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Are Jews a Nation, Race or Religion?

November 24, 2016

None of the above.
Judaism is an
occult secret society. 
Jews and their Gentile acolytes are
unwitting members of a satanic cult. 

from June 12, 2009
By Henry Makow Ph.D.

I had an "Eureka" moment when I read an interview with Shlomo Sand, the author of "The Invention of the Jewish People."  He shows that the Jews today are not the descendants of Biblical Hebrews but are people of different races who converted to Judaism down through the centuries.

According to Sand, the description of Jews as a wandering and self-isolating nation of exiles, "who wandered across seas and continents, reached the ends of the earth and finally, with the advent of Zionism, made a U-turn and returned en masse to their orphaned homeland," is nothing but "national mythology."

"I asked myself how such large Jewish communities appeared in Spain. And then I saw that Tariq ibn Ziyad, the supreme commander of the Muslims who conquered Spain, was a Berber, and most of his soldiers were Berbers...who converted to Judaism."

Elizabeth Dilling said the same thing in 1964 in "The Jewish Religion: It's Influence Today"
(Chapter IX)  Somehow I missed it.  "Present day Jews are a pot pourri of every race of man," she writes, "and they do not have any genealogical or racial derivation from the ancient peoples of the Holy Land."


I had the misconception that Jews were a race because of their traditional antipathy to intermarriage. This was enforced by Hitler's racially-based treatment of Jews. But I couldn't explain why Jews differed racially and discriminated against each other on this basis.

Moreover,  I couldn't reconcile race with the fact that the Illuminati, the secret inner core of Judaism, actively sought intermarriage with non-Jews and were happy to sacrifice other Jews to slaughter.

My paradigm has now changed. My latest thinking is that, like its proxy Freemasonry, the  defining element in Judaism is the occult "ideology." Race doesn't matter. Anybody can join the club: Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Britney. As with American Express, "membership has its rewards." 

And like Freemasonry, Judaism is characterized by the fact that the membership is ignorant of the true agenda. Only the "Illuminated" are in on the secret. The rest are manipulated and disposable.

As with Freemasonry, the hidden agenda is Pagan and Satanic. Judaism uses the Old Testament to draw people into the fold. But it is actually defined by the Talmud and Cabala which spurn the Old Testament. 

Talmudic Judaism used "the Old Testament to cover its negation of every moral law of the Old Testament as its promotes practice of all the occult demonistic abominations excoriated by the Old Testament," writes Elizabeth Dilling.

Dilling shows how Moses' injunctions against bestiality, sodomy, adultery, incest, necrophilia etc. in the Old Testament are overturned in the Talmud. (Chapter V)

The picture of Jews as a nation-race is another way of controlling and manipulating them. It's essential for Jews (and Freemasons) to understand that the best parts of the ideology are for public consumption and to attract the innocents. From this pool, only the corruptible are informed of the true agenda and allowed to rise. They become part of the Illuminati.

But if there is trouble, the Illuminati will plant the blame on the innocent Jews and Masons, the outer layer of dupes who run interference and serve as their human shield. 


The hidden (Talmudic/Cabalistic) agenda of Judaism and Freemasonry is to supplant the natural and spiritual laws of the universe (God) with the tyranny of the Illuminati bankers. They will define reality. For example, homosexuality, bestiality, incest etc. are being normalized. What is healthy (i.e. marriage, family) is deemed sick; what is false (i.e. climate change) is deemed true; what is obscene and ugly (modern art, entertainment) is deemed beautiful.   This is the New World Order.

The Cabalist bankers have been waging war on humanity for centuries. Ordinary Jews and Masons are in jeopardy by virtue of their association with this scourge.

According to the Old Testament, Jews must wait for the Messiah before reestablishing Israel. But the Talmud says, the Messiah is already here and it is the "Jewish people" themselves. By "Jewish people" they mean the Illuminati bankers who sponsor and run organized Jewry.

For example, the Talmud Kethuboth 111a, states: "The Messiah is without metaphor the Jewish people." (Dilling, Chapter VI)

The Cabala teaches that God ("En Sof") is not moral, and has no characteristics. God is composed of nature. Since the highest expression of nature is man, he is God. And since only Jews are human, and above the level of beast, Jews (i.e. Illuminati bankers) are Divine.

