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Proof Libertarianism is an Illuminati Ploy

February 17, 2012

volker.jpgleft. William S. Volker (1859-1947) was a wealthy German-Jewish businessman.

Far from defending freedom, the Illuminati created Libertarianism to reflect their Social Darwinian and racial supremacist ideology. With its opposite twin, Communism, they  control the dialectic. The efficacy of this tactic is demonstrated by their duping the "Truth Movement." 

by Anthony Migchels

"You say that Marxism is the very antithesis of capitalism, which is equally sacred to us [Illuminati Jewish bankers.] It is precisely for this reason that they are direct opposites to one another, that they put into our hands the two poles of this planet and allow us to be its axis. These two contraries, like Bolshevism and ourselves, find their identity in the International."
Otto Kahn, Investment Banker, from Geneva Versus Peace (1937)

William S. Volker (1859-1947) was a wealthy German-Jewish businessman. Dismayed by the rise of socialism in America, he created the Volker Fund to support a reactionary ideology based on "laissez-faire" and Social Darwinism. This was to become Libertarianism.

Libertarianism and its twin sister Austrian Economics were invented by the Money Power to be the opposite of Communism in a dialectic.

According to this amazing report, (from which all non-specified quotes here are taken,) "Volker was no great scholar or thinker. The ideology he set out to create was built upside down, starting only with a set of foggy conclusions for which he had a predisposition. From these conclusions, it was the task of Volker's considerable fortune to find a set of justifications, then an enabling ideology or "theory" that gave it all perspective and unity and, eventually, a true philosophical platform from which to launch the whole."

Even though Volker was not an economist or philosopher he had money and, very important, influential relations with the University of Chicago, founded by John D. Rockefeller.

This turned out to be a crucial connection.

Volker's nephew Harold Luhnow took over the Fund in 1944.

Friedrich Hayek's 'The Road to Serfdom' was published the same year. With its defense of 'laissez-faire' capitalism and claim that any attempt at regulation would inevitably lead to totalitarianism, it was exactly what the Volker Fund wanted. It arranged for a reprint of Hayek's book with the University of Chicago and made sure the book ended up in every library in the United States.

The Volker Fund would finance all the leading Austrian Economists and would have a substantial impact on the 'Chicago School of Economics', including Milton Friedman.

Ludwig Von Mises, who never held a paid job at any University, was maintained first by David Rockefeller and then for decades received money from the Volker Fund and related business men, like Lawrence Fertig.

Von Mises' biographer, Richard M. Ebeling:

"Many readers may be surprised to learn the extent to which the Graduate Institute and then Mises himself in the years immediately    after he came to United States were kept afloat financially through generous grants from the Rockefeller Foundation. In fact, for the first years of Mises's life in the United States, before his appointment as a visiting professor in the Graduate School of Business Administration at New York University (NYU) in 1945, he was almost totally dependent on annual research grants from the Rockefeller Foundation."

David Rockefeller said: "Finally, in his most surprising statement, he revealed he considers himself a follower of the Austrian school of economics. Friedrich Hayek had been his tutor at the London School of Economics in the 1930s."

Murray Rothbard too was financed by the Volker Fund:

"Rothbard began his consulting work for the Volker Fund in 1951. This relationship lasted until 1962, when the VF was dissolved. A major part of Rothbard's work for the VF consisted of reading and evaluating books, journal articles, and other materials. On the basis of written reports by Rothbard and another reader - Rose Wilder Lane - the VF's directors would decide whether to undertake massive distribution of particular works to public libraries.

Rothbard later called his work with the Volker Fund, "the best job I've ever had in my life."

The Volker Fund also explored a tactic that was to find wider application later: it spawned an enormous number of organizations, loosely organized to suggest mutual independence and a 'Libertarian Movement'. Among these was the Foundation for Economic Education, which in turn would create the Mont Pelerin Society.


The Mont Pelerin Society was named after the  Swiss Alps where the first conference was held. It was founded by Hayek with the financial support of the Volker fund, which paid for the expenses of all American participants. Key co-founders were von Mises, Milton Friedman and Karl Popper.

