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Romney's Mormon Church is Masonic Front

October 9, 2012

romney666.jpeg(Who does Romney really serve?)

With Romney resurgent in the polls, I re-post this reminder that Obama and Romney represent different wings of a satanic cult, Freemasonry. Mormonism is not a Christian church, but a breakaway faction of Freemasonry.  

Accepting a choice between Romney's Mormonism and Obama's Socialism makes Americans hapless dupes, complicit in their own subversion and disinheritance. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

hofman1.jpegIn the July-August edition of his Revisionist History newsletter, Michael Hoffman lifts the veil on Mormonism once and for all.

Citing many reference books, he establishes that Mormonism is a break-away faction of Freemasonry which
claimed to be "the true Masonry,"
keeping both ritual and dogma, including the worship of Lucifer.

Far from being persecuted by non-Masons, the founding prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum Smith were lynched by fellow Masons in retaliation for establishing a competing "church" in violation of Masonic oaths never to reveal its secrets on pain of death.

They were assassinated in the Carthage jail in Carthage Ill on June 27, 1844.

"The first five Presidents of the Mormon Church -- Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilfred Woodruff and Lorenzo Snow -- were also made Masons in the Nauvoo (Illinois) while Hyrum (Smith) was the incumbent master of the lodge..." (H. Paul Jeffers, The Freemasons in America, Citadel Press, 2006, pp 87-88)

aa-Mitt-Romney-while-at-Bain-Capital1.bmp(left, Romney Bain partner makes Masonic triangle hand sign.)

Mormon temple rituals mirror Freemasonry including worship of Lucifer.

"In the Garden sequence, the patrons listen as Lucifer instructs Adam and Eve that there is no other way to gain the knowledge to become as gods than to disobey the Father and eat the fruit. Mormon theology teachers that Lucifer is the literal son of God and the brother of Jesus...Lucifer instructs Adam and Eve to fashions aprons for themselves like his, out of fig leafs. Lucifer's apron contains the identical Masonic Square and Compass emblems... The Mormon walks out of these rituals bound to darkness by bloody oaths and occult incantations. He is given over to the spirit of self-exaltation, which caused Lucifer himself to be cast out from the presence of God." (The Temple of the God-Makers by J. Edward Decker Jr. Former Mormon)

Michael Hoffman writes: "The apple pie image by which the Mormon hierarchy beguile both their followers and outsiders is a means for keeping conservative orientated people obedient to the conspiracy against them and this nation. Willard Mitt Romney is a pivotal leader of that conspiracy."

obuma.jpegHoffman says Romney is the candidate of the occult Mormon "Church of  Latter Days Saints." His finance director, Spencer Zwick, is the son of a Mormon head. Hotel magnate "Willard" Marriott after whom Mitt is named, donated $3 million to his campaign. His foreign policy is run by Zionists.
Hoffman says Americans are "leaderless," controlled by occult secret societies. Once Americans have fulfilled their role as Zionist "Golem," they will be discarded in "white trash enclaves of self extinguishing degeneracy, illiteracy and slow suicide."    

Hoffman says both Romney and Obama are "enemies of Christian civilization."

Hoffman advises his fellow Americans to boycott the November election:

tumblr_m6s17rks6Q1qzutbp.jpg(Michelle makes sign of Baphomet) 

"A mass boycott of the Cryptocracy's farcical Presidential election is the strongest message which astute American patriots can send by denying both Obama and Romney a mandate and legitimacy....God is not mocked! He does not support evil, whether lesser or any other type."

Hoffman, the author of Judaism's Strange Gods, is the boldest and smartest critic of Zionist Occupational Government writing today. 


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(Hoffman says their livestock and gold were motive for massacre.)

