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Males Wilt Under Danish Fascism

August 7, 2010

viking1.jpgSissified Danish Male (left)

Marxist Psychological Warfare Against Males.

by (the Late) Philip Jones

(Abridged by Henry Makow)

How were the progeny of `The Vikings` so reduced in stature?

Scandinavia is the home of Social Democracy, which in reality is nothing more than `Cultural Marxism`.

The whole social ethos of these Northern lands is Marxist to the bone. But there is more to this than first meets the eye. In fact, Danish society can appear to be something of a paradox, with it's flourishing consumerism (somewhat curtailed of late by the world economic downturn) and unashamed materialism on the one hand, neatly wed to a deeply embedded Marxist Socialist spirit on the other.

Yet in reality, there is no paradox.. What do you get when a Socialist State gets in bed with Monopoly Capitalist Corporatism ? You get as Mussolini said, `Corporatism` or rather ``Fascism`. That's right, I'm saying that Denmark is a Fascist State.

A place whereby even the most minute details of a persons life are regulated and micromanaged by a vast State Bureaucracy. A Totalitarian Regime, elected by an deliberately uninformed populace.


Back in the 1960's, `equality of the sexes` was adopted as policy by the Social Democrats and placed on the school curriculum. At an early age, conventional ideas of male and female roles were broken down. Boys were taught to sew, girls to do woodwork. So called equality was taken to it's logical conclusion.

There was no longer any reason why a father could not stay at home and care for the children whilst the mother went out to work. One of the purposes in predisposing women to work was clearly economic, but I suggest that this is only one `cog in the wheel`.

Men don't like being told what to do. Women are far easier to coerce and manipulate. The greatest obstruction to Totalitarianism is masculinity. The Danish State like all the other Dictatorships masquerading as democracies, hand in hand with Feminist ideologues, has conspired to emasculate the Danish male to the point where any prospect of some long lost `Viking` mentality rearing it's head in defiance, of the suffocating levels of control exercised by the State here would be unthinkable.

Instead, as is the case in many other western lands, Danish men console themselves with Sports, DIY and other non ideological, apolitical diversions, leaving such things very often to what arguably passes for the female here. These `hobbies` are the only outlet left for men to express their masculinity, and the Danes do so with gusto. The Danish National Football (Soccer for North American readers) consistently outperforms sides from much larger countries, and Danish Boxers, although not truly World Class, are to be found around and about every weight division of the various Boxing Authorities. It is similarly the case with other sports.


Gender Role confusion is rampant, particularly in young men and teenage boys. My own Step Son has confided in me many times that he just doesn't understand what girls expect of him. He tells me that they are impossibly argumentative, confrontational, show no respect for the masculine at all. He says that he would like to meet a nice girl and settle down, but he cannot imagine ever finding one.

Danish girls play football, chew gum, shout and behave badly in public, dress slovenly, have bad attitudes and are generally not a good advertisement for the feminine at all. I myself, as a former `Guest Lecturer` have been dumbfounded at the open bias towards girls and young women in the schools and universities here. If anyone reading this doubts my accuracy, please check out the website of any Danish School or University.

The preponderance of young women featured in the photographs on these web pages defies any such argument to the contrary. When a young male student is depicted, it is usually some unfortunately effeminate `girly boy`, with his girly hair and girly clothes complete with those hideous girly shoulder bags.

The whole system here is set up to belittle and ridicule the masculine. How many nauseating times have I heard this phrase, " Macho man are really frightened little boys". How I hate that one, and challenge any `woman` to say that to my face.


In conclusion, what has been done to Danish men is in many ways what is being done to men all across the world, only here, the condition is extreme. Nothing about the masculine is celebrated. Everything about the `Feminist` (note, I said feminist, not feminine) is automatically taken as being the accepted `Truth` and symbolically carved in stone.

One last point, I was driving back from the local village a month or so ago when I saw some teen aged boys and girls playing football together. Not wishing to appear in any way strange, I parked up some distance away and watched, and saw that almost every time there was a disputed call, the referee (a non male) awarded the decision to the girls.

jones.jpg(PHILIP JONES, 1957-2009)

Every time the boys scored, it was disallowed, every time a girl was tackled, she fell to the floor and was awarded a penalty. One could see the heads of the boys dropping, their enthusiasm and will to win being sucked from them, resigned to the hopelessness of their situation. What could they do, everything was against them.

