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Satanic? 1857 Mormon Massacre of Wagon Train

April 2, 2009

by Richard Evans

On Sept. 11 1857, in Utah Territory, Mormons slaughtered a wagon train with more than 120 California-bound settlers from Arkansas. This became known as the "Mountain Meadows Massacre."  The motive was the Mormon "religion."

The wagon train was ambushed by a group of men dressed in clothing of Paiute Indians at a location called "Mountain Meadows." There was a skirmish with mutual casualties forcing the attacking party to retreat.  The settlers fortified themselves behind their wagons.  It was a standoff.

 A couple of days passed and the settlers saw a party of white men approaching and ran out, thinking they were saved.  But it was a trick. These same men had been the attackers dressed as Indians. They disarmed the surprised travelers and proceeded to execute the men, women, and adolescents in cold blood.

Archeological exhumation of the victims in this century revealed most of the victims were killed by close gunshot to the skull. Many were killed by fracturing the skull with stones. 120 men, women and children.  Only 17 were spared: children under 7 years old who were "too young to tell". These children were given to Mormon families (presumably).

Brigham Young led a church cover-up, saying that the Natives were responsible for the massacre. He wrote that pioneers had earlier caused the death of Natives by giving them poisoned meat, and by poisoning some of their wells.

Only one man, a minor character, a judge and Indian agent John D. Lee was tried with three other unimportant men and was the only one convicted for the massacre.  He was executed by firing squad for the crime in 1877, 20 years after the event.

Last year, a movie "September Dawn" starring Jon Voight  recounted this story. See a review,
Mormon Massacre    by Robert Novak

What was the motive of the Slaughter of Christians at Mountain Meadows Utah?

The doctrine that 'Apostates' (non-Mormon Christians) have become so stained with sin that their souls can only be saved by especially brutal murder at the hands of the holy.   This fanaticism may have motivated the raid. But I believe this was the version for the lower initiate brutes who carried out the carnage.  I suspect the inner agenda of this doctrine wasn't 'atonement' at all, but an excuse for ritual blood sacrifice to Satan for the capstone of the Mormon hierarchy. I think the massacre was indeed a mass blood sacrifice on the order of the Druid's harvest 'wicker man' mass sacrifices Julius Caesar wrote described in his The Gallic Wars.  I also strongly suspect our 911 mass murder of nearly 3,000 people is in this tradition

Brigham Young has always been implicated, having reiterated this theology during the 'Reformation'. But he was far enough removed from evidence to have 'plausible deniability' and cooperated with Washington by telegram in prosecuting the scapegoats.

A clue that the Federal US Government, the American press and public, and even Mark Twain overlooked was the date - September eleven. The full ritual significance of this particular date to elite Satanist cult at the head of all these satraps of Satanism remains unknown to us.  But circumstantially, the list of 'coincidental' mass violent murders on a grand historical scale having occurred on this date is a long one.

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From a Mormon Defector's video      showing Masonic Mormon ceremonies (note the aprons.)

One of the sources of the LDS Church's great wealth was recruiting new members all over America.  Many will remember the sight of two young men dressed in cheap suits riding bicycles, carrying Mormon bibles, and going door to door.

However, these recruiters and the recruited are considered 'outer temple' back in Salt Lake headquarters.  Due to this Mormon 'outreach' to non-Mormons one-to-one across America for a century, most people know the Mormon bible says that Jesus appeared to the Indians, and an archangel appeared to Joseph Smith when he was a teenager, letting him 'borrow golden tablets containing amendments to the Gospel of Jesus and the Ten Commandments. Thus, 'Latter Day Saints'.

But there's much more, reserved for the Mormon initiate elite. The rest of the teaching that only inner temple ascended Mormons learn, is a tale that God convened a meeting of his archangels and two sons, to determine the improvement of the human race on Earth.  According to this story, Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, each with a God-approved role with humanity.  In the story God thinks Lucifer's role is more important than Jesus's talents, so he appoints Lucifer ruler of the world.

