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Malachi Martin -- Satan Enthroned in Vatican?

February 27, 2010

MalachiMartin.jpgby Marie Henrie


Former vatican insider Malachi Martin's asserted that a "Satanic Enthronement ceremony" took place in the Vatican in 1963.

The result of this ritual meant the Vatican manifested what clerics referred to as the 'Superforce."

Martin had first made reference to a diabolic rite held in Rome in his 1990 non-fiction best-seller about geopolitics and the Vatican, The Keys of This Blood, p 632 where he wrote:

    "Most frighteningly for [Pope] John Paul [II], he had come up against the irremovable presence of a malign strength in his own Vatican and in certain bishops' chancelleries. It was what knowledgeable Churchmen called the 'superforce.' Rumors, always difficult to verify, tied its installation to the beginning of Pope Paul VI's reign in 1963. Indeed Paul had alluded somberly to 'the smoke of Satan, which has entered the Sanctuary'... an oblique reference to an enthronement ceremony by Satanists in the Vatican. 

    Besides, the incidence of Satanic pedophilia --rites and practices-- was already documented among certain bishops and priests as widely dispersed as Turin, in Italy, and South Carolina, in the United States. The cultic acts of satanic pedophilia are considered by professionals to be the culmination of the Fallen Archangel's rites."..

These allegations have largely gone unnoticed, possibly because Martin was so crafty in his descriptions that he might even have been referring to the coronation of Pope Paul VI. But he revealed much more about this alleged ritual in one of his last works, Windswept House: A Vatican Novel (1996).

In this story, he vividly described a ceremony called "The Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer" held in St. Paul's Chapel in the Vatican, and linked with concurrent satanic rites here in the U.S., on June 29, 1963, barely a week after the election of Paul VI.

In the novel, before he dies, a pope leaves a secret account of the situation on his desk for the next occupant of the throne of Peter, a thinly disguised John Paul II.

Malachi said this book was 85% based in reality.

Fr. Malachi Martin said more members of the clergy are becoming aware of the situation. An archbishop also accused high members of the hierarchy in Rome of practicing Satanism. The Italian newspaper Il Tempo and other major daily papers reported this stunning news."

"According to The New American, Martin confirmed that the ceremony did indeed occur as he had described."


Fr. Malachi Martin was given tribute along with Fr. Fiore and Fr. Kunz on the website of Roman Catholic Faithful owned by Steven Brady. Brady was investigating cases of pedophilia by clerics and sought to alert the Catholic populace to the gravity of the problem.

Frs. Kunz, Martin and Fiore assisted and supported Mr. Brady in his efforts. Fr.. Kunz paid the highest price: ritual murder.

The oaths of many secret societies include throat slicing as a penalty for revealing a group's closest secrets. Had Kunz exposed the operations of a cult?

Kunz's friend and associate, Malachi Martin certainly thought so. Six weeks after Kunz's murder, Martin appeared on a radio show claiming to have inside information that Kunz's murder was carried out by Luciferians. Luciferians are not your garden-variety devil worshippers, but they are devil worshippers nonetheless. 

Malachi Martin, a former Vatican insider and expert on deviant sex rings within the Catholic Church, had become a regular guest Kunz's radio show - "Catholic Family Hour."  The night Kunz was murdered was the exact same night that Kunz's friend, Father Charles Fiore, took over the Catholic Family Hour show. Fiore planned to begin exposing satanic pedophile rings within the Catholic Church. Fiore was in a perfect position to collect intelligence on deviant sex rings both inside and outside the Catholic Church because of his participation in the Council for National Policy (CNP).

"Several CNP participants have been close to or involved in deviant sex rings that litter the American political landscape." 

"Fiore said that he discovered sexual abuse at his first assignment and was deeply disturbed by the way it was covered up by the hierarchy. Over the years he assisted about a hundred victims of sexual abuse.

With aid from Kunz, Fiore prepared a dossier on the problems of the Catholic Church in the United States and had it delivered to the pope by a friend of Msgr. Dziwisz, the Secretary of Pope John Paul.

The pope ignored the dossier March 24, 2002. A similar dossier (prepared by another Dominican and canon lawyer, the Rev. Thomas Doyle) was delivered to the Pope by Cardinal Krol of Detroit and was also ignored. The Pope also ignored the cardinal's personal pleas to act against pedophilia,

Fiore claimed he knew of six bishops who were pedophiles. This statement was regarded as bizarre at the time, but as of 2008 nineteen American bishops have been accused, and some have admitted to the abuse.11See

Fiore's most controversial work was with Stephen Cook, who accused Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago of abuse. Bernardin later said that he could no longer trust his memory of the abuse because of the way his brain was affected by AIDS".

Pedophilia is relevant because it is part of Satanic ritual.



During Vatican Council Two, Fr.Malachi Martin made several trips to B'nai Brith in NYC as Secretary to Cardinal Bea. Martin was still a member of the Jesuit Order at the time and appeared as a modernist progressive during the Council. 

There are those who think he remained a "double agent"

Martin did tell this author that he had worked for the CIA as a linguist on the Turkish border at one time.

