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Jeff Rense's Abuse of Power & Trust

February 8, 2012

(left, the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld)

No Readers for You!!!

No one can hold our movement hostage, especially someone with US Secret Service connections.  


by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Jeff Rense
rants about our politicians' abuses but behaves like a petty tyrant. He
postures as a champion of free speech but bans a long list of articles, writers and websites.

condemns censorship and propaganda but in fact may be controlled opposition. All the while, he grosses over $400,000 a year. (To be fair, he does work almost 16/7.)

His website is an important center of opposition to the New World Order. In the face of this mortal threat, we expect someone in his position to unite instead of divide us.


I was banned by Rense after a 12-year collaboration for posting this synopsis of Jim's Stone's theory about Fukushima on my web site.

Rense didn't even link to it. As a result, Jeff said he would post my articles  on his site, but would no longer link to my site for me or my freelance contributors. I got a third of my readers from him, and he knew it.

I make my modest living from advertising and books on my site. Of course, I would not continue to send him my work.

My worldwide network of contacts and contributors were an important tributary of information flowing into his mighty Amazon. Irrationally, he shut it off disparaging them all on the basis of an occasional weak item. (My most successful articles in terms of "hits" were written by my contributors. They are a great link to our grassroots.)   

Jeff claims to sell $300,000 a year in advertising. He makes another $150,000 from his radio show archives. He pays about $400 a mos to his web provider.

I don't know if Jim Stone is Jesus Christ-returned or a CIA operative. I do know he made a plausible argument which deserved to be evaluated.  I have a right to make a potential mistake about him without being mugged by my supposed  friend and longtime ally.  

This was a minor disagreement, just one of hundreds of important stories Jeff posted by me over the years. Jeff posts stories about UFO's for heaven's sake!

He wrote hysterically: "ANY story claiming some sabotage or military operation caused the disaster is, OBVIOUSLY, serving the dark side and the nuclear power industry. Nuclear power is destroying the planet.  The entire Pacific is gone as a food source.... "

Then in his most patronizing tone: " I have tried to help you see the bigger picture but I am not succeeding. I can't refer people to your site anymore.   You are disparaging me and essentially mocking my entire baseline position on this and other areas."
One article out of hundreds? What other areas? (I don't share his admiration of Adolf Hitler. Is he referring to that?)   

He could have sent a rebuttal to Stone's theory. If he were proven correct, I would have tipped my hat.  Instead, he dumped me and asked if I "had an autographed picture of Abe Foxman in [my] office? You are acting like an arch Zionist now.  Maybe you always were.  "



Jeff's email is screened. He depends on a handful of contacts to provide him with news items. Thus, I was tutored in his many feuds and hatreds.

I learned who was "banned" and who was "OK." Banned meant no information from this source can be posted no matter how important it was to the reader or the cause.

Here is a partial list of the sites Jeff  "banned."

Rixon Stewart  -- Jeff thinks Rixon "plagiarized" his site. He goes ballistic every time Rixon's name is mentioned. He forbade Brother Nathaniel and myself from appearing on Rixon's site after Rixon criticized him. He said we had to be loyal. This ban did not apply to Gilad Atzmon or Israel Shamir or Smoking Mirrors. But I accepted it out of "loyalty" and the belief that Jeff was doing a lot of good.

Mark Glenn --  An eloquent critic of Zionism, banned after Mark protested some anti-Islam articles Jeff posted. 

Alex Jones --   Dueling egos, Jeff feels "the fat man" reneged on an agreement to exchange links.

Ken Adachi   -- Banned in early 2011 after 14 years, for disagreeing with Jeff over "the driver shot JFK" theory. Jeff sided with Jim Marrs who suspiciously downplays this view.

MIke Adams (Natural News) and Activist Post  - Both disinformation agents, according to Jeff:
"Activist post is the enemy and supports the FAT MAN. It is a globalist site being run out of Costa Rica...the CIA two guys.  It is another part of the 'alternative news saturation' ploy."

