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The Illuminati Christian Impersonator

February 5, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court...we shall come forward in the guise of its defenders...By this diversion we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of this place." (Protocols of the Elders of Zion-17)

At the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington Thursday, Tony Blair confessed he didn't talk about God while in office so he wouldn't be considered a "nutter."

But now the convert to Roman Catholicism can declare that religious faith is at the heart of global affairs. In a "sermon" Thursday, he mentioned God 31 times and proclaimed: "In surrendering to God we become instruments of his love."

President Obama endorsed the charade: "My good friend Tony Blair - who did it first and perhaps did it better."

Obviously Blair's role is to usurp Christian leadership and expose religious belief to ridicule. Along with another phony, George W. Bush, Blair caused the death and maiming of an estimated one million Iraqi civilians. They're sociopaths, not Christians.

The public is not deceived. One reader commented:  "Since he has so much blood on his hands, he thinks by turning to religion all will be forgiven. Sad fool."

But the ruse does work. Another reader commented: "When I hear that this man is a Christian, it makes me proud to be an atheist."

Blair is a UN Middle East Peace Envoy. This is what the "instrument of God's love" had to say about Israel's massacre of women and children in Gaza: "What has happened has been very shocking and very sad - the scenes of carnage - but that is war, I'm afraid, and war is horrible."

(And, Satan must have his due.)

During his tenure in office, Blair, a closet Catholic, legalized gay marriage and adoption and, with false flag terrorism, turned the UK into a police state disdained by the whole world. 


blairbenedict.jpgThe Illuminati decided that it was better to take over the Catholic Church than attempt to destroy it.  Pope Benedict's recent suspension of the excommunication of Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williamson may have been designed to heap scorn upon the authority of the Pope and the RC Church. This is exactly what has happened.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken out against Pope Benedict XVI's decision, saying: "The Pope and the Vatican need to make clear that such a denial in unacceptable." Others have called for the Pope's resignation.

The Holocaust is not the issue here. My point is that Benedict's rehabilitation of Williamson makes no sense unless it was intended to bring opprobrium upon the RC Church. My hunch is that the Pope, like Tony Blair and Barack Obama, is an Illuminati Christian impersonator.


The zealous Blair seems to have forgotten Christ's injunction to the rich man to give away his possessions. Instead, Blair is accumulating wealth. Since leaving office he has made over $18 million from giving $250,000 speeches to globalist outfits like JP Morgan Chase and arms dealers Carlyle Group. (The latter feels an especial debt of gratitude to this Christian zealot for privatizing the UK's spy technology at below market price.) When you serve the devil, you don't need to wait for Heaven to receive your reward.

The Illuminati apparently intend to use religion to facilitate their one world tyranny. Partnering with the Yale University Schools of Management and Divinity, "The Tony Blair Faith Foundation" aims to use "education" to bring about the New World Order:

"These are times of tumultuous change. The twentieth century order is history; and the forces of globalization are pushing all of the economies of the world - and all of the citizens of the world, with their great diversity of religious faiths - more closely together."


The Illuminati are Satanists. They engage in Satanic ritual (human) sacrifice and every form of sexual perversion. Blair and Obama belong to the Illuminati. Their aim is to destroy religion by throwing them all into a blender. A phony world "religion" will emerge led by the Antichrist and dedicated to Lucifer. 

Blair's talk of being an "instrument of God's love" is classic Orwellian doublespeak: the words are the same but the intent is exactly the opposite. Similarly, Satan's agents, Illuminati Christian impersonators, have replaced real Christians at the head of "Christian" societies. Their role is to discredit God, Jesus, Christianity and true religion.  

We have lost our grip on reality because mankind is possessed by a Satanic cult. Bad things are happening because despicable miscreants rule.


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Comments for "The Illuminati Christian Impersonator"

Paula said (February 9, 2009):

I was utterly appalled that Bishop Williamson did not reject the lifting of his excommunication. The Church of Rome is in apostasy and has been since Vatican II. Bp. Williamson should have declined and told the faux pontiff that he is the one that needs to be restored to the true doctrines & dogmas of Catholicism. The true Mass and the other sacraments need to be restored to validity.

This whole thing is a freaking joke… there is no indication that Bp Williamson requested or accepted this lifting. He would be a major hypocrite if he had.

And it’s none of anyone’s business what the RC Church does, particularly political leaders should just shut up. What ever happened to separation of church & state and religious freedom?

