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Satanist Insider Responds to "Disbelievers"

June 20, 2010

Baphosimb.gif"After the culling, you will lick the hand which feeds you."

From Aloysius Fozdyke

Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known.

[In response to readers:]

"How many of the Sheeple have become spiritual warriors, through prayer and sacrifice."

A lot. I love Xtian [Christian] spiritual warriors cowering on their knees in prayer!

"It is a also war on the spiritual level..."

Yes. We appreciate that far more than you ever will. Perhaps you should re-read my posts.

"The true arrogance is the Satanists who ram everything down our throat and get angry when we won't just eat it up."

Denied. We give the sheeple what they want. No need to ram (pun intended).

"[Satanists] get insulted when we don't readily believe their lies."

You bought 9/11, didn't you? If not, you did nothing about it, did you? You engage in pointless politics, attend our churches, work harder and longer for less and less, die in our wars, use our banks, follow the curriculum and enjoy modern media. We can't ask for much more.

As for the "King of Liars", I refer to Genesis 2:17, Matthew 16:28, Mark 13:30 and Luke 21:32. Like father, like son. The fruit never falls far from the tree. Jesus is coming! Will you spit or swallow? It must be remembered that this "King of Liars" title was given by God's sale manager on Earth; the Altar Boys' wet-dream. His miracles were events described by those to whom these were told by people who did not see them. Moreover, to prove the gospels and their 'hero' by miracles is to prove absurdities by things contrary to nature, experience and reason. Sure Jesus lives - vampires never die!

"As Christ told the Jew who wanted to put away his wife: "If you put away this weeping woman, her pain will end at death. Yours will then begin, to last forever!"

Any scriptural reference for that quote John, or did you just make it up yourself in the heat of the moment?

Finally, the god you worship wants to hand out eternal punishment for temporal crimes. Hardly just, is it? The scriptures you never really study are propaganda pieces full of murder, weeping and gnashing of teeth. The inspiration of your bible depends upon the ignorance of the person who reads it. Hardly edifying stuff, unless you're a slave. It was Saul who first gave the filth their tongue! The world grows more humane as it discards Xtianity. If god had wanted to send us a message and ancient writings were the only way he could think of doing it, he could have done a much better job.

Satanism as a spirituality recognizes and revels in the here and now physicality of existence - the 'evocation of the open cheque-book' so to speak. The only thing that money can't buy is poverty! We also know that there is a non-physical reality and we work with that as well. Ours is not a faith based pipe-dream. Ours is knowledge and action!


The economic collapse will be this year - 2010! I'm still awaiting word as to whether it will be sooner or later. When it happens we're talking days, not weeks. Kazuhiko-san (our little Queen Himiko: "the double-wanded one" Liber Al III:34) has contacts who have advised that the Japanese economy is doomed - bet you didn't hear that on your free, independent media. When I last spoke to Nicholson he told me that the Bank of England has huge investments in the banking systems of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. You work it out.

We have our global currency ready. We're about to move. It'll be micro-chipped just like New Zealand drivers' licenses. (And if you doubt me, just give your NZ drivers' license a few seconds in the microwave, sit tight and you'll have a replacement license sent to you in under two weeks.) Sheeple aren't ready for electronic cash cards just yet. I'm pushing for it to be named the Novo, but we'll see.

And after the culling, you will lick the hand which feeds you.

Give Us this day Our ecstasy...for We are Your kingdom, for aeons and aeons...



Editor's Note: Fozdyke gave us his friend's testament: " Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control")


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Comments for "Satanist Insider Responds to "Disbelievers" "

Friends said (June 24, 2010):

"Mr. Fosdycke, your name in itself reveals your penchants and your weakness as is to be expected of your kind. Humanity can thank you for playing the cosmic game - you have fulfilled your role in an uninspired and unsurprising way as have most of your brethren. Your "strong allies" have united all the weakest human souls and fed them the illusion - reinforced by your poor, reduced and reductive "Magick" and other petty tricks - and have succeeded only in defining their lack of ability and losing themselves in their lessor endeavors and obsessions. You have no idea of the transparency you have for those "that can see". There is nothing extraordinary in this. Greater souls than your own have seen every action you would perform in times and spaces you are totally unaware of. We thank you for playing your roles, but we pity you because the only humans to fall into your trap have been yourselves. Nothing else you have done will leave a mark - you are far too late... We will remember you for exploring and showing the dark path as it is. Beyond that, no-one can help you beyond yourselves. You may continue with your last, desperate attempts to destroy and pervert the human spirit - all for nothing eventually except to feed what remains of your devoured beings. We can even thank you for not complaining about the price you will have to pay; one your checkbooks will be quite insufficient for, unfortunately.

