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Raelians Define Illuminati Agenda- Ex Cult Member

April 27, 2010


I´ve read Steve Thomas' articles about the plausible connections between Rael and the NWO. I came to the same conclusions about 4 years ago. I used to be a Raelian guide level 4 and responsible for the country of Sweden.
When I started to see the connections between Raelism and the agenda of the elite, I quit the movement and wrote a book about my experiences. You can find it here for free:

By Daniel Vandinja

Ex-Raelian Priest, level 4


STOCKHOLM--The term "Illuminati" is spreading like wildfire across the world, and people are gasping and widening their eyes to something that seems so unbelievable that it literally becomes unbelievable!

Youtube is filled with videos claiming that Michael Jacksons´ death was somehow plotted and executed by this super secret elite, and Obamas "Yes we can" speech is reversed and suddenly becomes the salute "Thank you Satan!".

Now this is the average teenagers' view of the Illuminati and it makes them paranoid and at the same time give them no choice but to ridicule the whole thing. The curiosity and the search for more information stops there and the global agenda for world domination carries on like nothing ever happened.

I am a high school teacher in Stockholm, Sweden and I can see this kind of information taking hold of our youngsters, leaving them confused. At the same time they ridicule me for believing in UFOs, an experience that haunts me from my days as a cult leader.

Yes, I used to be regionally responsible for the Raelian Movement in my country, and I appeared on national TV, talking about the Raelian vision of a future where everyone will have cloned biological robots for everything, especially sex!

I promoted a world where all religions would be replaced by atheism, where all nations would finally become ONE under a world government.

With dreamlike gaze and frantic conviction, I told the Swedish population that our race is actually a lab-product made by advanced extraterrestrials coming from a distant solar system somewhere in our milky-way galaxy.

I convincingly advocated the view that God is a fantasy and that the human soul is a joke. Eternal life is to be reached through cloning and the true Gods are the E.Ts, who will come to earth to save the just from destruction.

Well, a lot has happened since I made these public appearances. Nowadays I feel sorry for the kids in my school who are growing up in this climate of not knowing what to believe.

Why? Because I know that UFOs are real; I saw one myself when I was in my early teens. And when it comes to the music industry and the political arena, I know it is all corrupt, that it is in reality filled with brainwashing and mind control.

But how are the poor kids today going to understand that this is fact, not fiction. Kids of today cannot, with all of their dysfunctions, read works by Albert Pike, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bertrand Russel, Carroll Quigley or any other author from the elite´s own stock.


(below, Raelian emblems)


I was a Raelian for ten years of my life and I was put on a path coinciding with an agenda that is most commonly known as the "New World Order".

There is a new day dawning for the world, like Obama chanted in his election campaign, but it is a dawn where God is dead, and man becomes a machine whose soul has been replaced with an implant from the Verichip-corporation.

It is a future controlled by alien technology - yes alien! - it is alien to us, the people. The trinkets that we are given to play with are obsolete. The earth is dotted with underground bases, making it look like Swiss cheese. In these luxurious facilities, black budget money in the trillions is wasted on military projects that would appear as magic to any cashier or university professor.

The agenda of the Raelian Movement is strikingly similar to that of the globalists.

The cult itself might have been created to lead people in a certain direction. If the media is used for propaganda purposes, then why shouldn´t the religious communities be infiltrated and utilized as well?

This is just a theory of mine, and I can´t claim that this is the way things are, but I have gathered some tantalizing information from various sources that makes this claim look plausible.

In my book "The Masonic Messiah", which is really just a compilation of other peoples materials (the credit is not mine), I try to give some examples of why the Raelian Movement might be a pawn in the game for world control.

It is available online as a free e-book


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Comments for "Raelians Define Illuminati Agenda- Ex Cult Member"

Jack said (April 28, 2010):

Marcos,after becoming immersed in the research of Jordan Maxwell for a number of years I actually started reading the Bible a lot more, and began to shed my Marxist-atheist indoctrination like an old skin. I lead a vastly more morally-centred
life now, not because of anything Maxwell told me, but the conclusions I came to myself
after investigating his claims.

I emphasize the word research because Maxwell doesn't actually write very
much himself, he mostly points to the work of others. Though some people may
use his work to demonize Christianity, he's actually mostly critical churches
and it's connection to government.

A quick scan of Vandinja's book indicates to me that he operates in the
same spirit as Maxwell, that is to give you the relevant information and
let you decide for yourself what you make of it. Actually I think this book
might turn out to be quite a neat and readable summary of the whole New World Order problem
and I look forward to giving it more attention.

Remember that regardless of what you believe, if you approach that belief with
belligerent fanaticism, your actions and thoughts are easily anticipated, manipulated, then controlled.

Churches and religions will most likely survive the imposition of a worldwide dictatorship (albeit in a highly modified form), but critical thinking and freedom of inquiry probably will not.

Kaj said (April 28, 2010):

Mr. Vandinja seems very confused in relation to spiritual reality, or he's operating a very diabolical dialectical game. He speaks of how confused things are. This is well known. He certainly contributes richly to the confusion.

"Our race is actually a lab-product made by advanced extraterrestrials coming from a distant solar system somewhere in our milky-way galaxy." Writes Mr. Vandinja. That's news. I thought they came out of the diabolical secret societies.

