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Freemasonry's Best Kept Secret: Ritual Sodomy

December 5, 2019

manson1.jpegleft. By 1996, Satanist rocker Marylin Manson was literally selling sodomy to teens.

Sodomy is a form of brainwashing

Freemasons are able to be 
a closeted homosexual organization 
due to the amnesia of half the victims,
and psychological denial of their own homosexuality 
by bull fruit perps like Jerry Sandusky.

Freemasons believe sodomy opens the "third eye" to Luciferian illumination.  It attacks a pressure point of nerves at the base of the spine, causing temporary neurological paralysis and a shift of consciousness. Now consider that public schools and mass media are indoctrinating children to believe homosexuality is normal. There are thousands of "gay-straight alliance" clubs in elementary and high schools throughout the West where children have an opportunity to meet and experiment with homosexuality. Society is being inducted into a satanic cult and it doesn't have a clue.

from Aug 19, 2012
by Billy Morgan

The best kept secret of the esoteric grades of Freemasonry is ritual sodomy. They believe it opens the "third eye" to Luciferian illumination.  It attacks a pressure point of nerves at the base of the spine, causing temporary neurological paralysis and a shift of consciousness.

MK-ULTRA survivors have testified that sodomy causes identity "splits" in children up to age 5, so it was standard for programming multiples. 

In order to produce a mind control slave, it must be done ideally between age two and four.   The pressure point causes memory blackout, which is why victims don't experience flashbacks before a physiological change in the brain occurs between age 28 and 32.

When introduced at eleven or older it doesn't cause splits, but initiates the victim or 'neophyte' into the Sado-Masochistic "brotherhood". 

jerry-sandusky.jpgThe initiation is metaphysical so it doesn't matter whether it is done formally as an initiation, or informally Jerry Sandusky style. The Illuminati are a class of people that have this "illumination" in common whether the perp was a Freemason or not.

Anyone that has experienced sodomy has been illuminated or initiated into the Luciferian initiation because "Lucifer" is real.

"No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation."  - David Spangler (Leading figure in the '70's and 80's New Age movement and United Nations affiliated NGO's:  Findhorn Foundation, Lindisfarne Association.)

This is why sodomy laws have been overturned almost world wide since 1970. 

By 1996, Satanist rocker Marylin Manson was literally selling sodomy to teens, and laughing all the way to the bank.

See the lyrics for Manson's 1996 rock anthem, "Cake And Sodomy", which middle school teens bought at shopping malls with their parent's money:

bible-belt 'round anglo-waste, putting sinners in their place
 yeah, right, great if you're so good explain the shit stains on your face
 white trash get down on your knees, time for cake and sodomy
 time for cake and sodomy

burroughs.jpegBefore he died, sodomite celebrity William S. Burroughs, left, said in an interview that Manson stole the line, "I am the god of F**K" from a short story Burroughs wrote 50 years earlier.

Freemasons have gotten away with being a closeted homosexual organization all along due to amnesia of half the victims, and psychological  denial of their own homosexuality by the Bull Fruit perps like Sandusky. 

It's a Jekyll and Hyde thing.  That's why so many politicians caught having public bathroom oral/anal sex, such as Indiana state rep Paul Hinkle and US Senator Larry Craig,
say "but I'm not gay"

It's tricky to explain to people that millions of Illuminati agents act completely autonomously.  I don't think there is an organization with an address and meetings and such by that name. 

Illuminati are the people Satan's got under demonic obsession.  It doesn't require what we're used to thinking of as secret groups with meetings and so on.   What explains it is that there is a supernatural non-human counter-force behind the scenes.  Satan and 'Legion' are real.

I think this is what Paul meant by the "Mystery of Iniquity" in his letter to the Thessalonians 2:7 "For the mystery of iniquity is already at work: only he who now lets will let, until he be taken out of the way."

acquino.jpegThat is not to say that there isn't a network of conscious Satanists who occupy the positions of power in most organizations. Thus 'the Illuminati' control all organizations with plausible deniability.  They get suspected, but never get convicted because they sit on the bench. 

The network extends to police, courts, nothing happens, as was the case twice when avowed Satanist Lieut. Col. Michael Aquino, left, was caught:  Once in the Franklin Omaha procurer for Capitol Hill pedophiles scandal, and again in the Presidio pedophile ring case.

Homosexuality and Demonic Possession 
Satanist Explains the Rites of Sodomy
Freemasonry's Homosexual Hidden Agenda

In the article "Freemasonry's Best Kept Secret: Ritual Sodomy" it states that "Freemasons believe sodomy opens the "third eye" to Luciferian illumination".

I was surprised that this article does not make the link to the eye (of Horus) in the triangle (capstone) hovering above the Egyptian pyramid on the back of the US one dollar bill.
This capstone has what some describe as rays of light from the sun emanating from behind it but what others say is really a representation of the anus (sodomy). More than likely it is meant to represent both the sun's rays (illumination) and the anus (sodomy) covering the two pillars of their ideology at the same time - Illumination via Sodomy. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Freemasonry's Best Kept Secret: Ritual Sodomy"

Milton said (April 6, 2017):

Craig Heimbicher has exposed this in his book 'Blood on the Alter: The Secret History of the Wold's Most Dangerous Secret Society'. He shows that Alistair Crowley's OTO (Order Templar Orientalis) is the graduation school for Freemasons. He claims that the eye within the triangle is the symbol of sodomy of the highest initiation right of the OTO. This book is a shocking expose of the occult influences behind modern satanic culture. We are entering the age of Horus....where Alistair Crowley states that the only sin is restraint. A must read book if you want the lowdown on this subject..

TT said (April 6, 2017):

Bowie and Grace Jones were doing the same thing as Manson back in the 70's and 80's Henry

Right- David Bowie

Pull up to the Bumper - Grace Jones

Note also how "gender fluid" these "artists" are.

Jim said (August 21, 2012):

This was one of the most disturbing articles I've read on you site. I had great difficulty reading it.

I generally like a wide variety of music but Marilyn Manson has always given me the creeps. And the more I read about him the worse he gets. I have never listened to his stuff and never will.

Regarding the issue of sodomizing children in order to cause a personality split...well, I cannot think of anything more wicked than this.

The only hope I have that this will someday be rectified is knowing that God is just and will not let evil doers go unpunished. And that He will make whole the victims of these crimes.

Elm said (August 21, 2012):

During the interview, Sandusky is identified as a "pedophile." Sandusky is not a "pedophile." Rather, Sandusky, his associates and sexual beneficiaries are "pederasts," sodomists or "boy ravishers." See "pederast" on Wikipedia at

The target for the sexual affectations of pederasts is young pre-pubertal & post-pubertal boys. Pederasts as a rule are impotent, and like neither girls nor women. In fact, most if not all pederasts fear, or have a loathing for women. Neither do they like effeminate males. Their primary modus operandi is the seduction & buggery of young males, so as to contaminate and recruit them into the militant gay "network."

The Nazi organization was founded and dominated by a network of pederasts.

Ruth said (August 20, 2012):

Thank you so much for your news letter. The truth about child trafficking needs to be told!

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