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The Myth of Nazi Persecution of Gays

January 28, 2010

pink_swastika.jpgBy J. De Meo
(Amazon Reviews)

The authors tackle the politically-charged question of the homoerotic and homosexual nature of the Third Reich leadership. It is a serious scholarly work exposing a wealth of information on the following basic points:

1) While Hitler's Mein Kampf degraded Jews, Marxists, Negroes, Chinese, Arabs, women, and Eastern Europeans, he had no negative remarks for homosexuality. Instead, Hitler chose actively homosexual men as influential Nazi party and youth leaders.

2) The top and central most Nazi personalities and groups (SA, SS) which constructed the Third Reich were predominantly macho-types of male homosexuals or bi-sexuals.

3) Rohm and the SA "brownshirt" leaders were all homosexuals, and were killed by Hitler (Night of the Long Knives) and Nazi laws were passed against homosexuality only after their own outrageous open street sex-orgy parties and pedophilia behavior was being roundly criticized in the German press, thereby threatening Hitler's support base among heterosexuals. Policies of concealment thereafter prevailed.

4) Beyond the suppression of the SA, these laws were rarely enforced, and then only when politically helpful to the Nazi cause.

5) Only a few thousand authentically homosexual men (and no lesbians) were condemned to the death-camps by the Nazis. These were nearly always either political enemies of the Third Reich against whom such charges were a convenient excuse to dispose of them, or passive-receptive homosexual "femmes" -- homosexual men of softer feminine qualities -- and whom the macho leather-clad homosexuals always viewed (along with women) with terrible contempt.

6) The attacks against the Sex-Research Institute of the openly-homosexual and flamboyant pedophile Magnus Hirschfeld, was made to seize and burn his extensive files on the homosexual movement and personalities in Wiemar Germany, which included details on the homosexual and pedophile conduct of top Nazi officials.

7) The swaggering macho muscular nature of the SS and SA units, their overt pedophilia, sadist-masochistic sexual predelictions, their sadistc cruelty against heterosexuals, women, and other cultures not sharing their pathology, is detailed.


The authors also chastise modern homosexual activist groups, and homo-sympathetic historians, for widespread distortion of these facts, which are abused to create the false image of homosexuals as "victims" of the Third Reich, comparable to the genocidal attacks against Jews, Gypsies, or Slavs. Their role inside the Third Reich, as partial architects of the Final Solution and other reprehensible Nazi policies, is nearly always never mentioned. Out of this comes a brand of aggressive if not fascist "political correctness" which labels any criticism of organized homosexual or bi-sexual conduct -- even as outrageously pathological as in the "gay" bath-houses, or as seen in things like the Fulsom Street Festival in San Francisco, or the various "Gay Pride" parades, or as advocated by criminal groups like NAMBLA -- as "hate speech", or even "hate crimes".

The book caused a furious reaction within the homosexual activist groups of the West, but no serious scholarly rebuttals. It becomes all the more important for modern times when one considers the widespread sexual pathos within Saharasian cultures, in the Muslim world, where pedophilia and macho-male homosexuality is predominant (though never defined as "homosexuality"), even while softer "femme" homosexuals (and women) can be legally murdered for their independent sexual expression.


The book's authors are admittedly writing from a Judeo-Christian perspective, and this colors some of their conclusions. They expose the Nazi efforts to construct a "neo-Pagan" religion based upon Germanic tribal folklore and the personality of Adolf Hitler, but there is no clarity about the Christian war and butchery against pre-Christian peoples, or the oftentimes more peaceful character of claimed "pagan" cultures. One also gets the false impression that there was little Christian heterosexual participation in the ascent to Nazi power or in the hatred of Jews, which certainly is not the case. Christian heterosexuals flocked to support Hitler, even if the Nazi leadership was mostly homosexual. Pro-Nazi sentiment and Jew-hatred was being preached, along with anti-heterosexual moralism (out of which comes a lot of disturbed sexual behavior), across Germany for generations before the Nazis appeared on the scene. The Kaiser's war-mongering and Jew-hatred also had similar Christian roots. One only has to review the findings in the book The Popes Against the Jews: The Vatican's Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism for documentation on that issue, which Christian leaders today have often ignored. [ED. NOTE. Jews like "Popes" author David Kertzer see resistance to banker hegemony as anti-Semitism. See Makow, "Real Reason for War and Depression." ]


If one can say that only a few thousand homosexuals died in the death-camps, it is also equally true, that only a few thousand German Christian leaders dared to stand up to the Third Reich, against their larger war-making and "uebermench" agendas. So long as Germany was on the winning side of the bloody shooting war, with more "lebensraum" and French or Polish slaves kidnapped into the fatherland to do the hard back-breaking work, typical German Christian citizens were quite happy to follow Herr Hitler towards the construction of a "Thousand Year Reich" where they could keep their personal boot-heels on other people's necks, homosexual or not.

I give the book 5 stars in spite of this incapacity for self-criticism of the Christian viewpoint, if only because this entire subject has not been subjected to the open review and scholarly discussion it deserves. The book may serve this purpose, to open up such a discussion, assuming it is not simply hammered out of existence by the angry factions of the homosexual-rights movement. If that happens, it would only tend to affirm the authors claims.


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Comments for "The Myth of Nazi Persecution of Gays"

Drew said (January 29, 2010):

De Meo's review of "The Pink Swastika" erroneously claims that "no serious scholarly rebuttals" have appeared concerning the arguments put forward by Kevin Abram's book. Christine Mueller, a Professor of German History and Humanities at Reed College, wrote a well-referenced refutation of many of the points made by Abrams, and I think it's only fair that your readers are aware of this so that they can make up their own minds concerning the sometimes inconsistent Nazi policy toward homosexuality:

Anthony said (January 29, 2010):

Coincidentally this week a study was published by a dutch scholar, exposing the fact that there is no sign whatsoever that Nazi's persecuted homosexuals in the Netherlands during the occupation (May 1940-May 1945).

No dutch gays were deported and the judicial records of those years show no trials at all, other than normal criminal persecution of harmful behaviour like child molesting etc.

I give you this link, it is in Dutch, but perhaps you know how to use those translation bots.

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