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Satanist Insider: "Keep Your Money Hidden"

June 13, 2010

Baphosimb.gif"Just so you know, there will be a cover story about a virulent computer virus which will necessitate the banks of the world closing (for about three days?). When these re-open it will be back to the 1930s where depositors must prove why they need their money. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Just remember I told you so."

[Editor's Note: This "advice" is an excerpt from an email, below, received from a prominent Satanist insider. In January, he posted a very revealing confession from a fellow Satanist, who had just died.]

by Aloysius Fozdyke


Having just returned to Australia from London and Tokyo I thought I'd be so bold as to offer you some advice - which I appreciate that your readers will not understand and even if they did, would do nothing about. The lord is their shepherd. Eventually the shepherd always leads his sheeple to the slaughterhouse...eventually.

A quick Google search illustrates that the information has gone far and wide without anyone understanding it. I guess Petor was correct after all. Even Aquino hasn't said anything!

The material I supplied on the instruction of the late Petor Narsagonan has been rejected as a hoax. ["Australian Adept Unveiled Satanic World Control"]

A hoax?
On what grounds? When the economic turmoil hits will the sheeple still doubt? Just so you know, there will be a cover story about a virulent computer virus which will necessitate the banks of the world closing (for about three days?). When these re-open it will be back to the 1930s where depositors must prove why they need their money. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Just remember I told you so.

When in Britain, I had a meeting with Graham Nicholson [Chief Legal Adviser, Bank of England.] Such a delightful fellow. So is Martin Daunton [History Professor, Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge.University] If only people knew to which Trinity they deferred. Europe is about to collapse. America is finished, or will be after the Iranian war. And poor old Alex Lebed! No one believed him either.

When the economic recession is replaced by the economic depression and Obama and Cameron have to take the necessary and very hard decisions, the Democrats and Conservatives will be finished as political parties. The Alpha Lodge is currently bringing together several different religious and political movements before the arrival of The Usher of Desecration and Vindex.


Whilst in Tokyo I had the pleasure of meeting Kazuhiko Saitou (left.) He will be twenty-seven in September, but his political future is assured. His influence on Japanese sexuality, indeed culture, exceeded all expectation and it was that which initially causes us to contact and nurture him. His parents are not in good health, but we have taken steps to assist. Keep an eye on him. For one so young his magickal ability is considerable. The Order will be in firm hands. The Eye of Hoor is better than the Mouth of Isis. Kazuhiko-san knows this. (You really should examine his horoscope. Dynamite!)


Satanism is a mystery because at what passes for its dark heart there is the God of Enigma, known by countless names, worshiped throughout history, revered in every continent and still unknown and unknowable. Satanism as a tradition began in Australia around the time of federation. Prior to the beginning of the last century there had been Australian practitioners, but never a tradition, as such.

There exists abundant evidence of Satanic Magick in the architecture and alignment of some of Australia's earliest cities - of which Sydney and Hobart are perhaps the clearest examples. But much remains hidden and unsearchable.

Every system of thought and understanding stems from a number of basic postulates about the universe and man's relationship to it. These ideas and assumptions go to make up the paradigm or dominant world view through which a culture or an individual interacts with its universe.

Aeons are marked by the passage of various great metaphysical thought paradigms rather by the passage of set periods of historical time. Within each great paradigm there will be lesser paradigms which contribute to the whole.

For example, in the dominant White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant culture of Europe and America, the main paradigms are Protestant-Atheism, with its dependent paradigms of liberal humanistic individualism and the work ethic, and science with its dependent paradigms of causality and materialism.

Other cultures have had, and still do have, completely different world views which it is difficult for an outsider to enter. The Universe (being the accommodating creature that she is) will tend to provide confirmation of any paradigm one chooses to live in. We are, to an extent, an observer created-universe.


And here's another secret you won't appreciate: In the sinister tradition the Number One is always a figurehead. The power resides in the deputy. The King is below The Prince. To every prophet his Honour.

With heroic pride we praise the God who is our God.

For there have been other ages and another evil and good.

With ecstasy and sacrifice, sex and death we praise our God.

We love what a person has written in and with blood.

Writers in blood do not want to be read, but learned.

We love life not because we live but because we love.

                                                                                   Avé Satanas. Satanas Dominus Terra.


Note:  I asked Aloysius why he "outed" Nicholson and Daunton. Wouldn't they know him? His reply:

The Alpha Lodge has its reasons for doing things, although my association with the Lodge is more limited these days owing to my Grade, age and health issues, etc. I'm semi-autonomous these days. Those "outed" are safe. Think of it as just a little shot across the bow. There's fewer reasons for discretion. 

Narsagonan's material still hasn't been dissected. For your information, Billy Browno was a reference to Billy Mackie Snedden, KCMG, QC. He was always a back-door man and died in the arms of Sonia McMahon; not that, that was made public. I'd have thought that Cristian would have worked that out, but he's not the brightest crayon in the box, is he?

