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Malachi Martin -- Illuminati False Opposition

November 21, 2019

Vatican insider Malachi Martin (1921-1999) left the Jesuit Order because supposedly he deplored Vatican II, something he helped bring about. A respected scholar and novelist, he lobbied for the Jewish Schema, which absolved Jews of responsibility for the Crucifixion and 2000 years of antisemitism. Martin was compensated well by the American Jewish Committee. 

"Martin was their lobbyist." Robert Kaiser writes. "These Jews were using him and paying him well for his help." 

 Martin asserted that a "Satanic Enthronement ceremony" took place in the Vatican in 1963. He is a classic example of the Illuminati phony opposition. Martin pretended to defend the Catholic Church from destruction, while secretly advancing it.

(Bursting the Malachi Martin Buble from March 2010)  
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Powerful forces have maintained the fiction that Malachi Martin left the Jesuit Order voluntarily or on principle. In fact, this prominent church critic was forced to leave the priesthood because he was a scoundrel and a philanderer.

By 1962, he had alienated the affections of at least four housewives and then dropped them.

When one spurned woman showed up at Martin's brother in Dublin and ask where Malachi was, she was told: 

"Dear girl. I don't know. I must tell you, you are the fourth woman who has come here asking me the same question about  Malachi. All of them have essentially the same story to tell. That they were in love with Malachi and thought Malachi was in love with them."

"Four women?" she demanded. "The same story?"

He nodded, and said, "And one rather attractive young man."

kaiser.jpgThis account can be found in Robert Kaiser's book, "Clerical Error" (2002). The woman was his wife. (pp.284-285)

Kaiser was the TIME magazine correspondent in Rome in the early 1960's.

Martin was a source who became a close family friend. Martin didn't just break up Kaiser's family. (Kaiser and his wife Mary had two young children.) It was much darker. To allay suspicions, Martin mobilized a network of influential contacts to smear Kaiser and have him committed as a paranoid schizophrenic.


Martin's books exposed satanic practices in the Catholic church and the Pope's role in the New World Order. While pretending to be against world government and the decline of
traditional faith and practice, Martin went a long way to discredit the church. His many books were published by Illuminati mind-controller Simon and Schuster, which was a sign that something was fishy.

Kaiser's book, on the other hand, is published by Continuum which bills itself as "unconstrained by the interests of any global media group or academic institution, and based in London and New York."

In it, Kaiser recalls that Martin started hanging out with two officials of the New York-based American Jewish Committee and flashing $100 bills. The Jews were particularly concerned that the 1962  Second Vatican Council pass "the Jewish Schema" which absolved Jews of the blame for Christ's Crucifixion and by implication accept guilt for  2000 years of anti-Semitism.

This is a typical example of how Illuminati mind-controllers invert good and evil. The Crucifixion of Christ was part of an ancient conspiracy against God and man reaching fruition with the New World Order.

"Martin was their lobbyist." Kaiser wrote. "These Jews were using him and paying him well for his help." (190)

Martin was the secretary to Cardinal Augustin Bea, a Marrano who spearheaded the Schema and general liberalization of church dogma and practice. According to an article in Wikipedia, Martin passed confidential documents to the American Jewish Committee, which is a front for Illuminati bankers. He also wrote under pseudonyms many inflammatory articles for Illuminati magazines like Harper's describing the foot-dragging of Vatican conservatives.

Martin had a reputation as a liar. A reader cites psychiatrist M. Scott Peck's book "Glimpses of the Devil"  about possession and exorcism. According to Peck, Martin, although a formidable scholar and polyglot (17 languages), could by turns be a "pathological liar" and a "leprechaun."

In an email, Owen told me that Peck said that
in his book "Hostages to the Devil" Martin claimed he performed exorcisms that were actually performed by Peck.


Bob Kaiser's book, Clerical Error is also about attaining maturity. Kaiser spent 10 years as a Jesuit himself. He makes the point that immaturity is really a function of
having "idols and "
taking guidance from "authorities" like the Jesuits or "experts."

Kaiser was fooled by Martin's collar and couldn't see what was happening in his own home. Then instead of taking action, he sought help from the Jesuit Order, who generally prevaricated. His so-called friends didn't alert him.

Kaiser learned that maturity is not so much gaining wisdom as confidence in one's own judgment, trusting oneself no matter one's limitations.

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me" is really an order from God to all of us: to take charge of ourselves, think our own thoughts, and feel our own feelings. In other words, to grow up." (262)

For a lot of us, maturity has been realizing that no one knows very much, and there are a lot of unscrupulous, stupid and evil people in the world.

