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Should We Prepare for the Worst?

July 11, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

My answer is "No." But let's read the question first.  Recently Bill and Alice wrote:

Dear Henry,

I've read Dr Days transcript 3 times, I've been a student of the Elite since late 70's. What is your take on the complete "take over"..we are retirees 64 & 66,and I have Greg Evensens's dvd on order..He writes in news with views and gives seminars; he thinks it's "any time" now...we live right in town of 80,000 or more. The power grid may be the key to martial law, along with flu, blaming stuff on Muslims to confuse the masses..many folks cannot move and refuse to..I also read Jim Rawls survival blog. I have read others scenarios (terrorist attacks in larger cities, etc...We've been getting supplies and "purging stuff we don't need" in our house..should we sell our house and rent? Real estate will then be worthless and gov will turn fascist 100%.."

This was my quick response:

"No one knows the future but I think you are overreacting. This is a thousands-year-old plan and we are not likely to see it fully consummated in our lifetime. Martial law is a stupid idea because it would just upset the sheeple. The gloom-and-doomers are running a business. Don't get taken in."

We "patriots" suffer from a cognitive dissonance. We have been colonized by a Masonic Zionist Central Banking clique dedicated to totalitarian world government. They plot wars, false flag terrorism, plagues, dysfunction, decadence, depressions etc. yet the mass media (which defines reality, and they own) ignores all this and says we live in a democracy. 

I'm no clairvoyant so I might be wrong, but my policy is "don't panic." Seek some sanity in the mindset of the trusting sheeple. We might be better served if we acted as if everything were OK: pursue careers, make investments, get married, buy houses and have children. Don't  be stymied by your knowledge of the dark side. 

If you move to a cabin in the woods or to a secluded valley in Ecuador, do it on its own merits. Don't assume we're going to hell in a hand basket in America, at least not anytime soon.

I bet a friend a free supper that Iran would not be attacked by May 30. I won of course. That was 2007. I could have dined out on this friend for two years!


The martial law scenario feared by Alice and Bill is not likely to happen. The US has its hands full pacifying the rest of the world without trying to administer a police state at home. Foreign countries are not likely to volunteer for service in Kansas any more than Afghanistan.  Americans are armed to the teeth. The elite's biggest asset is the illusion that we live in a free and open society. They are not going to shatter that illusion. Oppressed people are much harder to manipulate.

The guiding image is the frog in the pot. They are gradually increasing the heat. They are gradually removing civil rights and wholesome examples. They are training the army and cops to violate the Constitution. They are re-engineering the population to embrace a candy-coated servitude. Martial law would be like turning the heat up fast and having the frog jump out.

What could interrupt this peaceful transition to tyranny? Domestic rebellion and targeted assassinations might. Is this likely to happen? No. For over 100 years Americans have taken their medicine like good children. There has been nothing resembling insurrection. The macho American male has proven incapable of violent resistance unless he is given a uniform, a rifle, a flag, a salary, a pension and a Sargent who instructs him to shoot Iraqis.

Could the elite fake acts of domestic terrorism? Certainly. But they are terrified because everyone knows they are responsible for 9-11. Everyone knows that they organize terrorism around the world. Everyone knows, or should know, they fund the other side. Moreover, as I said, they do not have the means or desire to put the US in a lockdown.

The elite have a symbiotic relationship with the masses. We are their "human resource," their "collateral."We are their debt slaves. We create the demand for their products. We are their cattle. They need us. They enervate, degrade and herd us, and occasionally have a cull. But generally speaking they are still buying our complicity with government debt. Life is still good for those on the government teat, which is almost everyone these days.

Sarah Palin's resignation is an indication that the Zionists do not have a martial law-doomsday scenario. (Then, why should we?) They are looking ahead to 2012 when people will be disillusioned with Barack Obama. Sarah Palin will be presented as the next savior, and the Zionists will stage a "Conservative reaction." Palin has been bought by the Neo Cons and paid for with lucrative book deals.

Instead of running around like Chicken Little, Patriots ought to alert and educate the Intelligentsia and the masses to the New World Order and organize non-violent political resistance. We should form political action groups ranging from one to six people. They would protest loudly every time a leader talks about "world governance" or Patriots are identified as domestic terrorists. We need to expand our grass roots movement with speakers, films, meetings and demonstrations.