 Of course, the girls won and jumped around , shouting and screaming, making fun of the opposing team. It was all rather sad, and in many ways, encapsulated what has become of the masculine in Danish Society.

Every now and then though, one gets a glimpse of what once was, when Danish men were the terror of all `Christendom`, like when recently, the excellent Danish Boxer Mikkail Kessler won the WBA Super Middleweight Belt. In the Danish man, there is a sleeping warrior, waiting for his time to come. The only problem is, that if he waits too much longer, the Aspartame, Fluoride, 21 vaccines per child, Tetra Waves and all the other insidious weapons being used against him and the rest of humanity by the New World Order will have dumbed him down to such a level, that resistance will be impossible.

So, `Sons of Thor` it's now or never. Take back what's yours by right of your ancestors blood and toil, and stop giving in. Turn off the TV, leave the DIY alone and open your eyes to what is being done to you and yours by a government who's only reason for being is to control you, and drip by sodden drip, take away all the fruits of your labour.

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Response from Michelle:

First, I just wanted to say kudos to both you and Phillip Jones (excellent work as usual).  I came across this advertisement for the Rugby World Cup during my daily rounds on the web and I think this picture sums up everything you've been talking about.  The radical "feminist"social engineering program has penetrated every level of society and you straight men can't seem to catch a break! 


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for " Males Wilt Under Danish Fascism "

Henrik said (August 8, 2010):

Hello Henry my name is Henrik, and i am a Dane. im male and i have just read your article, where you try to convince me that im being controlled by a facist state?

Let me tell you something... the danish government is in ruin and is right now collapsing, the danish people is loosing faith in their government because our leader fails to work together.

we are not marxist at all, but we believe that being kind to each other and help each other our is the right thing to do. we live by the ''Jante Law'' that is an unofficial ''law'' that governs our social interactions.

A place whereby even the most minute details of a persons life are regulated and micromanaged by a vast State Bureaucracy. A Totalitarian Regime, elected by an deliberately uninformed populace.

are you kiding? we believe in personal freedom and free speech so much, that you cant even imagine. no one controls us.

How can our government control us, when they can't even have control over the tax money? our state haven't even counted the right amount of tax money for the past decade or soo. people does not pay the right amount of tax money in Denmark, because our goverment sucks.

i personally hate my government, but not because they control us, because they dont but because our leaders plane out stupid.

the danish role model of a normal male, is a male that is ''soft'' and can talk about their feelings. the danish role model of a women is a women who wants to become rich a so call ''career women''. but that doesn't change the fact that women get lower salaries than men!

we are a social democracy, we believe that everyone fight for them selves, and when somebody fails we help them. because then we can be sure to be helped ourselves. '' help us help you''

right now in the danish society, we don't believe in god and people laugh when somebody say there is a god. therefore without a god you can do what you want, even have sex all the time.

girls puts on sloppy clothes to be more sexy, so boys will have sex with them. the danish youth talks only thats right. for a teenager it is uncommon if you haven't had sex before you where sixteen.

the only ''goal'' for the danish state is to make a Denmark with ONLY Danes. they don't care about control we don't have a totalitarian system, we have socialism.

the reason for why the vikings is no more, is that we have lost every war since the 1500. we have lost confidence in war. we are a small country.

Danish men shall protect Danish women, because the women are weak, sure they want to become career women, but we Danish men know they wont succeed. when they wants something we say ''let the child''.

Danish are still vikings, but the times have changed. there is no need for a viking any more, lets drink have fun and have sex! because tomorrow can be our last day!!!!

Harbinger said (August 8, 2010):

When we look at society today, the Marxist (read NWO) indoctrination of society is that all are equal, all cultures and morals are relative, women are no different to men and homosexuals no different to heterosexuals. This is continually being force fed into our youth and society on a daily basis until no one knows any different (It's also interesting to note how some people, most notably Dave Chapelle, the black American comic, have spoken out on gender bending Hollywood, how they just love to dress men up in women's clothes).

Of course what it being promoted is love. That is love universal. Children are being brought up next to people of all races and sexual choices in order to see them all as no different, thus destroying their own cultural/tribal/racial/national identity. And of course the continuing interracial relationships being promoted above own racial mixing, now looked upon as being a prejudice (read racist) act and belief.