One of these was Malachi Martin. Recently, I posted an article about his claims of a "satanic enthronement in the Vatican." I had always regarded him as a good guy although I wondered about his Jewish publisher.

Now, I would avoid his work, because I regard him as a classic example of the Illuminati phony opposition. Martin pretended to oppose the dismantling of the Catholic Church while secretly advancing it. His personal behavior revealed where his true loyalties lay. 

Thanks to Mark Owen for referring me to Clerical Error

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First Comment from B

A few errors in the article, I have read the book, "Hostage to the Devil". I have the book. Martin never claimed to do any of the exorcisms. He claimed that these were recognized exorcisms by the Church. He was also never de-frocked. He even addressed that on Art Bell. As a ti (targeted individual) the slander campaigns are severe. If you see what has come out in the Church - he has been proven to be right. My cousin was Martin's book agent. She insists he was murdered. He gave info to Wm F Kennedy lll, who wrote "Lucifers Lodge". Wm. died under mysterious circumstances. Esp. if you consider his last interview on yt he spoke of this, said he was told hit was put out on him and died right after that interview. These men were not murdered for lies, they were murdered for exposing evil. When the information comes out, the slander campaign starts. Esp with what is happening in the Vatican right now, Martin's name is coming up. They have to shut-up what he was exposing by attacking him. You can not deny what he wrote in his books are proving to be right.

Ken Adachi writes:

Michael Collins Piper and Maurice Pinay both deserve recognition as early investigative reporters in exposing the truth of "Father" Malachi Martin, as Art Bell would routinely address him in his late 1990s radio interviews, even though Bell knew full well that Martin was de-frocked and removed from the priesthood.

Malachi Martin: The Judas Goat Deceptionist Who Worked for Talmudic Rabbis to Subvert Vatican

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Comments for "Malachi Martin -- Illuminati False Opposition "

Wade said (November 22, 2019):

The B.S. that the Jews were not solely responsible for murder of Jesus Christ would be a totally impossible assertion if the public had even a rudimentary understanding of God's Word. This is not complicated stuff...This is Bible knowledge

In order for the sacrifice Jesus made for the sins of the entire world to be legal and binding for all eternity...Jesus had to be condemned by the constituted authority of the Jewish High Priest, who, under the law, had a legal right to make a sacrifice for the sins of all the people at the time of the Passover. The Passover, of course, began in Egypt when a lamb was sacrificed and the blood of the lamb spread over the door posts. That blood of the lamb saved the Hebrews from the death decree of Pharaoh. That lamb was a type and a shadow of the God man Jesus Christ. Jesus was and is the living Word of God that spoke and said "Let there be light". The Word , "who became flesh and dwelt among us" also was the one who walked and talked with Adam, who walked and talked with Abraham, who appeared to and spoke to Moses and all the prophets.

The Roman governor "found no fault in Jesus' and was ready to release him when the High Priest of the Jews along with his cohorts screamed "crucify Him". The Roman governor then washed his hands before the crowd and said His blood is not on my hands. The High Priest then screamed out "Let His blood be upon us and our children".


Galatians chapter three tells us that there is now no longer Jew or Greek...Only those who are born again and covered by the blood of Jesus and those who are not.

Charles A said (November 22, 2019):

Most sinister, are the undertones of what our hero did— seducing the wives of young naive acolytes and playing so many mind games with them to the point of not only driving them crazy but being actually primarily or secondarily responsible for getting them to commit themselves to mental institutions for a period of time so he could have unhindered access to their wives.

When he was finished with their wives, they would be liberated from their committals. Quite shocking the inside revelations. Like many things, I wish had kept copies of all these articles which cover decades— the two different series authors did not know of one another, and therefore could never complete the spectacular riddle of Malachi Martin.

Most Malachi Martin watchers never discovered this and remain ignorant of these happenings to this day. They died not knowing the final answer. He was a very, very clever manipulator, old Malachi Martin. Like an old spymaster. Dangerous as a snake.

Essel said (November 22, 2019):

" ... to take charge of ourselves, think our own thoughts, and feel our own feelings. In other words, to grow up." This program consists exactly in having a god other than God: ourselves.