The political war is one of education and propaganda. We can thwart the globalist agenda by exposing it. The elite needs to keep the majority in the dark. We can enlighten them.

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Comments for "Should We Prepare for the Worst?"

Jeremy said (July 15, 2009):

The Indonesian Tsunami that killed and displaced hundreds of thousands of people in 2005 caused almost no loss of life on the island of Simeulue. It's not that the tsunami didn't strike there, it's that island elders led their people to safety well in advance of the tsunami landing, thereby preserving their people. These elders weren't psychic or somehow divined the coming calamity, they simply recognized the signs from the waters for which they were prepared to comprehend by the wisdom of their forebears. Learning from the past and paying attention in the present saved many lives on Simeulue that day.

In America in 2009, if we're looking around and pay attention, we can see equally ominous signs. We see progressively fascist laws being speedily passed in Congress with little or no discussion or debate. We see our government amassing debt in mind-boggling amounts it cannot possibly ever repay, rendering it insolvent. We see the global economy teetering on the brink due to a derivatives bubble of utterly incomprehensible proportions. We see more and more areas of the world succumbing to drought and pestilence, threatening untold millions more each month with starvation. We see pandemics running loose throughout the world. We see China and Russia threatening to dump the dollar as the global reserve currency, which is the only thing propping our economy. And on and on.
I'm middle-aged and I've never been part of the survivalist culture. Yet, as I see these signs around me, I sense major changes afoot. Something tells me things are not right and certain things need to be in place to protect my family in case of major societal failure. And I'm not alone. Some people - not a lot, but some - who ignored Y2K and thought food storage was for whackos, have also quietly sensed the signs and have started to prepare for big problems. Somehow, deep down, their minds (spirits?) recognize the drawing tide that will soon bring massive changes. We also see in history cataclysmic changes that sunk old empires and gave rise to new orders, so there is ample historical precedent. Simply being Americans does not make us immune as we pridefully think we are; that the cycles of human movements and shifts somehow don't apply anymore. I bet the Simeulue islanders were very glad four years ago that their elders didn't think that way. Heck, even our own government is telling us to get ready! (see

Yes, I understand the warning bell has been rung erroneously before, and that there are some out there that take it a bit too seriously. What we should keep in mind is that in the story of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' that the wolf did indeed show up in the end. Those who cry wolf in these times may often be attention seekers, but that doesn't mean they're always wrong. The signs are in ominous abundance for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. Your normally commonsense writings may have served readers well in the past, but this time lulls them into a false sense of security at the worst possible time. Having a few extra cans of tuna and bottled water in the closet won't harm anyone, and if nothing else is a great hedge against inflation (or unemployment). When the tsunami is rushing to the shore, it's too late to head for high ground.

Joe said (July 14, 2009):

Great article and timely. I enjoyed reading your perspective. In my view, the end it is neither immediate as the fear mongers claim, but not quite as distant as you suggest.

Of course, it depends on what scenario one is talking about.

There is the scenario for the United States, and then the overall situation for the rest of the world. The demise of the USA is first however, and though it is not quite immediate, it is coming. I would give it five more years... Meanwhile, Americans are embracing socialism and eventual totalitarianism.

I do not think it is pragmatic to think that a "militia," or "patriot" uprising would effect anything. The PTB has second,
third, and fourth generation weapons (which have been field tested in Iraq in limited trials) which would render such citizen armed resistance pretty much futile.

I am glad a reader exposed Alex Jones and his "harum-scarum" tactics. William Cooper stated years ago that Jones was "controlled opposition" and a "gate-keeper," as is Ron Paul, among several others.

Jan said (July 14, 2009):

First, I agree that we should not panic nor stop living, loving, planning but the urgency of the matter is not apparent to you I guess. Anyway, I don't know how to put 'this in a nut shell' but we are in critical danger now! Let me see if I can write what I know and am thinking as I do much better in conversation than typing.

1. We are being sterilized (fertility rate has dropped 75% per CDC) and literally poisoned now.
2. Northcom was installed for one reason - civilian control
3. GMO food is destroying our health and altering our genes and DNA!
4. Big think tanks are writing about planning for thirty years of rioting coming soon.
5. The economy is being tanked on purpose NOW
6. The threat of a pandemic is very real and IS COMING
7. According to THEIR plans, this is the end game time.

