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Is 'Secret of the Jews' Also a 'Forgery'?

January 6, 2008


by Henry Makow PhD.

 In 1885, the Tsarist agent who secured “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” Yuliana Glinka, sent another report to the Okhrana that linked Illuminati Jews and Freemasons to a satanic conspiracy against civilization. According to this document , Freemasonry is modeled on Judaism, i.e. a secret society whose real aims are hidden from the membership.

“The Secret of the Jews” would have disappeared down the memory hole but for James Webb's book “The Occult Establishment” (1976; pp. 234-243.) His source seems to be a Russian book entitled  “Protokoly Sionskikh Mudretsov” (Berlin 1923, pp.139-144) by Yuri Dyelevsky.
Now, Webb's book is also slipping away.

James Webb was a Scottish genius who considered himself a rationalist. He wrote three encyclopedic  histories of the occult before blowing his brains out with his hunting rifle in 1980 at the tender age of 34.

Webb was anxious for preferment so he believed Glinka was a Theosophist who wished to foster antisemitism and concocted both documents. I have it on good authority that Glinka was not a Theosophist. In my view, both "Protocols" and "Secrets"  confirm that our broad historical and cultural experience is largely the result of an ongoing occult spell cast by the cabalist (Masonic) world central banking cartel using the mass media and education system.

In the words of former British Defence Secretary Dennis Healey, "World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings."

He could have added cultural and intellectual movements as well. Without mention to the public, Masonic power and influence subtly control western society and culture.


Unlike the “Protocols,” the “Secret” document does not pretend to be  written by Illuminati Jewish conspirators.
Rather it purports to be information that a knowledgeable person wished to bring to the attention of  the Tsarist authorities.

Glinka gave the document to her superior General Orzheyevsky who wrote an introduction saying it contains “exclusive material which confirms an invisible link between the Jewish faith and Freemasonry.”  He blames the Masons for being the “root of all evil” and accuses them of trying to “negate and destroy everything.” He says their ultimate goal is nihilism or “nothingness.”

According to Webb, Orzheyevsky presented it to General Cherevin who filed it, suggesting he may have been a Mason himself. But perhaps as a matter of conscience, he left a copy in his Will for the Tsar. Apparently the document was read in 1900 by Minister of the Interior Peter Stolypin who dismissed it as “propaganda.”

I am not expert enough to say if this information is accurate but I think it should be on the record.

Webb paraphrases it as follows:  Jewish “monotheism” was actually a part of “one all- embracing worldwide religious brotherhood” (which included Indian and Chaldean Magi and Egyptian hierophants.) The doctrine was introduced to the Jews by Moses who instituted a ceremony of initiation –circumcision—and a grade structure symbolizing the three different levels of understanding; one for the ordinary people; one for the leaders and one for the priesthood.

“The essence of the doctrine was taken from the Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trismegistus [which was the mainstay of medieval alchemy]; and Moses also adopted the Egyptian system of hieroglyphs. The result was that the inner meaning of the religious symbolism was known only to the Essenes , the esoteric community of Jewish adepts.” (Webb 235)

Apparently Jesus spent his youth among this community and learned their secret doctrine. "His mastery of this lore partly accounts for the rapid spread of Christianity. The untimely death of the apostle John robbed
the Christians of their true understanding of the fundamental hidden truths, for it prevented their transmission from high priest to high priest. Christianity as such continues only on the second level of understanding."

When Titus sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD a small community of Essenes was living isolated in the desert, and they became the custodians of the secret religion of antiquity. It is from them that the present clandestine organization of Jewish Freemasonry is descended.   In other words, according to this view, Jewish society was dominated by an pagan and occult ideology using monotheism and the Mosaic code as a facade.


The document then traces the activity of this secret society throughout history. It claims this society instigated The Crusades in order to see Jerusalem exalted as the capital of the world and the seat of the papacy; and it established the Knights Templars to resurrect the Temple of Solomon in the Jewish interest.

“At this point the Jewish secret society had begun its work of recruiting collaborators among the Christians. This was to continue through various occult groups and eventually among the Freemasons. The achievements of the secret society to date—Humanism, the French Revolution, the American War of Independence, the expulsion of the Turks from Europe, Capitalism, the unification of Italy, the 1848 International – are merely masks for the ultimate goals of Jewry.” (236-237)

By 1895, the Conspiracy had settled on a few main methods of attack: the encouragement of the liberal bourgeois intelligentsia and all secularist elements of society; the introduction of the capitalist system and the destruction of the landed nobility, by inciting discontent among the peasantry.

