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Satanist Insider: Iran Attack "First Half of March"

February 5, 2012

iranwar.jpg"Iranian missiles can hit Israel and American bases in Saudi Arabia. Try to imagine the costs of oil, the global explosion of prices and the nuclear waste. This has been planned for about nine years now with NATO. This year the American dollar dies. America will take a little longer."

[Disclaimer: While we do cannot confirm this information or endorse this point of view, we present it for your evaluation.  AJF gave the world this important revelation.  As he says, Satanists "feed on fear" so perhaps he is just stoking the fires.]

by Aloysius J. Fozdyke

Blood consecrates. Massive bloodshed releases high-grade energies.

So does fear, but on a less intense level. We harness these energies. We create paradigms. We feed the Spirits and They get stronger. We are calling in The Usher of Desecration to make the way for Vindex.

This is the oldest battle - a spiritual battle for freedom and of honour, loyalty and revenge. 'We believe in Lucifer, the everlasting Light-bringer...And in the Self...which shares His potential [and] the supreme sanctity of the Will...We look forward to His reign and the pleasures which are to come!'

We work like history. We have a public and a private face. We give the masses what they want, to the degree they can tolerate.

Theirs is a simple herd mentality built upon conformity and debasement.

For them, limitation is security. We were forced to be shepherds. They demand what we provide, for we offer explanations and hold out hope. A perfect symbiosis. The more abuse and misuse the more familiar and therefore unaware sheeple grow to it. They are expendable extras: hardwired to suffer - but without awareness. Keep them diverted from their reality, help them find answers which suit Our agenda and they are tame.

Our initiates exist for themselves and the glory of Our Hidden God. Others are simply allies, obstacles or tools.

Very quickly they will know (if not understand) where they are in the food chain. The death cries of trash have been and will remain sacrifices to bring the strength, authority, order and joy that Our Father has promised through The Usher. Now is His time, and Ours.

As Europe, Britain, America, China and the world fall apart; as the resources rich Middle East and Africa are shattered, Europe looses it fuel and the international, cleansing apocalypse begins: We are ready and well pleased.

Iranian missiles can hit Israel and American bases in Saudi Arabia. Try to imagine the costs of oil, the global explosion of prices and the nuclear waste. This has been planned for about nine years now with NATO. This year the American dollar dies. America will take a little longer.

Truth be told, without the unfailing help of the sheeple, their pens and their slaughterhouses could not have been built. Your democracies are a sick joke.

Without your taxes, your Freemasons, your kiddies joining the police and military, evangelical churches, the flags and parades, media; whilst not forgetting C.I. Scofield - none of what is about to happen could have happened.

By sticking to the accepted plot ad absurdum we're convince the followers of Yeshua to support us. For them, the worse it gets the better it is. You guys and gals are going to be happy!

The word I have is the first half of March, but these things are obviously somewhat tentative and dependent on circumstances. Nonetheless, that's the time frame; give or take. Have no fear!

And I was never trying to convince anyone. I was just telling you.


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Comments for "Satanist Insider: Iran Attack "First Half of March" "

William said (February 7, 2012):

The Luciferians at their best are...contained. Like Hitler, they make impressive speeches and then lose wars- whether of the mind or on the physical battlefield.

Sheila said (February 6, 2012):

What a lonely and miserable person this Aloysius must. Without the ability to love, without courage, humility or serenity, his/her life must be a living hell.

Those of us who love God and sincerely seek to do His will have nothing to fear. A wise spiritual teacher once told me: "No one can hurt you. Only separation from God can hurt you, and only you can separate yourself from God. So no one else can really hurt you."

Satanists want everyone to fear death, but the soul is eternal and our bodies will die eventually anyway. A longer or shorter life isn't anything to be concerned about.

May God's will be done and may all of us learn the lessons we were incarnated here to learn.

Doug in South Africa said (February 6, 2012):

Fozdyke, I have fought the satanists toe to toe for over forty years and know them to a degree. I have seen the way they relish evil and have seen their demonic excitement in pursuit of all forms of depravity. There is one evil in particular that drives them and their demons into orgiastic frenzy however... and that is the "betrayal of trust".

