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Is "Avatar" Based on Raelian Cult?

May 8, 2010

avatar-1.jpgBy Steve Thomas


Is there a connection between the Raelian vision for Planet Earth... and Cameron's movie "AVATAR?" Was "Avatar" an indoctrination in the Raelian "religion"  which is at the centre of the NWO?

On "Avatar" Director 'James Cameron's'  Facebook page, registered friends number approximately 50 world-famous film stars, (Hopkins, Aniston, Collins, Depp...) musicians (Dylan, Joel, Twain...), politicians (Schwarzenneger, Netanyahu), and 'Queenofengland Elizabeth'.

Thirty four of these 50 known links each have a direct connect to the Raelian leader Rael Maitreya -via his alter ego  IGOR N. GRATA.

Igor N. Grata's FB page promotes  the film "Avatar", which establishes numerous precedents supporting Raelism and New Age spirituality including genetic modification of human DNA; and  'linking' - alien incarnation of avatars (referred to as 'demons' in the film!).

Just as the avatar creations of the film, Raelism promotes the idea that humans were originally genetically engineered creations of aliens - 'scientific lab constructs' placed on the planet Pandora.

Alien intervention from the skies is the fundamental redemptive expectation of Raelism. As Jake Sully came from the skies, a hybrid human-alien saviour-avatar to rescue and restore the Pandoran people from the woes of ignorance and warfare - so Raelism would have us look to the skies for 'alien redemption'

The spell-binding world of Pandora also features:  pantheism; planetary energy flows; animism; a mother goddess; sacred trees; telepathic 'sight'; shamanic healing etc. - all features of occultic witchcraft and spirit channeling.  Ultimate victory in Pandora is achieved by the intervention of a powerful red dragon  
   with his winged reptilian hordes and red-eyed black beasts. 

Incidentally, a 1992 novel by David Gemmell , 'Echoes of the Great song'  (2002), features a world of  Avatars who rule over humans, led by 'Rael' - leader of the "Avatar Council". This plot also portrays sexual love between human and alien.


Recently, we read
the revelations of Daniel Vandinja, who admits to being a high level ex-Raelian. Vandinja describes promoting the Raelian belief system, where: "God is a fantasy and the human soul is a joke. Eternal life is to be reached through CLONING and the true Gods are E.Ts, who will come to earth to save us from destruction."

In his book, "RAEL, The Masonic Messiah", Vandinja reveals how Raelism reverses truth - God is replaced by aliens - Satan and God are reversed. It is claimed Rael stated, "All people passionate by love...  should worship Satan rather than their blood-thirsty God".

People are encouraged to welcome aliens who require subservience from humankind. This is reminiscent of the Biblical description of Lucifer seeking to be as God, elevating himself in misplaced pride, resulting in his irreversible fall from heaven as he seeks to corrupt and demonise God's creation.

In keeping with the satanic lie, Jesus is blasphemously redefined as a "half-breed alien". Vandinja describes the close similarities between misplaced Masonic and Raelian respect for Lucifer, who, as the 'bearer of light and reason' (both groups, he says claim) will "dethrone God" - resulting ultimately in ALIEN-HUMAN HYBRIDS.
Is this a last ditch attempt by Satan to avoid his terminal fate in rebellion against God?

Ominously, Vandinja quotes Rael: "those who act against the Guide of Guides, and try to prevent him carrying out his mission... will see their life become hell."

We discover Raelian contributions to wider plans for: human cloning;   depopulation and reforestation; weather control; Tesla HAARP technology (engineered earthquakes); global cashless currency with personal id chips; 24/7 remote satellite surveillance; world federation government; global universal education;  discrediting  Christianity and Islam;  world citizen soldier 'peace-keepers'.  Vandinja describes Rael's vision of a 'geniocracy'   where a small number of 'illuminated geniuses' rule the World, described he says, by Thomas Jefferson, as: "the ILLUMINATI, the natural aristocracy, the Intelligencia".


Paralleling Blavatsky and Alice Bailey (Occult Theosophy  / Avatars  as Society Guides), Rael allegedly received various published material by channelling 'outside intelligences'.  

Ex-Raelian Vandinja suggests Rael's aliens plan to use global surveillance technology to monitor the human population. He describes an intended Raelian-Masonic-Illuminati paradigm shift: "the NEW AGE RELIGION, with the MASONIC MESSIAH  (who he defines as ANTICHRIST) at its head, is the very foundation of the new World Government, without which religion, the dictatorship of the NEW WORLD ORDER  is completely impossible."



Previous research  uncovered a phenomenal network of several thousand world elite, personally connected to the enigmatic Rael Maitreya, leader of Raelism (the atheist-alien "religion to encompass all religions") via the Facebook page of his alter ego, "Igor N. Grata". 

Names range from Madonna to McCartney, Olmert to Onassis, Guilderberg-connected Madames   to Cardinals and Monarchs. To discover how this world is wired, follow the embedded links. (This verifiable information is accessed via a Facebook account - log in / click name / friends / search.)

Rael has now responded to my articles via Igor N. Grata's Facebook Wall (Public Forum diary), confirming the connect between Rael Maitreya and Igor N.Grata.


Last week, the eminent theoretical physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking, 
warned that alien extra-terrestrials should not be contacted, as  their intentions would probably be destructive to the human race.   Rael has responded to that article also: "Unfortunately, Stephen Hawking was "perfectly UN-rational" when he stated "If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans" .

By what standard of logic and reasoning can he make this absurd and ridiculous statement?..."