The more the Zionists get their briefs in a bunch about the Holocaust, the more I wonder why. Most folks who deny historical events are just ignored.

Lynda said (February 9, 2009):

he Protocol (17) which you have cited was fulfilled upon the antipapacy and the Vatican with the election of 'good pope John' - Roncalli and the Vatican Council II.

Illuminati Elite and their instruments: the U.N., the Sanhedrin, the Peace Foundations of Gorbachev, Clinton, now Blair etc have all defended the new ecumenical religion of all faiths and nations under the Noachide Law - mandated for Gentile nations by the Talmud and now being organized by the Vatican II sect led by the antipapacy in Rome.

This new religion began to be formally installed throughout the Catholic Church worldwide in place ofr the Roman Catholic faith of Tradition beginning with Vatican II.

Benedict ponces around in a pope suit staging the big kissy-kissy with the declared (on public record) foes of the Church who defend his antipapacy and NWO agenda.

The true pope was stood aside with threats and malice in the 1958 Conclave - Cardinal Siri who took the name pope Gregory XVII. He was taken hostage by the Masonic cardinals in the Conclave who finally obtained the numbers to impose their agenda upon the Church.

The remnant Catholic Church iis in communion with the true papacy (pope Gregory's successors) is underground.

So the Illuminati now have the Vatican and its global organisation. They can not destroy the Rock of Peter and the Church founded upon the Rock, but they can certainly obscure it. As this is a Divinely ordained institution against which Hell can not prevail, I would say they have played with Fire. The Fire now will play with them.

This antipapacy, its constitutions and works is doomed; it will certainly fall as nothing has fallen since Satan. Good Catholics desirous of holding and persevering in the Catholic faith whole and entire - please get clear of the antipapacy and its religion: its lies, works and blasephemies and shake the dust from your feet.


Pat said (February 8, 2009):

Dear Henry
have read your fascinating articles for some years now and have been most impressed by your knowledge of world conspiracies and modern day movements.
You writings on the "modern Catholic Church" are so spot on (say ...98%) that I have somehow been led to believe that...this man should be Catholic.
I am Catholic myself and have for 26 years now rejected theV 2 revolution and the false clerics who put it apon us.Staying Catholic these days is no easy task but do it we must.
Might I humbly suggest a few facts and tips to aid this man Henry become a Catholic.
1.We have had no true Pope since the death of Pius XII in 1958.......the last five claimants have all been in the pay of the enemy.....refer to..Cum Ex Apostolatu Officio..Paul IV.
2.The lifting of the ban on membership in freemasonry(secret societies) was done by our modern V2 crooks,so is null and void.Therefore the ban is still in effect for true Catholics.
3.As members of the Church militant and soldiers for Christ we are required to fight to the death and oppose ,expose ,shun and if possible defeat( if God allows ) His sworn enemies
4.To be saved one must be" Baptised and believe".....ALL THAT CHRIST AND HIS CHURCH teaches
5.Christ's Church is the Catholic Church ,not to be confused with the modern V2 "church" of modern Rome now occupied by His enemies..(fremasons ,communists ,illuminati ,sodomites ,heretics ,..etc )
6.A remnant Church exists although we are few.
7.Christ said His Church would last till the end of time...and speaking of end times He said..." ..when the Son of Man cometh ..shall He find Faith on the Earth"
8.Distrust anything Bro.Nathaniel says.
9.The SSPX is not Catholic ...Archbishop Lefebvre is also not to be trusted.(probably a member of Priory of Sion )
10.Malachi Martin is not to be trusted.
I hope I havent come over too pompously here Henry, but you are one of my favourite authors of our currant predicament and just wanted to" touch base" as they say and express my gratitude.

Tyson said (February 7, 2009):

There are impersonators in Christianity to discredit it's truth. There are impersonators of Jews to discredit jews and the OT. The same applies for any belief system which holds any true principals that oppose material zionism.

Why do they do this? Because they need the masses to worship the lie in the end. The lie is based on the flesh,man,the material. The truth is in the spirit. Judaism/talmudism is material and feminine.

True Christianity is spirit and masculine. Material Zionism can be traced all the way back to the Garden of Eden. This act is being played out today with much of the same consiquences as before. Here is a little illustration of what was played out back then as it relates to our present situation. When Eve was in the spirit,she was right with God,and the same goes for Adam.