Thus our society is being programmed to be something other than they are. The continuing promotion of love is merely a smokescreen for universal control of humanity, as no doubt you and those who read your blog will know. It is wrong to persecute people because of sexual persuasion or race as we should strive for meritocracy, but we should also understand that John and Jack or Jill and Jenny a baby they cannot make naturally and thus are not to be parents. We must also respect people who wish to live within their own tribe and cultures and not subject them to the will of others, regardless how prejudice they may be viewed as.

Although our society today is being brainwashed into believing up is down and left is right, nature will always have the last word. It's an unstoppable force that cannot ever be defeated, regardless. Therefore, eventually in the future, when everyone is the same colour/physical appearance, of the same culture, of the same sexual choice, of the same language, of the same religion, there will be people who choose not to follow along in line with the rest of them. And like our ancestors, will pack up their belongings in their groups and move to the four corners of the globe, where humanity will again start over. They will strive to be different, to believe how they wish to believe and by living in colder/hotter/dry/wet/calm/windy climates they will over time change their physical appearance and they will speak of Gods that never were in their previous, automaton society.

And so it will begin, all over again, as human nature eventually has the last laugh. Our masters simply do not realise that you cannot control something that does not wish to be controlled.
I have no doubt in my mind that the human race is about to enter another dark age, but this must be done in order for people to see the wrongs of society today. I'm sure there were people like you and I who thought exactly the same, days before Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. You cannot chain a beast for ever. One day it will break free. Humanity's situation is no different. You cannot chain the human spirit and keep it under control.


Brian said (August 8, 2010):

Excellent breakdown of the deliberate attack on the human species that is taking place not only in Denmark, but worldwide. Everything that the writer of that article points out is happening right here in the U.S. also. Just watch an hour of prime time television if you need to be convinced.

I rarely watch TV, but a few months ago I came acoss a popular ABC drama called "Brothers and Sisters" while visiting a relative. Literally, within one minute, it became obvious that this program is a vehicle for the pro gay agenda. Here is a particularly heartwarming scene (sarcasm) in which two homosexuals get married while surrounded by beaming relatives who couldn't be happier about the union -

If this is not hackneyed propaganda, I don't know what is. It is all part and parcel of a larger agenda, as you so effectively expose on a regular basis. This is what makes me angry - not that I hate gays, which I do not. It just sickens me to see the women in our society being turned into "empowered" masculinized shrews, while the disorder known as homosexuality is promoted as being the greatest thing since sliced bread. How can a society not fall apart when the very fabric of what holds it together (the sacred union between male and female and the resultant family unit) is removed by design, AND IT IS BY DESIGN, LET THERE BE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

Guy said (August 8, 2010):

God Bless You for posting the great, late Philip Jones again.That man was a true Warrior, and I would personally ask everyone Alive and Kicking Today to download and read his epic masterpiece 'To Kill a Tree' Parts One to Five.

M said (August 8, 2010):

Great piece by Philip and thanks for putting this out Henry. I too have had a large part of my masculinity stolen away by these insidious forces as I suspect many men have. The lack of the strong male image has definitely had a terrible price in these United States as well, when I see a lot of these "men" in the media and politics it makes me want to retch. Spineless and gutless and they will never take a stand towards anything that is right or decent. Thanks for posting articles such as these Henry, they help men like myself to understand what has happened to them and hopefully take corrective actions. I am only now learning these things at 48 years (awful late) but I am glad.

Bill said (August 7, 2010):

ust a quick word of support and agreement to Philip Jones' article "Males Wilt Under Danish Fascism": I lived and worked in Denmark for 12 years and can attest to the accuracy of the late Mr. Jones' comments. Luckily for me, my masculine identity was already solidified before I emigrated to Denmark, otherwise I would have been sorely pressed to grasp it. Every detail provided by Mr. Jones regarding the feminization of Danish society is spot-on! In fact, ironically enough, I often wondered how the present-day Danish man could have possibly descended from their Viking ancestors.

And the Danish women were fully empowered and raised to hold everything masculine in disdain. I often wondered about that particular phenomenon, until I realized that women ARE easier to control.

The more that I read your blogs on, the more that I am agreeing to your statements about the basis and nature of control being inflicted upon us.

And as I watch the political forces at work in America, I see much of the same forces at work here that so effectively neutered men and boys in Denmark.

Thank you for sharing Philip Jones' words on your blog.

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