Martin knew first hand where the Vatican was headed. 

According to Fr Charles Fiore, Martin's the last book, Primacy, How the Institution of the Catholic Church became a creature of the New World Order, (the so called 'survival manual") was never completed. In fact, Fr. Fiore claimed he was in the process of editing the book himself at the time of Malachi's death. Questions remain as to whether the book was completed and somehow kept from circulation.

Some question whether Fr Martin was murdered.. 

Fr. Martin allegedly read the mysterious Third Secret of Fatima, which had to do with Russia and communism. 

Confirmation was given that Fr Martin was relieved of his priestly Vows and Duties and released from the Jesuit Order upon request. 

Conversations with Fr. Malachi Martin near the end of his life convinced this author that he was fearful by both what he knew and what he saw happening in the world and to Catholicism in particular.

He knew he would probably not live to see it lived out in full himself, but felt a deep sorrow for those who were young now trying to raise children in the New World Order.

Although he was pressed by interviewers to reveal something of the Third Secret he claimed to remain faithful to his vow not to reveal it's contents. However, he did indicate to several friends that darkness was to cover the earth and that it would be both physical and spiritual in nature. He referred to communist freemasonry as the "Luciferian evil." 

Fr. Martin Rest In Peace.


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Comments for "Malachi Martin -- Satan Enthroned in Vatican?"

Derek said (February 28, 2010):

Malachi Martin spills many secrets.... It's obvious to me that the Catholic Church is being intentionally sabotaged and dismantled from within, in line with a grand plan (or Luciferian Masonic "Great Work"). There are so many psy-ops designed to undermine the Church's continuity.

The "Prophecy of the Popes" attributed to Saint Malachy seems close to being fulfilled: apparently there's supposed to be one more pope – and that's it.

Anyway, some factions seem to be using various Church scriptures (including "Revelations", obviously) as blueprints to advance an occult agenda. Not that we have to believe in the agenda's inevitability and support it, of course: it may well be a Jesuit/Frankist/Fabian/Whatever-Else public seduction, ultimately designed to concentrate more power and wealth in fewer hands. If that's the case, we will need to design and activate better alternatives – including an end to usury banking and its replacement by national credit. Sound money is crucial! (An overhaul of the legal system will be required too.)

Luther said (February 28, 2010):

Personally, I believe the Vatican is the ultimate 'mafia' and has been through the ages due to the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) and their absolute control of everything considered to be holy, as long as it deferred to the Jesuit version (paedophilia) of truth with the book of Macabees.

When I was growing up as a devout but perpetually frightened Catholic boy, the education we were given in parochial school was exclusively by the Jesuits. This education is described so eloquently by James Joyce in his book PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN. What I noticed most was the Bible was disregarded for the Catechism. The same people were blamed and mentioned constantly (i.e. Martin Luther, John Calvin - Lutherans, Huguenots), however it was never mentioned why these men protested the Papal control. It was not until after I left parochial school that I found out the true reasons for Martin Luther's condemnation of Catholic doctrine regarding the church selling indulgences, and I agreed with Luther!

Much later I was able to read THE DEVILS OF LOUDON by Aldous Huxley and that book firmly defined my position against the church particularly with the Jesuit education. Leo Zagami, formerly of the P2 lodge (standing for "Propaganda") cemented my fears and beliefs about the misinformation being shared by the church relating to virtually any modern issues from abortion to abstinence-only sex education for young adults. Guilt controls the members discouraging them from looking at any issue realistically, so the dogma is all that is acceptable and serves as one's guidance through life.

Thank goodness I was saved from these misconceived notions, only after I had removed myself from the church and its erroneous papist mentality. Anytime one goes back to the church for 'peace of mind', one becomes subjected to the same programming and conditioning all over again, as the character in Joyce.

Elizabeth said (February 28, 2010):

You might not be aware of the fact that it was Martin that was the ADL Liason when Vatican 2 was taking place, he travelled To New York to Brief The ADL on happenings.

Furthermore, as a double agent, he was in essence a Shabbos Goy, most likely a Freemason.
Yes the Church has been infiltrated, thats No surprise. 99% of all Christian Sects have been subverted and infiltrated. At the highest levels, this has happened in The Church now.

However, please keep in mind that Babylon the Great Whore in REV 17, IS Israel, & Jerusalem Israel, which Persecuted All of the Prophets sent to her, and also Murdered the Son of God when He came to offer the Jews spiritual Salvation.

All Christ-rejecting Jews can thus be considered part of the Whore.
7 Hills of Jerusalem:
Golgatha Mt. Heral, Mt. of Olives, Mt. Zion, Mt. Scopus, Mt Hill of Offense, Mt. Moriah
Christians ARE Israel-not a Secular, Apartheid Terrorist state stolen from the Palestinians by Balfour, Rothschild and Zionist England & given to Khazar Mongols in Europe and Asia.

