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Obama-Osama: Your Daily Psy Op

May 3, 2011

obama+osama.gif(left) Both work for the CIA in the theater department.

by K.R. Nilsen

On May 1. 2011, to the day exactly 235 years after the founding of Illuminate, US president Obama proudly announced that the US military had killed the "most wanted terrorist" in the world, Osama Bin Laden. And after this crime, where a man was apparently sentenced and murdered without any trial whatsoever, people all over the world are rejoicing and dancing in the streets!

Amazing - a tasteless and morbid celebration of murder on Illuminati day, exactly according the spirit of that organization.

There are, however, a couple more points that make all of this smell even more:

1. Funny that this happens right at the time where the birth certificate controversy is at its highest. What greater diversion could have been cooked up, than this? President Obama is apparently a very "lucky" guy, and the timing is just perfect.

2. Bin Laden was hastily buried, on the grounds that the US military had such a great respect for Islamic burial traditions. However, this did not apply when Saddam's sons were killed: they were kept for 11 days before burial, and displayed for all the world to see. And we all know about the tendency of great warlords, to put their captives and causalities in public display, for gathering whatever "honor" the masses can give them. You tell me that the US military/government has no such tendency anymore?

3. Now if the US military was so keen to observe Islamic burial traditions, why then did they allegedly bury Bin Laden at sea, when this is strictly prohibited in Islamic tradition? You tell me they respected one part of the tradition so much that they had to break another part of the same tradition? How stupid can these people possibly think that we are?

4. In no culture in this world is it preferred to bury people at sea. Everybody intuitively knows that having someone buried in the ground, is the preferred option. Why, because we then know where they are, of course. And more important: we know they are dead, leaving no room for uncertainty whatsoever. And with uncertainty gone, the eventual process of grief can then start with its healing effects. Bottom line is that the US military command perfectly knew and understood that burying the guy at sea was not in accord with any tradition whatsoever, and would provoke reactions and tough questions. There absolutely has to be some other reason for doing this. What could that possibly be...?

5. Of course the US military and the White House is now being challenged on whether they really killed Bin Laden on May 1. John Brennan, Barack Obama's counter-terrorism adviser said: "We are going to do everything we can to make sure that nobody has any basis to try to deny that we got Osama bin Laden."

Sorry guys, too late. If you really meant what you said here, why dump the guy at sea, effectively abandoning the only real evidence that could convince the skeptics: a dead body.

6. We then have the congressional statements of various CIA people that Bin Laden was killed in late 2001 or early 2002. This also coincides with the fact that the US hunt for Bin Laden was dramatically reduced after 2002. From regarding him as the "number one priority", president Bush Jr. later claimed that he "did not care" at all where Bin Laden was. What an incredible 180 degree turnaround regarding the so-called "world's most wanted man"! There can be only one reason for this change of attitude.
7. The US military command well knows that doing their thing this way, is going to provoke a lot of contention. Some will come from the Islamic parts of the world, but the heaviest allegations are going to be domestic, splitting the US population even more. The timing is perfect too, as the critique of president Obama is mounting. Just another example of the Illuminati strategy of divide-and-conquer, further dividing the US of A. All of this is probably done to make the "conspiracy theorists", meaning anyone not buying what the powers-that-be declare in their ex-cathedra statements as pure and unadulterated truth, look really stupid. Yet another attack on anyone trying to think for themselves.

Without a body, this issue will obviously never go to rest, but rather separate the population further into "trusters" and "skeptics" regarding the US government. Further, Bin Laden was allegedly executed on May 1., the same date as Illuminate was founded on, in 1776. Hey, what an interesting coincidence - how strange indeed! All of this is going to feed endless speculation and contention, and in reality we have yet another 9/11 to think about now, instead of a resolve of the original one as allegedly intended.

The crazy thing about all of this, is that the guy has probably been dead for almost 10 years already. Seems like some people are kind of hard to kill, especially the ones created by the CIA and the US military to be scapegoats in their own evil schemes.