The late Joe Vialls -- Joe hit the nail on the head on several occasions, particularly in his research into the murder of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. He really hit home with that and it unnerved the powers that be. Rense gave it minimal coverage and actually posted material along side Joe Vialls work that disputed his findings.

Mike James -- Rense removed all Mike James' work from his website after Mike was attacked by two thugs in Germany. Coincidence?

NewswithViews - Jeff resolved never to link to this site because they banned Rev. Ted Pike for his outspoken analysis of the Zionist factor.

Radical Press -- Jeff decided that Arthur Topham had spammed him.   


Larry Sinclair, the man who claims he had sex with Barack Obama, was cracking under the pressure. He called Jeff and told him he had swallowed enough pills to commit suicide. To his credit, Jeff kept him on the line and then had the call traced. Sinclair was found and taken to the hospital where he recovered.

I asked Jeff who traced the call? Who did you call?

Rense: "The US Secret Service"

Makow:  "Why would the Secret Service, charged with protecting Obama, save the life of Larry Sinclair who could blackmail the President?"

Rense: "He was a person of interest."

????  ( My guess is they have to keep him alive to control Obama.) 

The fact that one of America's "leading dissidents" has the number of the US Secret Service on his Rolodex is troubling. Quite frankly, real dissidents don't call the men who wear shades.

During his dust-up with Mark Glenn, Rense threatened to call the FBI and charge Glenn with harassment.  Seems to me, Jeff Rense is entirely too friendly with law enforcement.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he helped get my message out. I am not controlled opposition. But apparently Jim Stone touched a nerve. If I could no longer be controlled, I had to be curtailed. This is why I am speaking out now. 


I am finding that the alternative media is just as controlled and compartmentalized as the mainstream. If you do not catch on with some large aggregator, your audience is limited. 

The jury is out on Jeff Rense. Certainly his hysterical reaction to Jim's Stone's thesis is very suspicious.

On the other hand, the biggest argument in his favor is: He has been trying to sell his website for a year and can't. No one will pay the exorbitant sum Jeff thinks it's worth. (He actually made comparisons with The Huffington Post which got $315 M.)

The bottom line is we can't afford to let egos or money interfere with the dissemination of information and opinion. The future is ominous and we need to put differences aside and unite on the basis of what we agree on.

But if a key figure is guilty of erratic, arbitrary or suspicious behavior, he should be exposed. No one will hold us hostage, certainly NOT someone we trusted.


Related --  Ex-Employer called Rense "congenital liar."


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Comments for "Jeff Rense's Abuse of Power & Trust "

John said (February 13, 2012):

I've noticed that Rense censors a LOT of NEWS, and especially
real important and timely news, and as much as 50% of what is

I surf about 2 hours a day and can see very clearly what Rense
omits/censors !

Remember, sins of omission are as grave as sins of commission.
Rense readers beware and be fully informed.

The Fukushima earthquake appears very clearly to have never reached a point 9 magnitude.

I downloaded almost every Tsunami video posted. When I reviewed them I could not find any earthquake damage. The people, (being well educated on earthquakes and Tsunamis)
appeared to be actively engaged in their normal business routines as the Tsunami struck. A 7 or 8 magnitude would have caused a mass exodus to higher ground by the authorities. There was no mass exodus visible in the Tsunami videos ! !

John said (February 10, 2012):

If there is any man who did not deserve this to happen to him Henry, it is you. His attitude is almost beyond belief to be frank and it has been a real eye-opener for me. Of all the people out there who strike me as being shills and dis-information agents, I have to say that Rense was not one of them, but in the light of your revelations I shall certainly look at his work with a more skeptical eye in future.

Thanks John

I have since come to the conclusion that Jeff is not a shill.
He is very materialistic and there are psychological issues. Sinclair must have given him the Secret Service number.


Chris said (February 10, 2012):

IMHO over the years, has sadly devolved into a peculiar 'vanillated' Reader's Digest of vetted [i.e. editorially approved] alternative 'news' and opinion pieces. Perhaps Jeff, like many of us who have invested thousands of hours of our life trying to understand and make sense out of the latest NWO genocidal atrocity, or mass poisoning, or... whatever, is just getting tired of it all... and as anyone with kids knows, tired people invariably become cranky people.