According to the the Jewish Encyclopedia, the Cabala teaches that the relation between man and God is erotic, "religion being identical with love, sensual pleasure, and especially intoxication."  (Ch 6)

The Passover song "Only the Kid" heralds the day when all the world's great nations destroy each other in war, and only Israel is left.  (Chapter XIV)


Have no illusion, mankind has been inducted into a Satanic cult based on the Talmud and Cabala. Gradually we are being sedated and offered up as a tribute to Lucifer by his disciples, the Illuminati bankers.  Mankind is doomed to an ersatz life, a perpetual rerun of the past.  

Anti-Semites are protecting the Illuminati by blaming the "racial" Jew. The true villain is the Illuminati banker and his lackeys of every ethnicity and "religion," who embrace the Satanic ideology of the New World Order.

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  First Comment from Lynda-

Your new paradigm has a lot of merit and is worth exploring. As a paradigm, I think it could successfully incorporate the idea that a race layer does exist as a dimension of the phenomena you are describing.  I agree with you that it is not the inner core, but I do think it is one of the layers around the inner core.  Anthropology can get really interesting if it takes into account the reality of mitochondrial DNA from the mother, 90% of which is coded by nuclear genes. The Illuminati know all about this.
The Moriah has conquered / subverted and instrumentalized nations by means of Judaism. These are the nations (collectively styled 'the goyim') who are "to be re-educated to our pattern". Protocols of Zion: 9.1  Within those populations, I think those who are following the eurekas!  should consider that some of the goyim have been patrilineally incorporated into the nation that the Elders of the Protocols of Zion call: "the Chosen People" 14.1, our "gifted Tribe" 17.6; our collective force 16.1, "our people" whom they have sacrificed 2.5.
The whole Mishpuka [family]- so to speak - both extended and near kindred to the Moriah which is a deeper and more inward layer than the social masonry, the proxies, agents and puppets. In terms of the process of incorporation, it might take many centuries of  "re-education" in a conquered nation for the descendants of the patrilineally incorporated to become matrilineally incorporated.
At this time, I do think that the mitochondrial DNA goes back to Ur of the Chaldees. In this sense,  I think we are looking at a nation that has been welded of many ethnicities. And it is a nation state which is the racial vehicle for the Illuminati which as a dynasty has no racial, ethnic or religious loyalties.
When the Sages or the Elders speak about 'our gifted tribe' they are not talking about AGENTUR. They are certainly not talking about Gentile Masonry "merely a screen for our objects". 4.2
International Jewry is an echelon nation and it exists as a nation within all nations. Indeed, the representatives of its hierarchy governs all nations. But the inner reactive core of it is rabbinical; its deepest, inner layer is dynastic - of the lineage of David (Protocols 23, 24 deal with this exclusively)
As you say, it certainly does not follow that every Jewish person is initiated into and collaborative with the agenda of the hierarchy.
In my experience, (and through my business I deal with many Jewish people on a daily basis), I can truthfully say (like Oprah) I don't know any Jews who sacrifice babies, traffick organs or  advocate genocide of the goyim. But, they are certainly not as clueless as the goyim. They know the agenda and they are in damage control. And some of them are doing some very stupid things.
That said, the nation within  the nation has now become visible because  The Moriah / the Elders of Zion are building the Trilaterals of their "bogey" 5.11 transnational superstate. They have the nations in hand so to speak. It was at this time that they said they would "entrust the responsible posts to our brother Jews" 8.3 - not proxies, puppets or AGENTUR.
The puppet governments of all Western nations are clearly puppets. They are scared shitless (those who are at least smart enough to be scared). The scripts they have to read are just awful.  I forsee a time when their directors will require them to dress up in chicken suits and do the chicken dance at their press conferences just to illustrate how pathetic is the state of the (goyim) nation to all those out there in tv land who are glued to the MSM.
It is clear to me that the Elders want to use the bogey to ignite their long prepared Communist Revolution (by definition global) along the lines of  a racial conflagration. Their transnational superstate (NWO) is now "reaching out in all directions like nippers and its organisation will be of such collossal dimensions that it can not fail to subdue all the nations of the world." 5.11
They can not hide the fact that "their brother Jews" are in direct command of this project behind the government puppets. They have to reconnoitre on the race card. So their MSM is trying to put a Zionist label on their hierarchy: the individuals and orgs (virtually wall to wall Jewry) who own banks, dominate the corporate structure, who are seen to control all government puppets, all media, all educational institutions in terms of curricula and policy as well as policy making orgs in the West.
Right now, the covert, inner, executive core to this is navigating a transitional period of Regime Change (the current Masonic Watchword). What you call the Illuminati, what John Todd called the Moriah, what the Protocols call 'the Learned Elders', what the Jews call 'our Sages' are very concerned about how the revelation of the nation of the Jews ("our collective force") within all Western nations and the brother Jews in all positions of power is going to play at the box office.
So far it is playing just fine. The majority of the goyim are not enraged. They are just yucking it up.
But for the aware, the Jewish MSM is taking the tack of equating Zionism (clearly the guys with the bad guy script) as the racial supremacists.  And they have put it all in. They have published the Talmud. Key evidences establishing the genocide agenda by a host of vectors has become public domain by the hidden hand. Dead Baxter ferrets do not lie.
Anyone who thinks it was an initiative of the  goyim  to publish the Talmud would probably ask for an order of  9/11 nanothermite with their Happy Meal.
The Moriah wants  all "societies demoralized by us" 23.3 to implode in the fire of anarchy breaking out against the NWO. They want social implosions along the lines of ethnicity and race. They want bloody turmoil and revolution.
The NWO is a BOGEY - it has been contrived to bring the nations to such a pitch that global revolution will break out in a fight for survival along race lines. The Jews who did not heed the Torah to return to Israel have been assigned to carry the can.  This is a boring and unacceptable re-run of the European Jews who did not heed the torah to return to Israel in the decades between the last world wars; they were sacrificed by the Judaic hierarchy through their agents, the Nazis. 
None of  this will solve anything, it will create great misery for everyone and play directly into the hands of the true masters. And it will be boring and fascist.
So now there are all these provocations in terms of race. A lot of this is coming from the Jews (who are agents of the agenda). They are out there on the message boards spewing the goyim with hatebait against the Jews. 