Now, in high Mormonism,  God had at one time have been a child, and grew up.  So men, in the image of God,  children of God, can through enlightenment 'grow up' and become gods. 
They can't be God of earth, of course, Lucifer has dibs on that.  So Mormons teach that a man's ascended soul each get's his own planet, taking with him many wives to populate his new world.
On the ladder of initiation in the Mormon hierarchy members buy these planetary Divine franchises in proportion to the wealth they accumulate and ty the to the LDS coffers in Salt Lake.

More powerful in America than people think.

"It is widely known that Mormons have had a disproportionate representation in the CIA and FBI through the years, and that J. Edgar Hoover started the FBI with Mormon agents. They also have a disproportionate representation in the US Congress - five Mormon senators and 12 representatives - partly because of the concentration of Mormons in the Western US." ~ Susan Mazur, Bush and the Mormons, 2004.

Something else well known is that the LDS have the most extensive compilation of authenticated genealogies of individuals of all religions and races in the world.  They're in the business of doing genealogical research for anyone interested in their own family history, Mormon or not. They're well known for this and regarded as the best, due to their immense genealogical records already collected and housed in Salt Lake.  Their service isn't cheap, either.

During 1991, woman of a generational Mormon family in Texas who had become a Setian (member of Satanist NSA General Michael Aquino's then Temple of Set), informed me that the real Mormon interest in collecting genealogies is that they believe they souls of the dead can be 'saved' in a ritual handing them over to Lucifer, if you have their name and certain information about them.  She said she had taken part in a secret ritual conducted in a cavern inside the mountain over Salt Lake, where the latest names collected from genealogical research are read and 'sacrificed' to Lucifer.

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Comments for "Satanic? 1857 Mormon Massacre of Wagon Train"

John said (April 5, 2009):


Here's your missing link why Satanists love 9:11.
The Pilgrims Progess by John Bunyan

"And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. This is the great dragon of chapter 12, Satan or Azazel. He has a number of names, but in each case, he is the king of all the demons, Lucifer, who became Satan."
-Revelation 9:11, Christian Bible, KJV with Forerunner Commentary

Lonnie2 said (April 5, 2009):

I can see that the letters you have received since my earlier email confirm my initial assessment: Offended and angry people with axes to grind, making outrageous claims about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, its doctrines and temple ceremonies. I especially like the one about the Cheneys and John Yoo. Hey, he forgot Stalin and Mao! Weren't they Mormons?

There is a twice annual opportunity for you to see what Mormonism is really about, and it's happening this weekend. I would urge you to quit listening solely to the slanderers, and do a little bona fide investigating, as befits an historian. Tomorrow at 10:00 and 2:00 Mountain time, at this link,5161,8584,00.html you can see Mormonism, real Mormonism, in action, or tedium, as the case may be. You can see the very top of the hierarchy giving the flock their marching orders for the next six months. Decide for yourself if these are Satan's minions. Or are we hiding our horns under our big hair?

Have you ever asked yourself, Henry, what kind of ceremonies were conducted in ancient temples, older than Herod's temple? What about those temples that were Divinely mandated, and existed long before the masons' ceremonies? What specifically did they do there, beside sacrifice animals, and what kind of symbols appeared in thearchitecture? Would not the Egyptians and then the masons seek to imitate those forms? And if your faith permits you to believe in a Satan, would he not imitate some of the original, divinely inspired forms, just to sow confusion and to buttress his claims to divinity? Might the masons not even imitate those original forms without necessarily knowing any longer what they meant or with godly authority? Now what if the original form of temple worship were Divinely restored, in a style and with language understandable and comfortable for the people of that age. Would there not be some similarities between the original, restored and contemporarily adapted version of temple worship and ceremonies, and the decadent remnant version that was passed down for centuries by people who didn't entirely understand the content but were trying to preserve it? A great deal of what Satan does to mislead us is to create counterfeits that cast doubt on the Divine original. He uses godly symbols on buildings , ceremonies in temples, doctrines, etc. and twists them to mock God and dupe mankind. Forms are easily copied and twisted. You need to investigate, on a spiritual level, the source and intent of the symbols and ceremonies. Similarities between the two don't necessarily convict both groups.