Perhaps it IS time for Jeff to sell up, to hang up his mouse and hand the keyboard/microphone over to the next generation of youthful 'champing-at-the-bit' activists who are genuinely compelled to work unceasingly [with or without the financial returns] to try and expose the machinations of the filthy rich liars and cheats who have seized control of this long-suffering world.
Or perhaps Lord Acton was correct when he wrote to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887 that, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."

So keep up the good work Henry, you and your site are truly an inspiration. And hopefully Jeff, perhaps it IS time to retire knowing that you gave it your best shot, and now you can take the time to truly focus on your Lanza collection... because frankly Jeff... YOU LOST MY TRUST SEVERAL YEARS AGO and I truly don't know who you work for!

Ally said (February 10, 2012):

So this rift between yourself and Rense? See it for what it is: This is the work of The Sword that separates the Light from the dark! Rejoice, Dr. Makow! (And good riddance to him and his world.)

Step into the BIGGEST secret, the missing link in most people's theologies; understanding this will make it all fall into place, as we have all been deceived about the "races" and human nature, and have been manipulated through social engineering and "political correctness". (I think you would agree, we don't need political correctness; we need truth, which is why you are worthy of admiration.) But it all boils down to this: There are only two(2) basic races because there are only two(2) seedlines, of which God said between which, He would place EMNITY... That's all we need to know right now and stop buying into the lie that "all men are created equal" and into the people-are-inherently-good-blah-blah-blah mantra.

There is a war raging. We need to really SEE the ugly battlefield we occupy and the ugly enemy we are presently engaged with. The enemy is even planted within our own household, even within our own families, sometimes even in our own bed. He is intricately woven into our lives so therefore we cannot even recognize him! So when something like this happens with people who we thought were on the same team, we are floored!

Yahushua (His real name) said, "Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves." This may yet be an initiation for you, from which you will emerge an even better warrior, which is what you are!


also, Two Seeds:

You will be vindicated; your integrity speaks volumes and shines a big, glaring spotlight on the snakes hiding in the grass. I was already leery of Rense and have stayed away from him for years now. Thank you for bringing this (personally painful) situation to light; it was the best thing to do because that's where power resides: in the light. And don't worry, God will take care of your earthly needs; you don't need Jeff Rense--or anybody. This will be a GOOD thing for you, Dr. Makow! You're already smelling like a rose.

Sonny said (February 10, 2012):

I must say thank you for letting us know about what has happened to you with Jeff. I too have thought his site is a far cry from what it used to be. A site where I used to receive unique and enlightening perspectives on current events. The side of the story the main stream never reportes. But of late I have been disappointed in the content and find I do not go there as often as I did.

I will remove him from my bookmarks and continue with savethemales, newswithviews,devvy’s projects and others I respect for my news of current affairs.

Thank you for your hard work and honesty.

Malcolm said (February 10, 2012):

Your work is of profound significance and grows increasingly more important as the days darken. I would be just one of millions who appreciate that fact that you are prepared to call a spade a spade. Also it seems to me that you are able to do this without malice (a rare trait) so please feel encouraged and just keep on your track because more and more 5th columnists will come out of the woodwork as things get hotter.

Michel said (February 9, 2012):

Rense is all over the map to the point of being off the ranch entirely. I am not surprised he would turn on you the way he did. Whatever doubts I had about him were settled for me during the whole thing with Mark Glenn over at the Ugly Truth when Rense started running articles claiming Mark was a CIA/Mossad assassin setting him up to be killed. Who takes a nosedive into such madness except for those who are mad?

Kate said (February 9, 2012):

Henry, thanks for letting us know what happened with Rense. I've had many misgivings about Jeff Rense and his website, and this settles the matter for me. He has damaged his own credibility, not yours.

What you provide is real, thought-provoking journalism - something that is almost non-existant these days. The kind of "journalism" we mostly get now, including many alternative media sites, is a kind of freak show of scary half-truths dressed up to sell big.