The Jewish Secret Society has successfully recruited Christians to work unwittingly for the benefit of its religious aims. According to the lost document, “The basic principles have remained the same: to undermine fundamentals, sow discord, and incite intellects; in a word, expressly serving as the fermenting agent in the crumbly amorphous mass of the Christian people.”  (243)

The document could be updated by adding the Bolshevik Revolution, World Wars One and Two, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq as stops on the way to thinly veiled totalitarian world government.


Many of our ideals, while valid, are used to attract people who can then be manipulated for hidden ends. This may be why so few of them are ever realized.

An authority has written that esoteric bodies like Theosophy or Freemasonry “have consisted no doubt largely of harmless enthusiasts ...But they have also been used as a cover for political intrigue and as a net wherein to catch, test and select persons who could be used for subversive ends. For it is one of the methods of the revolutionary directorate to use, wherever possible, harmless bodies as their cloak, and innocent people as their unconscious agents...”  (“Trail of the Serpent,” p. 203)

These innocent people, or “useful idiots” as the Communists called them, have the added advantage of    attacking anyone foolhardy enough to question their cause. Innocents have so much invested they cannot  comprehend they may have been duped. Thus Satan fills his ranks with people who prefer a comfortable lie to a bitter truth. Innocents can also be blamed for the effects of the hidden agenda they unwittingly advance. Hence, we have antisemitism.

The Holocaust was used to dupe Jews into taking Palestine to establish a “national homeland.”  Only now do we learn that Israel was the reason for the the Holocaust and not vice-versa. Israel's real purpose is to be the capital of the Rothschild's one-world tyranny. But would Jews have sacrificed their money and lives for that? I doubt it.

The same applies to Americans in general. The “American dream” is just that, bait to hoodwink Americans. The US Constitution was easily bypassed in the critical matters of printing money and authorizing war .  Now the US is the Rothschild's steamroller breaking up and assimilating countries like Iraq (and soon Iran and Pakistan?) in the NWO. Of course the bankers instigated 9-11 to psychologically manipulate Americans into performing this role, just as they instigated the Holocaust to motivate Jews.


In the Oscar winning picture “Chicago” a gun-wielding wife catches her husband in bed with two naked women.

“Don't shoot. I'm alone,” he protests. “What about those women?” she demands. “Believe what I tell you," he replies, "not what you can see.”

This is your future: a solipsism spun by the Zionist media. Like the betrayed wife, we must ignore what our eyeballs tell us: No wreckage from passenger planes at the Pentagon or in Shanksville PA. WTC-7, a  47-storey building near the twin towers also owned by Larry Silverstein, pre-rigged and demolished on Sept. 11. It wasn't hit by a plane.

Government news organizations like the CBC & BBC are the worst. Recently the BBC was exposed for removing from an interview Benazir Bhutto's revelation that Osama bin Laden is dead.

Like the betrayed wife, we must ignore  that the world “Super-government” demanded by the Protocols of Zion is unfolding before our eyes; that all Western government are controlled by Zionists (Sarkozy, Merkel, Brown, Bush and Harper) and that Christianity has been gutted and replaced with humanism (the belief in man, i.e. banker, as God) and a Cabalistic belief in sex as the universal panacea.

Far from being a “superpower” the United States is a  Golem-- the automaton of Jewish folklore now used to vanquish enemies of banker world government.

Humanity has been hijacked by a Satanic force that would supplant God and redefine reality.  The strategy is to buy off the ruling classes with important-sounding jobs and the sheeple with gadgets and sex so neither really cares about personal freedom. Spiritually and morally, the human race is being cryogenically frozen in a state of perpetual mediocrity and dysfunction.

A readers points out that the Illuminati see us as underage children. According to  The Protocols: The peoples of the world “are...only children under age, precisely as are their governments.” [15.20] The ideal situation for the ‘cattle’ nations (styled in The Protocols as ‘the Goyim’) is “to have no opinion of any kind in matters political, which is not given the public to understand, because they are understood only by him who guides the public.  That is the first secret.”  [5.10]

The strategy seems to be working.

"Thinking is Now a Crime" by Paul Craig Roberts

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Is 'Secret of the Jews' Also a 'Forgery'?"