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Comments for "Are Jews a Nation, Race or Religion? "

James C said (November 26, 2016):

To answer your question, the Jews are both a race and a religion, a mixture of both. After the Khazars converted to Talmudic Judaism in 740 A.D., there was most likely intermarriage between these proselyte Khazarian "Jews" and ethnic Talmudic Jews. Talmudic "Judaism" is NOT based on the Old Testament. It is based on rabbinical argumentation over a period of several centuries.

Daniel said (November 25, 2016):

Shalom U'vracha. I can't stop reading your stuff lol. You are a wonderful, incredible writer. I agree with many of the things you say, especially the satanic conspiracies and Zionist schemes and the like

which are not Biblical in origin. I am a Torah Jew who has issues with "talmudism." I am incredibly kind, compassionate,generous and deeply religious and selfless BornJew who shuns pagan he
Donistic societal values. I don't have much time available to tell you how deeply affected I am by your writings , but I am angry because we can not do anything about it, we do not have an army to defeat those satanic forces, what to do? I believe you pointed out you are also "Jewish?" Lol. Anyways Shalom aleichem

Sid Green said (November 24, 2016):

very good, lucid article, I own Shlomo Sand's book and it is very informative. Basically he shows that Sephardic Jews come from North African Berber converts, and Ashkenazi Jews descend from European converts. Personally, I've researched the Khazar thing, and there is some Khazar genetics in Ashkenazim, but there is more than that. The Khazar genes cause 50% of Ashk. Levites to have R1a gene. But most Ashlenazim don't have that gene they have Y DNA: J, J2, and Mdna K1 or K2. That being said, those genes are most likely from Romans who converted to Judaism throughout the Roman empire. Sand shows how in late Roman times, Judaism became very popular and many Greeks and Romans converted. So they're Roman not Khazar.