Thank you for presenting information such as the Jim Stone article about Fukushima. I thought the theory was quite credible and possible. And I appreciate being given the opportunity to make up my own mind. A friend once jokingly told me if he ever opened a bookstore he would call it "I'll Decide For You" because he wouldn't want to sell books that he didn't agree with. Scary thought. But this is exactly what the main stream media does, and now it looks like that's what much of the alternative media does as well.

Save the Males, indeed. You seem to be a vanishing breed, Henry, and many of us are quite grateful for the work you do. I know that doesn't pay the bills, but I hope it helps to give you courage.

Stephen said (February 9, 2012):

I'm glad to see there is a lot of support for Henry. One thing I have always maintained is that the anti-nuke crowd are shills for big oil and anti-technology. (The Illuminati hate advances in technologies they are not controlling) The question to ask is: who benefits from the shut down of nuclear power plants?

New designs are coming out and meltdown proof reactors can be a reality. In fact South Africa is ahead of the rest of the world on future safe designs.

It is a bold faced lie that nuclear wastes can't be recycled. France does it, why can't the rest of us do it? Why does it have to be stored away in some Nevada mountain?

The danger of radiation is vastly overrated and based upon falsified science.

If you really want to get to Jeff's goat, this is it here.

JB said (February 9, 2012):

The so called Truth Movement hums along innocently holding on to the naive view (in my opinion) that they can win the game of "getting the word out" - but that is a pie in the sky fable. In the first place, most people don't really want the truth. They want to be entertained - and this applies to many in the movement as well. Secondly, for the reasons I just gave - one way or another, its not going to work out.

Your audience will never exceed some critical permitted mass.
So i think the truth movement should re-define itself if its to be
grounded in reality- not shooting for social political change - but
merely thinking men and women sharing what they know with other thinking men and women. That in itself has value and importance. But we must forever be vigilant that enemies are continually insinuating themselves into the fold. Therefore there is no place for idolization (i.e. untouchable heroes of the movement).

David said (February 9, 2012):

Sorry to hear about the recent clash with Rense. But for the rest of us, it's a good thing. We get to learn what he's really all about. Thanks for posting the article.

Jess said (February 9, 2012):

It is entirely out of line for Jeff to ban Henry's work altogether. Granting benefit of the doubt, I see this as childishness on his part - not necessarily malice. We have to understand that all of who speak up or fight for truth and justice must be under intense surveillance, subtle pressure, and even hexes from the enemy. Such assaults can result in confusion, errors in judgment, and just plain rude behavior.

I hope that Jeff regains some sense and that two fine men can reconcile, since we are much stronger in unity for obvious reasons. He sees GE's greed and hubris as the prime cause of Japan and the planet's tragedy. Others suspect covert military activity utilizing occult technologies - why not both? GE is the largest military contractor. Nevertheless, I will cast a more critical eye on Rense from this point forward. Thanks for the heads up.


Thanks Jesse

There will be no reconciliation now that I have attacked him publicly. I think exhaustion may be the primary factor in his losing it.


Jose said (February 9, 2012):

I too have noticed that his website keeps getting worst.
It's almost as if he's trying to cram as much links as possible, no matter what the content.

All he does is link to the Daily mail, the BBC, the telegraph,
and often to the most absurd, ridiculous videos, stories.
Anyone can put up a website and link to others. He's becoming like infowars, nothing but scare mongering propaganda
staying within the periphery of safety. They're obviously controlled opposition, as Alex Jones, and possibly even David Icke.

One must be wary of all the charlatans that abound in the 'alternative' news 'reporting.' One must be a detective, questioning them as you question those of the mainstream,
following every trail, clue and implication, to discover who's a fraud and who is genuine. Just because it's alternative does not make it true or genuine. There's tons of rats getting filthy rich
out of scaring people to death.


Thanks Jose

I don't believe David Icke is controlled.


Cliff Shack said (February 9, 2012):

Whether Rense is controlled or not his site plays right into the hands of the NWO. The articles he posts stream through his site like garbage on a conveyor belt. The vital information is given the same level of importance as the ridiculous. This method of presentation negates the value of important information. The Illuminati could not have devised a better scheme.