With Bin Laden officially gone, who is now going to be the new scapegoat? Take your pick, but I'll put my 5 cents on a US domestic group:  big-government skeptics in general, and "conspiracy theorists" in particular. Chances are, there has now been a sea change - better get ready for some action.


Kaj Nilsen is a 42 y.o. computer programmer & information analyst, from Norway. He is working on a book dedicated to cracking the number 7 code of the Bible & its prophecies. 


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Comments for "Obama-Osama: Your Daily Psy Op "

Matt said (May 4, 2011):

President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and others watched the raid to kill Bid Laden live. Well they killed someone, even if it was not OBL. What better way is there for the Illuminati elite to celebrate the Satanic holiday Walpurgis Eve, than to watch a live snuff film?

WG said (May 4, 2011):

Once again an "on target" article. Well written and so very to the point. I saw on the news this evening the White House , was revamping it's "fire-fight" story. . allegedly someone "misspoke". . a lie is still a lie no matter what you call it.

We have become the laughing stock of the world with this escapade, it's not even an attempt to cover their tracks. . It's a textbook example of what my grandfather used to tell me. . "If you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, then baffle them with your BS!" There's far too much of that coming from Washington, they can no longer hide the inevitable, I fear our country is on a high speed track to destruction from within. .

Thank you for providing another incredibly, "spot on" piece of journalism. .

Alan said (May 3, 2011):

The reason the pictures of the dead body have not been released yet is the guy that worked on the birth certificate has not even seen the pictures yet becuase he's out taking another "Photo Shop" class.

Help May Day, May Day

Another O-BS-AMA-erica story from the White House!

Dan said (May 3, 2011):

Kaj is right. The 'burial at sea' is as ludicrous as it is unnecessary. Obviously our government could have fabricated more credible excuses for avoiding demands for a third party examination of a body. They have the capacity to create virtual doubles, programmed to believe they really are the original. The man who stood trial and was hung as Saddam Hussein was likely a double.

I'm glad Kaj brought this question up, as to how or why would the government be so 'stupid' as to pull an excuse so lame it's worthy of a Southpark episode.

The 'ludicrous' factor is in fact a 'tell' of a psychological operation. All these events have something ludicrous in their official explanations. Once you see a few, you learn to wait for it. They always throw one or more into it.

Remember 911, when they told us the kerosene (aka jet fuel) explosions melted steel girders, and vaporized the 'black box' flight recorders of both planes? Plus vaporized the passengers?
Then they told us with a straight face that PASSPORT of the alleged ring leader of the hijackers and pilot of Flight 11 was found by NYPD lying in the street, as if it has wafted down to the ground from the fireball, completely intact.

They do this because there are two kinds of people. The majority or about 80% have minds naturally inclined to believe the easy explanation, and it turns out that sometimes 'easy' doesn't mean 'true'. It's like somebody telling a child that their daddy is a serial murder who's been killing other kids in the neighborhood. The 'easier' thing in that case is to believe your Dad wouldn't do such a thing - even if they'd seen him washing blood off his hands a lot lately.

Why make the Big Lie unbelievable, unacceptable to common sense? They do it because they want everybody to KNOW at the subconscious level that they're lying, because THEY CAN. It's a subliminal message that's saying "hello, we just committed another huge crime and want you to know there isn't a thing you can do about it".

In fact they added the 'buried at sea' touch knowing that people like us will say it out loud - on internet forums like this.. I just heard a radio call in show here this morning with a few people calling in pointing out the same thing.
And then other callers saying "we need to give Obama credit for being a great leader for bringing Osama to Justice". I'm quoting the caller verbatim.

So rather than being a bold face lie, now it's a 'debate'. See how they work? The people pointing out the obvious will be labeled "Truthers" and media will lump us in with Charlie Sheen.

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