It seems Raelian spokespersons have dropped all caution in their quest to invite 'Alien Intervention' to help govern Planet Earth - despite warnings of the potential demonic/satanic nature of these "fifth dimension" 'earth-gods' (Elohim-Terran), fitting Biblical descriptions of Lucifer and his fallen angels, whose plans for humankind are anything but constructive!

No surprise, then, to discover this fundamental Raelian error: "Darkness and light are both of one nature, different only in seeming, for each arose from the source of all" and, "only love comes from space".  This presents a dangerous counsel - denying the moral dis-ambiguity of true God-centered spirituality - the differentiation between opposing forces in the 'kingdom of darkness', and the 'kingdom of light' - manifest for example in God's representation in Jesus Christ - all good, love, peace, truth, sanctification, life - versus the alien/satanic counterfeit represented in Lucifer - evil, lust, untruth, desecration, death.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Is "Avatar" Based on Raelian Cult?"

Danizana said (May 15, 2010):

Here is something that could help you understand, before jumping into conclusions that are not true.

Lotsa Love and hugglesx

James said (May 10, 2010):

While the so-called civilized world called the primitives, ignorant, we now all can see the error of the civilized view. But the views of the now so called, 3rd world, remain the same to this day.

An invader with a cruel heart has hijacked and pillaged an entire planet. The invader hides in the midst of it all, spreading rumors of
terrors to come, when it is he who brought it. But the invader has an enemy. The spirit of justification. In time, the invader will cease to exist. His gene will be absorbed by the natural inhabitants of the planet, as it has happened to every previous invader with a cruel heart.

Mother nature will always level the playing
field. Mother nature is always justified in what it gives, and what it takes away. just as we, as individuals, are justified in whatever we believe or do. So in the end,it doesn't really matter what we believe or do. Justification creates all that we will ever need. Good or evil, heaven or hell, God or satan...............Anyonetime

Robotic said (May 10, 2010):

Agreed, there is a nexus with AVATAR, the FAUX Elite's New Cathedral, and the renewed efforts to foist faux alien "mentorship", as described here, with 9 part video.

Inas said (May 9, 2010):

I feel a bit sorry for Diane, [below] recognizing all the evil around and not believing in the mercy of God. The thing is that the world we live in is a test, it will pass like a blink of an eye. For those who have experienced suffering in this world it will be more than made up for them in the real life to come. On the other hand those who have intentionally caused suffering have it coming to them.

My daughter has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a condition similar to Stephen Hawking's ALS, without belief in God's mercy and the knowledge that the reward for beautiful patience is spending eternity in the presence of our Lord, life for the both of us would be pretty grim. Her faith and resilience is an inspiration for all who meet her.

Regarding those that are trying to lead humanity down the drain, God says: "They plot and scheme, but so do I; so let the disbelievers be, let them be for a while" Quran 86:15-17. But as individuals we have to hold on to our faith in the Good God or we're lost.

Gordon said (May 9, 2010):

As for the movie, I saw it and imediately recognized the religion and spiritualuality that we have seen for thousands of years. These things are certainly occult.

Dianne [below] was correct about cunning and the psychopathic elite, but wrong about their ability to control mankind. Those that are faithful to God do not value the same things the elite value. The elite have devoted their live to ensuring control over worldy things and control over people. That is cunning. Wisdom is knowing they amass control over emormous piles of dung. They cannot control the people who abide by God's wisdom.

Diane said (May 9, 2010):

I think Steve Thomas may be on to something big here. If the power elite can get the rest of us to embrace their anti-messiah as a real one, they will have the tool they need to help them to finally close the noose around our necks.

Messianism in any form is toxic to human society because it gives the psychopathic elite a very powerful tool to control the rest of us. This is the danger of otherwise socially useful religions. There are no messiahs, only anti-messiahs.

If we are to be saved, we will have to save ourselves. We can not save ourselves individually, but we could do it together if the mass of psychologically healthy people could learn to recognize the psychopaths among us and then work together to overthrow the hegemon of the psychopathic elite.

I agree with Stephen Hawking. If aliens or inter-dimensional beings come here, they are much more likely to be predatory enemies than friendly traders.

I wish you could be realistic enough to temper your idealistic longing for a good God with enough realism to recognize that such a God does not actually exist. In order to be psychologically healthy we all need the ideal of such a God at the core of our selves, but belief in the reality of such a God requires a brushing aside of the problem of evil. If an all-good, all-powerful God really exists, then why has human history always been such a tragedy? If the world as it is and has been is the best that a really existing god can do, then it is a monumental crime to call such a god good. To believe in the real existence of an all-good, all-powerful God is a Panglossian abrogation of reason.

The unfortunate truth is that the psychopathic elite know that there is no really existing good God. They know that the reality in the universe is that raw power wielded with cunning will win every time over idealistic but unwary good will. Since they are psychopaths, they have idealized evil at the core of their selves, and they have perfect psychological freedom to use the inherent power of evil to control the rest of us. And we keep on letting them do it because most of us don’t recognize that our precious ideal of God is only an ideal and not a reality.

They psychopathic elite may very well have a working arrangement with inter-dimensional beings / aliens. This complication will probably seal the doom of the human race. The greatest likelihood is that the psychopathic elite will genetically and cybernetically engineer themselves into demi-gods while genetically engineering the rest of us to be their perfect slaves.

The only hope I have is that the rule of evil tends to eventually collapse because of infighting among the elite. Maybe the human race will survive to begin another cycle. Maybe the human race will grow up enough to be able to face reality without losing the ability to maintain the ideal of a good God.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at