First Comment from Tony Blizzard:

There is more to Mormonism that is not being mentioned.  I was enticed into becoming one for a short time.  When I quickly realized I was pulled into a scam, I quit.  I think it was about a year later, a brother of Cleon Skousen (FBI agent and writer of several anticommunist books) which brother (don't remember his first name - Mark?) was a big wheel in the San Bernardino, CA, "stake" to which I had been assigned, came to my house and arrogantly tried to treat me as a possession of his masonic stake.

 During the very antagonistic two or more hour long conversation it came out that the Mormons - at least those at the top - believed that at the end of the present era of the world they would rule the world directly under the Jews (Talmudists). 

In other words they would be the Talmudic Jews' Myrmidons.  Fact is that Skousen's last words to me before he went away grumbling were: "Then you would rather be excommunicated than admit that the Jews are God's chosen people."

 I didn't know it at the time but that statement rings both masonic and "Christian Zionist."  Interesting that it was also the final reason for officially "excommunicating" me from the cult.

Second Comment from Katie:

This explains the Masonic symbology at the Mormon Temple:


Also the LDS secret wedding Temple ceremony is very much like the ritual of the initiate from the film "From Hell." In the film, he promises to disembowel himself and slit his throat before he ever utters the secrets of the lodge. These are some of the LDS temple wedding vows. ( Just change the word lodge to the word temple.)

bundy.jpegThird Comment by Dan:

The charismatic and  charming Ted Bundy converted to Mormonism in 1974 while a University of Utah Law School student living in Salt Lake City.  He had already murdered at least nine young women in Oregon and Washington State.  While friends described him as devoutly carrying his book of Mormon at all times, he killed at least five more girls in Utah during 1975.

Ted Bundy was also an active Republican volunteer for the Seattle office of Nelson Rockefeller's 1968 Presidential campaign.  Bundy was still  at Republican Party expense as late as 1974.  He made several trips to Aspen which were never explained. 

Bundy kidnapped dozens of girls in several states with impunity for years until a rural traffic cop pulled him over for speeding in 1974 and discovered his murder gear.  He seems to have been protected by Salt Lake City detectives.  Despite a growing list of murders in which he was suspect judges stalled and on a number of occasions he 'escaped' police custody - in Utah and Colorado.  It wasn't till he disobeyed his laywers advice not to hide in Florida because they had the death penalty.  He went straight to Florida and engaged in a full blown killing spree in a sorority house  at Florida State in 1978. 

The official mainstream story is that Bundy was a criminal genius who managed to elude capture for at least six years, and probably more.  The story and evidence ran much deeper than what was in the press.  Still, during the 1980's media wasn't completely controlled, and local newspapers released bits of information that have been swept under the rug ever since.   In the Spokane Daily Chronicle - Feb 3, 1976, there was an Associated Press  article "POLICE FILE HINTS AT THE OCCULT".  The article said a Seattle occult crimes division folder called "File 1004" connected "A Satanic cannibal murder in Montana" to "the disappearance of Northwest women in Oregon and Washington".  File 1004 contained reports from several 'tipsters; about a man named Ted who held cult meetings, talked about the occult and Devil worship, and set up strange shrines in the forest".  One witness said Ted was a "Jesus freak".   The mix of devout Mormonism and secret life of Satanic acts, the name Ted, and the fact that the disappeared women referred to by the Spokane Daily Chronicle later turned out to be some of Bundy's victims.  "File 1004" has long since vanished.


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Comments for "Romney's Mormon Church is Masonic Front"

Marie said (October 11, 2012):

You are so right . The religious right is backing him because they think he is pro life but so are the billionaires and millionaires whose main interest is Privatization for Profit. He was never against abortion
Billionaires like Gates of the Club of Rome believe in using vaccines to control the population.
Either way
it boils down to which masonic social engineering puppet one chooses to vote for.

R said (October 10, 2012):

Interesting you should say this Henry. Where Mitt Romney lives (Wolfeboro NH) I was forced to reside to look after my very sick mother for 2 years. I consistently claimed (to myself) that Wolfeboro is a masonic center. A MAJOR masonic center. This was pre-Mitt, back when the folks of Wolfeboro thought it was wonderful to have the lying thief masonic whore Mitt as their neighbor.