Once again, I hope that you'll take the time to look at a Mormon source for information on the Mormons, instead of relying on their most rabid and fanciful detractors. I'm not sure, but the broadcasts might also be available round the clock, and not just live at the time of the meeting. If that's the case you can see the two sessions that have already occurred today. Either way, I think that you owe it to a lot of good LDS people who are trying hard to serve God and benefit mankind, to sit down and take in some information on their faith from a less than hostile source.,5161,8584,00.html

Daniel said (April 5, 2009):

Mormon men typically will not argue with there wives. If they do, they are considered bad husbands. This results in an excessive amount of princess syndrome in Mormon women. Our church also encourages higher education.

Princess syndrome and a university degree seems to be a lethal combination. The divorce rate among Mormons is the same as the general population. There are thousands of divorced Mormon women with kids and Mormon men are not exactly lining up to marry them. Most Mormon women have strong feminist views that they do not advertise. Some Mormon women have been openly critical of church leaders and ended up being excommunicated. God hasn't given up on Mormon women, but I sure have.

Cactusman said (April 4, 2009):

Mormons have aided and abetted every act of terrorist in America since 1830. Mormons infiltrated the Bush White House, wrote the "Bush Torture Memo" and re-drafted Bush's emergency war powers legislation so that Dick Cheney whose wife is Mormon and son works in Salt Lake could become the "paramount unitary executive" in a time of national emergency and turn America into a "Mormon Kingdom of Zion" in accordance with Mormon prophecy.

What do Jay Bybee, Tim Flanigan, D. Kyle Sampson and Dick Cheney all have in common? They are all Mormon and worked in unison to sieze control of the US Government. Working with them was Karl Rove, John Yoo and David Addingtonm, and Bybee was just indicted by Spain for drafting the "Bush Torture Memo"

See more @

Jason said (April 4, 2009):

I am not a Mormon because I like living in Mayberry. Save that for 1950s television. I am a Mormon because my church teaches salvation through the grace and teachings of Jesus Christ – both for me individually, for my family, and for the world. My church does not mix up that homosexuality is fine. It does not mix up that women should have equal roles to men (type “Family Proclamation” into google). My church does not play it soft on those who abuse spouse or children in any way. My church understands how poisonous pornography is. It also teaches that Lucifer/Satan is the enemy of God and man, and although Lucifer now has the power to ‘bruise man’s heel’ (temptation to evil), Jesus has the power to ‘crush Lucifer’s head’, and that Jesus has subdued and will soon enforce the subduing of all evil under his feet. These teachings transcend the 1950s and are answers for any age, and especially the ills of the 2000’s.

Is there evil lurking in some high office somewhere that unwitting Mormons are yet to be swindled into when the alleged true colours of the organization are revealed to them in some dark room by men in skeleton suits? Imperfect lay men and women fill the ranks and positions of the church, so I do not deny that mistakes are made and learned from. But the thought that this alleged evil (luciferian) in this alleged dark corner who is allegedly running this organization would so fastidiously promote all that is ‘good/righteous’ and point-blankly refer to its alleged self as the ENEMY would of a sudden take a true believing and practicing follower of good and try to blindside them to swallow their evil, debauchery, and to participate in diabolical plans to subjugate mankind under its sickening fist is counter-intuitive. As the bible teaches, a house that is divided against itself will fall. If this were true of the Mormon church, it would not be the world-wide fastest-growing church and one of the most positive forces for and upholders of good in our world today. You will see all other churches mix up the principles you uphold – patriarchy, freedom, for example – before the Mormon church as a whole will bend. We would rather stand up to the roaring viciousness of twisted minds that call good evil and evil good, though we be outnumbered tens of thousands to one, than to compromise on the true Christian values that Joseph Smith and every prophet-leader of our church since him has promoted.