"Vice begins with the presumption of making oneself master of one's own life. »
(S. Augustine, From the spirit and the letter, Book I, n. 11)‌

On the substance of the article, I remain cautious and do not pronounce myself with as much certainty as the author. Others, just as well aware as he was, came to a different and more complex conclusion. We must not forget that the infernal sect, when it wants to discredit someone who has said things that are too embarrassing, uses this kind of defamatory technique based on testimonies, which we know what they are unverifiable. For example, a theory has been spread that the (true) Pope Pius IX, who had dealt powerful blows to the enemies of the Church, was a Freemason. The same goes for some repentant people, such as Diana Vaughan, a former Luciferian priestess, who really denounced what was going on in some of the back lodges.

Tony B said (November 22, 2019):

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me" is really an order from God to all of us: to take charge of ourselves, think our own thoughts, and feel our own feelings. In other words, to grow up." (262)

No, Henry, God's words always mean exactly what He says.

Everything in true religion does not break down into humanitarianism. The spiritual world is real, more real than our lives on earth, and unbelievably superior to this world.

Ronald said (November 22, 2019):

Sorry Henry what he said about enthronement is true so many ignorant and dump Catholics forgot Mary maybe she lied also she stated Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist this was completed right after it pops up broken cross Lucifer’s staff showing he’s in charge then the true church collapsed big time and still is thank God what’s left is not the true church, he might have been a double agent but even they express truth pride is an evil sin , next is the Third World War which Mary said is approaching and she ain’t no double agent

Dan said (December 9, 2011):

Martin knew the Catholic catechism - the doctrines. He was adroit with any interviewer on the nuances of anything to do with Catholic culture. I've never met any clergy or even cardinal better versed or articulate. The enemies of the Catholic faithful didn't need to promote fiction novels to discredit Vatican.

That was accomplished at the Second Vatican Council in the 1960's. Martin informed millions of Catholics of the extent and realities of the NWO infiltration in Vatican through his books and interviews, far more accurately than anyone else I'm aware of. Martin's 'clerical errors' don't invalidate his writing, any more than Bob Kaiser's politics invalidate his information on Martin's personal affairs.

Where I see harm is that Martin obviously bent his biography the way he wrote novels. He called it "Faction" - 85% fact and 15% fiction.

I separate the man from the work. Windswept House is the most accurate history people are going to get on the real agenda during the John Paul II years.



"The enemies of the Catholic faithful didn't need to promote fiction novels to discredit Vatican."

Then why did they?


Christine said (December 8, 2011):

Thank you for exposing Malachi Martin. However, I am a little confused about the exorcism remark in your article. Exorcism is the act of evicting demons from a possessed person. It involves a Catholic religious ceremony conducted by Catholic priests. It is not a practice of psychiatrists. Therefore, Mr. Peck could not have performed such an act.

With regard to Mr. Kaiser's remarks on "maturity," these are the errors of a person who has lost his faith. We seek wisdom from God, from the teachings of the Catholic Church, and from people who possess it. They used to be known as spiritual directors, and they were Catholic priests.

Achille Cardinal Lienart was one of the leaders of the Vatican II Council. On his deathbed in 1973, he acknowledged that changes to the Sacraments make them invalid. Indeed, the chief Exorcist of Rome, Fr. Amorth, has stated publicly that the new Rite of Exorcism does not work.

Furthermore, Cardinal Lienart stated that the purpose of invalidating the Sacraments was to effect the destruction of the Mass, Priesthood, and Apostolic Succession. New Catholic priests are created by ordination. Change the ordination, and no more Catholic priesthood.

Nevertheless, man proposes, God disposes. Our Lady of Good Success in Quito, Ecuador predicted the present crisis in the Church several centuries ago. All of her prophecies have now come true, except one: the restoration of the True Faith.

Richard said (December 8, 2011):

dear Henry

Continuum Publishing is owned by Bloomsbury Plc, the publishers of the Harry Potter Books. Continuum also publishes books by Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI.

So much for your thesis.

Malachi Martin was a Jesuit, and since the founding of the order by Ignatz Loyola, they have been spies for the Jewish financiers, originally in Genoa and Venice, now London, NYC, Zurich, Basle, Frankfurt, Paris, etc. That does not in and of itself validate anything you wrote.

Nor does being a philanderer, if that is what he was, though not himself married, have much to do with anything else. These are straw man arguments you present, Meaningless.



Actually you prove my point. Continuum was purchased by
Bloomsbury just five months ago (July 2011) and now sells Kaiser's book for

Kaiser's book was published in 2002 and my article in 2010. This is an example of how the Illuminati take out independent publishers.


Andre said (December 8, 2011):

Kaiser's lessons about maturity ought to be shouted from the roof! (especially from the roofs of schools, government buildings and hospitals) and churches, mosques and synagogues!

