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Satanist Takes Credit for Upcoming War

January 20, 2012


"My personal hope is that Iran blasts Israel off of the face of the Earth. The Xtians will have their chance to see if Yeshua comes back (with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck)."

(Editor's note: Although I find Fozdyke's words repugnant, I post them because it is significant that Satanists take credit for the turmoil facing the world.)

by Aloysius Fozdyke

In the coming months, the western world will alter quickly.

We're orchestrating a war against Iran with America, Israel and a few Arab states. Think a re-run of WMDs and just as baseless (although that doesn't matter). Israel wants the water in southern Lebanon. Iran is an obstacle to that. China has a lot of investment in Iran. Remember Pearl Harbor? Instead of Japanese, think Iranians. In all probability America's fifth fleet will be sacrificed as a pretext for nuclear war. Think the Twin Towers or USS Liberty.

A nuclear strike would put China and Russia on notice. Now, the former U.S.S.R. put a lot of effort into biological warfare. If we can convince the Russians to preemptively release their stuff throughout America...Well!

China has about one trillion in American Treasury bonds. If we can get them to release those all at once onto international markets, America would have to print a trillion dollars and China would dump that to buy other currencies.

As America doesn't produce anything any more, instantly every American's costs of living would sky rocket. Overnight Americans would be living in a bankrupt, third world country - with all the possibilities that brings.

My personal hope is that Iran blasts Israel off of the face of the Earth. The Xtians will have their chance to see if Yeshua comes back (with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck).

Anyway, that's what we're working on and everything is going great, so far. America already has more that nine thousand troops in Israel. I can't stand Israelis. There's a bit more happening but I hope that the above paints the main picture.

Australia's constitutional issues have blown over. Aussies are only interested in sport. That was a lot more internationally serious to Our plans than people ever realized. Our preferred option is Malcolm Turnbull (or Turncoat as we call him) for Prime Minister, but you can't have everything. We're working on it though.


Already, the mechanisms are in place for a new, hierarchical feudalism; for an intelligent form of fascism if you will (after Howard Stanton Levey's and Baron Julius Evola's hearts).

As Americans in their SUVs drive passed the homeless in tent-cities on their way to mega-churches where soothsayers tell them how to be more like their wretched saviour; as pension funds collapse; prices continue to rise; government revenue bases shrink and democracy is seen for the mistake it was (think Greece and Italy) we have the answers.

Democracy started in Greece so it's appropriate that it die there. There is too much at stake to fail - and we won't.

Economic depression and war are coming. The sheeple love wars. Americans will fight and die again for Israel. Think of it as culling and the continuation of Our fear and escapism psych-ops (thank you Mike Aquino).

Get ready for increasing crime, desolate shopping centres, dehumanising paranoia, privatization, stagnation, riots and rising fuel prices - that's just a given.

Now that habeas corpus is officially dead and buried in America, Our agenda can continue apace because taxpayer-funded violence and intimidation work - every time.

It's your money. How many Americans even know what habeas corpus was? The guilty demand to be punished. We answer their call. Just keep the herd chanting, 'Land of the free and home of the brave' while they are restrained in first amendment zones with wrist-ties, pepper-spray, tasers and bureaucracy.

The nature of the Internet will change as we make it safer. Sheeple love safety. That process is already under way. Who do you think invented the Internet? (Oh! Sorry, that's right, you don't think at all!)

The media have long been compliant whores. The churches keep teaching their flock to obey the laws of the land, just like the cretins Peter and John rejoiced as they were flogged! It's wonderful! 'These are the days that Our Lord has made and we rejoice and are glad in them.'

Xtians often say that 'the strongest position is on your knees'; just don't let your kids do that anywhere near a cleric, that's all. At least when we use children, we make no sanctimonious excuses. To touch kids' genitals we don't have to work in airport security. To kill children we don't have to be in the military. We appreciate that if your children are the future, you don't have much to look forward to.

The old two thousands years dead numb-nuts isn't going to help anyone. We helped subvert his puerile followers a long time ago. Who controls the governments, the police, the court system, the military, most of the churches, stock exchanges and the media? We do from the background, just out of camera shot. 'Who you gunna call?'

After the culling will come Our saviour, Vindex and a new age of peace and achievement. For some time there will be much suffering, but this is unavoidable and again 'Suffering is good for the soul'.

What is now developing can't be done without blood, toil, tears and sweat. Like Churchill, this is what we will give the filth - exactly what they want: good and hard! We're prepared for blood in the streets. We are the only ones who truly care - We and Our teacher the ineffable Prince, with His Demons and Legions who fought the first battle in heaven for Our sake.

Do you have what it takes to be on the winning side?


Satanism is a practical, although difficult, process of development. It is elitism founded upon action in the material world. The current Alpha Lodge system has been developed over many decades and indeed its beginning is lost in time.