The human spirit still not only survives in all it's glory, but has developed into areas you have been incapable of curtailing and that make the strongest of your concepts futile. But between us, you have made a great sacrifice, so there are people that will always thank you and - dare I say - respect you for that. We are entering a time where humanity creates a utopia, or ceases to be, and you and your kind have provided us for millennia with all the experience possible of every divisive, destructive, self-defeating system the human imagination could think of. Everything outside of your poor frame of reference is beautiful, and will be used to create a paradise on this earth and beyond it. Human ingenuity has always triumphed in the past, and will rapidly erase the scars of your passing.

May your souls be in peace one day, and, again, our thanks for your teachings. Once you are gone, none of your mistakes will be repeated.

Alex2 said (June 21, 2010):

Actually i just found this site. They criticize your blog but otherwise there is plenty of interesting information.

"Doing a little searching myself, I found a Yahoo group called satans lustful singles which includes a post by Aloysius James Fozdyke, dated Sat Jun 3, 2006, titled Australian Satanist, which says:

Theistic Satanic Magician, 42 years of age in Australia who is about to become a millionaire (and I kid you, not) seeks stylish Goddess with cruel hands and an intellect to match Her exceptional beauty. Must appreciate that there is more to life than Satanic Magick, but not much more! Must be prepared to be worshiped, pampered and spoilt. Has to love the finer things of life and at least have an experimental attitude to Bathroom sex. Please don’t waste my time.


Anyway, keep up the good work my friend. i read your site daily.

Alex said (June 21, 2010):

"The supreme virtue worshiped by the Illuminists is betrayal.

Aloysius, are we to believe no one will betray you?"

Cartier said (June 21, 2010):

As the dark chaos of the world seeps further and further into the lives of men, we begin to wonder if there not is a force at work, a force that is so black and evil that it cannot be comprehended, a force with its own fearful agenda. Is it corporate corruption? Shadow governments? Zionists? Jews? The military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us of decades ago? No, it goes back farther than that, so far back that men cannot or will not understand their own creation.

I will not debate or attempt to prove the existence of evil, God or the soul. Those who have faith will understand. Those who do not are already doomed. What is faith? It is belief in the existence of things unseen. One can see the evil hand of destruction and death that sweeps away our daily lives into indifferent rubble. But where is the counter balance of good? Many say that this expanding disaster of our world is at best incompetence and at worse, total corruption. They are wrong. The endless death wrought of wars, starvation and disease is the deliberate, demonic agenda of the most feared and talked about adversary man has ever known, that fallen rebel, who was cast out of heaven by the mighty hand of God, known as Lucifer, Star of Morning, Ruler of worlds.

Those who debate endlessly the reality of a force of evil that goes back millennia, even before mankind, an evil that was old before the world was new, fall right into the hands of the Father of Lies, whose greatest lie of all is to deny his own existence. The modern age which explains away all horrors as psychological disturbances, mental illness or that rampaging demons are mere sociopaths, have missed the point of their own lives. And those that think that the culling of the human race and installation of the New World Order is the ultimate agenda of evil, also miss the point. The point of this Evil is to corrupt, seduce and win the souls of humanity for eternity in Hell. This insane hatred for the glory and goodness of our Creator, the God of love, grace, mercy, and justice is turned against us and by destroying our hope, love and faith, is winning the battle between good and evil. For in the end, this is a battle for our souls. There is only one choice, right or wrong, good or evil, God or Satan and it has always been so. I know which side I am on, do you?