Certainly this is an old plan but it is coming to the phase of no escaping it unless the masses wake up quick. We will be unable to think, act or reach simple logical conclusions soon. They never planned to 'take us over' with military might. Their plan has been total stealth brilliance to alter our thinking and weaken us physically until we cannot fight. This is on our door step NOW.

John said (July 14, 2009):

Great article and interaction among those leaving comments.

I've heard courage defined as fear faced with resolution. That's what each of us needs today. Be ready for anything to happen, or not to happen. adapt and survive.


Survival Gear & Supplies
for Emergency Preparedness
& Hard Times

Philip said (July 13, 2009):

I like your latest column. I especially like it because I've found
out more and more about Alex Jones and his fear mongering, to say the

Anyway sir, you wrote about Americans not fighting back for 100
years, but please don't forget:

The Battle of Athens, Tennessee

As Recently As 1946, American Citizens Were
Forced To Take Up Arms As A Last Resort
Against Corrupt Government Officials.

Ty said (July 13, 2009):

Hi Henry- Well would you believe that we could get ourselves into such a mess. We don't have any leadership accept a few professed future predictors who don't have a clue. You last article made good sense but I would add one precaution. One cannot totally predict the globalists. How much credence can they put on their Homeland security forces to protect their backs. I'm sure they are aware that there are patriot forces going underground. They are all not blabber mouths and we have a big contingency of veterans that fought in their no win wars of culling our troops.

Sure we all read everything we can on their movements and puppets in congress. We see our nation coming alive and people are getting scared. That is frightening as we don't need a panic in the nation. Everybody remain calm, get informed and form your clicks of like minded men dependent on each other. Get your supplies together and remain calm cool and collected.

Believe me they are recruiting patriots in their groups and the best way to insure freedom is infiltrate their numbers. I have spent a lot of time around these ego driven elites and seen their modes of operation. They are humble, listen, and like to hide themselves behind a false sense of humility. Be not deceived but be cool and let them play their games while you get prepared. Make them take the first move as recruits will come easy and fear will draw respect and bravery. They have spent years to get where they are today so don't cause them to panic just get prepared.

Form your friend and get informed. We sent our patrols out in groups of three or four men as we knew we hade the field covered. Every veteran knew we were cannon fodder for some satanic cult. We had no mission nor goal. It was a game of the fittest to survive. That game is on today but the stakes are higher. Our freedoms and our nation. PS The one thing they haven't addressed in their master plan is we have Our Living God on our side. Seek peace on earth and prepare for the devil.

Brad said (July 13, 2009):

I'm sure the banksters long term objectives won't suffer if the herd is given a short break. The past few years have been spectacularly profitable. And there's nothing wrong with having a plantation full of gelded debt-slaves working double time to payoff bubble level debt at recession (depression) level wages either; just think of the repos!

However, like a shark; this savage fraudulent debt-money system MUST continue to swim forward to breathe. If it backs-up: it dies.
Deflation; is the greatest fear. More debt-money must be continually created so that the interest on old debt can be paid. If these gangster-banksters can't re-pump the bubble you can be SURE of a provocation.

War is good for business, pumps-up bubbles too! It's gotta be good and evil this time. Just so no one doubts how much those rascally terrorists hate our freedom and democracy.


Rick said (July 13, 2009):

The question of preparedness for the Nwo's next big shoe drop , is one I debate internally daily,
While I agree with the 'boiled frog' incremental agenda , my gut tells me that something is afoot and something maybe . . The .Holly wood / Sports / Trance is holding pretty thick , however I think I t'll take hunger pains and more loss of comfort for most (american) people, or is America is already morphing into a Disney /Orwellian Neverland....

Joseph said (July 13, 2009):

That was a great article, Henry. Also, the subsequent comments were great.

Naturally, I have a counter argument. Hear me out, I'll keep it short.

The bad guys now have the technology, the desire and the means of finalizing their plan and I (as well as you) don't think a lock down (martial law) has anything to do with that plan. I think what they have in mind is much more sinister.

First of all; in their minds, excess biomass (we average humans) is at a critical stage and must be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Secondly; large populations are no longer needed to either finance or support their 'final goal and solution'. It is no secret that the current world population has been sucked dry of its viable economies by our friends, the world bankers: Untold future generations, already, will have to pay just the interest on today's world debt -- witness the secret trillions of dollars being created by the federal reserve and given to secret recipients right under our noses, with no effort to hide this criminal act from us. Would they like an insurrection? You bet, but of course that won't happen; too many diversions -- too many splits in the world's cultural systems for any unified effort to succeed, so rebellion is out of the question.