The Alpha Lodge is dedicated to achieving change in conformity with Our will. To cut to the chase, we give the sheeple what they want via manipulation and cooperation. We're always there to help.

Originally the Alpha Lodge espoused freedom and liberty after Our God, Lucifer - the first rebel. However the sheeple never wanted freedom and they definitely don't want it now.

Homo normalis are servile herd animals and instinctively seek to be imprisoned. Long before I was born the Lodge has been assisting compliant sheeple to construct their own prisons. The process is nearing its completion. We appreciate the pathetic nature of humanity and take from it what we can. In short, the game is rigged.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Satanist Takes Credit for Upcoming War "

Rob said (January 21, 2012):

Aloysius Fozdyke:

1. You are not in a position to make any claims such as "we" and "our organisation", since you are merely duped by your "Vindex" as you claim the Christians are by their false leaders. How can I claim this? Putting you in stark contrast with true believers like Peter, Paul, James and others, they had full authority from their leader Jesus Christ to do everything in the open and in truth even unto death. You and your types on the other hand have no power, you proclaim "Vindex will be here soon", but you can not disclose the most minute detail of your operation for fear of death, retribution and loss of power - why is this? Is this the organisational structure of your "Vindex", we kill even our own ?

2. You have started dropping more and more names as if to impress the uninformed reader, do you honestly believe that those that read this website are uninformed "sheeple" ? You have not revealed ANYTHING that I cannot find and did not already know a few months ago, just by knowing the signs and knowing how to read.

3. Your tactics seems to have gone from confident "ruler" to smug politician, no even more, your rantings now actually outperform Richard Dawkins himself (even atheists reject him now) by attempting to appeal to the readers' emotions. Do satanists not know that true Christians are taught and instructed not to trust in their emotions but to renew their MINDS through the washing of the Word of God. I see you even throw the Hebrew name of Jesus in, just to impress us. Then you attempt to draw even more emotional response by "wishing" Israel will be blown off the map - BUT ARE YOU NOT THE GREAT ALOYSIUS, SLAVE OF VINDEX, WHO MAKES THINGS HAPPEN, yet you wish ???

4. Regarding Israel, do you honestly believe that everybody in the world believes that current Isreal is "God's chosen nation" ? Do you believe that every Jew believes that? Do you honestly believe that all Christians believe that?

5. You never seem capable of providing any useful information (because you do not have it) and you never seem to say anything regarding the Roman Catholic church or the Pope - rumour has that satanists are running the show there, have you heard it? Have you heard the latest rumour that this scheme your are talking about is just a hoax, maybe to fool the "stupid Xtians" that it's the end of the world? Which religion will be the "one world religion" ?

In conclusion, you have been exposed in the book of Genesis already, Babel is your first attempt which failed, Egypt and Canaan were your next attempts, Jerusalem was your greatest attempt and that is where you miss the plot - you loose, vindex looses. Your "plot" as described in all your writings is nothing short of plagiarism directly out of God's Word, unfortunately for you, you will not be able to say "Devil made me do it" because God is allowing you to be fooled and used by your "Vindex" to fulfil God's unchangeable plan - UNLESS YOU REPENT AND ASK JESUS CHRIST FOR MERCY AND FORGIVENESS, He does not kill His own.

Mark said (January 21, 2012):

Aloysius Fozdyke probably works at McDonald's as a hamburger tech or maybe as a slurpy engineer at his local 7-Eleven and dreams of one day being like Dr. Evil... For a Satanist, he sure isn't very scary. ...And let's face it, most of the info he's letting us in on, can be found on the net without really trying to hard. If he wants to freak us out, he should endeavor to be more devil like! Has he no imagination?

Adam said (January 21, 2012):

thank Mr. Fozdyke for his candor in sharing this insight with us. Even if we aren't all on the same "team" that doesn't mean we can't we can't learn from what he shares. He does show a great deal of understanding of cosmic law that few people comprehend (but stand under); and, that the most effective way to fight someone is to use their own energy against them as (simplified) is used in some forms of martial-arts.

Of the comments, I find those of "Houman" most interesting. Yes, he is right. We were not part of the first creation; and, we, as part of a later creation, have become caught-up in the cosmic war that is still waging. Look-up the entire spectrum of light and then see what fraction of the entire light-spectrum is visible to us -- it is shocking! So much of reality exists outside our sliver of visible light -- that's why we are considered blind by spiritual beings.

As for the comment by Andrew: Mr. Fozdyke is using an accurate spelling of the name Yeshua (as in Yeshua Ha-Meshiach). The name variant "Jesus" is just how it was translated into English from Greek. Likewise, Samuel is using the correct form for HaShem with YHVH. It's a mystery (or maybe not) where the English translation of YHVH came from.

