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Is New Oz PM Head of Satanist Lodge?

July 13, 2010


by Henry Makow Ph. D

In a dramatic coup June 24 2010, Julia Gillard took over as Prime Minister from Kevin Rudd and became Australia's first female PM.

Gillard is the first PM to be unmarried and a lesbian. (She is in a relationship with Tim Mathieson - who is a "beard.") She is the first PM to be sworn in without making reference to God. (Gillard is an atheist and has no religious beliefs.)

A reader has suggested that Gillard is head of the Satanic Alpha lodge of Sydney ("Australia`s global satanic legacy and future.")

This is based on the posthumous confessions of a leading Australian Satanist "Frater 616": 

"Some of the deadliest, most effective and disarming assassins are women. Within the Alpha Lodges they are worshipped as embodiments of the Dark Goddess - who is known by many names and is virgin still! Currently the Outer Head of the Alpha Lodge Australasia is a very highly placed and successful Federal politician - whose Satanic name is Bestia."

We asked Aloysius Fozdyke, (the man who brought Frater 616's testimony to the world,) to comment. He is a member of the Alpha Lodge and we assume acts with their authorization.

His reply on the "Bestia"-Gillard connection: " I'd rather not comment at this stage."

Our reader continues, "there is only one female politician in Australia who fits "Frater 616"`s allusions to a "t"; and that person is Julia Gillard."

He says, "a closer study of photos of Julia Gillard (as well as ... European High Commissioner Herman van Rompuy, btw) clearly point to psycho-pathological traits - in Ms Gillard`s case those of the sadistic personality type. I would therefore venture the claim that Ms. Gillard is not only "a communist lesbian", but that she is in fact the head of the Satanic Alpha lodge - the "Bestia" mentioned by Frater 616; and the very person whose predilection is ritual child abuse."

Our reader continues:"In the same manner as Mr. van Rompuy has been placed at the very epicentre of European power (by his handlers Brzezinski and Kissinger; who "just happened to dine with him" in Belgium, on the very night of his election in November 2009.)"

"Ms. Gillard has now been placed in control of the south-east Asian region, quite possibly in preparation for the soon-to-be implementation of specific "new rules of societal conduct" be dictated by these very circles."

"Please also note these further clues: 1) Ms. Gillard is childless; although she obviously "enjoys" (as previous minister of education) concerning herself with children, she does not (as stated in an ABC interview of 2009) "especially like them".

"2) Ms. Gillard is "an atheist". Oh really? this might not be wholly dishonest, but actually a half-truth: if Ms. Gillard`s master is Satan ("the lord of this world"), as I would suggest, then she is -true to her beliefs- simply "hiding" this fact "in plain sight", as Satanists are wont to do.

"3) Ms. Gillard came to power very suddenly and in a most conniving "unusual" fashion; this would seem to point to hidden strings being pulled; strings such as those found in secret societies and brought to bear at the crucial time - and with deadly force. Further "enjoyment" is then drawn from the distress and shock of the opponent; in our case from the tearful downfall of Kevin Rudd (who would seem as decent a human being as they come, in the guise of politicians anyway.)

4) Ms Gillard is currently the only "highly placed and successful federal (female) politician"...her curriculum vitae, her views, as well as her highly suspect private life and "preferences" fit Frater 616`s description perfectly. all said, I`m sure that by following this admittedly still rather basic line of enquiry, others (perhaps more at home in Australian politics) will be able to add further evidence to my thesis.

In conclusion, the thesis that Gillard is the Head of an important Satanic Lodge is consistent with the claims made by both Frater 616 and Fozdyke that leading members of society, especially politicians, are Satanists. The fact that Fozdyke declines to comment is significant.

Here is the rest of the original article by "Matt" on Gillard. She certainly fits the profile in light of the occult and satanic roots of Communism and Lesbianism:

She was sworn in by Australia's first female Governor General (Quentin Bryce.) Bryce has held numerous high offices with the aim of advancing women's and "minority" rights at the expense of the Australia's European majority. Bryce's daughter is married to Bill Shorten who was pivotal in binging Gillard into the office of PM.  

When she was at high school, Gillard was mentored by the Jewish liberal (i.e. Communist) Marlene Pilowski. When she moved to Melbourne to attend  university, she became the Education Vice President of the left wing (i.e. Communist) AUS (Australian Union of Students), and later was its President.