Carrie said (April 4, 2009):

Henry...I'll make this short and to the point--as a life-long Mormon who finally started questioning and investigating the church I "believed" in, I can say Mr. Evans is right on the money. What I found out was so disturbing, I asked my name to be removed from the membership rolls. Those who write to defend the church do not know what they are talking about. No chance of impropriety in finances? Does this person know that all church finances are sealed, and not even the members know where all the money goes or where it comes from. It is NOT all for building churches, temples, and humanitarian causes as members naively fact, less than 1% of church income goes to such causes. Mormon money is a HUGE secret. And those who claim Masonry is derived from an ancient rite in Solomon's temple should know that is a MYTH.

Most Masons know nothing about what the ceremonies and oath are really about until they get to the upper degress--that's when they find out it is "Lucifer" who is considered the Most High God. (My studies say Masonry didn't always do this, that is was infiltrated by Illuminati in the late 1700's; several famous Masons warned about the unseen forces behind the scenes trying to take over. I also think that a man named )

There is so much more about Mormonism that make me sick to my stomach. Any Mormon well-read in witchcraft/masonry should visit the Salt Lake Temple and Temple's covered with symbols that have nothing to do with Christianity and EVERYTHING to do with the dark side. I am serious when I tell you I am concerned about negative entities that Mormons unknowingly open themselves up to when they make the secret oaths and covenants in the "sacred" temples. There is NOTHING "secret" with God and real truth. WAKE UP MORMONS!!


Read "One Nation Under Gods" by Richard Abanes and "Mormon Hierarchy" by Michael Quinn. Well researched and the Mormon apologists could not refute what was said, save a few minor details and footnote mistakes (if I remember correctly).

Tony said (April 4, 2009):

Just read your Mormon article.

I joined that outfit for a short period when young. Soon saw I was wrong in that move so I quit.

For your information, mormonism is simply masonry with different terminology. It's founder had been a mason and faked up the whole thing with the same masonic mind control methods.

Interestingly, I was "excommunicated" (I had quit over a year before this) after a visit in my California home by Cleon Skowsen's brother whose last words to me were, "Then you'd rather be excommunicated than agree that the Jews are God's chosen people?"

I kid you not.

Blake 2 said (April 3, 2009):

Just so you know, I am a devout, die-hard Mormon who scrutinizes and studies the globalists every move. I follow Alex Jones, Rense, and listen to their guests. I read almost every new world order and illuminati article I can find. It's not easy filtering the good stuff from the bad. I don't like being lied to. I hate that. (I don't think you were trying to be decieving. The LDS church is the most misunderstood church on this planet, and that's unfortunate.)

That said, I guarantee you that if I caught one whiff of globalism, scandal, thievery, or any sort of hidden agenda whatsoever from the LDS church, I'd be the first one to renounce it and protest it at its headquarters. I certainly would not pay my tithing to an institution that wasn't everything it pruports to be. Our church is so squeaky clean it's a literal anomaly in this world, and a peculiar thing, indeed.

The reason your article was offensive stems from the fact that the members run the church. It's not about a theological debate. We are the church. All of the authorities, general and local, are plucked right from the congregation. We don't attend it to listen to some paid preacher. We attend it weekly to renew our baptismal covenants with the Lord. That's important to us.

Anon said (April 3, 2009):

At great risk am I writing this feedback. I was bred, fed and misled behind the Zion Curtain of Mormon-Dumb, and it's much worse than your brief article describes. The last time I was physically forced against my will to attend church was nearly forty years ago. I've diligently researched the church from its founding false prophets to its present day false prophets revising unfulfilled prophecies as needed to continue the MLM pyramid religion scheme. My cousin retired from the FBI and told me that the CIA, NSA, FBI, and other federal and state agencies, frequently recruit returned Mormon missionaries not only because of their language skills, but mainly because of their obedience. He also told me these agencies are involved with international drug trafficking, confirming McCoys book, "The Politics of Heroin".