Morley said (January 10, 2008):

With WW II, we saw the creation of the New World Order. The Golem had been created (the U.S.A.) to crush the enemies of its master (who lives in the City of London). The Golem lived in an impregnable fortress surrounded by a huge moat (the Atlantic and Pacific). The Golem was served by people whose minds were controlled by his master. The last of the empires (Britain and Japan) had been destroyed. Most of the empires had been taken care of in WW I and just before: China, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia. The landed aristocracy had been taxed out of existence, it's property going to the governments that were controlled by "the people" who really controlled nothing. Cultural life had largely been replaced by television by 1960. Christianity had been gutted (Along with other attacks, it had been undermined by homosexuality. (Protestant churches because they didn't have enough homosexuals, the Roman Catholic church because it had too many homosexuals). Heretical "evangelical" churches provided a refuge for Christians who fattened their congregations. Families were undermined by "feminism" and the sexual revolution. The "pill" made it possible for women to abandon their role as mothers to pursue "meaningful" careers and engage in promiscuous sex. Seduced by pornography, men would prefer images of sexy women to real women who could be wives and the mothers of their children. The war on Muslims would continue what had been started with the Crusades a thousand years before.

We are living in The New World Order, right now. This is The New World Order. This is 1984.

Yet has it all come to nought? The greatest transfer of wealth in history is currently underway. (From the former masters to the former colonies, chiefly China and India — post WW II Japan provided the model for them.) The Golem was powerless as soon as he became omnipotent. He has not won a war since the Great Victory of 1945 — and he cheated to win then.

KC said (January 10, 2008):

Thank you for the informative article regarding the Jews. It is becoming more and more clear to me by the day that the New World Order and Zionists are the most anti-Semitic movements in the world. The NWO people have always hated the Jews and done everything possible to destroy them.

It's quite simple when you think about it.
If you hated the Jews; wouldn't you pretend to be Jewish and place Jews in positions of influence across the board and have them do your evil works in order to create hatred and conspiracy theories against them? Wouldn't you want all Jews to migrate to one geographic location and then perpetrate outrageous atrocities against the native population and the surrounding peoples so that eventually they can get annihilated by the those people?

What could be more anti-Jewish than starting wars that put the Israeli people in harms way when retaliation takes place and to use radioactive weaponry where the radiation poison floats right back over the border and harms Jews just as much as Lebanese?

A recent poll showed that over 80% of American Jews are against the war. Why does the so called Jewish leadership not reflect that percentage? A pro-war stance is anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish for all Jews no matter where they live but especially in Israel.

Why does Senator Lieberman, who considers himself a Jew, want to attack Iran when that would turn the whole middle east into a cataclysm? How does that help the Jews of Israel? It is in the interest of Israel to have peace and good relations with its neighbors. It is in the interest of Israel to elevate the standard of living of the Palestinian Arabs and integrate them as equal Israeli citizens with access to education and jobs.

Do you think a young Palestinian who is well educated and has a good job in Israel would ever consider blowing himself up on a bus? Of course not. Why not look at the middle east as a huge market for Israeli products and services? Why not take advantage of the huge labour market of Palestinians and Egyptians for Israeli industry? Jews have always had a good grasp of economics and so the present situation makes no sense whatsoever.

The Jews of Eastern Europe partnered up with other minority groups like the Gypsies and Armenians and were quite successful in many fields with them. Why not normalise relations with the other middle eastern country with a healthy Jewish population, Iran?

The Persians are historic allies of the Jews and cooperation would be a huge success for both parties. Combine Jewish experience and technology with Iranian oil revenue and labour market and you have a recipe for regional development and modernization and the marginalization of fanaticism on both sides.

No, none of this is allowed to happen because Zionism is the biggest anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish conspiracy of all time. How convenient that all the anti-zionist Rabbis and Jewish scholars were killed in the holocaust. Something's not kosher here, is it? G-d bless the brave Jewish people who are working for peace and freedom in the world.


Brilliant! You show clearly how Jews are used to advance a hidden agenda not in their interest. Thank you!