No less than eight  Nobel prizes for Economics were to be won by Mont Pelerin members. Not bad, for a 'fringe movement, ignored by the Mainstream'.

The Mont Pelerin, in turn, oversaw the creation of many influential institutions. One of them was the Institute of Economic Affairs in London, 1955. This organization reinvented the Conservative Party, of which Margeret Thatcher was to say: "You created the atmosphere which made our victory possible... May I say how thankful we are to those who joined your great endeavor. They were the few, but they were right, and they saved Britain."

The Heritage Foundation was also a result of the Mont Pelerin Society, as were the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, which in turn birthed a plethora of think tanks, including the Fraser Institute.

The amount of money that was invested in all this was tremendous:

"John Blundell, the head of the IEA, in a speech to the Heritage Foundation, and Atlas in 1990, would identify a rare failure in the Society's efforts. Shaking his head at the abortive attempt to subsidize academic "Chairs of Free Enterprise" in dozens of countries throughout the world, Blundell complained about wasting, "hundreds of millions, perhaps one billion dollars". This was just one initiative among many."


The Volker Fund was disbanded in 1962. It still had $7 million in assets, which it donated to the Hoover society.

But in the meantime another very wealthy Jewish family,  the Koch family (see 'the Zionist Billionaires that Control Politics'), had taken over the organization of Libertarianism and Austrian Economics.

Fred Koch founded the John Birch Society in 1958. Ed Griffin was educated there. He later wrote a famous book, "The Creature of Jekyll Island". This was a rehash of Eustace Mullins' brilliant 'Secrets of the Federal Reserve', with one exception: it left out all Mullins' analysis of the Gold Standard as a Banker operation and how Britain's demand for taxes paid in Gold were the cause of the war of Independence. Instead it called for the reinstatement of a Gold Standard. This is a key part of the story OF how Austrian Economics managed to take over the 'Truth Movement'.

Koch's son Charles Koch founded the CATO Institute, together with Murray Rothbard. The CATO Institute remains to this day a leading Libertarian outlet.


Most Leading Libertarians are or were Jewish. Von Mises, Rothbard, Ayn Rand, Irwin (and Peter) Schiff. According to Peter Schiff, his grandfather Jacob Schiff is not the same as the infamous financier.

Rothbard himself had interesting views about race and inequality in the free market: "Rothbard was proud to be a 'racialist' because racialism exposed the true source of inequality in a free market, namely genetics. A belief in biological racial inequality was, for Rothbard, part of the libertarian project, because racial inequality was simply how markets reflected nature. Moreover, this was no sudden conversion: Rothbard promoted the same view, as early as 1973, here."

So Jewish Supremacism can be retraced directly to the Austrian Economics' main proponent himself.


Libertarianism and Austrian Economics are not the products of maverick free thinkers. On the contrary, all leading proponents of the movement were highly connected individuals. In the early years the Volker Fund made available vast sums of money, because Austrian Economics was considered the right answer to communism, to maintain the dialectic the Money Power needs (also see: 'Banker explained 'Occupy America' Scam').

Far from a fringe movement, Mont Pelerin Alumni collected no less than eight Nobel Prizes. Alan Greenspan testified of its pervasive influence by saying in 2000:

"the Austrian School have reached far into the future from when most of them practiced and have had a profound and, in my judgment, probably an irreversible effect on how most mainstream economists think in this country."

In this day and age when communism is no longer considered a threat, but with Marxism/Liberalism/Political Correctness a strong force in Western nations, Libertarianism has found a new lease on life as a way of co-opting the resistance in the Alternative Media.

The dialectic continues unabated.

Thanks to Meme Hunter for guidance.