Gillard was in the Socialist Forum from her university days. The forum's objectives were to create a socialist / feminist society through Labor governments. It originally consisted of ex-members of the Victorian branch of the Communist Party and some ALP members. Gillard was one of the two original paid organizers of the Forum. She wrote numerous documents for the Socialist Forum including 'Being a Socialist Teacher' and 'Future Directions of the Left'. It was also through the Forum that she met Labor heavy-weight Joan Kirner and worked closely with her on Labor's Affirmative Action Plan. Gillard  wrote the constitution for the pro-abortion feminist organization EMILY's List (in Australia), which supports "progressive" Labor women.  

In 2006, when in opposition, Gillard voted for legalizing the abortion pill RU486 and for stem cell research, which both became law. In March 2010, when she was Education Minister, Senator Ron Boswell said that "Julia Gillard's new [education] curriculum reads like a learners manual for international socialism". 

As PM, Gillard has tried to assuage Australians by painting herself as a moderate. She has also distanced herself from Rudd, who had become the fall-guy for a bad government. Gillard however should take more blame as she was one of the "gang of 4" that made the decisions. She was directly behind the Building Education Revolution (BER) scandal over building unneeded overpriced schhools.

In less than three years, the Labor Government has gone from a 20 billion dollar surplus (left by Howard) to 148 billion debt, and is borrowing an extra $150 million every day. The common theme in Federal and state politics is that Labor governments create massive debt, and the Conservatives (Liberal / National party governments) pay that debt off. The main point though is missed - governments shouldn't be borrowing or repaying money from off-shore lenders in the first place.  

Before holding the next general election (probably this year), Gillard wll have to straighten out 3 key policy areas. She compromised on the mining tax, which was originally introduced by Rudd to pay off debt. With her dodgy projection figures, she claimed it would bring the budget back into the black, but this is unlikely.  

The second issue, that of the "boat people". Boat arrivals have increased at over 50 times the rate under Howard because of Rudd's loose regulations. Boat people are considered queue jumpers. Gillard said that they will be processed in East Timor although there is no centre there. She is ignoring the centre already built at Nauru. Gusmao, the PM of East Timor claims he wasn't consulted and didn't want a centre in his country.  

The third issue is the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS.) Rudd initially pushed it hard, but it was defeated in the Senate. The average Australian didn't really understand what it was, but many have since woken up that it is essentially a big expense which will effect ordinary people. The ETS is not about saving the environment so much as social change and the redistribution of wealth.  

Gillard who has painted herself to be a bit of a non-scary moderate, is red at the centre. The media distracts and woos the dumb masses with news about about her latest haircuts, etc (her gay boyfriend Mathieson is a hairdresser.) It is her aim however to re-engineer society, but years of the Left's influence in Labor governments, education and the media has already done that.

As PM, Gillard just looks like another version of Rudd. Pretending to listen to the people, she instead pushes the NWO agenda. Being a non-religious 50 year old woman in a de-facto relationship is nothing unusual in Australia anymore. Gillard simply mirrors what Australia already is, while helping to push it ever closer to extinction in the name of "tolerance."


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Comments for "Is New Oz PM Head of Satanist Lodge?"

Peter said (July 19, 2010):

Dear Henry, it is marvelous the material you wrote about Jullia Gillard. Problem here is the Press is controlled
otherwise,as a political jourtnalist for 30 years I would venture to expose the bitch.

Tim said (July 19, 2010):

In response to James comment:

The article you referenced does not say Prime Minister Gillard is meeting with the witches coven, it’s says the coven will “will invite Ms Gillard's energy into their magic circle”. This is new age speak for some spiritual force belonging to Gillard coming to their meeting.

In response to Christopher:

I’ts great that Bob Brown goes to the people honestly as a gay. He’s achieved many good things and is well respected in the community.

Julia however, seeks to deceive the Australian electorate, by actively conspiring to fabricate a totally false image, with the help of a male (“Beard”).

This is democracy we are talking about here, the people have the right to know who they are honestly voting for.

She is inherently a liar and deceiver already.

Christopher said (July 18, 2010):

Hey nice article about Gillard being a satanic lesbian. You draw some long bows on the Satanist bit. Someone even linked Gillard to a witches coven as if this is proof she is a Satanist. Witches aren’t Satanists Satan is a Christian construct. Pagans are nature lovers. A lesbian I am more inclined to believe. But so what? Why is that important? It’ s a sad state of affairs when someone has to hid their sexual orientation to become the prime minister, if it is the case. Bob Brown is my hero, he doesn’t care he’s openly gay, hey lots of us are made like this deal with it, we aren’t out to hurt anyone, he’ a very caring fellow and strikes me as being very honest and open. Go the Greens. I like the website name savethemales. From what ourselves, being bossed around by a bunch of women? Haha Women aren’t that bad.. long live multiculturism.. Power to the peaceful. Here’s to a Hippy Happy 21st century..