I was there this morning to buy some stuff for my dogs at my favorite pet store (the only reason I visit that town now) and I said it again, "Man this place feels so masonic it is vomitous." I even added this little tidbit, "Wolfeboro and the Monster Mitt Shit."

I assure you there is no Mormon church or Mormon anything in Wolfeboro or on Lake Winnepasaukee (where the Romneys house is). As an aside, I believe the islands in Lake Winnepasaukee were once used by the white trash colonists to torture the Abenaki (Native tribe to this area) women and children. So the masonic ritual precedes Mitt the Shit by a couple of thousand years, but I'm sure he's keen to carry on the evil intentions.

Ted said (October 10, 2012):

I'm a Mormon! :o

I would love to discuss with you any questions you have, but knocking something you don't really know for sure isn't a very good thing at all.

Yes, I have read reports about certain bishops supposedly conducting black masses in Utah, but that investigation *was* instigated by the Church itself (its findings were leaked). But the same thing happens in every religion; it's best not to label the entire tree as bad when you can only point to a few dying limbs.

CB said (October 10, 2012):

Just read your article before running out the door and I agree with your view of Mormonism and the whole political fiasco. I went to Salt Lake City last summer, a cancelled flight got me stuck there overnight so I took advantage of the opportunity and visited the Mormon center and that ws my feeling throughout the visit, that they are a masonic cult who stole key facets of Christianity for facade reasons. I walked by mistake ino the clothing shop and saw the strange church garments that they were buying...

Keep up the interesting articles coming :)

Craig said (October 10, 2012):

Henry - I have it from a woman I knew 20 years ago, who was raised Mormon, that Mormon elders hold 24/7 'soul binding' rituals in a hidden complex under a Wasatch Mountain just east of Salt Lake, performed over the names of the non-Mormon dead. She said this is why the Mormons have the best geneological research center in the world. They want to collect the birth information on everybody in the world so they can retro-actively "own" their souls. The sell their geneological services world wide to non-Mormons and enjoy a good reputation.

In his Satanic Bible Anton LaVey gave the name of a demon named MORMO which is the god of the living dead, and the king of the Ghouls.

Only a number of generation Mormons ever learn the secrets of the religion, through secret 'invitation only' initiations performed at Salt Lake City. According to this woman the highest rituals are performed inside the Mountain - not in the temples.

Richard said (October 9, 2012):


A lot of people don't understand why we must not vote for the 'lesser of two evils'.

Why not vote for the lesser evil? Aren't we 'wasting' our vote?

We think we live in a democracy but we do not. We get a vote every few years as to the individual to whom we hand over our rights to decisions.
Consider the last time the US had a public referendum to vote to go tow war, or not. Never happened. That's not democracy, that's representative government. That's a 'republic'.

Here's how it works. Your vote gives the one you vote your consent to do all the shitty things they're going to do to betray you in office. Voters don't realized it, but having voted they've "legally" given up their right to protest.

That's why we must never vote for anyone that we know will do things we don't support. It gives them the right. They know this, even if they keep the public ignorant.

They mocked voters when they let it be known through their media that both Presidential candidates of 2004 were members of Skull and Bones.

If no one you actually want is on the ballot - write somebody in!

J said (August 12, 2012):

Now I understand why Romney kissed Israeli asses when visiting Israel. He was just showing his "respect" to the followers of Beelzebub. Does that mean that Paul Ryan is part of that yucky society too? I guess the question should be: who isn't?

Hans said (August 12, 2012):

It is pretty obvious that the Mormons are a Zionist-Masonic cult, a division of fake Christianity.

The Biblical scriptures warn from adding to it, but the Mormons are adding an entire book, (called Mormon) which in addition was channeled by an entity, which resembles an fallen angel.

