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Stealth EU Nation-Killing Treaty Must be Stopped

October 30, 2011


On 11 July 2011 a new European treaty has been signed. You probably haven't heard of it. It has not been in the news. Incredible, but true!


(Do not confuse it with the European Financial Stability Mechanim (EFSM) or the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), which is the 440 billion emergency funds that has been in the news a lot.)

The ESM is a new EU-administration. To manage it, Brussels hires the Ministers of Finance of the 17 euro-countries. However, these ministers will come to Brussels with the key of their national vault and the full permission to take out all the money they want, when they want and as often as they want.

The ESM is intended to be permanent and without limit. The 17 ministers won't have to justify the amounts they take, neither how they spend the money. The ESM-ministers will enjoy complete immunity against actions of governments, administrations or judges. The parliaments won't have a say over these ministers when the latter act under the treaty. This means the end of the sovereign democracies in the 17 euro-countries!

This ESM-treaty becomes definitive when it has been ratified by the parliaments of the 17 euro-countries. THE RATIFICATION IS EXPECTED BETWEEN TODAY AND 31 DECEMBER 2011!

(Check out the agenda of the parliament in your country to see for which day it has been scheduled.)

The only democratic straw left to stop this dictatorship is to inform all national parliamentarians massively that we don't want this treaty to be ratified. If we don't act, the parliamentarians will very probably ratify it as a formality, as usually. It is not likely they have understood that this treaty means the end of their supreme power over the country's finances. They can't even imagine it.

brawl.jpgIn most euro-countries the citizens have NO INFORMATION AT ALL about this treaty yet. Not a single national or international newspaper has reported the signature of this new European Treaty! Brussels has published just one copy of the treaty on the internet: in English! Over 96,5% of the euro zone citizens speak other languages!

This email is to inform you, but also to ask you very pressingly to spend a few hours to forward this information in your country to addresses you can rather easily find on Google, like

a.. your national and regional newspapers and magazines,
b.. news editors of TV-stations and animators of appropriate TV-programs,
c.. governmental bodies of all levels (municipalities, provinces, ministries)
d.. important associations and public and private institutions,
e.. secretaries of political parties,
f.. and last but not least all parliamentarians.

And if you dispose of a network, of course, ask your friends and contacts to help.

The following video of 3.5 minutes is available on YouTube:

ESM, the new European dictator!

(Subtitling available in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Bulgarian. See )

The following articles may be freely copied and republished:

ESM, the new European dictator!

ESM, a coup d'état in 17 countries!

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You are one of the very few persons to have been reached in your country. Please make sure that this information does not stop with you reading this message. Even if you are very busy, please forward it to some persons who can understand the importance and urgency to act.

Please do your utmost to inform as many people in the 17 euro-countries. The information has started to circulate in Germany, Holland, France and Portugal. 13 more countries to go! There are 300 million people living in the eurozone and hopefully they won't have to experience the ESM-dictatorship!

The ESM is the new European dictator. Whenever it wants, and as often as it wants, it can simply request the euro countries to pay billions of euros within 7 days. They can ruin any government within a week!!! Read more on  to verify the content and context of this info go to:


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