Your most important point is that Judaism is defined by our occult ideology. True! When you own volumes of the Talmud, there can be no doubt of that. I also still identify as a Jew because of our positive traits. I'm not saying Jesus was a Jew, but the Samaritan woman in the Bible called him a Jew. (John 4)
The occult ideology at the core indeed causes existential angst against God and rage and anger attacks. Since there is a feeling that life should be nothing but pleasure there is constant anger at God that life isn't paradise. It's a form of self centered hubris, it's basically paganism. In Kindergarten thru second grade I went to an Orthodox Jewish school. I learned the Torah, not the Talmud, because kids study the books of Moses at that age. I learned about a loving God, who would never put a burden on someone more than they could handle. So I know that Judaism retain's some truth. It is because of that backround in Torah that I can discern between truth and falsehood, and see that what is in the New Testament is from the Jewish God, and what is in the Talmud, is from Satan. That is the only logical conclusion a Jew who is honest can come to, but there are benefits to being part of our secret society, so some get led astray by those

Saul said (January 16, 2010):

Correct. Zionism is neither culturally or genetically semitic, nor is it by any commonly understood definition a religion.The members of this ancient bloodline cult are no sons of Abraham.

More illness than ideology, Zionism may be best characterized as a highly aggressive and singularly focused (dissociative) state of mind with (cosmic) control issues central to its psychological, social, and political orientation. (Integral to these psycho-dynamics may be a long enduring existential crisis of identity regarding the perceived relationship between creature and Creator.)

Even the most cursory examination of this organization's history, goals, and ongoing practices suggests an alignment or affiliation with an 'energy' bound - beyond transparent ambition - by its own (impossible) determination to 'beat the Balance' of personal consequence.

(Whether or not an almost palpable sense of growing urgency and the 'plainly' visible escalation of global affairs is in any way related to the now quickening approach of long forecasted astro-events is the subject of some speculation.)

Between the two prime motivators of fear and love, it is clear that this 'energy' is most familiar with the former. Such is the acclimation from which 'it' personally operates and subsequently projects itself through suggestion and coercion upon the life of this planet.

This conspiracy of the relative few, however, could not exist - much, I'm sure, to your own personal frustration and distress - without the complicit enabling of the willfully ignorant many. It is well known to those directly involved that they could not long stand under the scrupulous light of collective scrutiny. The simple truth of this lies within the very existence of the A.D.L. ( The hounds of Hell.)

The more pieces connected, the clearer the picture, the easier it is to see how the remaining ones might fit. Tell you what, though. Somewhere along the way, somebody sure took the fun out of dissent. (Guessin' it was them boys over at the Post.)

Best put: "Freedom has long proven too heady an elixir for the masses."(T.R.) Still its heartening, at times, to tune in to this brazen, if fragmented, new (post 911) underground for a few bars of discernible truth, and to waft back, upon occasion, that vaguely (self)satisfying sound of Orwellian cow pies roasting over an open fire.

Jim said (December 8, 2009):

I have to say that you have outdone yourself with your Dec. 6 missive----that is extremely close.

What you might also note is industry has so screwed up mankind with toxic emissions that all has become on vast cover up of truth to shield the military/industrialists and their bankers. Thus, this fall into chaos and war------they don't want truth, ordered thoughts, and only a few knowing the whole story.

You might be becoming close to illuminated. Keep up the awareness raising---but remember most are really really dumb in the US.

Louise said (December 7, 2009):

Henry, regarding your article, Jews Defined by Ocult Ideology, Not Nation/Race, I happened to work on a project by a famous think tank, the subject of which was religious beliefs and customs across generations. Different Christian and Jewish sects were interviewed over two or three generations, since the 1950's. What was striking to me was that almost every Jew interviewed-no matter what sect-did NOT believe in God. Some stated it categorically, some expressed doubts about God's existence. Almost every one also stated that the most important thing about their religion were the traditions. This speaks volumes to me, these traditions solemnize Jewish culture, but have no real meaning outside of themselves, there is no adoration for "the one true God."
Thanks for all your work, Henry, you are a courageous voice of truth.