Other parallels to masonry: both teach that man can become God, whilst Christianity is teaching that God became Man in Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Masons, Mormons, Satanists, Jews and Jehovahs Witnesses, who were apparently modeled by the same template, want to establish a fake Gods kingdom on earth, while Christ says his Kingdom is not of this world, and the Bible is clear that this planet and universe will melt and vanish, and will be replaced by a newly created heaven and an new earth.

Dick Eastman said (August 12, 2012):

LDS doctrine is that Elohim and his son Jehovah are flesh and bone. The living LDS Prophet will recognize the true Christ amid the anti-Christs. The instruction has been for some time for every LDS family to have a years supply of food stored. Joseph Smith spoke of the Masonic Temple in early days. The LDS church was founded by Joseph Smith during the great religious revivals led by Charles G. Finney, but this was also the time when there people en masse turned from Masonry after Masons were found guilty of murdering a man for revealing Masonic signs and tokens. The revival and the turn from Freemasonry came at the same time, interestingly. Note to that the Bank of the United States lost its power at this time. Clay, Webster, Jackson were Masons.

The ranks of Freemasonry were so depleted that the highest Masons could no longer maintain their political power as before. Mormon - more men.

I have been through all the endowment at the temple - I am a Melchizedek Priest in the Church and a High Priest in my ward and I can tell you that if you went through Mormon endowment you would not be changing your mind about a Masonic connection even as the endowment ceremony has been revised.

This is not to knock Mormons. Every organization needs good people, honest people, people uncorrupted by the world - who hold themselves apart. A very high percentage of IRS and FBI are Mormon. Not because they are evil or part of a conspiracy, but because they are hard working, psychologically very well balanced -- except without any politics -- I have yet to hear Romney discussed in church, but I have heard statements read that one should not view the church as connected to partisan politics or take sides -- in part, I assume , to maintain non-profit status. Many Mormons Dr. Steven Jones, Deanna Spingola, many others believe in and oppose the same conspiracy as we do. Skousen, Ezra Taft Benson opposed the conspiracy. But a phone call to President of the Church Hinckley from then president GW Bush got Steven Jones removed as physics professor at BYU.

So I cannot contradict Hoffman's thesis. But I cannot leave the good -- because this church teaches the youth to live worthy lives - they give their youth to two years of mission work away from home -- living in other members houses, going into the houses of people around th world -- they work together -- they do anything for each other and for non-Mormons.

This is not to say that - from a sociological standpoint - I do not also regard the Jehovahs Witnesses or the Quakers or the John Weseley holiness churches - Nazarene -- as worthwhile -- but for me even a great wave of conversions to Islam would not be bad -- because there is nothing but evil pulling people down in this culture.

Paul said (August 12, 2012):

[Unrelated to Mormon article]

I am 54, Scottish, and have lived in New Zealand for the
last 25 years. I hate the place. It's a joke. What really gets
me is how the place has been trashed over the years, to
the point where you can't phone up the telephone company
and talk to someone in English. Those days are gone.

And we're now - or rather the Government - are now proposing
that men can marry men. Oh dear, the good old United Nations
at work again. As one older radio announcer said: "We'll soon
be marrying our mothers." It's such a poncey, simpering,
politically correct dump, this New Zealand. Gutless, no backbone.

I read material like yours, I devour it, and David Icke and a whole
lot more - unfortunately, Henry, the OVERWHELMING MASSES
still have their snouts stuck in the collective troughs. They don't
want to know! What they want is The Simpsons and what Homer's
doing this week. Is he turning into a minister and marrying men
with men, is he laughing at the Saviour, making fun of traditional
Western life? Oooooh, we luv Homer and all that mind-rotting stuff.