Peter said (February 27, 2010):

I am convinced that this is all true. The Vatican is the Anti Christ, The woman who rides the beast.(woman is always symbol for church in the bible)
2 years ago i heard a radio interview of a young woman who said that she as a child witnessed child/baby sacrifices under the Vatican with the pope present. that her parents were high placed diplomats and also were involved in this.This interview disappeared a week later and i was never able to find it again on the Internet.

Will said (February 27, 2010):

Regarding your recent topic, the 19th century book, "The Two Babylons" by Alexander Hislop, exclusively deals with proof that the Vatican is the highest satanic organization in history.

A couple month's back you posted an article of mine about the African Americans being the Biblical Israelites. Thanks again!

Since that time I have been in contact with the publisher of this site:

This website is an incredible resource for info on the NWO, Illuminati, feminism, and Satan's plot to replace and destroy the true Israelites. He undeniably supports the information I am trying to spread in articles far superior to my own.

I strongly strongly recommend that you browse his site as it compliments (and references) your work and would be of great interest to your wide audience.

Jean said (February 27, 2010):

I do not know about Luciferianism and Satanism in the Vatican, but from listening to Dr. Michael Jones work as well as the work of Robert Sungenis ( as well as my own observations, the whole support for Judaism as being a separate and valid way to God and heaven, without the grace and salvation of the accepting the gospel of Christ does seem very prevalent.

There are several sites by Roman Catholics on the web where they continually call Dr. Jones and Dr. Sungenis "anti-semites" and worse. These two RC lay theologins found an error in the U.S. Adult Catholic Catechism that said that the Mosaic covernant was still valid for Jews today. Those two men pointed out the error and the Catechism had to be withdrawn and reprinted. There was also some joint statement that came right after Vatican II that expressed supposed common understandings of Jews and Roman Catholics today. Dr. Jones and Dr. Sungenis said that document is very wrong and goes strongly against the teachings of magisterium.

Malachi Martin seems like rather a mysterious character to me. It seems odd that he wanted out of his vows and not to be a priest anymore. I heard him on the radio live with Dr. Stan Monteith and I heard him say his works were "faction", as opposed to fiction.

There does seem to be some sort of split in the Roman Catholic church brewing regarding "Zionism" and what is true for Jews today in regard to Christianity.

Dan said (February 27, 2010):

I recall your discussion on MM during part of your broadcast interview with E. Michael Jones (2008). As a matter of fact I just listened to it again only last week to hear that part. I remembered Jones believes MM was 'working for the NWO', noting that Martin's books were sold through the top publishing houses. I've studied the case of Martin's cooperation with the American Jewish Committee during the Vatican II Council, and I think subsequent allegations of the purpose and results of his cooperation are highly exaggerated. He did work for members of the AJC as a lobbyist for softening certain Vatican positions on Jews, but I found nothing sinister especially sinister in it. And I don't automatically believe as Jones did that Martin's subsequent publication of books by big publishing houses was a 'payoff'. His books provided transparency of the internal workings of the Vatican. That may upset some Catholics but I think the public should have transparency of all religious organizations as much as for government. In sum, Martins' books on Vatican II are in my estimation the best and most reliable by an insider around.

I would also like to say that Martin wasn't merely a novelist like Dan Brown or Steven King. He was a brilliant scholar with three doctorates and a fully established world class curriculum vita including published research work on the Dead Sea Scrolls and and expert in ancient linguistics and deciphering origin of which sects wrote ancient manuscripts, all before being selected to participate in Vatican II.

I recommend Martin's non fiction books over his fiction.
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1981

"The Pius XI chapter contains significant information on both the pope's encounter with marxism and his visionary life. Martin, was a protege to Pius' confidante and confessor, cardinal Augustine Bea, is a valid source for this information which has a lot to say about Pius' overall vision of contemporary history that lies beneath the continuing 'Pius War concerning the Jews' now raging in the print world."

As always people should read the books of controversial characters before accepting the rumors of being a 'spy'. As for his probable affairs with women, that also is distracting from the value of the vast amount of information he made available. That's glamor. I don't think he should be quickly dismissed by serious people.

Jeff said (February 27, 2010):

There is a video on youtube called NEW WORLD ORDER.THE DEVIL IN THE VATICAN!! It is a very interesting but long video. As the series progresses, it does flirt with being a bit prejudiced. For the most part, it contains lots of interesting stuff about Pope John Paul II casket had a skull and bones embelm on it. There is also a picture of the current Pope throwing up the horn sign with both hands. you probably know all this but atleast the video is worth a viewing.

Christine said (February 27, 2010):

Saw your article on MM. It may interest you to know that MM's NY Times Obituary said that he was "survived by his longtime companion, Kakia Livanos." Kakia means vice in Greek.

A British reporter lived in Rome with his wife during Vatican II. His wife had an affair with MM. Later the reporter wrote a book on it. By then MM was dead, however, the ex-wife was still quite alive and could have sued if the book was not true. To my knowledge, she never did.

At any rate, has it occurred to you that maybe MM was murdered by a jealous husband?

Leonard said (February 26, 2010):

Somehow related to your current article is this video, I don't know if you've seen it:

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