Kevin Reply said (January 10, 2008):

Dear &%$, Your wish to portray insults as an informed response is disingenuous. If I were to study Kabbalah, it would not be in a "Temple," nor sitting beside Madonna, but with a knowledgeable and Kosher Rabbi. Today, the ability to study and have access to the teachings OF Kabbalah, is open and available to everyone. Likely, there is even a copy of the Zohar, which contains the mystical teachings of G-d's Torah, in your local library. Your suggestion that I am, "naive, or a Zionist disinfo agent," is, I humbly submit, a projection of your own un-satiated mind. Indeed, for anyone interested in authentic or Kosher Kaballah, it is a "secret" which can no longer be contained, for good or evil. So, please DO learn about Kabbalah. Try - KOSHER KABBALA FROM THE MYSTICAL CITY OF SAFED, ISRAEL - at I promise... It won't bite. In fact, given time and honorable intention, it could even help you become a better person. Let me offer you one simply insight into learning Kabbalah, or learning about G-d. If your motive is privilege and power over others, rather than simply power over yourself, then you have already deviated from the path of Kosher Kabbalah. As I mentioned in my response to Mr. Livingstone, Kabbalah, like science, can be used for good or evil. So, choose the good Kabbalah over the evil, or "bastardized" one. For a simple explanation OF Kabbalah, I also recommend the book, Kabbalah and Exodus, by Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi. With Kind Regards, Kevin

&%$ said (January 10, 2008):

In response to Kevin, [below]
You are either very naive or a zionist disinfo agent.
If you only delved into the Kabbalah briefly, how can you dismiss its hidden and secrete elements so easily?
What was the extent of your "research"?
Did you go to your local temple and ask the rabbi there?
Or perhaps you sat next to Madonna in the "Kabbalah for the gullible goyim" class?
Even Gershom Scholem, who is considered to the foremost authority on the Kabbalah never mentions the most heinous racism and the nefarious conspiracy against all humanity contained therein.
Why? Because he is an establishment apologist for the Kabbalah and will never reveal to the public many things we are talking about here. It doesn't mean they don't exist.

This same kind of disinfo tacticians troll in wherever there is any discussion of zionism, the Talmud and so on. Denial based on professed ignorance.
You are trying to confuse the readers of Henry but it will not work.

Kevin said (January 8, 2008):

In response to...(David Livingstone)

"...The Kabbalah is a complete bastardization of that Law, although it claims to be "Jewish". Instead of the a regard for one's fellow human being, the Kabbalah is based on the assumption that man is God, and the maker of his own laws, and that those who have the moral fortitude of accepting the difficult truth that there is no truth, and therefore, no morality, on the only ones fit to rule, and can therefore justified in employing any means, including large-scale deception, to secure their rule over the dull masses..."

Henry, you're going off the deep end with this Jewish stuff, of which you have little true understanding or knowledge. The Kabbalah is not based on the assumption that "man is a god," however, Luciferianism is. Many have bastardized and misrepresented the Kabbalah. As you must be aware, science can also be exploited for corrupt purposes, or explored as a basis from which to understand and improve the human condition.

As a Jew, I have briefly delved into the Kaballah, and based upon my research, the above statement reveals the preconceived, skewed and limited notions of the writer. Once again, science, technology AND even Kabbalah, can also be utilized for the good, OR "bastardized" and corrupted into the service of evil. Somehow, I think you're already intelligent enough to realize this.

As for a statement about the authentic Jewish position towards the non-Jewish world, I quote from the words of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, who was well aquainted with the Kabbalah which is properly known and understood as "the study of G-d and His attributes." Rabbi Hirsch addresses the Jewish attitude towards truth, and our universal responsibility towards mankind. The moral duty to guard the dignity of our fellow man, AND spiritual truth, is not incumbent upon Jews exclusively. This responsibility to preserve truth for the sake of posterity and life, is also a non-Jewish or universal responsibility, which also embraces both you and your contributors.

Rabbi Hirsch writes....

"God, who created man to be just, that is to say, to leave and give to all entities in all their relations that which is their due, has also endowed his mind with the faculty of mirroring the reality of things in their various relations so that man may be able to perceive the entities and their relations, and, on the strength of this knowledge, give to them what the teachings of justice lay down as their right.

This reproduction of reality in the mind is truth. Truth therefore, is a precondition of justice; for only according to the image of the things and their relations which appears in man’s mind can man behave towards them; if this image be false, his behavior will be different from what is due to them: he becomes unjust. And thus, if nothing else, justice itself - which is our Divine calling - will guarantee that, as far as that calling of ours demands, we shall be able to perceive the reality of external things from their reflection within ourselves.

God has knitted together the community of man with the vital thread of love, and has ordained that man should rely on his brother for the spiritual good - namely, truth. But he who, instead of truthfully expressing in words what he has experienced to be real, communicates a false image of it to his brother, who accepts it and bases his behavior on it - either being unjust to his fellow-creatures or, having a wrong conception of their intentions towards him, being destroyed by them - that man turns into a curse that supreme blessing of the Creator; for he who denies truth to his brother, thus violating the highest duty towards him which God has imposed, calls down a curse - he who lies calls down a curse. And as material property is valuable only as a means for a life devoted to justice, and the liar steals the first condition of that justice - namely, truth, and gives falsehood in exchange, thus giving birth to injustice, the liar is even more dangerous than the thief.