James said (July 18, 2010):

I just picked up my daily Sunday (The Age) newspaper here in Melbourne, Victoria and I dont know weather the journlist read your article or not but there it is for all to see with a picture of a witch coven who will meet with our Prime Minister Julia Gillard to be invited into their coven circle.

According to the article-the witch coven dont care If Julia dosnt believe in God, as a Athiest.

They just care to see her as a human godess for their future well being of Satanism.

Well Henry, Congradulations on this one-it just prove you are 100% correct.

This Australian newspaper (The Age) article, will put paid, on the skeptics who attack your recent comment about Julia Gillard, Australia new Prime Minister,as a Satanist.

Yes it dose sound hard to believe but after this article from our newspaper (The Age),I believe Julia Gillard is the head of the Alpha Lodge and much thanks to the journlist who wrote the article to expose our New Prime Minister meeting with the witch coven.

Indeed the World is Goven by witchcraft Satanist in the Top of our World Governments.

So you see,things are not what they seem,being Govern by those who are different behind the scenes or was that phrase from the former British Prime Minister-Benjamin Disraeli-'So you see,my dear Coningsby,that the World is Governed by very different personages from what is imagined behind the scenes.'

Isnt that the same as the famous hidden (Third Secret of Fatima) in the Vatican vault-Satan will rule in the Government and find himself sitting in the Highest Summit of the Catholic Church(The Papal Chair) ?

May God have mercy on US all !

Tim (July 17) said (July 17, 2010):

When I read your article on our Oz Prime minister being a lesbian I was very sceptical, hence my query for proof.

You posted my comment regarding a previous prime minister’s sexual orientation being protected by the media.

Lo and behold, it came together to me in a synchonistic way.

It’s come to my attention that a senior media management identity (there wouldn’t be a dozen in this person’s league in the whole country) indeed knows she is gay, and the media are not publishing it. She is still living in her personal residence with her female partner and her male sham partner. She has decided to not move into the official Prime Minister residence until after the election to not draw attention to this.

In another bit of synchonicity, I have a relative who has a direct line of communication with the leader of the opposition. This info has been forwarded to him. So now we know the media know, and the opposition party know. Let’s see if it comes out!

Ed said (July 16, 2010):

Thanks Henry for exposing the what is the issue in our country. Yes our PM is a red headed dike that is a extreme left winger that will kill our pockets through debt; and will kill us through Agenda 21's genocidal plot under the name of 'enviromentalism'.

Secondly give our children, especially encouraging girls to be career minded, narcissistic and to be feminists under the name of 'education'. And boys to be dumbed down without work; how unfair.

Thirdly to carry over the tyranny of kRUDD's proposal to block free speech on the internet under the guise of the need of 'filters' (to block animal porn; bullS***!) to block valuable anti-nwo info.

No matter who gets into parliament. Stuff political dichotomy; they are just actor to make us stupid, just like OBAMA or MCCAIN, same S*** different color.

By the way, do you think Abbot is any better!?? On the new they say he is Christian, but what type? Catholic, nope. Jesuit, YES. So everybody, my fellow brothers and sister of Australia and the whole world, please don't suscribe to politics. Whoever gets in power is a liar, they are puppets of the ill-uminati.

Irene said (July 15, 2010):

Well Henry, I have just read your article on Julia Gillard, and what a load of CRAP.I think she deserves a go. I also think she is a very genuine person and given the chance may make a difference.
I am very proud that in Australia a migrant can reach the top job , without scandle. I also if there was one ounce of truth in what you have written the Liberal Party would have it out by now.
If she chooses to be a career person and dedicate herself to politics then GO GIRL !I wish we had more women like her.
I am not a "womens libber," but do think women should have equal rights.
I DONT care if she is a lesbian, as long as she does a good job.
You shouldnt publish such garbage on hearsay its very wrong.

Charlie said (July 14, 2010):

If you look closely deceivers always leave a door unlocked so that they can be spied out.

Whether they do this deliberately or this is an act of God I'm not sure but in Gillards case it was this

"Some days I will delight you, some days I will disappoint you....'