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." - Ephesians 6:12

Marcos said (June 21, 2010):

t seems to me that this guy suffers from Munchausen's syndrome. A pathological need to lie in order to be noticed and admired.

It is interesting that when people start dabbling with the occult, little by little they become slaves to sin. Their capacity to think by themselves disappears. Their reasoning becomes confused and angry. One just has to listen to mediums when they channel evil spirits. The level of hatred you hear in their voices is insane. Talk about Jesus and they have a fit of rage.

They know they are damned and that their time is coming. 3 and a half years of wars and struggles in order to get in power, and 3 and a half years of plagues and disasters once they are in control. Then, eternity in the lake of fire. Not much to be happy about, Aloysius boy.

Not even 1 in 1000 Satanists have wealth and success. Most die crazy, addicted to drugs, in violent crimes. Many are just "fortune tellers", voodoo priests in miserable quarters. For every Rothschild, one million riff-raffs.

MJA said (June 21, 2010):

This devil worshiper is totally committed to his prince. He revels in the deceit that other liars have successfully foisted on the gullible. He believes his own lies about the victories of darkness over light, the success of the murderers over the sheeple and the foolishness of the cross of Christ. I have never witnessed the evidence of this strong and profound delusion expressed in a vessel of wrath with such horrifying glee. Truly the wicked don't see what they stumble over as they fill their eternal cups with wrath that lasts forever. This monster takes away all my pity. He calls good evil and evil good. He was ordained by God to this eternal horror.

Len said (June 21, 2010):

My experience and revelation is that satan is an utterly defeated foe, he is TOTALLY INSANE, and he knows that his very temporary lease over the governments and systems of this world IS JUST ABOUT UP.

When I read arrogant and smirking garbage like the strutting article above I am reminded of the biblical passage, "when the blind lead the blind, BOTH fall into the same ditch [pit] together." - so it is with satan's puppets (whether they actually believe in him [OR GOD!] OR NOT !

I KNOW Who wins this thing, ... and I wouldn't change sides for anything you could think or imagine.

hell and damnation for the satanists and the tares is not going to be a picinic. it's going to be "outer darkness" [their own private black hole] and "wailing and gnashing of teeth" in anguish.

Edgar said (June 21, 2010):

All this "gloom and doom" is just to keep people scared, as Henry commented below. Why do you think that certain fear-mongers in the "alternative media" as we call it are still alive and kicking? Meanwhile, the few that didn't fear-monger but actually tried to create solutions for this extensive mess and got too close to spilling the beans to the general public; they're gone now. That, or in prison.

Now, I guess this Aloysius kid is just playing a role he doesn't even know he's playing, or maybe he does, who knows? But he really shows just how ignorant "Satanists" are. What, just because he thinks he's one of them he thinks he's going to be alright after they establish their Worldwide government? All right, you keep believing that. Nobody is definitely going to hurt you once you are sitting up there on your throne/office/etc. Hahaha, yup.

Regardless of what happens to scum, it is our children that we must protect. For you see people, this war is not only a spiritual one but also one for the minds of our children. They are the future, and it is them who we must protect at all costs. I hope you guys know what I'm talking about.. I'll give you a hint. Turn off the TV! It comes down to the kids, always. Too many are being taken in by their clutches, be a righteous parent/brother/sister, don't just ignore the children!

These sick people, be it the priest-class or whatever, the guys that run the show down here, want your children to be their slaves. These things aren't immediate, their work shows up years after conditioning the minds of kids. The true bastions that cannot be taken down by the scourge of whores, lies, and blasphemies are "Individuals" that refuse to become part of the collective.

Just remember people, the Good Lord's words may have been written long ago, and his righteous Son's words may have been written a while back too, and the bible as we know it may be corrupted, but that does not stop our faith. He speaks to us, and all we must do is truly listen. These dark people mock us for they know that many of us have fallen into copying their rituals, but that is why those of us that are conscious (or at least somewhat) must tell the rest of us what is happening. James commented below, if it (The good word of God) is a lie why try so hard to discredit it?