The thief takes only the means of life as such, while the liar takes those of a just life, producing, in turn, injustice - and misery. For just as God links the supreme good, justice, to truth, so does He do the same with regard to the minor good, happiness. For to appreciate the nature of things you rely on your knowledge of them; and if somebody deceives you about their true nature, he robs you of a support or causes you to lean on a support that is insecure. And by stealing from another directly something precious - truth - and so indirectly the most precious thing - justice - the liar also kills himself spiritually; for he extinguishes in himself that Divine spark which alone makes of a him a human being created for the benefit of his fellow-men (Hirsch in Horeb:248ff)."

Christian said (January 8, 2008):

I just found this article and I must say your insight is refreshing. I felt for many years I was alone on an island surrounded by the stank waters of globalism. To find my thoughts and personal research replicated by many brave souls such as yours via the internet a source of strength and hope for my children and grandchildren. You truly have made my day and I wanted to personally thank you. Please continue your brave march, for it is not in vain.

Tom said (January 8, 2008):

Thank you for your scholarship.

I have an issue with this Edmunds woman and the support of her infomation by the alternative press.

It concerns me relative to the level of disinformation she is putting out and the number of sites that are publishing it.

She has been published in The London Times?! That is Murdoch's paper. Anything found there has one intent, propaganda.

Training 9/11 hijackers? She found out about operatives that were training 9/11 hijackers?

Excuse me. I have studied these people for 40 years.There were no 9/11 hijackers.

This is only part of the disinformation campaign and it is being spread by many "alternative media" websites.

I new I smelled a rat when she went public. Too easy. I feel that it is imprtant to point out to the public that she works for the cabal.

Michelle said (January 8, 2008):

First and foremost, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work and how much you've changed my world view. I am a 23-yea-old female who has been able to deprogram myself from the years of radical "feminist"/communist/illuminati brainwashing thanks to your site and countless others.

I've recently come across a link to the University of Michigan for a class entitled "How to be Gay: Male Homosexuality and Initiation." As if the title isn't shocking enough, here is the link to the course description:

David Livingstone said (January 8, 2008):

Hi Henry,

Very interesting article. I also believe the Protocols are a very accurate blueprint. But Hitler was a pawn of the of that same conspiracy, and likely an illegitimate Rothschild, and even,
possibly, as Antelman reveals, was deliberately produced from a Shabbetean orgiastic ritual.

If Hitler used the Protocols as he did, then he evidently did so at the behest of those who put him in power, ie, Montague Norman and his
crew, working on behalf of the Rothschilds in London.

This strategy has been referred to as "revelation of the method". But look at how they used it. Yes the Protocols are accurate, but I believe they deliberately left out part of the total picture.

Suspicious is their claim of attacking the aristocracy. European aristocracy is thoroughly Jewish. You quoted Burke's Peerage to this
effect a few years ago. My own research confirms this, as do revelations from Svali and others. They comprise all the upper levels of the Illuminati.

The Protocols clearly spell out the evil of a secret cabal, which we can easily identify as the Luciferian bankers who manipulate Freemasonry for their own ends. But instead, the blame was placed on 'the Jews', those innocent millions who happen to belong to the Jewish faith, who were then willingly sacrificed to establish Israel
as the capitol of the very world-government announced in the same Protocols.

I don't see how the book The Secrets of the Jews could be largely incorrect. Is Freemasonry based on Judaism? Of course it is. It has been pronounced by all it's leading lights, like Aleister Crowley and Albert Pike, as being based entirely on the Kabbalah.

So this is where the author steers wrong, in his conception of the history of it. According to the Kabbalah, it was revealed by Moses
to the Seventy Elders, and represents the ancient "Wisdom" of the Egyptians. But the truth is that it was created in Babylon in the sixth century BC, 800 years later.

What Moses taught was the same taught by righteous men of God before him, like Abraham. That is, to believe in one God, and to treat
others as you wish yourself to be treated. That is, to safeguard the rights of the poor, the oppressed. This is the basis of the message
sent with Jesus, who tried to return the Jewish priesthood from their egregious bastardization of the original meaning of the Mosaic Law.

