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Hitler was a Freemason

May 19, 2022

( Hitler in classic Masonic handshake -thumb on knuckle- with Marshall Petain)

Normally we associate Freemasonry with the "Jews," Communism and the Left. But
Freemasonry also has a conservative Zionist branch which establishes Conservative,
Nationalist and Fascist (Nazi) leaders as a form of false opposition. 

These leaders destroy genuine conservative, nationalist and Christian forces, as Hitler did.
Often, like Hitler, they make a show of being anti Mason. (Trump was an exception.
He was constantly hand-signalling his satanist Masonic loyalty.) 

Fascism is just as Masonic as Communism, hence the similarities.
Politics is a charade. We are bystanders. Both Left and Right are part of 
this classic Masonic dialectic.

The bottom line: You could deport every Jew to Israel and nothing would change as long as Freemason goyim are in charge.
The only answer is to end the central banking cartel's monopoly over the medium of exchange i.e. currency and credit. The Masonic
Jewish central bankers are the power behind Freemasonry.

hitler_masonic_handshake_2-2134720168.jpg(Hitler & Himmler in Masonic handshake)

(Updated from May 24, 2012)

by DR


In Mein Kampf, Hitler said Freemasonry had "succumbed" to the Jews and was an "excellent instrument" to entice the upper classes into their agenda.

After the Nazis rose to power, Hitler outlawed Freemasonry and shut down many lodges. Many brethren were arrested and sent to the concentration camps. The stolen items from Lodges were used to create anti-Masonic exhibitions across Germany, designed to create fear and hostility towards the fraternity.

Freemasons were also executed, and their property stolen in countries invaded and occupied by the Nazi's (Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Poland, Hungary, Greece etc). Historians tell us that at least 80,000 masons were murdered across Europe.


(Left, Hitler making the Triad Claw hand sign.)

However, in reality, Hitler's anti-Masonic policy was very selective.The Nazis only persecuted fringe lodges associated with the Communists. Mainstream German Freemasonry, which was allied with American and British masonry, was exempted. This is because Hitler himself secretly was aligned with them. Indeed he was their agent.

A 1997 edition of the Freemasonic journal Philalthes featured an article titled 'German Freemasonry and Its Attitudes Toward The Nazi Regime', that reveals the demographics of the Fraternity in 1930s Germany.

'Several Masonic spiritual families existed side by side in Germany, [and] were treated differently by the Nazis.'

'About two-thirds of the brethren belonged to the three oldest, always Christian-oriented and at that time strongly nationalistic Grand Lodges founded in the 18th century which were called 'Old Prussian' because they were founded and had their seats in Berlin. They never initiated 'non-Christians', that is, Jews.'

This faction was Pro-Nazi. It contained the captains of industry, commerce and finance, royalty and leading citizens who backed Hitler. Many of these men were high-ranking members of the Nazi Party.

These lodges were not persecuted, but they did have to make a few minor adjustments consistent with anti-Masonic policy. Their Grand Master's sent formal written oaths of allegiance to Hitler and they removed Hebraic wording from their rituals.

stamps.pngThey united and called themselves 'The Frederick the Great Association'. The Prussian King Frederick the Great (1712-1786) was  a nationalist symbol in Nazi propaganda. However, he was also the founder and patron of 'regular' Freemasonry in Germany!


The Nazis liquidated the fringe lodges that allowed Jews to be initiated.

'During the 19th century, five more German Grand Lodges were founded and a further one in 1924. They were called 'humanitarian' and initiated men of any religious denomination.'

They espoused liberal and internationalist politics. They were allied with the Communists: Hitler shut them down.

The Prussian alliance refused to recognize these lodges.

'In 1922, the Old Prussian Grand Lodges decided to withdraw from the German Grand Lodges' Alliance founded in 1872, explaining: 'There is a border which strongly differentiates humanitarian from Old Prussian national Freemasonry. We, the three Old Prussian Grand Lodges refuse to take part in the general humanitarian fraternization movement between people in the world.'

kissinger_putin_masonic_handshake (1).jpg

(Putin, Kissinger exchange Masonic handshake.)

Essentially, the large and powerful lodges in Germany united to eliminate their much smaller neighbors. So, rather than being an attack on the Fraternity as a whole, Hitler's anti-Masonic policy was really contrived Masonic in-fighting! 

World War Two should also be seen in this light.



The Prussian Lodges were the only German Lodges recognized by British and American Freemasonry.