Many reading this will not know what I mean... but you do don't you? The next time you are excited by a satanic mother giving up her child for sacrifice, ponder that it is a "type" for your own betrayal by Satan later. The likelihood of your betrayal by your master at the final curtain (I suggest its a certainty) must give you cause for unease.

And after that you will still have the creator of the universe to deal with.

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

JCW said (February 6, 2012):

Your Makowism has more impact than the original quote, I would say it is more correct.

"All that is needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to be given good jobs..."

It's funny but Christians spend their whole trying prove their Godliness by hoarding dollars... But how can God be remotely be involved in the Federal Reserve... It is the US dollar that has robbed the life, spirit, the vitality, the wealth of all the "Third world" countries and by extension the whole world. Now we are seeing the feeding frenzy happening on the "First world" economies. This coming from a man who has a deeply rooted belief in God, so not a Fozdyke fan... "For whom the Gods would destroy they would first make proud."

Good work dude.

KF said (February 6, 2012):

Mossad/Cia/Nuclear and to be Decommissioned in 2013 USS Enterprise now in Persian Gulf/3000 sailors/False flag to blame Iran for murders/Government minions are aware as are high church officials.

Remember that Jesus Christ WON the battle at the cross. Have NO fear and rest in Jesus Christ who IS the sabbath loving your neighbor as yourself and Loving Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit with ALL your heart,mind,spirit and strength. Pray for your enemies. We are going to be refined as gold through the fire.

This is the separating of the wheat from the tares. As Mr. Fozdyke and others like him have been used for this purpose(he is caught unaware that he too is only a useful scorpian vessel to be destroyed after his "usefulness" has been achieved)and will be caught on bended knees bowing before and acknowledging Jesus Christ as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords on "The Last Day". May we all pray for Fozdyke and ALL of the satanic gov officials,masons,ecumenical false churchianity officials everyday. I ask that ALL repent and confess their sins in the name of the only King who is Jesus Christ and ask for the Holy Spirit of Almighty GOD to send His Comforter into your hearts where you will find peace and rest.

Resting in Sion,

James said (February 6, 2012):

The satanists are like the familiar scene where a little wimpy guy
talks tough because he is accompanied by a big thug friend. Did it ever occur to you that you are not the top of the food chain? that in time, the same forces you worship may delight in your cries for mercy?

All the more so because they would have a lawful victim in their
clutches... A heartless sellout, ignorant fool who imagined himself powerful when in fact compared to the greater forces he is more helpless than an infant.

I despise the behavior of sheeple but I don't imagine myself to be mr big top shit because of it. You are blind fools. Your most inspired dreams are like rotting trash – so low minded are you - unable to perceive higher principles.

Don’t imagine that you are justified legal in your genocides just
because you can point to how ignorant and deserving the herd was of slaughter.. because however small the number, there are also good worthy souls out there. On their account at the very least you are guilty.

Remember that when you find yourself as a child in the hands of the beast. When your plight is as that well known photo of Israeli thug soldiers holding that Palestinian child who has wet himself. You may think the herd is deserving of death but you are going to be 100 fold more-so. Enjoy your 10 minutes of fame in this miserable world.

Congratulations, you conquered the dung hill. Eternal loser status confirmed.

Ken said (February 6, 2012):

I know it has been a long while since our last communication, for reasons that I am sure you can appreciate, I have been laying low for a while as things were getting extremely uncomfortable with the 'Powers to Be', down here in Australia. However, I am so annoyed and frustrated by the local and world events and the blatant manipulation by these evil Bastards that I felt it was time to put my head on the chopping block again!!!

Fozdyke unfortunately was and remains correct. Despite the thousands of people visiting the website, as a result of your publishing the web address and the corruption and fraudulent behaviour of our Australian Government and Judicial System, no journalist anywhere in the world is interested (or brave enough) in examining, let alone publishing the truth.