They have twisted the words of our Bible, and made countless mockeries of God, but it all just seems like a spoiled kid covering his ears and screaming obscenities. True heartfelt prayer burns them as fire does chaff. So do not stop brethren, for all they can do is scream from the pit that they dwell in. Best to continue being disciples of Iasou than becoming a degenerate by stopping to yell back at the cesspool. They seek to distract, do not let them.

Michael said (June 21, 2010):

don't really know what this guy is on about, I live in New Zealand and we I can assure you we don't have chips in our drivers licenses

LM said (June 21, 2010):

I find it very interesting that Mr. Fozdyke is insistent on dismissing the prayer and sacrifices of the "sheeple" then goes on to say that
this is more of a spiritual battle than we can appreciate. If that isn't verification of just how strong our prayers are at this hour, I
don't know what is. Of course they would never acknowledge it; if they did, it would validate the strongest weapon we have against Satan. They can destroy and take away everything we have, but they cannot stop us from praying. Their only hope is to try to continue to spread their lies and discourage us from prayer in the hopes that we'll stop. Most of the Christians I know are not so easily deterred.

Michael said (June 21, 2010):

Hi there Henry, I hope you are doing well. For the past week I've been wondering about this Fozdyke guy claiming to be a satanist insider,
and for some reason I keep on thinking that he's not who he says he is; two reasons: I read Narsagonan's full account at and the whole "order of the toilet" thing seems ridiculous; I get the feeling he's taking it really far there; I
get the feeling he's a young guy who is indeed a satanist, but an attention seeking megalomaniac with a contempt for christianity hence
a taste to ridicule christians and alternative news sources; I sense arrogant youth from him, I get the same air of blind arrogance and
folly from fozdyke usually radiated by christian hating youths; in my B.C days I used to cross paths with the average satanist. Furthermore
I think Fozdyke and Narsagonan is the same guy; same writing style, same way of thinking and communicating. Furthermore I found Fozdyke's
title on a discussion forum at , a forum where older occultists won't waste their time. Anyway, he might be who
he says he is; but I get a strong impression he is not, I get the impression that he is an attention seeking megalomaniac youth poking
fun at God Almighty and the alternative news arena. Interesting to note: an Australian lawyer/business/famous community man named David
Griffin passed away on the 25th of March 2004, the same day as Narsagonan's alleged death; so either this "satanist insider" is who
he says he is, which I doubt, but that's only my opinion; or he is a youth who planned everything; maybe he even fostered ideas from David
Griffin's death, or perhaps Griffin is the real or fictional character
named Narsagonan; see it at .. Anyway; all the
things hidden and in darkness will come to light one day. I thought I'd share.

David said (June 21, 2010):

don't know exactly how to respond to this dark sider/vampire. Vampires do die!

He is speaking from a position of power. Some of what he says is true. Priestcraft has given us a lot of delusions. It was Emperor Constantine's think-tank that gave us the bible. King James' think tank gave us the popular english version. Instead of trying to defend the indefensible, Christians should opt for spirituality. Christ's teachings are of a spiritual nature. Dogma belongs to priestcraft.

His reference to 'sheeple' is very condescending. It is insulting. He is implying that nothing short of rebellion will give them what they deserve. How can one gloat so much?

As I see it, prayer, worship and rituals have no impact on these people. So, lets get better tools!

James said (June 21, 2010):

I’ve been reading the predictions by this clown and while I am in no way doubting that the events he speaks of will happen, it is so obvious that these satanists just have no idea about the True Power of LIVING GOD, JESUS CHRIST. Notice this creep can’t even utter or spell out His Name, why not? Perhaps he is just flustered and blinded by all the legions of demons ravaging and possessing his soul? If Jesus Christ is so fake, why spend centuries trying to undermine Christianity? Why turn crosses upside down? Why worship a Biblical character (nimrod) and try to counterfeit the Bible and pervert the scriptures? Why relish over the shroud, the ark, the spear, or any other dead material items that touched Jesus? True Christians don’t even worship those things…why would we when we have the TRUE LIVING GOD! You may speak to aliens, work with demons, do ritual magic, have homo orgies, sacrifice babies, and steal all the riches of the world, but where is that going to get you when your soul winds up in Hell for Eternity? You want to know the power of Jesus Christ??? I just dare you to utter His Name and ask for forgiveness before you are instantly thrown across the room and suffocated by the “trusty” demons you worship! I pray that you do repent…because Hell is Real and time is short.


