quoted above indicated a planned expansion of the 'Myth of Soviet Socialism' toward a global socialism - which isn't Russian or American or Jewish Zionist - but even more exclusive and sinister.

Russian socialist party writer Vladimir Sirotin explains the Soviet masquerade.

"Soviet socialism is bureaucratic state capitalism. The bulk of direct producers did not own means of production and so were forced to sell their labour power to the real owner of those means of production - a special group called the nomenklatura. The members of this group belonged to a hierarchically organized system for the appropriation and distribution of surplus value. The ruling class of the Soviet Union was therefore a state bourgeoisie. It was an exploiting class that through the possession of state power owned the means of production, the whole of the so-called "national economy."

Similar to fascism, Soviet socialism governed through it's massive unelected bureaucratic apparatus and control of media. "They relied on the age-old traditions of the Russian Empire and out of inertia continued to make formal and hypocritical use of pseudo-socialist, pseudo-communist, pseudo-left and pseudo-Marxist slogans. Such slogans were a convenient means of masking their real aims and playing on the sincere faith of many people, both inside the country and abroad."


Look at the timeline. Perestroika or the dismantling of the Soviet command economy and "democratization" took place in 1988-1991. The fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification if Germany took place in 1989-90. The Maastricht Treaty of 1992 established the Euro. We can now see that these events were all orchestrated by the Illuminati to integrate East and West. They were designed to advance the EUSSR and eventual Communist-Capitalist (Illuminati) world government dictatorship.

The only thorn in the side of European "unity" was the nationalistic Poles. Well, we know what happened to them...

Interviewer Claire Berlinski remarks that "it is not widely acknowledged that Communism was responsible for the deaths of 150 million human beings during the twentieth century. The world remains inexplicably indifferent and uncurious about the deadliest ideology in history."

Indeed there is an explanation. Communism is Occult Satanism. It is the ideology of the Cabalist central bankers who control our politics, economy and means of communication. Our leaders are their accomplices.

After the 'fall' of Soviet socialism Gorbachev seamlessly graduated to positions of power above sovereign governments.   During the Clinton administration he lived at the Presidio in San Francisco*, even flying the green cross of a Knight of Malta at his residence.  His role with the UN has been promoting the new NWO "Green" religion favored by the UN for the masses.  Along with such characters as Maurice Strong and Al Gore, Gorbachev drafted 'The Earth Charter" intended to replace the Ten Commandments.

The plan is for a thinly veiled world Communist police state. Given their track record, it's hard to be sanguine about the prospects for mankind.


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Comments for "Top Secret Gorbachev Files Unveil Globalist Agenda"

David said (May 21, 2010):

I have to wonder if the sheeple will ever wake up to the fact that communism is still working it's poisonous magic, except now on the world stage and metastasized into the West. The "B" grade actor Reagan should really go down in infamy for his antics during the dissolution of the USSR. Mind you, he was operating off of a script and didn't even need a teleprompter, so what more can one say. As to the likes of Gorby and the the flaky new age control freak Moe Strong, they should all be in prison.

Ellen said (May 20, 2010):

In my book, In the Presence of our Enemies, I pondered the enigma of the relationship of Reagan with Gorbachev in which Reagan seems to think G has become a "believer" (?) as well as arranges for him to occupy space in the S.F. Presidium which once belonged to our military forces. I also pondered how G can remain there without questions raised while running a "spiritual" organization so-called and calling for international meetings in NY, etc.

How does he get away with it? What powers his waving his magic wand and suddenly there is an international gathering of the top dogs?
Ellen McClay

If you think Western civilization is on the skids,
meet some of the people who greased the

Titus said (May 20, 2010):

I can only confirm to the principles of this story.

After the Soviet Union "fell" tell suddenly we discovered that all those party "top notch" members happens to be millionaires and brought up all the former soviet Union. It is most apparent
in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Those 3 countries are small and this kind of stuff is very apparent.

If we consider that those top Party members was supposed to be "one with people" then how did they amassed so much wealth with so fast?

It will be no doubt that some of those papers where planted to someone like Stroilov (question is HOW real he is) to find and get them out. When time comes they are easily disproved and this
persons credibility will be destroyed along with the credibility of those documents. That does not mean that ideas and general direction are false - "no way Jose" - NWO is live and kicking.

Andrew said (May 19, 2010):

The Gorbachev Files also amplify and confirm the revelations of Carroll Quigley's 1966 Tragedy & Hope revelations.

Gorby looked through socialist lenses whereas Quigley examined matters from a capitalist perspective so their vocabularies aren't parallel, but their conclusions are practically the same.

Gorbachev confided to Almunia, "the success of perestroika means only one thing--the success of the socialist revolution in contemporary conditions. And that is exactly what the reactionaries [in Russia] don't accept."

According to Quigley, the ultimate goal is "nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled the central banks...acting in concert." (324)

Speaking of the Communist takeover of the US government in the 1930's and 1940's, Quigley writes, "it must be understood that the power that these energetic left-wingers exercised was never their own power of Communist power but was ultimately the power of the international financial coterie." (954)

With revolt on the streets from Athens to Bangkok, the socialist/capitalist revolution has hit a 'speed bump.'

Frank said (May 18, 2010):

Great article by Richard Evans, glad you ran it.

The whole phony Cold War is for my money the top crime Globalism has committed. It certainly paved the road for much killing on ALL sides.

You or your readers might want to follow this in more detail and there's a great way to do it: The great KGB Defector Anatole Golitsyn's book, NEW LIES FOR OLD, is now available for free download at:

Golisyn's famous 140 predictions are coming true in chilling fashion... and he wrote it all literally years before "the wall" came tumbling down.

Joseph said (May 18, 2010):

Regarding the latest article on Gorbachev, the musical selection referred to is:

THE CALL -- "The Walls Came Down"

Great article by Richard. The movie "In Like Flynt" starring James Coburn exhibits a conversation by two rival spies where
the KGB spy tells the CIA spy that one day the USSR and the USA will be merged into one country, or the economic systems would be merged. Like that's a difference?

While resistance may seem futile, keep in mind that one does not have to outrightly defeat an opponent but merely hurt that opponent in such a way that the opponent can't help but to remember the encounter by some such "token" that gets left

Jay said (May 18, 2010):

Thanks for the article on Gorby. We need to get the soviet fake out more into the open. When you realize that Obama is likely a soviet agent also it begins to make real sense. Maybe the deal is that the Russians get east of the Mississippi and the Chinese get the western part?

Troy said (May 18, 2010):

Being that the general public has consistently believed everything the MSM feeds us on a daily basis, and the enormous amount of information available on the Internet, how are we suppose to know what's real and what's not? In some instances there is so little info available that it's hard to confirm accuracy be finding similar info elsewhere (aside from not knowing if the author is legitimate.)

The 'Top Secret Gorbachev Files Unveil Globalist Agenda' article was very interesting and confirms other stuff I have read about Communism but, as with the writer, how do we know fact from created fiction?

I think it'd be just as easy for falsified information to be printed on your's or similar sites, and want to make sure I'm getting the straight scoop.

Right now I am reading what I can, digging for more info to confirm, keeping my eyes open for current examples, and bottom line just trusting in my gut.

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