Pat said (January 21, 2012):

I had to laugh at the Satanist taking credit for the upcoming war.
This mastermind who claims to be capable of shaping world events has a problem with the use of simple words.

He uses the word "passed" when he should have used "past".
The reference was to Americans in SUVs driving (past) (not passed) homeless people.

So I am not in the least bit worried. I suspect that anyone who makes this mistake will have completely underestimated the good people on Earth.

There are still some who can think while enjoying sports. For context consider this. The winger passed the ball past the defender.

John said (January 21, 2012):

God the Father has delegated the power to crush Satan to the Woman, in Genesis 3:15 - "thou shalt lie in wait for Her heel." Christ wants His Mother recognized as the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of America, Our Lady of Good Success, Our Lady of Hrushiv, Our Lady of Prompt Succor (battle of New Orleans), in the renaissance of chastity and modesty. The Virgin's Rosary is the weapon against Satan for those who avail themselves of it, as explained by Sister Lucy of Fatima. "Look Father, the Most Holy Virgin in these times in which we live, has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Rosary to such an extent that there is no problem no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, of our families, of the families of the world,or the religious communities, or even in the life of peoples and nations, that cannot be solved by the Rosary. There is no problem I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot solve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary."

Houman said (January 21, 2012):

I think that it may be useful to describe where Mr Fozdyke and his associates are coming from and why they are doing what they are doing. In short we live in digital computed reality (like World of Warcraft, albeit a far more sophisticated one). This reality is a "positive" oriented one (i.e. its natural evolution is towards elevation, progress and beauty and it takes energy, control and manipulation to stir it towards misery and destruction).

There is a point in the creation of this reality that Kabbalist know as Ein Sof. It is a point of pure potentiality preceding the creation of this reality. Now some "entities" have decided that this reality should be destroyed and the resulting "captured" soul energy of its actors should be used for the creation of a negative polarity universe/galaxy by reaching the point of Ein Sof.

The method behind this is based on the observation that there are cycles and points in time where the focused consciousness of a large group of people can have amplified/critical effects on this reality (as Mr Fozdyke mentioned, it is, to some degree, a consensus reality): this is why the "associates" of Mr Fozdyke want as many people as people focused on debasement, perversion and misery; and this is also why do what they do at given dates.

Now there is a critical point/node in time coming very soon and the "entities" behind Mr Fozdyke and his associates "believe" that they can use this "node" to change the polarity of this universe. From the point of view of these "entities," this is a confrontation at the level of the Creator of this Universe/Galaxy and we (all humans, including Mr Fozdyke and his associates) are not even small fry in the game.

I know that what I am describing sounds "unbelievable" but the information is available if one knows where to look. There is war going on and we, humans, came extremely late in the game.

I am not writing these lines as an excuse for Mr Fozdyke and his associates. In my opinion, they are insane (as are most humans) and I pity them because this insanity can be traced back to deep traumas that have scared our psyche long before recorded history. As a matter of fact they (he and his associates) will eventually be discarded as their profiles do not match that of perfect slaves (treason of one's kind is not a trait of the perfect slave).

Humankind has been gifted with an incredible potential for beauty and glory, unfortunately its development has not been without "interference".
We could be so much more...

Andrew said (January 21, 2012):

For he that will save his life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it."

You cannot win, Mr. Fozdyke. In fact, your team has already lost. The fact that you cannot even spell out the name of our Lord Jesus Christ tells everyone all we need to know about the demons possessing you. Jesus himself said that your evil spirits have no power over us. Your familiars cannot do anything without the say so of the Holy Father. When you look at it from that point of view they are nothing but slaves themselves.

You still have a chance. Seek help and get redeemed before it is too late.

God bless.

Samuel said (January 20, 2012):

Pride commeth before the fall; the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Your master's first and last sin was Pride. I'm a sinful wretch, in and of myself with no power. But know this; YHVH's reckoning is at hand. His followers are not asleep, and we too have been aware all along and prepared. We are even infiltrated within your own ranks, something even your most possessed demons cannot detect until YHVH allows it.

How is beyond your comprehension if you truly believe these things you state. May YHVH have Mercy on you, and may you repent to see The Truth before you realize what you've been promised in your death is nothing but a lie, from the master of lies.'

Mike said (January 20, 2012):

Thanks for the free entertainment regarding the comedic drama Forzdyke has written.

However, his saying so on anything do not necessarily pertain to being so. His expressed beliefs, intended as a curve ball, are no match to beliefs to the contrary.

Want better wholesome things, people? Just think it and act it into existance. That will nullify what Mr. Fozdyke's alleged superiors envision, who are the overwhelming minority by the way. When realized, the power residing in each person can handily nullify all power of negativity.

Consider the wonderful positive thoughts that will be flooding your way through prayer from others Mr. Fozdyke as there is still time for you.

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