Anthony Migchels is an Interest-Free Currency activist and founder of the Gelre, the first Regional Currency in the Netherlands. You can read all of his articles on his blog Real Currencies


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Comments for "Proof Libertarianism is an Illuminati Ploy "

Jack said (February 19, 2012):

While, It has been established that Mises was originally funded by the Rockefellers, and then both Mises and Rothbard by the Volker fund. now defunct. ....,specifically how much did the Money Cabal control the Austrians?. A number of Austrians were discriminated against orginally for their Jewish roots and taught in virtual obscurity (Mises, Rothbard) until Hayak won the Nobel Prize in 1974 at the Rockefeller funded University of Chicago. Others apparently found tenure more easily in the mainstream , Machup (John Hopkins) and Morgenstern (Princeton) by working on Market or Game Theory (Both issues that were not an affront to the Money Cabal);

Mises and Rothbard made a cogent arguments against Socialism and Keynesian thought, and Rothbard was continually criticizing the Morgan Men (now proved to be a front for the Rothschild Money) behind the Federal Reserve. In Fact, Rothbard published a searing and seething indictment against the Fed and U.S. Foreign policy leading to the world wars, in a number of books. Rothbard's Mystery of Money The Cartelization of the Fed, 1913-1930. Wall St., Banks, and U.S. Foreign Policy. among others.

I personally think that the Austrian academics did provide a solid base of knowledge that may be dissected on an ad hoc basis, but it is true that they did not propose social credit as an alternative money as per, M. Kennedy, Douglas, and B. Franklin. However, they did propose a free banking system as per the late Larry Seacrest, in Free Banking, , and did offer a continuing drumbeat for sound money and strong opposition to a fraudulent fractional reserve system. In fact, Rothbard penned 'What Has Government Done to Our Money?: a documentation of the Fed's cruel hoax. Preferred sources for additional further study would be The Web of Debt, by Ellen Brown, for an unparalleled work on this subject. and Henry Makow's the Illuminati I and II'

Bill said (February 19, 2012):

While I consider the financial ties to David Rockefeller and the University of Chicago curious and a bit troubling, it doesn't raise to the level of PROOF that the Illuminati is behind the Freedom Movement (ie. Libertarianism). Yes, Liberty is the opposite of Tyranny. So? Light is the opposite of Darkness. Good is the opposite of Evil. Does this prove that God is Illuminati? Universal absolutes and opposing forces have been with us since the Beginning - long before the founding of the Illuminati. Let's not give them more credit or power than they deserve.

Finally, regarding Ron Paul, he is the only candidate running for US President that is not controlled by the Powers That Be. It is quite obvious that THEY are threatened by him. He preaches what our Founding Fathers preached - Maximum personal and financial Freedom and maximum personal Responsibility. To call this Social Darwinism is mean-spirited and disparaging. We, the People, have been lied to repeatedly by political candidates down through the years.

But Ron Paul has proven that he can be trusted with an impeccable voting record for 30 years. No other candidate has that. If not him, them who? Finally, we don't have to pick the lesser of two evils. We have a good man in the race. Let's support him all the way and see what happens.

Stephen said (February 18, 2012):

Anthony Migchels' article is as far as I can see, faultless and pinpoints the headwaters of the great muddy river that Ron Paul enjoys paddling in.

Ron Paul admits he "admires" the Austrian school. Ron Paul is pretty good at pointing out the errors of the economy and that is his appeal. However he has no viable solutions to the economic mess and will fail as much or worse than Obama.

I also point out that every single nation, Mexico south to Chile and Argentina had at least one president with a Harvard Ph.D in economics. Each one ruined their respective nation's economies from which none has fully recovered. Economics is one of those subjects that when you graduate you are less competent than when you entered school.

Its our choice, we can vote for a half brained Ron Paul, a no-brained GOP candidate, or the empty headed Nero currently snoozing in the white house. We are in trouble, Lord have mercy on us.

Alexandre from Brazil said (February 18, 2012):

Let's face it: the very basic, raw fact that the great (yes, GREAT!) Ludwig von Mises got money from The Rockfellers cast a very disturbing light to von Mises' whole work.

On my part, I am not implying that the baby must be thrown out with the bathing water, but that yes! (alas), from now on the baby is to be looked at with concern and suspicion, or at least with more critical eyes.