They share a common history. Prussian King Frederick the Great played an important role in the creation of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Official Masonic history records:


mqdefault (1).jpg

  (Trump constantly makes Eye of Horus and Inverted Pyramid signs. Admits he is a Freemason) 

"The Scottish Rite had its beginning in France, when in 1754, the Chevalier de Bonneville established in Paris, a chapter of twenty-five so-called High Degrees which, including the three symbolic Degrees, these High Degrees were called the Rite of Perfection.

 In 1758 these Degrees were taken to Berlin and placed under a body called the Council of Emperors of the East and West, and in 1762 Frederick the Great of Prussia became the head of the Rite and promulgated what is known as the Constitution of 1762. In 1786 a reorganization took place in which eight Degrees were added to the twenty-five, and the name changed to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry."

 The Prussian Lodges were what tied the Western powers to Nazi Germany. This is why Freemasons like Henry Ford aided Hitler.

The lodges had particularly strong ties with the Prussian Royal family in Britain. It is well known that the British Royals were Nazi sympathizers, for instance, all four of Prince Philip's sisters married high-ranking Nazis.

However, some Royals were privy to the agenda for WW2 and some weren't. The Illuminati planned for Germany to lose the war, so the genuine Nazi collaborators had to be purged in case they sabotaged the script.

geo.jpegOne of the most infamous murders of WW2 was of Prince George, Duke of Kent.

The Duke was a virulent Nazi supporter. In 1939, he was elected Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.

In 1941, Prince George and the Duke of Hamilton conducted a secret meeting with Rudolf Hess in Scotland in an attempt to negotiate a peace treaty between the rival powers. The British government arrested Hess and put him in prison for the rest of his life.

The repercussions for Prince George were even more severe. Six months after this meeting, his plane was shot down.

 Sir Anthony Blunt claims that the Prince was murdered on the orders of Winston Churchill.




Freemasonry was behind all of the major players in WW2

Freemasonry was behind the 'right-wing' Fascist Nazis. The Prussian Lodges in Germany were integral to building up the Nazi party. The Swastika is a symbol used in high Masonic Degrees today; apparently it is the ancient "Furthore" Rune Script for the letter "G", the most important and universal symbol in Freemasonry.


( Fascism is just as Masonic as Communism, hence their similarities.)

Freemasonry was also behind the 'left-wing' Soviets. Karl Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were all Masons. The flag of Communist East Germany featured the Masonic compass.

Freemasonry was also behind the 'Capitalists.' Both Churchill and FDR were Masons.

Politics and history are a charade. The real war is between Satanists and humanity. Freemasonry organizes our elections and wars so nations remain divided and are destroyed. (Thus British Masons betrayed British agents to the Nazis.)  We are indeed mind prisoners of a satanic cult, mice in their laboratory



(l. Mike Pence-- Sign of Baphomet) 

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First Comment by Eliezer


Pursuant to "Nazis were Against Freemasonry -- Masonic Ruse" , many are those who have mistaken the Nazi movement for a right-wing conservative ideological movement. Nothing could be further from the truth. As researcher Rabbi Marvin Antelman writes... "Indeed, even though Hitler in his later years did condemn Karl Marx and Marxism, the fact of the matter is that National Socialism was Socialism and that, indeed..." early Nazi regalia combined busts of Karl Marx and Nazi Emblems along with the hammer and sickle, as shown in the 1934 Nazi Labor Day Medal Depicting a dominant bust of a young Karl Marx, Hammer and Sickle, Nazi Eagle and Swastika . [Nazi Regalia, Ballantine 1971]

ivanka.jpg(Ivana- triad claw) 

Further, Antelman writes, "Once we realize the regalia is a dead giveaway of the Nazi connection (with Marxism), we can better begin to understand why there was a treaty between Communist Stalin and Hitler. The treaty provided that Stalin would remain neutral against Hitler. It began in August, 1939, and terminated with the invasion of Russia by Hitler in June of 1941. It would also better explain why leftists -- cooperated with Hitler. This includes such infamous personalities as a practising Christian named Walerner Von Oppenheim. He was a member of the Board of Directors of I.G. Farben, sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trials and executed. He was considered a Jew under the Nuremberg Laws, but Hitler had him exempted as an "Honorary Aryan." [Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, To Eliminate The Opiate, Vol. 2, 2002:215-216]
Rabbi Antelman explains, "What is often forgotten is that much of American anti-Semitism during the 19th century was aggravated by none other than Karl Marx, who was given a free hand in Horace Greely's Herald Tribune to write diatribes about Jews, and which Marx published in his infamous "A World Without Jews." [ibid]
When it comes to an occultic history of Hitler's more plausible origins, and the true makeup and motives for the Holocaust itself, Rabbi Antelman takes us further down the rabbit hole than any man in recent history. Indeed, Antelman explains how... "The Sabbatian ritual which conceived Adolph Hitler on the 9th of Av, fast Day for the destruction of the First and Second Temples on July 20, 1888, Hitler was born 9 months later April 20, 1889. Accordingly, his real father was not Alois Shickelgruber and his Sabbatian roots are also maternal stemming from the Strones family." For further reading...
See, To Eliminate The Opiate, Vols 1 & 2 - 
Also, Listen to Interview with Rabbi Antelman @
To Eliminate The Opiate Vol 1, complete book online here...