Voltaire said, "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."
Couldn't be more true. The neighborhood I grew up in had high level ward members sexually abusing children and I didn't find out about it until many years latter when the victims became adults and exposed them. Of course they were either excommunicated or labeled "Whistle Blowers" and discredited accordingly. One male member exposed for sexual abuse, committed suicide. I grew up with this guy and didn't have a clue. For the last 8 years I've provided my parents with the kind of 24/7 full service care not available in the yellow pages, failing health care system or LDS church for any amount of money (dad died xyrs ago). High Priest last week came to my home and literally interrogated my elderly widowed mother suffering from memory loss, hearing loss, vision loss, etc, and made condescending remarks and self-righteous judgments, about her care providing descendent, simply because he doesn't go to church. The church has unleashed the hounds trying to convert me. I'm using the advice from "Mormons No More" to be resigned from the LDS Church.

My YYYY is polygamist XXX the money man for the FLDS and criminal Warren Jeffs, XXX is currently on the run. So I speak with over 50yrs of experience with main stream Mormonism and Fundamentalism. If anyone can get their hands on a copy of Elder Cecil McGavins 1947 book "Mormonism and Masonry", you'll discover that Joseph the Charlatan Master Mason Smith was executed by his Masonic order for betrayal and plagiarism. Mormon temple endowments are Masonic rituals. The LDS Temple in SLC is plastered with Masonic Emblems. I'm sure the church would love to get their hands on this book and burn it. Joseph Smith ascended to a Master Mason, in 24 hours, prior too betraying his order.

Check Out John Krakauer's well researched book "Under the Banners of Heaven". The mass murder, atrocities, crimes against women, etc, commited by this cabal of demons staggers the imagination.

Just like Hitler, Goering and Goebbels said, "The Bigger the Lie, the more people who will believe it".

Jessica said (April 3, 2009):

Henry, I'm dating a fat mormon guy and I'm also dating a 20 year old mormon guy. Now I find out that the mormons are invloved in masonry and the New World Order. You didn't say anything when I joined the church a year ago. They were so against gay marriage and the depopulation agenda that I would think it was impossible, but I have noticed some feminism among the sisters at my church. I thought it was strange when a Sunday school teacher ordered a man at church to change his baby's diaper. The guy said his wife would do it, but the teacher was adamant that he do it. When the subject of negative Hollywood messages causing promiscuity came up one time, I also added my concern over all the images of women doing kung fu. I was quickly shot down being told that there is nothing wrong with all the women doing kung fu. All these incidents could just be honest mistakes on the part of the individuals. But I am going to have to be careful of these people, I guess. They're not perfect. But they have helped me stop drinking coffee and I feel like my health has improved 95%.

Howard said (April 3, 2009):

Henry, I live in Salt Lake and despite your detractors comments, you are right on target. Mormonism was derived from Kabbalah and Masonic Ritual. "Sure Sign of the Nail" is the same password/grip Master Masons as well as Talmudic Rabbis use with the "Sign of Shin". 9/11 was the date of the Saxon takeover of Briton in 457AD, Battle for Scottish Independence in 1297, Hudson's "discovery" of Manhattan in 1609, Siege of Ft McHenry in 1772, Battle of Brandywine in 1777, execution of Capt. William Morgan in 1826, MMM in 1857, First Kibbutz in 1921, Palestine Mandate in 1922, Pyramid on $1 in 1935, Pentagon Cornerstone ceremony in 1941, Munich massacre in 1972, Operation condor in 1973, GW Bush "New World Order" speech in 1990, Ken Starr's report in 1998 and Neo-Con murder of innocents in 2001.

Young pulled down the Cross on the Monument saying "Revenge is Mine"; of course that's God's role isn't it? Anton LaVey lists "Mormo" as one of Satan's infernal names. Coincidence?


Dave said (April 3, 2009):

Obviously from the comments recieved you have a lot of Mormon readers. I am sure many of them may be fine people. But from their own comments they obviously lack self introspection and analytical skills to properly access the article written by Richard Evans, that you posted on your site.

