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Lyme Disease - The Tick that Ate My Life

August 27, 2011

lyme.jpegDr. Day, a Rockefeller offical, said there would be new diseases to appear which had not ever been seen before. Would be very difficult to diagnose and be untreatable -- at least for a long time.


by Mary Smith

The incidence of Lyme Disease
has DOUBLED since 1991.
Let's say that we've got 500,000 cases a year for 20 years, since Lyme is under-reported and under-diagnosed.

That means we're talking at least 10 million cases in the USA alone.

If the tick carries Borellia burgdorferi, the bite can render you bedridden, insane, or a walking cripple who can't concentrate or hold a job. Or it can kill you.

The only accurate test is to take a drop of blood, place it on a slide, wait at least a half an hour, and then to watch under a high-powered microscope as the Lyme spirochete bacteria leave their red blood cell hosts.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is more conservative. It estimates that there are 325,000 new cases of Lyme Disease in the USA each year.

That means there are more cases of Lyme Disease in the USA than the combined totals of AIDS, West Nile Virus, and Avian Flu.

Although Canada does not keep statistics on Lyme Disease infections, the ticks that carry it are in Canada and Borrellia has been found in Canada.

Across the world, nations are struggling with the Lyme Disease epidemic. Particularly since the tests for it often give false negative results. That means Lyme is under-diagnosed and therefore under-treated.


Like many children growing up in New Jersey, we went camping and I played outdoors. Tick bites were not uncommon. Never had a bulls-eye rash, although I did notice deteriorating health.

As your readers may recall, I wrote about my struggle with CFS, losing my home, and the refusal of Social Services to help me or others in my situation.

In fact, one of my CFS friends is now homeless in New York City. The Bible teaches us that all things work for the good of those who love God, and it would seem apparent that has happened to me.

Over the years, I've been to different doctors and none could figure out what was wrong with me. Except that I was obviously very, very sick.

In addition to be exhausted all the time, I can't sleep nights, have poor concentration, and memory loss. It feels as if a 50 pound weight were attached to my every thought and physical action. Under the circumstances, holding a job has been impossible.

From time to time, my knees swell and I can barely walk. At this point, I'm starting to lose my sense of smell and hearing, have difficulty swallowing, and I feel like a prisoner in my own body.

Christian friends took me in, and one of them had Lyme disease. The friend has spent thousands on medical treatment to no avail.

It turned out that I had Lyme Disease, too, as do many people with CFS.

The worst part: I look normal. People tell me I look great. My family has abandoned me and has written me off as a nut. I feel awful. Having friendships or a romance when you feel this sick are out of the question. At least I can walk. Other Lymies can't.


Lyme is an extremely difficult disease to diagnose unless you can find someone with a high-powered microscope who can view it directly. That's how Lyme Disease was discovered in the first place.  Lyme Disease is difficult to culture. The standard tests for Lyme are often inaccurate.

Like most people, I thought Lyme infection was followed by a bulls-eye rash. And I thought it was curable by a 3 week course of antibiotics as the Centers for Disease Control tells us. Boy, was I wrong!  While you may get a bulls-eye rash sometimes, the cure just doesn't happen.

Even doctors can't always cure it with YEARS of antibiotic drug treatment. 

What I hear from other Lymies is that antibiotics can give you candida which is almost as bad as Lyme. So they end up going the alternative medicine route.

Like syphilis, Lyme Disease is a spirochete (corkscrew shaped) bacteria. Like syphilis, Lyme is known as the Great Imitator. Both Lyme and Sphillis can appear to be many diseases, such as CFS, depression, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and a host of other ailments.

105-953769377.jpgA smart germ, Lyme Disease has the ability to detect antibiotics and evade them.

Lyme can and will curl into a cyst to evade treatment. In the cyst form, it will reproduce. When the treatment stops, Lyme disease comes back only worse.

Like other bacteria, Lyme can also form a biofilm, a gelatinous mass in which it hides.

The Lyme Disease corkscrew shape enables Lyme to enter most every cell, including red blood cells, nerves, tendons, muscle, bone, and the brain. Over time, it will attack heart and central nervous system in addition to the brain.

My friend told me that the Lyme Disease has become an international epidemic that has gone far beyond the Northeastern USA. You can see more about it in this video:

Yes, the Government CAN do something right!