Please allow me to add that the great Christian author BENJAMIN WIKER has already warned us about the Trojan horse character of Ayn Rand's works inside Conservative circles. In TEN BOOKS EVERY CONSERVATIVE MUST READ - plus four not to miss and one impostor, I leave it up to you to guess which is the role played by the book ATLAS SHRUGGED...

Now, there is a mystery I would like to refer you to, and it concerns the final work by the great Catholic conservative Austrian thinker Erik (Ritter) von Kuehnelt-Leddihn (1909-1999): LEFTISM REVISITED: From De Sade and Marx to Hitler and Pol Pot (1990).

This is an awesome book, with a wealth of information and insights, but... but... although Mr. von Kuehnelt-Leddihn refers to the book WHO FINANCED HITLER ? (1978), by James and Suzanne Pool, the books of ANTONY C. SUTTON thoroughly ignored. I wonder why, Why, WHY ??? (I bet my farm as Mr. von Kuehnelt-Leddihn did know very well the works of Antony Sutton.)

It seems impossible to me that the data brought to light by Antony Sutton could go unreferred to by an intellectual of the caliber of Mr. von Kuehnelt-Leddihn. Unless he had been told where not to go... and complied with the order.

However, if The Austrian School of Economics were the other arm of THE ILLUMINATI PLOY (in opposition to The Frankfurt School - or rather The FREAKfurt School, as some of my friends have dubbed it), then I start to wonder about the intellectual integrity of a whole lot of intellectual giants who have educated me, and how to separate the wheat from the chaff all over again.

Tom said (February 18, 2012):

Thanks for awakening me from my Ron Paul trance. I hadn't thought about the common thread of interest in the Austrian/Keynesian dialectic.

I found the fukishima/monster thing on, written by Rense, mentioning you. Good thing I think for myself, rather than go with "alt-media trends".

With your help, I now conclude that the truth can never be found in the middle of a hegelian dialectic. Thankfully, that invalidates much of what's in my belief system. And that's OK, because a belief system has a lifespan. Only God is eternal. A belief system has functional/experiential value, but not eternal value.

Here's a question - Foster Gamble mentions Mises in his documentary, Thrive. (

What's your opinion of this documentary?


Thanks Tom

I don't have time for disinfo from Illuminati heirs.


Rog said (February 18, 2012):

It is unbelievable how few understand libertarianism relying instead on what they hear some goofball pundit claim it is. A Libertarian is someone who embraces the nonaggression principal. That is, it is wrong to initiate force against another for any reason, period. That's it.

As for Austrian economics and any claims to its originator's loyalties the message is what matters. I'm sure most here are guilty of earning their living from sources with which they disagree. A free market-not mixed or controlled or anything else-is superior to any alternative.

@David Richards: "Large parts of America is a third world country (sic), with ghettos, gang wars and such. There's tens of millions unemployed. The whole manufacturing base of the country has been shipped to China. You need a strong government to deal with those problems." "Strong" government in cahoots with the bankers created these problems. To claim that big government is the solution to all our ills is to claim that it is brute force and brute force alone that makes the world go 'round. When will Americans give up this childish notion and grow up?

Warren said (February 18, 2012):

This is an apples and oranges mish-mash. True, hard core libertarians would not have anything to do with Heritage. True libertarians consider the Chicago School a bunch of socialists. Thatcher was not a libertarian. True libertarians are well aware of the phony Koch Bros. attempts at control of the movement (The Kochtopus being a term of derision coined decades ago to describe their attempts).

I could go on and on. The point is the author does not know his subject very well and does not understand freedom. I knew from the start he was an interest-free money nut, and sure enough that was confirmed at the end.

David Richards said (February 18, 2012):

This article fits in nicely with your criticism of Rense. Alex Jones and Rense are the two dominant 'leaders' of the truth movement and they both promote libertarian economics and Ron Paul. Let's be honest, both of those positions are completely ridiculous. How can you go back to a stripped down government enacting constitutional politics right now? Large parts of America is a third world country, with ghettos, gang wars and such. There's tens of millions unemployed. The whole manufacturing base of the country has been shipped to China. You need a strong government to deal with those problems.