The Kabbalah is a complete bastardization of that Law, although it claims to be "Jewish". Instead of the a regard for one's fellow human being, the Kabbalah is based on the assumption that man is God, and the maker of his own laws, and that those who have the moral fortitude of accepting the difficult truth that there is no truth,
and therefore, no morality, on the only ones fit to rule, and can therefore justified in employing any means, including large-scale deception, to secure their rule over the dull masses.

Tim said (January 8, 2008):

Yes, Jesus was an Essene. Read Barbara Thiering's Book Jesus the Man to learn
what really happened.

I did many years ago.

Yes, the Essene mystics faction and the Babylonian Satanists use the same

Generational social engineering. One creates religion, the other communisum
and revolution.

Putin staged fake terror attacks on Moscow flats to get into power. FSB agents
were caught planting at the scene. Its no secret. Same techniques as 9/11. The
Essenes had to get Russia back, and they had no hesitation to do what was

The Essenes have migrated through the ages in the Greek Orthodox Church, and
more recently, adopted the KGB as their cover. The Essenes will deny the
Babylonians the world, and they will do this by holding the most strategically
important ground - Russia.

Russia wraps up the Caspian oil basin, and they can keep China under

Russia is preparing for the next war, a nuclear missile duel with America,
over scare resources.

The Essenes know what is coming, and will not loose. They wish us to have free
will, but if we do not choose wisely, they will employ the Samson option.

So really, all human civilization is a clash of Essenes v. Babylonian
Satanists. All major wars, cultural forces, derive from these opposite
polarities, as they battle for allegiance of souls.

Lynda said (January 7, 2008):

Webb's The Occult Establishment would seem to be essentially a gnostic work that follows 'the alchemical revelation of method.' It looks like he is attempting to recontextualize information damaging to the Kabal. Without seeing Webb's book and just reflecting upon your comments, it looks like Webb is following the gnostic line of conflating the foes of the Kabal with the Kabal. This is easy to do, because The Kabal always camoflauges itself within the nations and institutions that it intends to destroy and then instrumentalize for its own purposes. The high priests of Lucifer have always been occult and called by many names: the Magi of the Chaldees, the Sabeans, the Shemsu-Hor in Egypt. They would have a concealed order within the tribes and peoples of the Mosaic Covenant in Judea and I agree with Webb that this order in 1st century A.D. was the Essenes. From their own documents, the Essenes were strict adherents of the Talmud and considered the Pharisees lax in their observance. And they were supreme Cabalists. According to the Apostolic testament to Jesus set down in the Gospels, he denounced The Tradition of the Elders (the Talmud). This would apply in double measure to the Essenes. Laurence Gardner , the Jacobite Historiographer Royal cites the Qumran community and the Essene order as a foundation of the chivalric orders of the European Grail nobility. (C.F. his Bloodline of the Holy Grail). Jesus opposed the Secret Doctrine - the same as M. Blavatsky's as set forth in her work by the same name. According to the Apostolic Testament: "Nothing have I taught in secret." (John 18:20) Webb's claims are based entirely on the gnostic gospels (written by the Essenes) and rejected by the Church. The Apostolic testament to Jesus and the gnostic gospels contradict each other in all the crucial points. They might both be false. But they can not both be right.

The historical context of Glinka's report to the Okrana in 1885 is just as interesting as the report. I think these enquiries reflect the knowledge that the Russian autocracy knew that it was locked in mortal and decisive combat with this Kabal which authored The Protocols. I think the Tsar knew that not only his own rule but the entire Christian civilization of the East was at stake. He ruled the Eastern Patriarchate, afterall. They fielded their best and brightest to this matter and sought the best intelligences - unsurpassed today.

The essay you have most recently posted mentions Chabad. These people are echelon in Zion's occult order. In the Messianic dialectic of The Protocols, no matter which way I look at it, Chabad has the high priestly or sacrificing role in "the killing out of the Goyim" - I think Solokovsky calls this the birth pangs of the Messianic times. It is no coincidence that politicians who are machinating WWIII are controlled by Chabad.