LF said (March 27, 2010):

A close friend of Fr. Malachi Martin wrote this in response to the attack on Fr. Martin:

" In The Desolate City, Anne Roche Muggeridge documents how Robert Kaiser falsified the facts of what happened at the Second Vatican Council. Kaiser has been described as a journalist who is incapable of distinguishing fantasy from reality. Kaiser is a liberal. And why did Kaiser wait until Fr. Martin's death to make his allegations? If the critics of Fr. Martin are using Kaiser's writings as a basis for their attempt at character assassination, they are certainly building on a foundation of sand."


Dear LF

Yes kaiser was a liberal but I don't think politics taints a story about how his family was destroyed.


Doug said (March 19, 2010):

Dear Henry

I am an avid supporter of your website and opinions expressed thereon but am unconvinced regarding your Malachi Martin article. The Luciferians are incredibly skilled at confusing the sheeple about who is on what side and maybe that is what is happening here. The reverence and exclusive power attached to the name of Jesus in exorcisms is true in practice and Martin states this most clearly in his book “Hostage to the Devil” – very un-Luciferian for a seminal book on such a critical subject. Nor did Martin claim credit for any of the exorcisms described therein.

And the Luciferians do not like his book. Trying to obtain it from Illuminati controlled outlets in South Africa where I live, was almost impossible. You will never find it on our bookshelves (who stock all manner of other esoteric Luciferian garbage); only several requests and many months harassing the seller resulted in its eventual and begrudging delivery. Nor will you find Windswept House in any retail outlet or library I have visited.

Look at the post-publication character-assassination of Rebecca Brown …are Hoffman / Kaiser’s comments not more of the same? I did read Scott Peck’s “People of the Lie” however and was disturbed by the author’s comments; if Martin is a Luciferian stooge I will be devastated!

ALan said (March 18, 2010):

Like all of us Fr. Martin did have his faults I’m sure but he did make several things very clear in his writings. Among them is that the hierarchy of Roman Catholic Church has been under attack, infiltrated by secular humanists and is in shambles.

To his credit, while so many have forgotten, Fr. Martin did emphasize greatly the Message of Fatima which is crucial to one’s unhindered understanding of salvation and today’s moral and political hazards However, despite all that theses obstacles mankind faces Father Malachi Martin is quoted as saying “ A Catholic's life in the moral and spiritual wasteland of the modern era can be compared to crossing a desert. ..."



MM was one of these secular humanists. We have been taken in by an expert conman.


BBD said (March 18, 2010):

Having appreciated MM for some time, I'm not easily convinced and quoting Peck by way of Owens, sounds more like a he said - she said story.

In Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck's book "Glimpses of the Devil" Peck would like you to believe that he had a "one on one" with Satan himself; and that you of all people should know, that comes from real true narcissism. Peck actually ponders taking the time and asking Satan question about the history of the world.

Only a narcissist would think the ultimate liar and deceiver would truthfully acknowledge him self and tell him the truth about history. Please!

Peck is so full of himself it's pathetic...oh well, kick him (MM) hard when he's dead, hell, he can't feel it any way.

John said (March 18, 2010):

“Clerical Error” was written about Martin’s younger days. Those close to him in the years prior to his death suspected no unseemliness in his life, the point being that only the true Church gives to its clerics the Christ mandated power to forgive sins.

A lifetime of sin can be wiped out in only minutes. Fr. Martin received the valid, traditional burial. It is noteworthy that after Malachi wrote “Windswept House”, he had a personal interview with JPII at which Malachi showed him the destruction in the Church as detailed in the book and asked him what he was going to do about it.

JPII responded impatiently: “Look, I am not of your Faith!” (I am not Catholic) Since that time, Malachi Martin considered the See of Peter vacant, although he never so stated publicly. This is the testimony of Rev. Prof. Rama Coomaraswamy,M.D. which was released after Malachi’s death. There is much confusion about error in the Church. The Catholic Church is the mystical body of Christ and as such, is untainted by error, holy, and indefectible. Through its doctrine, it is a self-healing organism, to wit: every point of dogma must be believed, if not, one (Including popes) is no longer a member of the Church, outside of which there is no salvation (excepting invincible ignorance which is God’s option).

“In the Apostolic See, the Catholic Religion has always been kept unsullied and its teaching kept holy… (Dogma, Vatican Council I). To adhere to a false bishop of Rome is to be out of communion with the Church (St. Cyprian).