Do you know something, Henry? We deserve what's coming, and
it's coming our way at a helluva rate of knots. It's just like the Old
Testament - find me 10 righteous men. And they couldn't. Look at Barack Hussein Obama. The sheeple think he's God. Dress that
monkey up in a suit, stretch his big mouth, protect him with henchmen and 40ft bullet-proof limousines, and lo and behold, you've got a modern-day saviour. If only the sheeple knew who this man is, they'd tremble in their collective boots. Like I said, humanity deserves every single bit of the nightmare that's coming.

Joe said (August 11, 2012):

The most vocal and strident opposition of Mormonism occurred during the 19th century, particularly during the Utah War of the 1850s, and in the second half of the century when the practice of polygamy in Utah was widely considered by the U.S. Republican Party as one of the "twin relics of barbarism" along with slavery. LDS Church leaders, for their part, harbored ill will toward the Republican Party, urging followers to back the Democrats.

The Republican Party started out anti-Mormon

The USA and its 1 party with 2 wings (Dem/Rep) is a joke. I urge everyone to stop voting as a protest.

Al Thompson said (August 11, 2012):

The American voters have always had the choice between the two evils. The problem is any choice is going to be evil. For all intents and purposes, there is no political opposition under a Luciferian system. I agree with Michael Hoffman and encourage people not to vote for either one of these knuckleheads. Imagine, out of 300 million Americans, all we can come up with is Barack "I forgot my birth certificate" Obama and Mitt the Magic Underwear.

It really doesn't get any worse than this. The governments as we know them to day are intellectual and moral brain-rot. Their only goal is to steal from the people and spiritually cripple them so that their lives will be ruined and destroyed. The whole purpose of a Luciferian government is to destroy men, women, and abuse children. That's all there is to it, and it doesn't make any sense to vote for either one.

Most of the conservative talk shows talk about supporting Romney and this is the same old political scam that has been going on for year. The so-called conservatives are not really in political opposition to Obama i.e. the McCain campaign. It's just the same old dog and pony show--the only thing different are the participants. Conservatives always put up phoney opposition such as Ron Paul.

The political systems as we know them today are essentially slave-trading organizations. The people are the slaves and they are being treated like animals. Homosexuality, sexual immorality, murder, lying, idolatry child abuse, and many other evils are encouraged by what is known as government. Government doesn't have any authority unless the people feed it. Voting for these is a complete insult to the intelligence of anyone with an IQ over that of the average plant.

Mark said (August 11, 2012):

he's mitt romney's running mate

interesting info from his wiki:

At an Atlas Society meeting celebrating Ayn Rand's life in 2005, Ryan said that "The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand",[21] and "I grew up reading Ayn Rand and it taught me quite a bit about who I am and what my value systems are, and what my beliefs are. It’s inspired me so much that it’s required reading in my office for all my interns and my staff."

and this from Ayn Rand's wiki [nee: Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum]:

Rand advocated reason as the only means of acquiring knowledge and rejected all forms of faith and religion.

(can u explain to me why the Jews always change their names when entering the public sphere?)


Thanks Mark,

Reason is another word for pragmatism and self interest.
Jews change their name in order to pass as Gentiles. I'm an exception. My real name is Bob Fraser.


Dan said (August 11, 2012):

Boycott of the election is a sound idea. A boycott is something more than simply not voting. It could be organized rejection of a phony system.

The Mormon Church was created as a masquerade of Christianity with intent to become the dominant Church of America. The people who plan to vote for him have deluded themselves that he's a Christian. If you know any Christians considering Romney because they think Mormonism is just a denomination of Christianity, send them this link for a quick peek at Mormon dogma.

ps - Romney & The Mormons Believe They Become GODS.

That is what Mormonism teaches. They also rank themselves in an earthly hierarchy, and the richer you are an more worldly things you possess the better you are than your neighbors and your brethren.

The Mormon hierarchy is actually laid out as a pyramid, just like Freemasonry. The Capstone are the families descended from the pioneer Mormon settlers of Utah. Romney is in that top caste of the Mormon hierarchy.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at