[Queen] Elizabeth is to address the General Assembly next month. We've already sorted out that she won't say anything about the constitutional problems Canada, Australia and New Zealand are experiencing. That would stop Japanese whaling in 'Australian' Antarctic waters - amongst other things. The Alpha Lodge protects its investments and compatriots. Pity about Hatoyama [recently resigned Japanese PM] though, as his wife was an asset.

Anyway, I've given you more than enough to work with. Have no fear: no one will join the dots.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Satanist Insider: "Keep Your Money Hidden" "

Aloysius said (June 16, 2010):

I've no idea who Ken [below] is but you can tell him from me that there isn't a journalist in the world who will run with that story. We control the media and the lawyers. If you think I'm wrong and you know any journalists, just watch how they waste their time trying to get that stuff published. We organised the Defence Notices more than a decade ago! No publisher who wants to live will dare publish! Even TIME Magazine was warned off! The Australian government is currently organising to censor the internet in Australia and it's all about political material wrapped up in an anti-porn agenda!

I was intrigued by the Jack Straw forgery bit because we've been using that one (and a few others) ourselves. Every British government is paralysed by fear. For obvious foreign and economic reasons the American government is kept in its place. Do you know how many Americans have their Managed Retirement Funds invested in places like Australia, New Zealand and Canada?

Aloysius Fozdyke said (June 15, 2010):

Dear Mr. Makow,

I forwarded the material – initially that of the late Petor Narsagonan – and subsequently to you because the Alpha Lodge has its reasons for doing things. Without going into details, what was the result of the material being publicised? Nothing. Tell sheep that they're about to be slaughtered and they still herd around their shepherd. “...[T]hough I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me...”

The Age of Faith is also know as the Dark Ages. Then there was the glorious Inquisition. And the sheeple still can't get enough! The Alpha Lodge appreciates this. We give the sheeple what they want – good and hard! Some of our best cash cows are the evangelical churches. Has anyone examined the business structures behind these churches? Do the sheeple care? No!

Seriously, what are the actual differences of all the world's major political parties? How come all of them pump primed their failing economies, just like they did in the late 1920s and early 1930s? Did it work then? No. Can Americans pay the debts their politicians have bequeathed them? When the American dollar and the Chinese Renminbi die, who will have orchestrated that? Then there'll be war. In the sinister tradition the Number One is always a figurehead. The power resides in the deputy. The King is below The Prince. To every prophet his Honour. There are fewer reasons to be discreet.

Does it ever cross the minds of Homo normalis that in the modern world with more promise than problems, with more opportunity than obstacles, the masses are walking into the future backwards waving 'Good-bye' to good times going? I admit, on a personal level Satan isn't good – but He's a wonderful systems-man!

I wish your readers everything that they deserve. Stay on your knees with heads bowed. Wait for the inevitable with faith and disbelief. Have no fear!

Aloysius James Fozdyke

Ken said (June 15, 2010):

I came across your article “Satanist Insider: Keep Your Money Hidden” and noted the following:

“We've already sorted out that she won't say anything about the constitutional problems Canada, Australia and New Zealand are experiencing.”

I can advise that this appears to be a reference to the following material:

There is even more that these websites do not mention, including the fact that a Commission appointing Sir William Deane as Governor-General for the Commonwealth of Australia bore the forged signature of Queen Elizabeth II, a signature forged by Jack Straw, who at the time was Foreign Secretary.

This information was confirmed by Baron Falconer, who at the time was Lord Chancellor whilst a glance at the public record proved that Queen Elizabeth II was nowhere near the place of signing as specified on the face of the Commission document. Moreover, an out of date Royal Seal was used on the document! I can advise that the new British government has no idea what to do, particularly given the provisions of the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act, 1981 and the Human Rights Act, 1998.

“That would stop Japanese whaling in 'Australian' Antarctic waters -amongst other things.”

Currently the Federal government of the Commonwealth of Australia has initiated proceedings against the Japanese government in the International Court of Justice. These proceedings will go nowhere owing to the fact that for some time the Japanese government has been in receipt of the above information and has advice from the University of Osaka. No doubt the moral pontifications of the Australian government will have the desired effect domestically, but that is all.

The international problems are wide in scope. Quebec comes to mind as do the deep sea-trenches off of the West Australian coast, trenches that are used by American nuclear submarines.

Moreover, Queen Elizabeth II has international mining interests which she controls through elaborate business structures, front companies and trust funds (registered in Bermuda, the Isle of Dogs, etc). Obviously neither she or her government wish to rock the boat.

I hope this information helps. I can't comment on the other material.

George said (June 14, 2010):

In 2001 was planning a trip to Toronto ...I lost touch and had not seen B for 13 years, but with phone calls found him eventually.