It was known before 1917 by the Tsarist government that the name of Lubovichy in the all the Russias was black. It is the gentile anti-semites (ignorantly and racially) and the anti-semites within the QaBa'al (with malice and forethought) who have been tireless in attempting to smear all Jews, even those of Jewish extraction, with the 'blood libel'. But in Russia it was known - only to one sect of the Ashkhanazim did the the suspicions and evidences of the Purim blood sacrifice attatch - the Lubovitch, called within Jewry 'the sacrificers.' I think that Rabbi Ariel Solokovsky of Chabad even mentions this on his Rebbe God blog. Between 1853-1860 the Schneerson family of the Hasidic sect was doing time in Siberia for Purim sacrifices. And in the famous Beilis trial over the murder of Andrei Ystschinsky in Kiev (1911), Faivel Schneerson is (circumstantially?) on the scene. But by 1911 after the first Bolshevik uprising, I think the Lubavitch had become too powerful for the state to touch. Beilis was acquitted but when the Bolsheviks came to power in 1917 all the witnesses who gave evidence, all the expert witnesses, all the prosecutors and judges were summarily executed by the Bolsheviks. Among the expert witnesses that gave testimony at the Beilis trial was Fr. Justin Pranaitis who trans. the Talmud into Latin. He was Professor of the Hebrew Language at the Imperial Ecclesiastical Academy of the Roman Catholic Church in Petrograd.

The Protocols acknowledge that the only serious foes of Zion's Elders (its occult empire and ambitions) is / was, the Russian Tzar who ruled the Eastern Patriarchate and the Roman Pontiff presiding over the Western Patriarchate with the Catholic monarchs and their nations subject to him (on their best days) under Apostolic Law.

Throughout the 19th century the Masonic (Jacobin Revolution) unleashed in France was rolling over the Catholic states in the West - the Masonic commanders of Zion's Agentur were victorious in every Catholic state of Europe and their colonies. And they would claim victory in Russia 1917.

In 1884 Pope Leo published Humanum Genus - April 20 1884. Ratifies the edicts and constitutions against Freemasonry published by Clement XII (1738), Benedict XIV, Pius VII, Leo XII "Quo graviora", Pius IX. Humanum Genus states that Freemasonry is contrary to law and to right: "pernicious no less to Christendom than to any state; and it forbade any Catholic to enter these societies under penalties of latae sententiae (automatic excommunication) reserved in perpetuity to the Holy See.

"At this period, however, partisans of evil combine together and struggle with united vehemence, led on or assisted by that strongly organized and widespread association called Freemasons. No longer making any secret of their purposes, they are now boldly rising up against God Himself. The are planning the destruction of holy Church publicly and openly and this with the set purpose of utterly despoiling the nations of Christendom..."


"...the sect of Freemasons grew with a rapidity beyond conception in the course of a century and a half, until it came to be able, by means of fraud and audacity, to gain such entrance into every rank of the State as to seem to be almost its ruling power. This swift and formidible advance has brought upon the Church, upon the power of princes, upon the public well-being, precisely that grievous harm which Our predecessors had long before foreseen. Such a condition has been reached that henceforth there will bbe grave reason to fear...for those States in which prevails the power of the sect - its disciples and subordinates."

In 1885, the Tsarist government would certainly have been in possession of Humanum Genus.

Scottish Rite Freemasonry was created as a substructure of the Knights Templars suppressed by the Roman Pontiff in 1307 for its adherence to and advancement of the Gnostic doctrines set out by Webb. Undoubtedly, he had Jacobite connections.

Ordre de Sion was founded in Jerusalem as an Order for the Jacobite families that led the crusades - 1099. These were the Grail or hereditary Illuminati families attempting to bring the Merovingian (an Illuminati / Moriah family) to the thrones of nations throughout the HRE. The Templars (the military arm of the Ordre of Sion) was founded 1118 as the Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. These orders were founded within the Church by the Jacobites / Jacobin noble families for the secret agenda of the overthrow of the Church and the re-establishment of the Merovingian supremacy and the rebuilding of theTemple. Laurence Gardner, Jacobite Historiographer Royal goes into great detail of this history in The Bloodline of the Holy Grail. (Element: 1996)

"Scotland was the perfect haven for the Knights Templars of Jerusalem. The Stewart kings, the Setons and the Sinclairs (the Jacobite / Merovingian royalty of Scotland descending from the ancient Scythian aristocracy and the Jewish lineage of the House of David) - were all hereditary Knights Templars and Scottish Rite Freemasonry was later created as a sub-structure of that organization..." (when it went underground) HRH Prince Michael of Albany, elected 1992 President of the European Council of Princes. (2000 : 125) The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland.

Jay said (January 6, 2008):

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your brother in CHRIST
P.S. bigsister really has her panties in a wad now. (lol)

Susan said (January 6, 2008):

This is in response to something Fred [below] wrote:

"I would say that the Vatican is in fact the central character to which Freemasonary, Zionism etc are attached. A former high ranking public servant where I live once said to me he was puzzled as to why the Freemasons and Catholics weren't fighting any more. I guess freemasonary has been another victim of Catholic infiltration, if in fact it really was separate from the Vatican."