What does that mean. No politician ever says that!

Could she be brainwashing the Australian public to accept an otherwise unacceptable agenda.....she continues

'but always I will be working to do my very best for you and this nation."

Ben said (July 14, 2010):

Nice article on Gillard, Henry. I didn't think Canadians would be that interested in OZ Politics. You;ve said it all. There really is something snake-like about her. Just more confirmation of a global satanic government. Cheers, B, PS: mainstream news sites won't post comments with even a faint allusion to her being a dike - more proof that she is.

Tony said (July 14, 2010):

Robert's comment regarding the exodus from our leftist and conservative parties to the 'greens' is exactly what the global crooks want. Bob Brown the leader of the green party here in Australia is an outed gay and there is evidence that green parties are just red parties in disguise...what may eventuate with 2 homosexuals with such predominant political roles is a super coalition of the Gillard led ALP (leftist) and Brown's Greens. Which will crush the conservative coalition led by open Christian/Catholic Tony Abbott. The symbolism of a huge conservative defeat would be a delight to God's enemies.

On your comments about ex-PM Rudd , he was a complete shill of the elite puppeteers and failed them big time, as a result of Abbott quashing the ETS in the Australian senate when he took control of the conservative party, some would argue in the nick of time.

Jack said (July 13, 2010):

Yes the article depicts the PM well. She's also a shill for the UN. And the UN is a facade for the supergovernment aka The Roundtable.

What the article failed to mention is that Ms Gillard is not just the nation's first female PM, she's holds the dubious distinction of being the nation's first female PM fornicatrix.

I'm unsure how the average Ozzie demodulates the recent Rudd usurpation by Gillard, but in one respect if she exhibits such ruthlessness to a colleague what ruthless plans has she for Australian society?

The more important aspect is the speed ast which Komrade Rudd rolled-over to Komrade Gillard. One must ponder the liklehood this coup was wonderfully contrived in the PR department of the Fabian wizards.

With an onrushing markets implosion and an economic crash Ms Gillard would want to hold an election before September...while she's still the darling of the media because Ozzie media, like Ms Gillard, is quick to stab in the back tomorrow those it adores today.

James said (July 12, 2010):

Lesbians! Communists! Everywhere! What a bunch of nuts! If anything, your site does provide a small amount of comic relief...



Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. You'll be laughing all the way to the detention camp.


Tim said (July 12, 2010):

I live in Sydney Australia and have never heard it suggested that she’s a lesbian.

It wouldn’t be the first time the sexuality of our Prime Minister has been “protected”. 2 Prime Ministers ago our Prime Minister Keating was gay with a sham marriage.

It still hasn’t been mentioned in the press even after the marriage fell apart when he lost office and shacked up with his boyfriend.

Not that it matters now, but it still surprises me that it’s perceived as acceptable by the media for an individual to actively portray a totally false image of ones self in regard to one’s sexuality, to the public in order to be elected.

They would out it in an instant if it was any other type of false hood. Corruption or even a married man having an affair.

But be gay, and the media will collude in your public lie here because you are deemed to be some kind of persecuted victim of society.

But when it comes down to it these types have deceived in order to undermine the democratic process. To win votes from those that would not have voted for them if they’d known.

How can these types be deemed as respecters’ of democracy when they undermined the people’s right in the first place.

We had another incident here recently where the state police minister (no less!) a married man of 20 years with kids was found to be visiting homosexual sex clubs for years.

The state premier pleaded with the public for sympathy for this poor victim. The mind boggles.

Tim said (July 12, 2010):

The article you posted on the Oz PM left out the fact that her de facto partner is employed by an Israeli Lobbyist.

AM said (July 12, 2010):

I thank you very much for the article on our new Prime Minister on your website. I along with most (if not all) Australians never saw, nor realized the true face of Gillard. To me (and possibly to many others) her lack of depth and lack of substance is clearly visible. The rest is well hidden.

Our media here being experts in pulling the wool over the eyes of the populace, we have the likes of your website, to keep us informed. And in this regard your website excels.

Thank you my friend; keep up your good work.

Robert said (July 12, 2010):

This story is absolutely spot on voters are deserting the Labor Party in droves, unfortunately many of them are now supporting The Greens who also want to destroy what's left of Australia's manufacturing industry, introduce a phony Emissions Trading Scheme and open the doors even wider to illegal Asylum Seekers i.e. economic immigrants.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at