Eve was tricked by Satan first and partook of the apple(Jerusalem) of the tree(Land of Israel) in the midst(middle) of the garden(Earth). Eve(Judaism/talmudism/Feminine) tricked Adam (Christianity/Masculine) to do the same. The end result back then was banishment from the garden and to be ruled over by satan.

The same will applie today for those who follow the material zionist lies.. When they have conqured the world by force and establish a material kingdom,this accomplished by conquring middle earth(land of Israel to set up the world head quarters),Satans trick will be been fullfilled. Then those who loved that lie will be ruled over by Satan until Christs return. When Christ Jesus returns, those who loved the lie will be ruled over by those who loved the truth, and with patience rejected the satanic lie of material zionism with its fake messiah awaiting instead for the true Christ to return.

Robert said (February 7, 2009):

The very first seeds of deception occurred when we took on religion, any religion. Christ himself is total delusion. As soon as faith is required ,your truly screwed, and the truth will never be realized.

Try this on folks. What you think is your reality. Your thoughts form world reality, that will become manifested. This governments and the government controlled media know this.

The past, and the future, are all created in the NOW simultaneously.

Dan said (February 7, 2009):

Blair's piece of work. Don't forget his wife is a direct descendent of the brother of John Wilkes Booth, assassin of American President Lincoln. The contents of Booth's trunk is displayed at Ford's Theater Museum (under National Parks sevice). In the trunk were emblems and regalia items of the Golden Circle and B'Nai B'Rith, as well as a decoder device identical to one found in the abandoned office of Judah Benjamin, Senator from Lousiana before the Civil War, Jefferson Davis' Attorney General and Secretary of war, ultimate fled the country to become Queen's Counsel in England and ultimately retired in Paris. These were highest level 'hands on' political masons.

Is there anything about Blair which hasn't been a chameleon deception from the start?

In another Blair related turn-a-round, now it's known that G8 didn't manage to get the 60 billions donated to 'fight AIDS in Africa' to any actual victims (of G8), Sir Bob Geldof and Sir Bono are posturing indignant pretending they were 'used'. But they've still got plenty of sappy kudos for Tony. (I think those guys look even gayer when together than they do separately...)

Caroline said (February 7, 2009):

Henry, the reason that the 'holocaust denier' bishop is so famous is because the Vatican was just about to admit that they were wrong in excommunicating the bishops of the SSPX. The SSPX started because they recognized the Freemason modernist infiltration of the Church in the wake of the Vatican II council. One of the goals of the council was to show somehow that the Church previously was terribly oppressive and anti-semitic and needed to modernize(ie become new-age). Since ACTUAL Catholics do not buy into this new "Catholic" religion; the "Catholic" Church needed a way to stop all the 'traditionalist' groups. So all 'traditional' Catholics are labeled anti-semites; schismatics; apostates, and even 'extremists. Books have even been printed with full approval of the Vatican about how one should never allow anyone they know to get into dangerous "extreme traditionalism(because you know how extreme and dangerous it can be to stay exactly the same. . ) Now even though the "excommunication" of the bishops of the SSPX is lifted; people will always hate them; and therefore hate "traditionalism" and embrace new-ageism, because how would they ever get a one-world religion with all those "extremists" running around?

Garrett said (February 7, 2009):

I want to comment on "The Illuminati Christian Impersonator". But first let me say: keep up the great work. I have read Cruel Hoax and loved it. My staple websites are, and And following your own advise ( I will take a break from all this and build my life up more - resisting the temptation that I might miss something. The Holy Spirit will make sure I come across it if it's vital.

On the article: You got it wrong about Pope Benedict. He is doing a very difficult job and is as good as gold. His teachings on "relativism" for example are very helpful to negotiating modern life. I am not happy with many people in the Catholic Church (e.g. pedophile priests, an Irish Archbishop that supports EU integration etc.). I am very wary of Blair. I lived in Medugorje, Bosnia Herzegovina for a year and good things for the Church and the world are happening there. Please watch this link: .

Deborah said (February 7, 2009):

Regarding your article about "Illuminati Christians," I would like to respond to what "One reader commented: 'Since he has so much blood on his hands, he thinks by turning to religion all will be forgiven. Sad fool.'" I agree that "religion" doesn't have the answers, but if even such a one as Tony Blair - or George W. Bush - or any sinner, admits his need for a Saviour and trusts the Lord Jesus Christ and his death, burial, and resurrection (1 Cor. 15:1-4) for his salvation without adding any merit of his own, he will indeed be forgiven for everything he has ever done or will do. And so will we.