Henry, curses are blessings in disguise.
You've trusted a higher power thus far, don't stop now. You have a loyal readership base that is savvy enough to follow you without Rense pointers. That's solid value. Besides, you are too great to be anyone's bitch. Save the males! Now go kick some NWO butt.

Julian Lee said (February 9, 2012):

Henry has both fearlessness in naming enemies along with a surprisingly spacious tolerance that can encompass most of the wildly varied subcultures and motley crews brewing in opposition to world-control elements.

It's part of having a spacious mind to be able to entertain many possibilities. ( He can even entertain and ponder my views and vagaries.) Thus he entertains whatever possibilities need to be entertained, such as another Fukishima theory. A sign of his consortium-building nature is the wide variety of writers he has been cultivating and featuring at his site.

Now, if anything, it seems that attributing the Fukishima accident to 'the cabal' comports with Jeff Rense's overall outlook. I don't see why he'd find it so problematic unless he views the theory as intentionally fantastical while the nuke industry is a dire problem. Rense himself seems able to entertain prospects of our problem and our enemies with a fantastical scope to them.

I hope this is just a misunderstanding, a transit, a personality incompatibility and not a matter of controlled opposition. I know people are people and they have their pet issues and hot buttons. (I know I do, and I go off on people pretty easily if they hit one.)

The nuclear thing may be one of Jeff Rense's personal hot button issues. I could tell from the way Henry wrote this article that it upset him personally to be dropped at Rense. Unusually, he'd not even written it with the usual clarity, but with emotion. That is not the cool, calculating reaction of an "agent" but the reaction of a man who has his heart into into his message and his work.

Certainly this can be no smear or blow to the reputation of Henry Makow. In all my dealings with him the man has the sound of sincerity about him and a real heart for both mankind and womankind, one that sees the larger issues of mankind, and not limited or defined by his own personal situation. Just as all fathers do.

Personal purity and God-devotion will upgrade your world-dream. Never forget it. Long live religion, long live the saints. Long live thinkers like Henry Makow who can embrace multifarious humanity, yet stand for old values, plus entertain God as love, justice, beauty, compassion -- all auspiciousness. Just like the Vedic Rishis did.

Deanna said (February 9, 2012):

Very interesting and revealing! He also charges his radio hosts $900 a month. Before I was on RBN, one of his hosts tried to convince me to join the Rense network. I thought that was absurd. One can now understand where his focus is. Thanks!

Kindest Regards,
Deanna Spingola
My program: Monday-Friday, 12-2 PM (CST)
My Radio schedule:
My book: The Ruling Elite, a Study in Imperialism, Genocide and Emancipation (Available at Amazon, and other retailers)

Krister said (February 9, 2012):

Sorry for your debacle or break with Jef Rense. I'm just now translating the Jim Stone Fukushima article into Swedish, and my opinion is that it at least, deserves further spread and investigation by the Internet community.

To me the article seems to contain both a lot of evidence and logics, and I have difficulty seeing what purpose any one could have to put up such a story, if false. Regarding the use of mini-nukes, there is a good similarity to what Joe Vialls wrote about both the Bali bombings and the SE-Asia Tsunami.

I think Rense make a big mistake to try to censor the Jim Stone story, as it probably will go viral on the net in the near future. That will mean a lot of lost credibility to Rense.

Doug said (February 9, 2012):

I am sorry to read about the division with Rense and hope it is not permanent since there are few enough of us as it is. I hope he comes to his senses and realises that your website is easily the most popular world wide for born again believers in Christ (amongst others) who have learned what is going on and oppose the Cabbalists.

The Christians who live for Christ and are prepared to die for Christ are those who are defending key strongholds in this battle; their awakening certainly holds the key to the US/Israeli logjam and the great deception of the Cabbalists who have hi-jacked the world. Without an appreciation of this spiritual battle, a subject you do not shy away from, the battle will be lost; the other side is too powerful for humans without Christ at the head. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians Ch 6 v 12"

Educating the Christians who grew up with Schofield Bibles / doctrines and now blindly follow Israel into war need to know that the Anti-Christ empire is based on Jewish Cabbalism - this is the same enemy Jesus fought 2000 years ago and will come back to defeat. Christians shocked by this truth are far more likely to at least investigate when they visit a website that is uniquely Christian friendly - It is the only one I am comfortable recommending to my Christian friends.