Materialistic robots cannot see that humans are divine incarnations, in harmony with the Creator, and that it is our souls that experience in this world. All that we think, do and experience become our soul's attachments and when our body parts with the soul, these attachments ballast or lighten the soul's existence in the spirit. The soul's progress through purgatory (kamaloca) is well known, except that the totalitarian materialism, promoted by Freemasonry, has filtered this from popular conception in its diabolical mission. This has been possible because Christian theology has wrapped spiritual reality in explanation-modules that evolved over hundreds of years, and these modules require interpretation today. But before the destruction of Christianity they were understood.

If Mr. Vandinja really "feels" for his students then he is probably not Satanically initiated because such beings have destroyed their god-created souls and have no conscience. Actually, conscience is what makes a "real" human being.

Kaj Krinsmře

Matt said (April 28, 2010):

I am a Swede and just like Daniel Vandinja I have seen a UFO, in fact a flying saucer the size of a small apartment. But unlike him I have seen the power of the Lord's name, how it can cast out evil spirits from animals and men, and also anger evil spirits so they instantly beset a weak person. According to Marcos below, Daniel's book is attacking Christianity, so it makes me wonder to what cult Daniel adheres to now. Question for the Raelians: If extraterrestrials created mankind then who created the extraterrestrials?

I would have to agree with Daniel in that the Swedish youth is lost regarding spiritual matters. Most are content with their mundane lives and have no room for a faith. A great many say "I believe in something, but it's definitely not the God of the Bible!".

It's noteworthy that the original emblem for the Rael cult was a star of David merged with a swastika. I view the so-called star of David as a satanic symbol derived from "jewish" mysticism. I am of the opinion that Nazi Germany mainly was a "jewish" movement to 1) destroy Germany, and 2) disperse the snakes that now run the USA. The perpetrators being Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt.

In Sweden many people accept Islam with a indifferent shrug on their shoulders. But if you dare mention Christianity their animosity is fervent and I have been met with rage when bringing it up - threatened to death actually. They don't dare attack Islam because I think they see its fruits and the devoted zeal of its members. Yet many have no holds barred when it comes to ridiculing Christianity simply because it doesn't pose an immediate physical threat, being a peaceful religion.

To Christine I say this: First we have to define evil. To God promiscuity is evil, which is not always the case in minds of people. Actually it is seen as good, right? Because you become more "skillful" in the bedroom after an array of bed mates, right? "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

Christine said (April 28, 2010):

Your comment on international leadership and Satanism reminded me of a conversation I had years ago. My friend noted that "evil is not rational," and I would have to agree.

It's not rational to destroy your own children, yet our government has decriminalized child murder, the early feminist term for abortion. It is now the number one cause of death in the USA and probably Canada.

It is not rational to poison your food with genetically modified crops, pesticides, etc. Yet here we are doing that very thing.

One could go on, but you get my drift: I believe the international leaders are insane because they are evil. And evil is not rational.

Marcos said (April 28, 2010):

I was expecting to find in Daniel Vandinja's book a real exposé of the Raelian movement, maybe with names, organizations and connections of the elite with the group. Unfortunately, Mr Vandinja's book is almost entirely devoted to denying and criticizing Christianity. His views are similar to Jordan Maxwell, a known occultist who claims to fight the new world order. Interestingly, both Maxwell and Vandinja had encounters with demons disguised as aliens in their childhood and later with so-called UFOs.

I could spend some time dealing with the bad etymology, bad history and bad research of Maxwell's philosophy (Yahweh and Jove are the same gods, Christianity is really Egyptian religion and the like) but I guess it would be better to point to the work of Chris White, who has spent a long time showing the fraud that this kind of theory is.

In my observation, it seems that the Illuminati have developed a way to deal with people who are not cruel or ruthless enough to be kept within their ranks: they let them go but neuter them spiritually. These people know a lot about the Illuminati's plans and modus operandi, but they just can't offer an alternative. Instead of fighting the evil guys, they spend their time trying to convince other people about how evil God really is. This is just ok with the elite, since the only thing they fear is a faithful believer filled with God's power.

It is pretty clear by now that aliens will play some role in the next future in bringing about the new world order. Their main role will be to destroy the "old" religion, exactly what Vandinja tries to do. Perhaps unwillingly, Vandinja and the Illuminati are partners in this task.

In my personal opinion, aliens are just demonic manifestations which are increasing in number and power due to God's permission. There are many accounts of aliens running away when Jesus' name is spoken, which is at least very odd. A casual search in Google will show several cases of people who used to be ravaged by abductions by "aliens" for years and sometimes generations and who were set free after using God's power. The Bible talks about a great deception in the Last Days, and this may very well be a public "alien" landing.

This is a good article about it, from Mr David Bay:

We have to be prepared, but we just have to be very careful not to jump from the pan directly into the fire, just as Mr Vandinja did.

David said (April 28, 2010):

Henry, this is really almost impossible to believe! How is it possible that the internal agenda for the whole world is set by and through extreme lunatics? Why wouldn't some sane individuals involved in the "program" seize control? Can anyone explain this to me?

(By "internal" agenda I mean the agenda set by some human beings on earth, perhaps by and with the advice and consent of some non-human beings, as opposed to the true agenda for this world, which is set elsewhere.)



They're Satanists. That's how.


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