When GOD does appear there will be no mistake! You will know because you be trembling in your sins…REPENT!

DCC said (June 21, 2010):

Mr. Fosdyke’s response to ‘Disbelievers’ is at best an example of an anguished soul where part of the heart begins to know that there is no turning back even when it knows it should. Somewhere deep in this man’s sadness is the memory of a child that once understood love and the need to provide for it.

Yes Mr. Fosdyke your world is clever, successful and unstoppable….for now. But how wise is a man whom would trade an eternity of love, happiness and joy for a vapor of pleasure that passes by so quickly that the ritual must repeat itself over and over and over without ever finding peace?

Many of your kind have decided that you’d rather spend an eternity as a ruler in hell than as a slave in heaven, but what you fail to admit is that you are a spectator whom must sit on the sidelines and observe the spiritual forces at work within you. Is this not the worst form of slavery? For all the best and worst of reasons if you are honest at all with yourself you would have to acknowledge that you have already died and given yourself over to things that hate you beyond even your own imagination. The culling as you call it began a long time ago and you sadly are a victim.

Your attack upon Christianity is valid in some respects as it is certainly true that your master rules the congregations of this world. But then most of these worshipers do not know Jesus Christ as they think, for if they did, they would leave their church behind and follow Him.

Yes I recognize that the world is sliding into the last stage and that your cohorts are in control of some very serious and devastating planned events to come, but we who know our God are not at all afraid of the circumstances nor are we going to shrink from the battle ahead. Yes economic collapse is near. A global war is coming and a new world order will be the result.

As thoughtful as you are to warn us, allow me the same privilege and let me tell you that we true believers know all about your plans, how you go about them. What you will do, why you will do them and of its consequence. We know who your Christ is, we know how he will get to where he’s going and why he is going there, and most important, we know how he shall end. The problem is Mr Forsdyke, you cannot understand your own end because you cannot understand God’s Word. And while you may poke some fun at its ancient teachings, the truth is that without Jesus Christ in your heart you are not allowed to enjoy the beauty of His love.

Charles said (June 21, 2010):

I am not at all a doubter that Satanic influenced people and organizations exist. I do not even doubt that they are breathing together. I do doubt that everything is controlled. I accept that they would like to control everything but everything cannot be controlled. So all they can do is shall we say perception management. First their perceptions then those of others. Outcomes from this are no doubt quite unhappy for large numbers of people. I submit this is because Satanism is irrational.

I do not know if you have read Ramakrishna. I also do not know your opinion of Vedantic Hindu thought. However, Satanism is simply Left Hand Tantrika. There is also Right Hand path that leads to the Divine and Ramakrishna said that this is the path to follow because it was easier for men.

While I am not a Christian, nor a Vedantist, nor this nor that, I recognize that in politics arising in the West egomania is the cornerstone. Even for Satanists.

John said (June 21, 2010):

Thank you for the past two articles. They are quite insightful, albeit a tad frightening. The article entitled "In 1903, Cabalist Banker Prophesied Gulf Apocalypse" gives the impression that martial law and forced relocation to FEMA camps in the USA is imminent within a matter of months. The other article entitled "Satanist Insider Responds to 'Disbelievers' " clearly states that a worldwide economic collapse and the adoption of a global currency with occur this calendar year. I was under the impression that you personally did not foresee any economic collapse anytime soon and that you were of the belief that the fulfillment of the Illuminati's NWO agenda was still 20 to 30 years away. May I ask if your time line has changed recently?. Do you believe we will see a global economic collapse sometime this year?



I think the agenda is to keep us scared. The Illuminati own and control everything anyway, but perhaps they want to panic us into accepting concessions. I don't see them destroying their property or their chattel (us) any time soon. There is money in sustaining tension. Look at the Cold War for e.g.


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