Z said (February 9, 2012):

Very sad to hear about this one, but there are a few bright spots.

I personally and a bunch of others appreciate your straightforward manner, it will help to clear the atmosphere. Reasonable people will stick by you.
Fukushima is a planned event, an act of war, the only question is who did it. Any engineer worth his name will attest (I'am one). The same as WTC. Impossible to happen in this a way. Cooling systems are not tripled but quadrupled. Last resort is a passive pump run on the coolant steam - the only thing you need to activate it is to turn an electrovalve on - electrically through control or manually. Did no happen. WHY? Tha Japs enriched uranium and plutonium MOX fuel there. The whole operation was classified and the first people on the scene was an american military team. Rings a bell?
I raised a red flag with you, when Jeff turned a proposition for an interview on Smolensk down. He interviews UFO-sighters, but does not have time for a genuine scoop?
A ton of UFO stuff is generated through former military, it looks like a controlled diversion, the same way as Alex Jones, but he seems to be controlled through the bankers cartel directly, whereas Rense rings like a classic military - naval intelligence or the like, the bright guys with a broad knowledge.
First red flag for me is his "photo" - patently false, with fake moustache. It is a trademark. Any professional sees it is a fake and it is deliberate. The sheeple do not notice. Acts like a wink to the insiders - "here I herd the sheeple, you see".
We have some hint for the future though. The NATO guys were in the picture regarding Smolensk from the start - now you see my hypothesis corroborated in a circular manner. They will not touch it in any way.
Fukushima and Smolensk were acts of war, current act: Syria/Iran.

All the best. Do not despair, things are coming to a head and therefore guys do not have time to correct their masks appropriately. Keep youe eyes wide open and be careful, I do not need to repeat, you are a wonderful observer.

BTW I will listen to Jeff podcasts no matter what his affiliations are, because he is interesting, the UFO stuff left alone.

Marcos said (February 9, 2012):

As a long time contributor of Makow's site, I have to give his readers a glimpse of how things work. Henry never, ever, tried to manipulate me, bribe me or direct my work.
I am just a normal family guy, not affiliated with any party or obscure organization, trying to fight for a world with some freedom for my kids. Henry knows this. Sometimes I have what seems to me like a good idea and I sent the article to him.

Obviously, Rense profited from many of my articles through Henry's site without ever sending me a thank you note (not that I expected any).

I have freely written on religion, politics, economics. Henry has always respected my Christian orientation, even though he is an agnostic. Ironically, I consider myself more pro-Israel than Henry himself. And there are articles Henry posts which I don't agree with, but he always posts my contrary comments anyway.


Thanks Carlos

I am not an agnostic! I believe that God is Truth. Beauty. Love. Peace. Harmony. Justice.


James said (February 9, 2012):

Very informative article, Henry. I've been an avid reader of Jeff's site for a good while now, and I must say you've given me a very good reason to question his character. I find it really baffling how, in the midst of this terrible agenda being foisted upon us, some people who claim to be benevolent and sincere truth seekers appear to be playing silly mind games as if the whole thing is a joke. It's actually repulsive, and if Jeff is not controlled-opposition then I have to conclude that he isn't taking any of this seriously.

N said (February 9, 2012):

This issue with Jeff Rense has really piqued my interest. I've been attending Jeff's website regularly ever since early 2011, after following a link from your website. Since this issue first broke I have noticed the quality of the news stories on Rense worsening. Rense used to be a place I could go to read headlines before they appeared on tomorrow's news media, but now he usually just links to Daily Mail and UK Express stories - letting them do the actual journalism for him. Currently, Rense aggregates what Rense-approved websites and blogs are headlining. It is becoming less about discerning the facts from the multiple news sources and stories being posted, and more about reading someone else's pre-approved opinion - hardly what I call free and open journalism.