"But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." (Romans 5:8) "For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly." [not for the "godly."] (Romans 5:6).

Standing for grace,
Deborah L. Collins

Mary Jo said (February 6, 2009):

I agree with Elaine.

The Catholic Church is protected by the Holy Spirit. Our Lord promised that the gates of hell shall never prevail against her.

I do think that Tony Blair most likely is a member of the illumaniti and his role is to heap ridicule on the church and religion in general. However, your inference that Pope Benedict if a member of the same cabal is totally groundless. If you knew all the details behind his decision to lift the excommunication of the four bishops of the SSPX you couldn't have written this piece. Believe me it had nothing to do with holocaust denial or secular affairs at all. The SSPX and the Holy See have been corresponding for years in order to heal the schism. I'm convinced his only motivation was to heal the rift between those members of the SSPX and bring them back into full communion with the church. I'm also convinced that you're totally unaware that is was these bishop's themselves that requested that the pope lift the excommunication. They offered up close to 1.5 million rosaries to our Lady for this intention.

Christine said (February 6, 2009):

It is an insult to God and the Catholic religion to describe Tony Blair, Benedict Ratzinger, and Richard Williamson as Catholic. They all deny basic tenets of the Catholic Church, namely that there is no salvation outside it.

With regard to Williamson, as a Catholic, it is infuriating to see the media make a fuss about an historical event that took place many years ago. St. Alphonsus says that bad priests persecute Jesus Christ in His own Church.

I have met Williamson. His vocal hatred and contempt for women are happening NOW, not yesterday. It is beyond my comprehension as to why a man who hates half the human race and says so was ever ordained a priest. That there is no correction of this conduct demonstrates the collapse of legitimate authority in the Catholic Church. A real Pope would either straighten him out or pack him off to a monastery where he would never be heard from again.

In addition, the pseudo-clergy of SSPX, like the other pseudo-priests who bedevil Catholics, are perpetrating the same crimes as they are. Obviously, a pseudo-priest who rapes children will do anything to anybody. What does that say about Ratzinger and Williamson, who cover up for them instead of handing them over to the civil authorities as they should?

Again, these crimes are happening NOW. Not decades ago, NOW. Why is the media not denouncing Ratzinger and Williamson for them? Could it be that the media is run by the Illuminati?

Howard said (February 6, 2009):

Right on target Henry. Templarism took a set back on Friday 13th 1307 and now the Roman Catholic will be overthrown and declared to be the "Woman riding the Beast". WW3 will start as HG Wells said in Basra; the US and the Vatican will likely be declared to be MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT and a Messiah will step on the world scene nearly everyone will accept. Tony Blair regularly attends Aztec Sun god "Rebirth" Rituals; nice choice to be Middle East Envoy eh? Keep up the great work.

James said (February 6, 2009):

Hi there Henry, another wonderful and timely article.

I have had several people of late ask me the same question regarding our current predicament and the question is simply, "What, if anything, can we the people do to stop it?".

I have not had much to say in response to that question, and still don't however I thought I would write you and ask for your opinion, or perhaps even urge you to write more articles that help to empower people out of the apathy instead of simply informing them of their dire situation.

I have recently started my own blog/site where I am currently in the process of writing a four part piece on World Government and have included all the causes and effects included within the plan for world domination by the few over the many. Please feel free to have a quick browse through the articles there at your leisure.

Most of all, keep up the good fight.


Liz said (February 6, 2009):

Guess you didn't Know that you can be a Vatican II 'Catholic'....AND be for Abortion Too, now. So sick!

Wondered if you were Aware that the Dimond Brothers have a Video posted by a Jewish man ....on the Holocaust. My compter is too slow to watch it at this point, but I suspect it is a good one that disproves the Jewish Offical Story. I did see 'Bishop' Williamson's You Tube and thought it was well done...sticking to the Facts, in a CSI fashion. The Loister (sp? ) Report .

Also the E-Exhanges there (where the Video and Holocaust FILE is posted ) reflect how the truth about the holocaust has long been known in this SSPX 's seminaries. So they are lying on many levels. They are Not True Catholics ...either. So Both the Antipope and the SSPX are wearing Black Hats.....especially now that they crawled Back to this Anti-christ run up. (Society of St. Pius X ) Pope Pius X was a Good and Real Pre-Vatican II Pope...who Warned of this coming Modernism Heresy, that would be the Mother of all Heresies. is their Addy at the Most Holy Family site.

