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What is the REAL Jewish World Population?

February 13, 2024

boy-bar-mitzvah-service-Torah-Western-Wall.jpgMost sources put Jewish world population 
at around 13 million but researcher
Edgar Portisch, who is  part-Jewish, 
puts the number at closer to 120 million.

from Dec 22, 2011
by Edgar Portisch

The world is facing a high financial cabal which controls Hollywood, the media, corporations, most of what is called Politics and certainly most secret societies.

When speaking of the latter, it is almost table-talk to include the so-called governmental intelligence agencies as being the long arm of the R & R "Black Army" ( i.e. Rothschild & Rockefeller for R & R.)

What is even more troubling in this regard is that most - if not all - is controlled by Jews.

Give the power of this group, a major question remains -  "exactly how many Jews are there on this planet ?" To answer this, we need to go back 3.000 years, and more.

If we accept the fact that the usurping and last so-called Hyksos pharaoh was the famous Amenophis IVth, called Akhenaton, and that these same Hyksos were the precursors of the Hebrews (as pointed out very explicitly by Michael Tsarion, "Irish Origin of Civilization" Vol. 2, Chapt. 40 - 44), then their expulsion from Egypt also offers a frame to determine their numbers - in ca. 1.300 BC.

Various Greek and Roman writers mentioned some numbers, and they always go into the millions. The expelled "Hyksos / Hebrews" were the Egyptian ruling class for over 400 years, and they neither left poor nor in small numbers.
From Egypt, being a monied group, they moved the Phoenicia, which borders on Palestine to the north. They had little reason to settle in the arid and infertile lands of Palestine.

jew general2 (9).jpgThe Phoenician traders had maritime contacts and colonies all over the Mediterranean, up to Portugal, Britain and Ireland. Their writing was even found in South America, so they had no problems helping an expelled population resettle anywhere they wanted to go.

Carthage immediately comes to mind, yet the Romans destroyed all their writings and papers. In any case, as Strabo and other Roman historians later mention, every port city on the Mediterranean, as well as in Spain and Portugal, had a sizable Hebrew population.

When some numbers from the Roman Empire emerge, the Jews are always counted in the millions, and subsequent to the Jewish revolt in AD 70, when Jerusalem was destroyed, the real exodus of Jewish emigrants moved to the north, establishing the Jewish communities in what is now Turkey and the shores of the Black Sea.

What followed, in the 8th and 9th century AD, was the conversion of the Khazars in what is today southern Russia and the Ukraine. That also was a people numbering a couple of millions, who as converted Jews later became the East European Ashkenazim. Living in all of today's Eastern European countries, they were at one point believed to be 30 million, or more by Hungarian estimates.

What we thus find, is a global population of maybe 120 million at the beginning of the 20th century. This goes contrary to all published estimates, but relies simply on logic. We cannot forget the big emigration wave towards the Americas, the so-called Marranos in the Spanish speaking zones, nor the great influx into the USA.


It seems accurate numbers are being suppressed. In "The International Jew" Henry Ford said that organized Jewry prevented the US government from inquiring whether European immigrants were Jewish. They had to be classified as "Polish," "Russian" etc.
(Chapter 16)

AMER jew-generals.jpgThere is no way of knowing how many Jews entered the USA in the wave of immigration beginning in the late 19th century.

Between 1880 and 1920, 24 million people immigrated to the US. Only two million were acknowledged as Jews.  

David Icke in his interview with a French Rothschild offspring learned that the Illuminati employed unorthodox means to increase the population of Illuminati Jews.

Phillip Eugene Rothschild said he was conceived by "occult incest" and was "one of the hundreds of thousands of both legitimate and illegitimate offspring of this powerful financial and occult family".

Much of this is done artificially through Illuminati sperm banks. What Phillip says is confirmation of Icke's research, as outlined in The Biggest Secret, that the main Reptilian bloodlines conceive countless children to perpetuate the bloodline and only a few are given the bloodline name as official children. The others are hidden behind other names and brought up by other parents.

While this is not typical of Jews in general, they do serve as an unwitting Trojan Horse for the Illuminati.

With a few notable exceptions,
can be counted upon to accept the Zionist state of Israel, accept - even with a feeling of pride - the vast control Zionist Jews have achieved. They will hardly ever oppose other Jews in their endeavors. But then even Gentiles, controlled by Freemasonry, do precious little.


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Comments for "What is the REAL Jewish World Population? "

Peter said (February 14, 2024):

I would support that bigger number.

There are many, many crypto Jews.

One of my brothers in law is a crypto Jew.

I went to school with a man who is a crypto Jew.

I myself had a 5 year relationship with a crypto Jewish woman.

She has 2 kids.

She has 2 sisters.

They have 5 kids.

Reg said (December 24, 2011):

As far back as the Marranos, Jews have had a policy of hiding their true identity and changing their names.

I am not aware of any other group that does this on a routine basis.
This must have a bearing on population calculation.

Tony said (December 23, 2011):

Your latest article, as always, was interesting. Lest not forget that the "Protocols," are a plan to usher in the New Age of their messiah. This notion has been percolating since at least the beginning of the current Age, certain passages spell it out in the Zohar and "prophesy," that their messiah will come in 5773, which in the Gregorian calendar, would be 2012-2013. Other texts, ancient and otherwise, across many cultures and long lengths of time, point to an important crux in 2012. I think these guys are either perpetuating this or preparing for it, to do just that, usher in the New Age where their messiah will rule with an iron rod. I believe this to be Prince William for various reasons and on his 30th birthday will be unleashed as the "King of Pain."

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