It can design disabling diseases that resist detection and treatment.

Ever heard that Lyme Disease was discovered in 1975 in Lyme, CT? That's only partly true. Borellia Burgdofori was discovered in 1893 in Germany.


In this video, former Governor Jesse Ventura says Lyme is a bio-warfare weapon run amok.

Ventura  interviewed investigator Neil Grossman on his TV show, Conspiracy Theory, Grossman has investigated the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. He said that the US government hired former Nazi scientist Eric Traub to inject animal diseases into ticks so that the ticks could spread disease as a  biowarfare weapon into a targeted population.

In the same episode, Ventura interviewed Dr. Breeze, the former Plum Island director. While Dr. Breeze denied the rumors that Lyme Disease was a bio-weapon  accidentally released into the tick population, he did admit that some animal diseases studied at Plum Island could infect humans.

Ventura made it clear on the show that bio-warfare weapons plants have lax security and a history of safety accidents.
Some people believe that Lyme was developed as a bio-weapon on Plum Island off the coast of Lyme, Connecticut. Supposedly, Lyme escaped into the tick population. The ticks infected birds, which carried their host ticks to other parts of the country That's how hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people became infected.


Lyme Disease sufferers themselves have created a Lyme Disease treatment that has cured some of them. You can read about it here: and here:

 You could probably cure Lyme Disease the same way Dr. Klenner cured polio in 1948 with large doses of Vitamin C by mouth and injection. Dr. Klenner said that doctors would rather stand over a patient and watch him die than give him a shot of Vitamin C.


 However, I can't afford that, so I'm stuck. Maybe you're not.

 Finally, there is only ONE cure in the world for buruli, an African bacterial flesh-eating disease. See:

It's the same treatment that helped Gaylord Hauser: clay packs.

 Clay packs can draw out infections and toxins. Try it yourself and see.

 Also, here is a Vitamin C cure.


From a Biology Text

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Comments for "Lyme Disease - The Tick that Ate My Life"

Brad said (August 29, 2011):

I have a friend who started with all these classic Lyme symptoms after doing a cross Canada bicycle trip. It basically took ten years out of his life! He had to sell his house and would of lost his job had he worked for the private sector. He got word of one retired doctor who is the only person who knows how to diagnose Lyme disease in his area. The recovery process took about three years on antibiotics. He is around 60 years old and is left with a very sore back, but at least he has most of his quality of life back. We need to spread the knowledge of Lyme diagnosis around so that big Pharma can't cover it up! It wouldn't surprise me if big Pharma has something to do with the proliferation of the disease and they will soon come out with some expensive drug which will be able to "manage" the disease but never cure it as they don't make any return on their investment with cures!

Krister said (August 29, 2011):

The Russian BIOFON device was specially produced for their astronauts and cures Lymes disease and a lot of other ailment. But don't count that you ever will be treated by the BIOFON in US, as the whole Western world medical establishment, some 110 years ago come under the controll of a mafia- and racketering operation, named BIG PHARMA. In their best interest is, to have a as sick as possible world population, buying and consuming as much allopatic drugs as possible and to as high prices as possible. Thats the reason why your curable lyme disease or any other disease, never will be cured by a BIOFON device in US or in Western Europe.

Its high time to dismantle the FDA:s of this world, and it's mafioso nerv-centers in the NSA and other intelligency agencys. One of the utmost crimes of our time, must be to tax people out of their money, then using thats money, to keep them out of rech of functional cures of Lymes and other diseases. -- Maybe it's time to go for a vacation to Russia this year - at least for the victims of Lymes disease?

GK said (August 28, 2011):

I contracted Lyme disease and had all the classic symptoms. Bullseye rash etc. The Doctors didn't find it though but that is normal not to find it. I went into deep fatigue every afternoon and had to sleep 4 hours . Even sitting or laying down felt like work. Not until I slept for hours could I recover for the rest of the evening.

Through some natural medicine folks and the Internet I found the sea salt and vitamin C method of purging the bacteria.

The spirochetes go dormant for a while then come out and have their way. If you time Sea salt and vitamin C regimen for when they come know when they come out...your body tells you.... At this moment water, sea salt and vitamin C... Kill the bastards.