Raymond said (February 9, 2012):

I just got through reading your article on Jeff Rense being controlled opposition. I have suspected before that he might be controlled oppostition as well but I just couldn't put my finger on it.

I will make sure that I boycott is website from now on. I have also read other websites which mention you by name when looking up information on the New World Order. Some of them say that you don't know what you are talking about and it's all just theories. I don't vistit those sites as well because of that. I have been reading your articles on your site for almost three years now. Yours and Brother Nathanael Kapner's sites are the only ones I will visit. Most of the time I visit your site and also am subscribed to your e-mail subscriptions as well because you go into detail about the conspiracy FACT, NOT THEORIES, concerning the New World Order. Every time I am discussing the NWO with others they ask me how I came up with this information. I refer them to your site because I know that you can explain it even better than I can and they will begin to understand over time. Reading your articles also hits close to home because my father who has been deceased for three years as of March was a 32 degree Freemason.

Keep up the good work. You do alot of good for humanity and don't ever forget that.

I look forward as always to reading more articles from you in the future.

Kurt said (February 9, 2012):

I frequent Rense regularly and find it a useful clearing house for alternative information. I ignore the UFO crap and often wonder why he would depreciate the value of the good information he provides with it. Lately, I have read several articles where the content seems to contradict the headline, making me wonder if it was read in its entirety before posting. At any rate, sowing disinformation and doubt is a tactic we must be constantly on guard for. Unity of purpose is more important than conformity of opinions.


Thanks Kurt

He doesn't have time to read all the auricles he posts.


Matt said (February 9, 2012):

t's about damn time somebody wrote this article. Thank you for doing it.

I have been suspicious of Rense for a long time, particularly over his fabled secret service and fbi connections.

But the censorship is most damning of all.

As far as I'm concerned, to say that the jury is out is a mere nicety. But maybe I jump to conclusions. As far as I'm concerned, though, you, Mike Adams, and a handful of others represent a small fraction of the "alt" media that are truly uncompromised.

Wherever I see a lot of ego and money, I am immediately suspicious.

Dan said (February 9, 2012):

Jeff Rense started out as a commercial radio broadcasting and entrepreneur. In 1994 he cut a deal with television actor/producer Henry Winkler to host a web radio version of Winkler's syndicated television show "Sightings", about UFO's, that ran till 1997. I remember first hearing of Rense when he filled in for Art Bell's 90's show 'Coast to Coast', now presided by George Noory. That's how Rense picked up Bell's large national audience.

Rense has a long history of building up legitimate investigators for years and to implode them. I've watched. I've never spoken or corresponded with Rense, but I've noticed that the very people who have written to defend him when he's 'attacked' are the very people he's dumped later down the line.
It's an observable pattern over time.

Tony said (February 9, 2012):

I had a question mark over my head about Rense's constant banging away at the release of radiation from that Jap nuke plant. It's an obvious scare tactic against Americans.

Matt said (February 9, 2012):

Is Jeff Rense controlled opposition or unstable? Probably both. Certainly there is nothing wrong considering Fukushima conspiracy theories. While the particular theory presented by Jim Stone is probably not the correct one, it starts uncovering the true story of Fukushima. That the US supported a Japanese nuclear weapons program at the site.

The use of stories about UFOs and Aliens were used by Rense to marginalize serious articles such as yours.
Keep up the great work!

Anthony said (February 9, 2012):

I almost believe allot of the info controlled operations like Activist Post are accurate, but its purpose really serves this...

. They probably dispense this info to determine who's at least smart enough to figure it out, and then they mark them to be thrown in an intern camp when the time comes, because they are able to put pieces to the puzzle your average zombie cant.... A tactic to see who can easily be controlled for their future system under their lies and who atleast has enough common sense to see past the mainstream globalist contrived propaganda matrix. The average MSNBC kool aid sipping Joe will be able remain as an easily mind controlled slave and be allowed function as a member in their society while those who can see past the lies will be deemed as problems to the fluidity of their take over and thrown into camps...

My 2 cents

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at