"...Be this as it may, the Führer's origin remains (still) more or less shrouded in darkness, as it is not possible to trace any further than to those dates and individuals mentioned above, at least not with any certainty. Even the village Strones, the scene of this fateful childbirth exists no longer--Adolf Hitler ordered it destroyed ... So far, one can find no mention or history of a "Strones Family" on search engines, ostensibly after which the town of Strones was named. One does however, gain a distinct but guarded impression, Hitler was conceived specifically for what he became. By way of curiosity, one asks which other national leader's background still remains shrouded in darkness & obfuscation - a leader who apparently knew he was going to be President of the United States in 1989, 20 years before he was "elected?" Are the Sabbateans up to their old tricks? Was Barry Soetoro also groomed from birth?


Second Comment by David Livingstone:

Rabbi Antelman says, in To Eliminate the Opiate, that Hitler was deliberately produced through a Frankist ritual, on their traditional holiday, Tisha Bav, celebrated as Shabbetai Zevi's birthday.

Turns out genetic tests have proven Hitler had Sephardic DNA, of the E1b1b haplogroup.

(source: Nebel; Filon, D; Brinkmann, B; Majumder, P; Faerman, M; Oppenheim, A (2001), "The Y Chromosome Pool of Jews as Part of the Genetic Landscape of the Middle East", American Journal of Human Genetics 69 (5): 1095-1112)

That Haplogroup also happens to be the exact same as found in Napoleon.

This is no accident. Both Hitler and Napoleon represent the two major attempt to set up world orders (or deliberately set up to fail doing so). 

Napoleon was worshipped by the Polish Frankists as a messiah. He was called the "World Soul" by Illuminati oracle Hegel.

Likewise, we have to remember that Hitler's Ariosphy was the Jewish Kabbalah of the Frankist variety, produced by Blavatsky, taught to her by Jamal Afghani, and inherited from the Asiatic Brethren, founded by Jacob Frank's nephew.

Hitler is commonly believed in occult circles to have been possessed. Consider Carl Jung's opinion on the subject. I'm willing to believe Jung was a Sabbatean, as it has been proven that Freud certainly was.

See Wikipedia article on Esoteric Hitlerism

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Hitler was a Freemason "

Doug P said (March 21, 2017):

I think your conclusions on the pictures of Trump and Hitler making a secret signs is a little "optimistic", for lack of a better stronger term at this time. I make the signal that Trump made, lots of people do it. As far as Hitler with his hand on the hip, the Lions Claw is usually made much more obvious even today. I wonder if those people "in the circle" are starting to feel like suckers. I wonder what it is like to get lead into something, just for the sake of having an unfair advantage over everyone else, then have almost everyone else know what you did, then find out the agenda is against you and your family. I wonder what the suicide rate is like for people like attorneys.

I have no doubt that the fundamental premise of your argument is true.

Milenko said (March 20, 2017):

The Spanish fascists were different from the German Nazis. Actually, the Falangist movement had only at first some fascist traits, but it really was not fascism. They maintained that the state must be impregnated with the Christian tradition.

In fact, Falangist leader Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera had a meeting with Hitler. Regarding the dialogue he had with him, he said: "We can learn from them in some things, as to the organization of work and elimination of unemployment. But Hitler does not believe in God, and we have nothing to do with him. "

Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera was deeply Catholic. He was assassinated by communists at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War in 1936. Spanish dictator Francisco Franco was also a man of strong faith. They eliminated all the Masonic lodges in Spain, to the point that lodges informed: "the columns have fallen". Franco said that he was fighting against the "Judeo-Masonic conspiracy."

As for Hitler, one could not say that he was an Illuminati agent, but he did act as if he were. His agreement with the Soviet Union at the time of the invasion of Poland is inexplicable. However, it should be noted that the Versailles peace agreement in 1919 gave Poland three German provinces in which some three million Germans lived. However, the agreement between Hitler and Stalin was really inexplicable. Without that agreement, Germany would probably not be destroyed in the Second World War. The Germans had enough strength to repel any aggression, but not to beat everyone far from Germany. Why then does Hitler have to fight on both fronts, why he enters Russia, and does not defend Poland from the Soviet Union?