Elaine said (February 6, 2009):

To make a statement that the Popes are Masons is just not true.
Yes, Masons are within the Church and have done much damage, Pope John Paul 11 was nearly assassinated in the eighties, by these
forces within the church.
The only assurance we have that any pronouncement made by the Pope with the Bishops on any change or addition to doctrine is protected by the Holy Spirit, as G_d has assured it would be when
pronouncements of any significant nature are made. So far, nothing has been done to change doctrine.

These same evil forces did do away with the ban on particular books that was done around the time of Pious IX. This is not doctrine.

I agree with the gentleman below named Anthony who wrote you an email on this same topic. Some Popes have been duped by those
who surround them inside the Vatican.
John Paul I upon his election was informed about the Freemasons by someone inside the Vatican and he was about to move to replace the people who were in prominent positions within the Vatican Hierarchy, when he was murdered. It has always been suspected that he was murdered because there was no autopsy and many unresolved issues
surrounding his demise.

This makes it highly probable that the Illumaniti swiftly did away with him. Does this sound like the Popes are Masons to you?

Yes, the ones that aren't murdered.


Jeanon said (February 6, 2009):

The last book of the bible, the Revelation, speaks at length about the one world religion. Also, the Luciferian/Satanist Illuminati quote scripture and it "is given unto them" to fulfill some of the prophecies in the Revelation. (The other prophecies will be fulfilled in by other means by God's ordaining or permissive will.)

The one world death and slavery system imposed upon us is not however godless. It is just that the new one true god of the world is Lucifer, the light bearer.

As a Christian, we have the Holy Spirit who is the True Illuminator and gives us light and discernment to see the Satan in the Illuminati world leaders.

I pray that I and everyone reading this is preparing themselves to "endure until the end" no matter what is deigned to happen to us as followers of the Truth.

Marcos said (February 6, 2009):

Tony Blair is a new age adept and his wife a witch, according to sources of good reputation such as The London Times and The Independent. The couple has participated in August of 2001 of a rebirth new age / Mayan ritual in Mexico, involving a pyramid and a bath of herbs. Blair's wife is connected with several witches and used to take Tony's nails clippings and hairs for readings. It is said that Cherie Blair would perform a ritual for Tony every day before he went to work, encircling him in spells.
Tony Blair used to make decisions based on the guidance of "The Light". We know that this light is none other than Lucifer.

Tony has never been and surely is not a Christian. His goal is to deceive people into thinking they can be good Christians and at the same engage in occult practices, a thing that God forbids and calls an abomination.


Ron said (February 6, 2009):

Just been reading your post regarding the potential relation of the pope to the Illuminati.

It's true that suspending the excommunication is a crystal clear sign, but I can tell you about my own experience. Here in Lebanon, it doesn't get easier than finding a catholic bishop attending masonic reunions or events. My guess is that the catholic church is in full Illuminati grip in a top-down process which operates on high, medium and low clergy levels.

No need to wonder. Just think about what kind of faith brought Blair to catholicism!

SA said (February 6, 2009):

You wrote: "My hunch is that the Pope, like Tony Blair and Barack Obama, is an Illuminati Christian impersonator."

Well my hunch is that that is a real big understatement. These are pure agents of satan. Pope Benedict in particular just ozzes satanism. This video is very interesting from start to finish as it contains some very hard to find clips, but at about 6:30 in the video, we begin to see who this Pope really is.

The Arrivals part 37: The Sun God (10 minutes)

Carmen said (February 6, 2009):

In the Old Testament and New the true prophets were shunned, ridiculed and sometimes martyred (John the Baptist) because they dared speak the truth. Today's false prophets are obvious by their power, wealth, and great deceit. Most likely all the wealthly t.v evangelists and mega church pastors are false prophets. We the sheep are being sheared and slaughtered because we have come to love the wolves in sheep's clothing and pay them well to deceive and kill us. Jesus did promise that the gates of hell could not destroy his church and we are given great hope in Jesus our true Shepard/Priest/King & Saviour the true Messiah.

Peter said (February 6, 2009):

Henry, You have it right again. In my opinion, Benedict is a part of the GANG. I would like to believe that Blair's conversion was real, but if it was, he would have to publicly break from and expose the Gang. No evidence of that.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at