So what is their answer?

I am afraid, Henry, that their final solution is to literally eliminate the majority of the world's population. That means at least five and a half to six billion people. They won't do this with either conventional wars or nuclear wars; neither would do the job without putting their own lives in jeopardy; no, the solution is much easier, cleaner and safer.

As I stated, they have the technology and the means (they've always had the desire) to eliminate most of the world's population without a shot being fired. Nor will there be billions of rotting, disease producing bodies lying in the streets of all of the world's major cities. That would only create major health problems for the elite survivors and their servants.

It will be a 'quiet' genocide; a genocide that will be masked more perfectly than any ever recorded in historic times. No, I do not know the method -- I only know, without a doubt, that they know the method by which a huge reduction in the world's current population will be accomplished.

The hand-writing is on the wall -- they are flaunting their arrogance too openly now to think what I have stated cannot or will not take place.

Certainly, they will use a 'world event' as a trigger to activate their final solution, be it Iran/Israel, race riots or any number of other events -- but whatever the event, it will only be a cover for their main event.

Evil knows no bounds -- average human beings have no idea the extent of what evil can do.

This is my counter argument, Henry. I sincerely hope I am totally wrong but even if I am, the world is in for some very rough moments in the not too distant future...

Mark said (July 13, 2009):

Your stance, on this, is a most balanced one... I went nuts preparing for Y2K... including ditching the job. HA! The joke was on me. Yet, I say prepare in the basic sense. Get that gun, and some bullets, some food, and such but don't cancel the vacation. Life is here and now and nothing else, so why not relax and enjoy?

P.S. Read your stuff all the time, thanks for all the efforts. You're a voice of reason in nutty times.

Tony said (July 13, 2009):

I like your comment about don’t stop living your life. I think I am guilty of this. Although I thought this stuff would happen 20 years ago.

But I still see things getting worse here.

Funny I have thought of moving to South America or Indonesia to flee the growing fascist state here.

Barbara said (July 13, 2009):

Dear Dr. Makow: Thank you for your sane and level headed commentary. I do not know who you really are, but all that you are saying I agree with. (I've read several of your essays). Martial Law, etc., will happen at some point, but right now, as you noted, the Amerikan sheeple are performing as desired; i.e. sedated, stupefied, distracted and compliant. If we were a pot of stew we would be perfection - for now. Other than TPTB need to get them to start consuming again (none of this saving business).

I loved another point of yours about how other nations are hardly going to patrol Amerikan streets when they won't even join in all the fun with the US in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Trying another attack like 9-11 would not go down well both here OR around the world. I think of the great Lincoln quote - that "you can fool some of the people all of the time; all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time". Whew! - but true.

Joe said (July 13, 2009):

I read your response to the couple worried about the collapse of America and Society, it is ironic that you tell them to be cool while on you web site there is an ad stating "Mother of All Depressions on Way" protect yourselves with storable food. I realize you have to be able to pay the bills but the ad is definitely counter to your advice.

I have been reading your writings for some years and for the most part I am in agreement with you.
American freedoms are under attack as never before, there is a undercurrent of people that are unwilling to accept the total control by the government.

People are not plunking down $400 dollars and up for a weapon or buying up ammo every time it hits the shelves. They are preparing for when the worst comes, which may be sooner than later.

My home owners policy has a disclaimer that I am not protected in the event of war or civil insurrection as does every policy. I intend to protect my home and family to the death and will not allow any one to deny me the right of self defense. We are not all sheeple!!


Bravo Joe for your stand --- and I guess I just proved that I am independent of my advertisers!

Dan said (July 13, 2009):

You had the right answer to the dread many people are feeling. You're right. Martial law is - in their language - 'unsustainable'.

Refer the readers to Aldous Huxley's speech to behavioral engineers at Berkeley, (around 1962). Huxley expresses his elitist enthusiasm that human control was entering a new age of scientific management (mass mind control) through drugs and technology.

Huxley also explained that the age old technique of slavery by force had alway been a great bother for the rulers. Slaves that know they're slaves aren't very productive, and the manpower to oversee every man woman and child simply isn't cost effective. And eventually the slaves manage to overthrow their masters every five hundred years or so.

"And it seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods."