I think that Hitler was a man literally possessed by the devil, and that he was actually an agent not of the Illuminati, but of the devil himself. Hence the irrationality of his behavior.

Joe said (May 26, 2012):

I can't prove this,of course, I just have a feeling that Hitler was sent in to undermine and usurp any collective action on the part of patriotic Germans to save themselves from the inflictions imposed on Germany at Versailles and also to protect themselves from the communists that had just won in Russia and were threatening Germany.

.Every major decision that Hitler made was a mistake and lead Germany to destruction. This is just not hidsight. It was obvious to at least some Germans at the time that Hitler's action would lead to ruin. The Germans who could see this clearly were conveniently "disappeared".

My guess is that Hitler was an agent for the Rothschilds (who also supported the communists). Maybe the connection between the Rothschilds and Hitler was made through the Freemasons.
Whatever Hitler was, deep in his heart, he did not have the best interests of Germany in mind. He wanted Germany destroyed.
He was on one hand very intelligent and a genius,of sorts. On the other hand, he was very sick and perverted in his mind. He was a monster.

It was always very strange to me to read in the history books how Hitler was a penniless and friendless artist/vagabond living in a single-room-occupancy building in Vienna, yet out of nowhere, all of a sudden, He is marching down the main boulevard of Berlin with 5,000 men, all well-fed, in full uniforms, horses (very expensive horses, too boot, and very well groomed), well armed with expensive weaponry. This Hitler, friendless and penniless one day, the next day has put together a battalion costing a fortune. At a time, no less,when inflation was destroying the average working people of Germany, this poor and penniless and friendless Hitler has the money to form a little army for himself. Amazing.Unbelievable!

The history books never explain the inconsistencies of this absurdity.Penniless and powerless men at the bottom of society do not just one day have the wherewhithal and the means to form for themselves a battalion and then march down the main boulevard of a capital city, or any city, just like that.

The history books never explain who exactly was financing Hitler. The books don't touch upon that subject at all. We are simply expected to believe this fairy tale, albeit sick and perverted fairy tale

I detest Hitler. I detest him because in his heart he wanted Germany destroyed.

Clifford Shack said (May 26, 2012):

Understanding modern history could not be simpler. Some people say, "Follow the money," but it is simpler than even that. The clever folks who fashion "money" out of nothing rule us all. It is they that also fashion "history" out of nothing. Modern history and modern money are just two among the other brazen, illusionary ideas that control us from cradle to grave.

Adam said (May 25, 2012):

Correct me where I am wrong here. I do not intend to come-off as a 'know-it-all' in these matters but I am sharing what I've learned. Dissecting this organization that has us by our collective throats is, as intended, not simple.

Within the Illuminati there are many Orders that make-up the whole with Masonry being the most predominant of them. George W. Bush, for example, was a member of Skull and Bones which is a branch of the Illuminati but some may argue that it is not related to Masonry. Likewise, Hitler was a member of the Thule society which shares common traits with Skull and Bones.

Within Masonry, as well as the greater body of the Illuminati, are Left and Right "paths" (some Masons even use the term the Left and Right body of Masonry). This is the dialectic at work...I suspect they believe 'religiously' that the dialectic is an integral part of their "Craft"...If nothing else, the dialectic keeps the masses confused about who to blame for whatever crisis is at hand -- one branch creates a problem while the other condemns and offers their solution and the masses are mesmerized by the theatrics of it.

John said (May 25, 2012):

Hi Henry. The article about the Masons in WWII was where your writer has a misunderstanding. And it is part of a narrative that you also espouse and that is "too conspiratorial by half". WWII was not a conspiracy. It was a real war and the masons and sabbatean Jews won. The pinkos and commies won, to use another terminology.

To try and say that both sides were Masons and it was all contrived is just childish.

Reading the facts it is easy to understand that, yes, there were at the time two types of Masonry. And other books written before then, after the French Revolution allude to this. But specifically at the time between the wars, there was a type of masonry that was basically goys being goys and carrying on about "free will", the "rights of man" and all that type of silly stuff. And then there were lodges that were controlled by sabbateans that had an agenda, THE agenda. And it was these latter ones that were the real threat and it was these ones that Hitler shut down. The other ones were reformable and included in the nationalist programme.

Same thing in England. Those masons that were just idle goys engaging in fruitless talk were one thing. Then there were the others controlled by the sabbateans. Prince George was murdered by the sabbatean masons.

The naive goy masons that really didn't know what was going on (the dupes, useful idiots) found themselves on the "wrong" side of the real masons, the ones controlled by the Sabbateans. And it is these sabbatean masons that won WWII.

And that is still where we are today.

Thanks for all the good stuff you put out there for people to educate themselves.

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