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November 14, 2011

Masculine Vs Effeminate Homosexuals

By Elm

In response to your lead article by Hayden Fox

"Sandusky Part of Illuminati Pedophile Network"

Note: Boy Ravishers are Not "Pedophiles," They Are "Pederasts.."

Whereas effeminate homosexists "normally" don't seek out & bugger young boys, militant gay pederasts do.

For political & sociological identification, there's an important distinction which must be made between effeminate homosexist males, who are obvious & popularized by mainstream media & in Hollywood films, & masculine "ubermenchen" militant gay pederasts like the Nazi Brown Shirts who target & bugger young boys & have sexual "relations" with their comrades.

Due to conventional notions about homosexuality & stereo-typing, the militant gay pederast who preys upon young boys often flies beneath the radar & escapes detection, largely because he can posture as, & is thus perceived to be a "heterosexual."

Indeed, militant gay homosexists have little regard for effeminate homosexuals or those who are disdainfully referred to as heterosexual "breeders."

As shown in the film "THE DAMNED," starring Dirk Bogart, a depiction of the June 30th, July 1st, 1934 Night of The Long Knives, in which the SA leadership was eliminated in a consolidation of Hitler's reach for absolute power, the Nazi movement was advanced & controlled by militant gay pederasts.

Indeed, a few days after the murder of Austrian Chancellor Englebert Dollfus, in Vienna July 25, 1934, the semi-official Italian newspaper, Il Popolo di Roma, published the comment, "Pederasts and assassins rule in Berlin." [Quoted from The Pink Swastika]

To be sure, militant gay Nazi pederasts did persecute some effeminate homosexists. This is crucial to understanding how the Nazis could both be homosexists while persecuting homosexuals simultaneously.

This essential distinction has been intentionally censored & blurred to facilitate a rise of militant gays to power on the deception of what appears to be the stereo-typical "harmlessness & "helplessness" of effeminate homosexuals.

On the other hand, morally vigilant heterosexual males who object to the abuses of the gay agenda have been surreptitiously maligned as "homophobes," this when most of the violence which occurs in the homosexualist culture, is perpetrated by militant gays against effeminate homosexuals.

Essentially, militant gays ride into power clinging to the backsides of effeminate homosexuals.

nazigay.jpgThe main difference in the target for the sexual affectations of militant gays vs effeminate homosexuals is, whereas militant gays will prey upon young boys for sodomy, effeminate homosexuals will usually target older teenagers, or most preferably they will strive to seduce virulent married, masculine heterosexual males, with an emphasis on masculinity.

A similar sexual dialectic prevails among lesbians, in which one assumes a dominant male or masculine role, & the other a more submissive or passive feminine role.

There is a poverty of knowledge among the people about the dynamics & nuances of the homosexualist culture, thus leading to many misconceptions, & often unwittingly an undermining of both the political & cultural terrain.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at