-- Aldous Huxley

That audio may be downloaded free from Archive.Org

Remember, the 'summer ops' started around June 1st, as usual the media turns up the heat every summer, but everything I've heard of in the 'news' so far has been theater. I think they run the 'is the 'big one' coming?' every summer which hill end in a 'cliff hanger' like the old Saturday matinee serials, such as 'The Perils of Pauline". (Pauline always ended up being tied to the railroad track by the villain, or strapped to a moving buzz saw, with the hero seemingly miles away - the the movie ends with "Will the cavalry arrive it time? Find out next week!'.

L.A. said (July 13, 2009):

Thanks for posting Bill and Alice Q I haven't has time to answer; the responses after the answer were even more insight; I was concerned about the real estate crash and have read that end of 2011 will be the bottom of real estate; not as bad in my area...There are many views among us patriots; which is why there are so many patriotic factions. I think A Jones, Quayle, and some on NWV are the extreme..bordering on fear mongering...But, it's smart to scale back spending, pay bills and live simpler lives..I do see our culture being changed and socialism in general; the 40 year olds may be too young to see what I see...

Graeme said (July 12, 2009):

The one thing I have to say is nobody's mentioning the spiritual aspect of this. We the sheeple are like puppets of the illuminati but the illuminati are puppets of satan. Satan has a masterplan in all of this and his plan will ultimately fullfill God's plan!

According to the book of revelation the first thing to go is Babylon and America is modern day Babylon! America's judgement will come swift! America was created by the satanic clique and it's without a doubt the most sinful, arrogant, idolatrous nation ever! Not to mention that it was created on other people's land that they've all but exterminated! ( I'm sure you'd agree with that) While I do agree with your position about not being taken in with all the police state, martial law propaganda going on right now; I do believe that America is in for the worst possible misery the world has ever known!

God not only judges individuals but nations as a whole as well! Just as the worst criminal deserves the worst possible punsihment; the worst nation will receive the most devastating judgement! See Revelations chapters 17-18!

Dave said (July 12, 2009):

I like your even headed moderation, but lets not get drowsy. For example:

"Foreign countries are not likely to volunteer for service in Kansas any more than Afghanistan"

I wouldn't be so sure of that. America is still a promised land. Look at how so many others live in squalor because they just don't have the resources. The sheeple are becoming fat and lazy, easy pick'ins. Looting has always been a promised way to pay mercenaries.

"Americans are armed to the teeth"

This is our vanguard, but they continue to work on it. Allow some civil unrest, and I can imagine the UN stepping in, just about when the killing is over, and convincing us that an armed population was the cause.

"Oppressed people are much harder to manipulate"

Hum, I think most are easier to manipulate. The carrot and stick has been very successful.

"We create the demand for their products"

Actually, we create the products and consume them. They only usurp our energies in that process.

"But generally speaking we are still being bought off with debt"

This is what prompted me to write. What if we are reaching our debt limit? In other words, what if the available wealth that we inherited, the collateral for our debt, is used up? What incentive then, do they have to keep financing our advanced standard of living? I know the FRN is a scam, but as long as main street doesn't get it; it works. They can keep printing money, and we keep backing it up. They are printing it ever faster now, but do we have anything left? It's down to our housing. There may be some small business left, but how long will those assets sustain us? Maybe we are done and China is next.

Life is still good for those on the government teat. These days, that's almost everyone

But governments can be sacrificed. Look at Russia in the 80's, and so many more throughout history. They all thought they were special.

"Instead of running around like Chicken Little, my suggestion is that Patriots perform a useful and necessary function. We should alert the Intelligentsia and the masses to the New World Order and organize non-violent political resistance. We should form political action groups ranging from one to six people who will protest loudly every time a leader talks about "world governance." Who will protest whenever patriots are identified as domestic terrorists. We need education meetings. We need to expand our grass roots movement"

But this is living your life in a reactionary mode. That means you will always be behind the eight ball. Why not just live your life as independently as possible. Network with those of like mind. Do what is most beneficial to you and your loved ones without bank financing and government permission. That puts the "Illuminatti" behind the eight ball, as they are always guessing what you will do next. Remember, they cannot even wipe their own ass without someone else's help. Why should that concern us?

Daniel said (July 12, 2009):

Many thanks for your recent posting. I knew immediately that the article had personal significance for me.