David said (March 18, 2010):

Once again, Congratulations for your excellent article and thank you for letting us know more about the evil ambition of the “NWO”
domination of the world and mayor plan of annihilation for the human

Today’s National Post, front cover about “The Pope seeks repentance” after reading the article, I had to read more about it and better place to find more like always, it’s reading your site. It just seems that NWO (meaning they) plans can’t be cover anymore, and more signs of something really bad its to come very soon! (Like you mention in our last letter)

Now they want to let people know all about the dirty job that have done to the Roman church (the most powerful) start shaking it and
making all the believers, and believers from any other different religions, dispose God and to eliminate each other so NWO can take over more and more, until they have it all.

D said (March 18, 2010):

Alberto Rivera

In absence of evidence/proof to the contrary, i will remain convinced of this man's genuineness. Confessions of an ex Jesuit Confessions of an ex Jesuit II Confessions of an ex Jesuit III Confessions of an ex Jesuit IV

Frank said (March 18, 2010):

read with interest your article re Malachi Martin . Malachi Martin is very much a case of caveat emptor but like a bust clock which tells the right time two times a day, I think he may be correct about the Satanic ceremony within the Vatican .

The date quoted in your previous article for this ceremony was 29/6/63 . On 30/6/63 ( 666 ) John F Kennedy visited the then Prime Minister of Britain, Harold MacMillan at his house Birch Grove in Sussex , England .. This house is built exactly on 0 degrees longitude, which has obvious esoteric importance and is also about 3 miles from East Grinstead described by David Icke as the centre of satanism within Britain .

This meeting and the satanic ceremony in the Vatican, and the rites in the USA reported in the article, would make some sort of perverted sense . I suppose it depends whether one can believe that the President of the USA and the Prime Minister of Britain could be satanists !

Michael said (March 18, 2010):

You said it in a nutshell when you wrote "Martin pretended to oppose the dismantling of the Catholic Church while secretly advancing it".

What struck me as most peculiar about some of his works is, as you called it, his claims of a "satanic enthronement in the Vatican". And yet he never denounced John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I or II as anti-popes. It is impossible that those men, whose many heresies are well-documented, can be true Popes. Malachi Martin has perpetuated the lie that the "New church" regime which has ruled the Vatican since the death of Pius XII is somehow still the true Church (Siri was actually elected Pope in 1958, but was forced into silence). As long as that lie continues, the true Church will always be eclipsed by the "Newchurch", and the problem will never be solved. In fact, that is why the Apocalypse is on the doorstep (the Fifth and Sixth Seals, Apocalypse Chapter 6, seem to be next).

Christine said (March 18, 2010):

Thank you for exposing Malachi Martin. It has been most exasperating to see well-meaning Christians fawn over this fiend's writings when his life was a scandal and a disgrace to the Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order (no, the Jesuits haven't always been a bunch of rotters like MM).

As the NY Times said in their obituary of MM. he was survived by his longtime companion, Miss Kakia Livanos. Some people never change!

Mike said (March 18, 2010):

You know Henry, I’m surprised…not shocked, but surprised. When I was in Seminary from 1984-87 the philosophical lines were so clear that by looking at where an author obtained his degrees you got an immediate feel for how he thought and the slant of his writing. No so now days. Back in the day I never would have thought of looking at one’s publisher as a conflict of interest when discussing operational philosophies.

V said (March 18, 2010):

nteresting article 'Bursting the Malachi Martin Bubble'. Last year I bought a copy of the book 'Codeword Barbelon' and the author P.D. Stuart sites Malachi Martin extensively in the book especially towards the end. I read one of the Amazon reviewers on the book after I read it and the reviewer didn't find the book credible because of the "history" of Malachi. From what Mark Owen told me about Malachi and what I gathered on him I didn't find Malachi believable. On Wikipedia it was written that many of Malachi's books were fiction and many were non-fiction. I would put them all in the fiction bin.

What a fitting article on St. Patrick's Day Henry on an Irishman that might have been a double agent between the Vatican and certain Jewish interests. Malachi Martin's credibility is zero in my book.

Funny how Malachi was never released his vow of chastity. That didn't stop him none.

Tony said (March 17, 2010):

Glad you got the real scoop on Martin.
Protestants in general hang on his every word.

They are forever (very unchristian like) protesting The Church so they revel in every tidbit Martin exposed or dreamed up while downplaying their own dirty linen which could reach to infinity. This is all part of living in the Protestant strongholds on earth. Real investigation shows over and over again that Catholicism is much less the hypocrite.

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