I'm wondering if it isn't the other way around. Cabbalistic Freemasonry has finally triumphed over the Vatican. But the Vatican is still a very useful tool for Illuminati world domination.

Who were the Jesuits initially anyway? A secret society formed by Jewish so-called "converts"? Perhaps this is the key to whose really running the Vatican. Perhaps this is why the oaths sworn by Jesuits and Freemasons are so horrible. It's so sad that most Freemasons haven't a clue. Neither do the Catholics or Protestants. This evil system has infiltrated and perverted all organized religion. They have Protestants believing that Rome is the Harlot of Revelation when they should be focusing on Jerusalem. They have them believing the Beast of Revelation is a revived Roman Empire to be revealed in the EU when in fact it is The Throne of Great Britain. If they looked into the genealogy of the British Throne they would see it IS straight out of the Roman Empire (European Royalty). With everyone looking in the wrong direction there is nothing but confusion.

When the "seed of the serpent" is revealed in "the man of sin (lawlessness)" the world will proclaim that he, Antichrist, IS "the Christ". That's when the masses will accept the "mark of the beast". Perhaps that's why there is a very strong warning about adding or taking away from this prophecy given by Jesus Christ to his servant John. The prophecy teachers will have much to answer for.

Fred said (January 6, 2008):

Hi Henry

From the viewpoint of evil in this world I think, from your articles, that you would agree that the ultimate string puller in this world is Satan himself. He acts through people and organisations that apparently hate each other, but in fact further his agenda.

Satan was the first equal oportunity crusader, although the focus of his concern is himself..."I will be like the Most High..." He is also the first feminist... an angel trying to be something it could never really be...God... a creature wanting to be the Creator (but in reality only wanting the power and attention, not the responsibility).

The point I want to get at is that Satan wants to be worshipped and I believe that the prime vehicle that he is using to achieve this is the Vatican. I say 'the Vatican' rather than the 'Roman Catholic Church' because there are many wonderful people who are devoted to the RC Church's beliefs and I wouldn't want to be made out to be simply 'anti-Catholic'.

I would say that the Vatican is in fact the central character to which Freemasonary, Zionism etc are attached. A former high ranking public servant where I live once said to me he was puzzled as to why the Freemasons and Catholics weren't fighting any more. I guess freemasonary has been another victim of Catholic infiltration, if in fact it really was separate from the Vatican.

Of particular concern to me is that in the hunt for the villain most investigators seem to be stopping at Israel (Zionism, the bankers etc). It may be the secular outlook of many, influenced by evolution, that doesn't take religion very seriously that stops people at gawking at Israel and Jewish bankers?

In regards to East Timor I noted that there didn't seem to be any warm feelings or communication btw the two Fretelin leaders and the RC Bishop who was made out to be some kind of hero. I also noted that the Suharto family attended the RC Church (Sonny was arrested(?) on the way to church)...Suharto's wife who died definitely RC. Does it make sense that the head of the biggest Islamic country in the world, who is sworn into office with a Koran about 50cm behind his head is married to an RC, if he isn't really (like Bill Clinton and Tony Blair) a de facto RC anyway?). Paul Keating, the Australian PM and an RC, obviously thinks Suharto is a great guy, as does adulterer Evans). I guess Bob Hawke must be another defacto RC? I was puzzled as to why Bob Hawke would bother to put on a skull cap and go to Israel...then this was explained to me by the conclusion I refer to in the following paragraph.

Basically I conclude that Israel is in fact a Crusader state, populated by zionists stooges especially bred for the occassion. Israel's callous treatment of its enemies is a reflection of its master. Just look through the Vatican's history of wars and masacres, including the Halocaust we know really did happen in Croatia. I would suggest that the bulk of Jews who really did get killed in WW2 were Shepherdic Jews, genuine descendants of Abraham, but I am not able to investigate this at this time.

Only the massive wealth and experience in intellgence, deceit and murder that the Vatican has can account, in my opinion, for the influence and wealth of so-called Jewish bankers in London etc which are part of of a small group of people. The inspiration for the laws in Europe that make not believing in the Holocaust a crime is straight from the Vatican, I believe, considering its past behaviour.

My plea is for you to investigate the Vatican factor deeply. I think it is a mistake to just think that Jesuits etc are merely one of the groups involved in the new world order.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at