I know that the material we provided is dynamite and that there are others with documents that haven't as yet seen the light of day. They were awaiting a dedicated journalist they could trust. Though it's been more than a year NO journalist is interested. Fozzy got it right!!

The material covered not only Australia but importantly, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and Europe. Is it any wonder that the Satanists didn't want it publicized? So thanks Henry for your fantastic and appreciated interest, assistance and support in trying to educate the people about truth and freedom.

Unfortunately the recent disclosure that war will begin this March appears correct, at least to me. Hope I'm wrong, but in the last week I've actually been purchasing silver. That's Fozdyke's advice.

At least we tried to do the right thing.

H said (February 6, 2012):

I am always amazed at how the minds of Satanists have been warped, how they use "they" and "theirs" as if they belonged to a different species. The following quote
attributed to Chief Seattle sums it all: "Continue to contaminate your bed, you will one night suffocate in your own waste."

Mr Fodzyke you share the same planet, your body is that of a human and as those hot (radioactive) particles start mixing in the atmosphere they will affect you too.
Yes most humans are as you describe but they can also be magnificent, humans have the "potential" to be the descend to the lowest levels of creation or ascend to its highest levels, I am sure that you know that of which I speak of.
Indigenous people have also a very clear understanding of that of which I speak of, amongst them are the Hopis and one of their prophecies describe a Nuclear war started by an attack on people "who first received the light" (and those who are familiar with the Shahnameh will recognize Iran in that description).

You talk of food chain, this term is quite appropriate given the entities that you serve and worship, the problem with this planet is that humans have never been in control... do you "believe" that "divide and conquer" is limited to the physical plane?

Ernie said (February 6, 2012):

You can't have it both ways old son. Either this place is a farm and we are being farmed, irrespective of our will, like animals, or it is a social construct that operates according to higher values/rules of excellence.

Clearly it's the former, and a person rises through the ranks only when they become a farmhand (aka 'shepherd'). All that tosh about Will and Freedom and Honor seems to be just a denial or 'displacement' of the more pathetic, mundane reality in which money has become a sacrament. Like another (more philanthropic) Fyodor once said, 'the most disgusting thing about money is that it actually makes you talented' (Dostoyevski). Hence the ruling elite's stench of mediocrity is so overpowering.

Most sheeple only want a war because it breaks the tedium of life on the farm and because poverty has made them so untalented and superfluous. And if 'the game is rigged' as you say why try to sanctify it with higher values and philosophical garb? Because you can't handle the truth? To make our spirits tastier for Satan?

The fact is even if it were true, as the Vedas claim, that the whole universe is his food and operates on a sacrificial logic, it doesn't change the fact - one iota - that he resembles an introverted yokel, probably bored and suicidal, whose cruelty to other creatures is really a desperate cry for help. I suspect Satan was an unwanted child. You should stop egging him on like stupid hicks from the sticks.

Alex said (February 6, 2012):

There certainly can be some significant flare-ups, skirmishes and the like. But, from what I've seen and heard, the major war will not begin yet. Atleast, not under the current Grand Ayatollah. Wait for the next Grand Ayatollah to take power. Around that time, a woman will become very prominent in Iranian foreign affairs. She will try to stop what is happening (or atleast pretend to.) These developments could take several months or several years. This war has been centuries in the making.

Andrew said (February 5, 2012):

We will be fine. Their time will be short.

Austin said (February 5, 2012):

this person has often hinted at being involved with influential people in politics and big business. So are the Jesuits. Now you and some of your readers may not put too much store by this thought, but what if F.D. is in fact a Jesuit, who is simply deceiving us into believing that he is a satanist, causing fear an doubt in some, and revving up the Christian readership to respond to his diatribe?

Many people have been speculating on an Iran/Israeli war for years now (15 years to my knowledge) and it is a well known fact that the ptb start wars in March - in honour of the ancient ROMAN god of war - MARS.

Pull the other one F.D. - it pours Raspberry slurpies...

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