It also sets the wrong paradigm for the anti-nwo movement. It doesn't matter if you're a constitutionalist, communist, anarchist, fascist, whatever, the Illuminati are still going to kill you! Jacques Attali says the Illuminati literally want to destroy mankind ( We are fighting for the survival of our species. Let's not get divided by partisan leaders.

Doug said (February 18, 2012):

I've had my suspicions of Ron Paul for a long time, substantiative law/gold standard would make for very busy FEMA camps. My suspicion comes from reading natural law - which is a very difficult thing to initially understand, but gets much much easier with time. We do not have a bad society, we have a society that has been taken over by criminals. Its funny how no one in the truth movement talks about the 1933 bankruptcies of all "westernized" countries or what the words like "attorney", "representative", "money", "BAR association", "court", "materialism", "maxim of law", "quid-pro-quo" and many others actually mean. If we knew, we could live in a society very much like this one but without fluorinated water, income tax, wars, centralized control of education, and tyrannical government regulation. The dialectic distracts us from the most powerful weapon we have against tyranny - our own language. The dielectic makes us think someone will save us.

Dan said (February 18, 2012):

The University of Chicago was also the US base camp of the infamous 'Frankfurt School': German & Russian immigrant professors communed together, collaborated from the 1930's through 70's on how to mainstream Marxism in the United States. The so-called 'Austrian School' of economics is superficially 'anti-socialist' but as the article points out,
both of these groups were/are working a dialectic.

The most handy example of how a political dialectic works are the American Republican and Democrat two party system. Huey Long put it best in 1935 when he said 'one skins you from the bottom up, and the other from the top down'.

The red flag for Libertarians should be their universal genuflecting before the morally bankrupt 'Objectivism' of Ayn Rand.

Kevin said (February 18, 2012):

We all should take to calling Austrian Economics by its rightful name... Austerity Economics... the theory where, after the Banksters have imploded a nation's economy, the citizens are left to toil in debt and misery in an attempt to 'pay back' to the Banksters what the Banksters already stole.

Tony Blizzard said (February 17, 2012):

Anthony's research and reporting on the libertarians in this article is nothing less than historic. The bankers' ace in the hole to prevent any real monetary reform has been, since they created it, the Austrian school nonsense accepted blindly by libertarians and others who never get beyond false buzz words and phrases which appeal to emotions over reason.

Always, when monetary reform is brought up the libertarians (big L or little l) instantly throw the bomb of GOLD which can be counted on to stop all movement for real reform, turning it into a stupid debate with no possible solution because the arrogant yet ignorant gold bugs simply "know" they have to be correct, facts and logic be-damned.

Besides, if the gold bugs won the debate the bankers would be delirious in their victory of the best thieving scam against any nation's people that could possibly be handed back to them.

With this article there can no longer be any doubt whatsoever that gold buggery monetary theory is a tool of the very criminal bankers who are already raping every nation except Iran and two other smaller Muslim countries.

With this exposure, to call this "Austrian" axillary scam of the bankers "monetary reform" now becomes a very bad joke and perhaps the world can get moving with real monetary reform such as HB2990 which languishes in a pigeon hole in the U.S. House of Congress until the people themselves throw the fear of THEIR power into the banker owned prostitutes who have captured "representative government" in the USA.

Unless this is done, and soon, the whole world will see what is usually done a nation or two at a time by the bankers - people in the midst of plenty, world wide, will be starving, homeless and without even clothing to protect them from the elements simply because banker greed fed by satanic power insanity will refuse a proper medium of exchange to the world's people, as they have been doing gradually since the Rothschild family figured out how to do it by first owning governments through their false debt.

This research needs to be repeated as widely as any reader can push it. It CAN lead to a world with honest money and, thus, prosperity unheard of by the masses in all nations without pitting some against others, as the bankers always do.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at