Rodney1 said (December 7, 2009):

You have stated several times Henry that you are a 'Jew'. But how can you call yourself a 'Jew' following your "eureka moment?" We know that the word 'Jew' does not define a race and never has. So, that rules out you being a Jew genetically. We also know for sure that you do not believe in the Talmud so you are not a practicing Jew. That rules out you being a Jew in the 'spiritual' sense. Can we not simply know you as just an ordinary guy -- a brother -- who hails originally from Switzerland? Your genetic history might be an interesting one (and one day you might like to tell us more) but whatever your distant background is it ain't Jewish!


Dear Rodney,

I identify with many positive traits I have found in some of my fellow Jews; warmth, humor, intelligence, idealism, integrity, courage among them. The idealism has been used to deceive them.

I have also noticed negative qualities in others: dogmatism, intellectual dishonesty, immorality and materialism.

I want to stand up for the good Jews I know, and warn them of the danger represented by organized Jewry's sponsorship of the NWO.

Rodney2 said (December 7, 2009):

Your first three commenter each posted excellent opinions but 'Spirit is Light' (December 7, 2009) has really hit the nail on the head. We whites are indeed on the receiving end of a slow-acting project of annihilation. This whole Jewish issue is ultimately about the destruction of genes ... primarily the genes of the Germanic people worldwide; or at the very least the former beacon of western civilization, the German people. Unnecessary miscegenation between the Zulus and other races is also a 'crime' as the Zulus are a pedigree ethnic group but the genes of the Germanics of Europe is the greater prize for the Illuminati and their Jewish Elite allies.

Alan said (December 7, 2009):

Congratulations on your "Eureka" moment. I wish more people could have them.

In my research on all of this I came to the conclusion that the "Jews" used both the race card and the religion card to advance their Culture of the Cabala. From the work of Benjamin Freedman and Arthur Koestler, we know that 90% of the so-called Jews have no relation to the ancient Hebrews and are a product of conversion. So what then unites them? I observed that sometimes they used race to unite and find kinship, other times religion. From this technique, they could pick and choose from a wide variety of justifications for their behavior which was often informed from the Cabala.

I relate it to a shell game or of juggling balls--it's impossible to keep your eye on the original pea. But even if you could, it would not matter since if you agree to play their game, you are setting yourself up to lose the moment you do so.

Michael said (December 7, 2009):

xcited to read about your "eureka moment". I had not heard of the book, or Sands, the author...he is Jewish...I suppose. I should send you a copy of my report on Lilienthal's book...perhaps you have read some anyway. He has a chapter among 800 pages, "The Racial Myth". He covers several aspects, among them the Khazar's adoption of Judaism in 740 AD, saying that "The Khazar's
adoption of Judaism and that they are the lineal ancestors of Eastern European Jewry is historical fact" (though dismissed often he says as Arab

" For all anthropologists know, Hitler's ancestry might go back to one of the ten lost tribes of Israel; while Weismann (early Zionist leader) may be a decedent of the Khazars...who were in no way anthropological respect related to Palestine."

" ..a most ingenious paradox: In anthropological fact, many Christians may have much more Hebrew-Israelite blood in their veins than most of their Jewish neighbors."

Spirit is Light said (December 7, 2009):

The ultimate goal is to totally corrupt the gene pool, the DNA, of all things on earth.

You see it with the food being feed to people.
You see incest being promoted.
Vaccinations are being promoted.
Spraying the atmosphere, Chemtrails that effect DNA is happening.
Pharmaceuticals in the drinking water is happening.
And yes, You see it more and more, that interracial marriages are being promoted.

Everything that the Satanic spirit of this world is about, is about doing everything in promoting anything that makes ones DNA, their Genes, of the most impure form possible.

DNA is none other than a transmitting device, and the more pure the device, the better the transmitting between one and the Creator of it all.

Corrupt the Gene pool of everything on earth, and thus its communicating with the Creator is diluted.

Noah was perfect in his generation, his genes.

It is much deeper than these few truths, but make no mistake about it, it is the DNA their after.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at