Before refrigeration they cured meat with salt. The Bible speaks of sea salt as a cure.

There is a reason. Drop some salt on a leach and see how they like it.

FW said (August 28, 2011):

This Lyme disease is a ticking time bomb. There are studies now showing that it is contagious via body fluid, family members catch it. Yet, nothing is being said about it. I would venture to guess that many Alzheimer's patients have the Lyme Bb spirochete. This is truly a stealth pathogen that mimics over 300 diseases. Any person auto immune disease should be using a Lyme disease protocol. There are only a handful of labs in the USA that can test for this successfully. It will false negative on a regular blood panel test. You did a great service by posting this article on your site.

Website for Dr. James Howenstine. The archives are good reading. I did the kidney stone protocol and passed the stones the next day. Lyme disease article below.

Alexandre said (August 28, 2011):

MMS can cure Lyme disease although it can take a lot of time to rid the body of parasites. I recommend Mary to have a look at:

I've been taking MMS on a daily basis for two years now and I'm perfectly healthy.

John said (August 28, 2011):

I have been very sickly all my short life, I'm only 26 right now and just a few short years ago I was very near the end of my days suffering with Lyme Disease. It wasn't until I bought myself a Terminator from Carol Croft and her husband Don that I was able to make a complete turn around for the better. I was completely bed ridden, lost my job, and in tremendous pain. Slowly, after a couple of months of constant use I started to feel better! I can't put in to words how grateful I am .

Hollis said (August 28, 2011):

you know about Dr. Hulga Clark? Amazing woman who fought off the FDA for years because she was healing people of all kinds of disease. She wrote a book called cure for all disease. Unfortunately she died recently so her brilliant mind has been silenced, but the gift she left to the world is immeasurable. Her greatest achievment was creating the Zapper. She spent years studying the frequencies of many, many creatures that invade our bodies and make us sick and figured out the frequencies that would kill each one. Yes, there is a frequency for Lymes she figured out. You just strap these wrist bands on dampened and start the zapper. The kill cycle takes about an hour and you really don't feel anything, if you do you just turn it down. I live in Vermont and my house is surrounded by deer and my cats bring in the critters on their fur and I always get four or five attatching to my body each summer. I always put a swipe of essential oil on them (I usually use lavender) wait a few minutes and then the tick pulls right out as it has suffocated and use my zapper to head off Lymes. I would seriously give the zapper a try and see if it improves Mary's health. The zapper has many chips or program drivers as they call them for all kinds of things so it is a great device to have given these controlled medical times we are entering. Good luck. I hope this helps. Take care....Hollis

Richard said (August 28, 2011):

Henry, please contact the author of that post to make sure she's looked into Rife Frequency Healing for her Lyme Disease. I've been to several naturopaths and in one of the offices I noticed a book specifically about Rife treatment of Lyme Disease with spectacular results. I wish her the best of luck in her attempt to eradicate this debilitating disease.

William said (August 27, 2011):

As you know, I am a natural doctor ( I have been working with CFS patients successfully for years.

Your correspondent Mary is correct about Lyme's being a spirochete from animal syphilis; and friends from Connecticut believe that it came from Plum Island.

It ideally requires systemic treatment to rebuild and strengthen the immune system while working on the Lyme's. Several years ago I designed Lyme-Quest to fight Lyme's and it has been used and praised by many of our customers.

It can be used, however, without having a program designed by those who wish to treat themselves.

You can tell Mary to go to to order a bottle if she is interested. Feel free to tell your list about it if you wish.

God bless!

Dr. William G. von Peters, OMD, NMD, PhD

Jon said (August 27, 2011):

We live in the wilds of BC, surrounded by every biting and stinging thing that comes along each summer, including ticks. I honestly don't think I've ever been bitten by one.

If Vitamin C is the cure all, or at least a good immune booster, then a good source that isn't too insanely priced would be Moringa Oleifera leaf.

What's that you ask? Well, at the risk of letting the cat out of the bag, it is simply an amazing source of Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins and amino-acids. It is a tropical tree that is native to Tamil and Southern India. It's not unknown in those areas for it's amazing properties, but has been used there for thousands of years. It is just now finding it's way into the mainstream of the West.

Here's a link:

After finding out about this amazing tree, I am wondering how long it will be before the PTB outlaw it....

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