I found myself unemployed for the first time since graduating from college in 1992. My layoff occurred in August 2007, just as the country and the world were entering into the economic chaos we find ourselves in now. My unemployment was a severe psychological blow. I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands and as you can probably guess, I turned into an internet junkie.

As the months passed, I found myself feeling more and more hopeless. This is because all I saw on the net were dire prognostications about our economy and society in general. I was a regular reader of the work of the so called web bot guys with their predictive linguistics, Alex Jones, and others. I am not knocking such people. They do present important information that all should be aware of. Its just that the goals that I had earlier, before my layoff, were now just a distant memory. I began to question the necessity of things like continuing to own my home in middle of one of the largest cities in the country. I also wondered if it was really any use to find a wife and raise children if the country was about to be destroyed by fascist overlords.

The end result was that I was stewing in my own fear and hopelessness. I stopped looking for a job. I was in a downward spiral. Then it finally dawned on me....I stopped listening to the doomsayers. I prayed and simply began to trudge forward again with my life. By the grace of God, an old ex-girlfriend gave me a call one day about a job opportunity at a private tutoring academy. I have been teaching English grammar and writing now for about a year.

The place where I teach caters to primarily Asian kids whose parents wish them to receive extra academic instruction. An added benefit about my current employment is that I don't see any fear or disillusionment in these kids or in their parents. It has been very inspiring.

The bottom line: be aware of the evil and fight it, but do not let fear and hopelessness keep you from living your life.

Kurt said (July 12, 2009):

Some might make a historical comparison to what happened post 1917 Russia. It is said that over 60 million Russians perished due to the Bolshevik Revolution. Of course consideration is due to the fact that this was primarily an agrarian economy.

One would think that these educated and intelligent perpetrators would have been motivated to exploit their victims in a limited way so that they could continue doing it in the future. Instead their actions were fatalistic in that they allowed their food source (farmers) to die.

Are contemporary leaders, and those "pulling the strings", any more perceptive? Is genocide more often due to hate, rather than to concerns about profits? Certainly there has been little "love of country" demonstrated by the actions of recent US administrations. Are Americans (and Canadians, etc.) too wealthy not to be exploited, solely for the financial interest that can be garnered?

It may be the adversarial role that police are now showing, the alleged FEMA internment camps, and spying on the public, are predictors of the future. We can only guess how far those in power will go. One thing is certain. The rules of the game are changing. Hopefully those in power have a greater concern towards limited exploiting for profits, rather than culling out of hatred or other insanity.

Ken said (July 12, 2009):

Certainly we can agree that we not become hysterical about the problems problem people among us have and are engineering. And certainly those of us who are Christians know that it is our God who permits or restrains as is good in His sight for His reasons. At the same time, there are strong indications that this Illuminati bunch have something more dramatic brewing and the heat is being dramatically increased this past year. One of the precepts as I understand it that Illuminatist have held to is that the American people (USA) must feel and believe that they are prosperous and secure until the time they intend to smash the American idea of freedom and sacrifice America for a greater prize, their Global Government. Isn't this what is, in fact, being set up at this time? It would seem to me to be wise to take this into consideration in whatever plans one may be making concerning the present and future. To sell one's house and then rent does not seem like a good plan to me, but the prepare for tsunami of inflation does seem like good sense. Jesus said, if a man knew when the theif would break into his house and steal his goods, he would have locked his doors and watched so that it not happen. Doesn't that apply here?

Mike said (July 12, 2009):

I agree wholeheartedly with your most recent posting. I have studied the elite for some time. There is too much fear-mongering and sensationalism going on these days. There are too many books and DVD's being sold making
a few people rich while stressing-out the consumers of this "information".

We should not panic. Fear breeds much negative energy and only makes things worse. We can be aware of world events, yet still go on with our
everyday lives. We who know and seek out the truth should not allow the powers that be to cause us to react in ways that only serve to decrease the quality of our lives. We should be the rational creatures we were created to be, using sound judgment.

Personally, in spite of the evil plans of the elite, I have peace in my heart. I know a Creator who has been known to foil plans in times past
(i.e. the Tower of Babel). Besides, if they are powerful enough to pull this off (New World Order), then there is nothing that I can do about it, and no need to worry over something I cannot control.

I get angry when I dwell on the attrocities that have been committed by these monsters. I refuse to allow them any more control over my emotions
and peace of mind.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at