A graduate from U of T; never married; but had climbed the ranks to a senior executive working from head office with a major bank. We finally ended up in Yorkville downstairs at
Barclays and talked for a couple of hours, and then the discussion changed and could not believe what I was about to be told, and was shocked.

He told me about the dark side and everyone had a witch for protection and consultation, and opened his wallet. There I saw items of witchcraft and said nothing, and he told me all at the highest levels of the corporate world had a witch on a
retainer. He belonged to a coven located in XX and calls often for advice to one woman in the coven.

Now here is a grown man from a wealthy family with position at a major bank, and was shocked but knew it was best just to listen and say nothing because what good would it do as B
was involved with the darkness and 15 years ago was totally a different person, and the man I met knew him not. Now my greatest shock was his statement that all were involved with
a witch at the highest levels in the corporate world.

Paul said (June 14, 2010):

Interesting article Aloysius Fozdyke..

A couple quick comments: about the Lord being the shepherd, and leading the sheep to slaughter. In the High Occult, sheep and lambs are always used to symbolize the "pure" emotions and feelings, those of love, mercy, tenderness, compassion, kindness, etc. These are often juxtaposed against the more aggressive, lower, animalistic emotions, such as greed, envy, avarice, etc, which in Scripture are often symbolized by the violent, vicious animals.

In the Bible, the sex force in particular is often symbolized by a lion (the lion is the "King of the Beasts", yes?, and what passion is it that stirs in man that is his "king", i.e., the "strongest" of all the passions)?

Knowing this, your readers should be able to quickly solve riddles such as those posed by Isaiah, wherein he writes that the Lion shall lie in peace alongside the Lamb, etc.

There is nothing "sinister" meant by using the symbols of sheep, or of the Lord as a "shepherd"..

These are later corruptions introduced, indeed, by Satanists.

Secondly, bank "holidays" usually happen when the government attempts to devalue the currency. In 1933, Americans were walking around w/ gold coins in their pockets, and FDR needed to pretext to seize all those gold coins and replace them w/ paper Fed notes. Hence the bank holiday.

Today, the currency is devalued in "real time" on the financial markets, through setting "target" Fed interest rates, through manipulation of Forex, etc. There's (much) less need of a bona fide bank holiday when everything is already fiat and already being devalued by "autopilot"..

They may still want to "strongly" devalue the dollar, and literally replace the green notes you have in your pocket w/ say blue ones (to pick a random color), and if that's the case, yes, I would expect a bank holiday.

But... they don't do things w/o a reason.

I don't think they would close the banks just to stir panic.

They have to have a specific goal they're working toward, to justify it.. (ends justify the means to them, yes?)

Christine said (June 14, 2010):

With regard to the bank closure: down here in the USA, they have quietly been having "bank holidays" for awhile now. And from time to time, they do have bank runs.

Having said that, I am extremely suspicious of anything alleging to be "Satanist." Satan is, after all, the Father of Lies.
Sometimes the Ruling Elite likes to float trial balloons to see if they can lead people in their direction. Maybe the email is one of them.

At any rate, man proposes, God disposes. We shall see.

TSG said (June 14, 2010):

ide your cash, --what cash??? Henry, this old guy may be pulling your leg. I really never considered the anti-Christ to be a Japanese transexual, but hey, I suppose it takes all kinds to make this world go 'round. And all this time I was thinking the real devil-incarnate was Dick Cheney. Now that we have a foreign bisexual Manchurian point-man for the Chicago family running this side of the planet, it's no wonder "the Japs" are suiting up to a game of one-upsmanship. All we need now are biometric implants and soon everyone will be sporting a Cupie-doll, outfit as they go about directing their neighbor's fantasies via their iPhones.

Speaking of the Constitutional crisis facing Canada & Australia, unless I'm missing something, didn't we go through all that back in Y2k? The Ozzie's said it was time to break free of Queen Rule, and the Prime Minister came to notify them that this would not be the case; ahhhhum: "No can do, stupid sap-suckers!" ..Taking the hint, the French Canadians subsequently attempted to do the same, but your PM retorted-'a Non!', (as in, "nothin' doin' ya freakin' frenchie!")

Here, the bumper stickers read: "I Miss Bill!" ..the 'Frickin Con-man! I miss Bucky Fuller, Andy Warhol & Jacques Chiraq!

Tony Blizzard said (June 14, 2010):

Seems to me, Henry, that if the banks went down with a claim of a terrible computer virus for three days that when they came back up it would NOT be like the thirties. Understanding the "no limits" mind set of these criminals, it would be my guess they would say the virus wiped out or scrambled all their savings, checking, etc. account records (but not the loan due accounts) and if you have a plus account at the bank you'll have to prove that and also the amount, in some close to impossible way.

The loan payments due, of course, will not be affected and payment on time will be demanded.

This guy sounds a bit too far out to me. I'm not interested in the "magick" of a Japanese faggot, for starters.

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