What they did do, was go into a rationlization and justification of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. They evoked discrimination of Mormonism as that justification. Kind of reminds me of another exclusive group that uses the same tactics: Zionism and Talmudism. And just like the author, and several of the commentors brought up, there is a Freemasonic link.

It is unfortunate that the commentors cannot see that link is very influential in their own thoughts and actions, because also from their very own comments I can tell that they are very intelligent people. I have no axe to grind with Mormonism, although I do believe most all organized religions that adhere to dogmas and doctines sometimes miss the point that although they may have grains of truth to them, when they are also attatched to outright lies, it is a form of Satanic "controlled opposition" at a spiritual level.

All I am saying is perhaps the commentors should think outside the box of those dogmas and doctrines for a clearer veiw of the truth. I would also like to say I have personally known many Mormons that seemed like good honest folks. But the most important person all of us have to be honest with first is ourselves, and the rest wil take care of itself.

Bottom line, the Mountain Meadows Massacre was a Satanic killing orge, just like wars and other murders that Satan manipulates people into. Whether or not all the people who participated in it had cognintion of that fact is immaterial. I think that is why Jesus called Satan "the father of all lairs". Thanks for posting another great article that calls a spade a spade Henry.

Blake said (April 3, 2009):

It's never wrong to tell the truth. But my intimate knowledge of the church today tells me that your assumptions of satanic links past or present couldn't be more wrong; therefore, your assumptions about our church history cannot be trusted. You are viewing our church through the lenses of hearsay and the opinion of our critics. Of course we have a somewhat troubled past--we are the only church that had an extermination order against it by a government! (To me, an order like that serves as evidence that we are doing something right.) All you need to do is look at the fruits of the church today. If the church were as wicked as you portray it, it would never have gotten off the ground. It would have gone the way of David Koresh's group.

Consider the power of money, and how it runs the world. (I don't need to tell you what the globalist bankers are doing). Our church is run by a lay clergy. Millions and millions of dollars pass through the hands of our authorities every month, and not a dime is pocketed for personal gain (except to pay the salaries of those who must work full time.) And with all that money, you see zero scandal. All of our tithing goes to build up the church, build places of worship, and help the needy. What more evidence do you need that there's something special going on with the Mormons? What could possibly motivate us to make those sacrifices? It is in knowing (not believing, but knowing) that God lives and guides this church.

The connection with Freemasonry is actually something to expect. The world at one time had the truth and they performed covenants with God in temple ceremonies. Freemasonry is likely a degenerate offspring of something that was once sacred and good. Our church is a restoration--not a reformation--of the primitive Church of Jesus Christ, in a world today full of apostasy. Meaning, we contend that the one true church of Church of Jesus Christ, with its full authority and knowledge, was taken from the earth after the murder of Christ and the apostles. The hundreds of thousands of separate man-made sects and conflicting doctrines bear this out. Our church began when Joseph Smith, 14 years old, took God to tasked and asked which church to join. The answer was an actual visitation from God and Jesus Christ--two separate, distinct men--who told him, "None of the above." That makes quite a bit of sense to me. That answer is a response beyond the mental capacity of a 14 year old, who was expecting to be told to join the Methodists or Protestants. That vision established the nature of God and Christ, that they exist, and they actually do have a plan.

They told Joseph that, "A marvelous work was about to come forth." That's of great comfort to me and the potentially millions of readers you might offend with your article. The rest of the tale is history, a very intriguing one, but it's not going to be a history totally without flaws. We are humans, after all. When a group of people are run out of town time and time again for practicing religious freedom, some problems are expected. (I also contend that America was established by the hand of God as a free nation in order to create fertile ground to restore his church--this could not have happened in England. The fact that you and I can write whatever we want is a resulting blessing of this religious and political restoration of freedom.)

Your articles about Zionists and others are actually evidence that those groups are in the quagmire of full apostasy, which I referred to earlier. I'm simply telling you that you've gone after the wrong organization, because we stand with you against the evils of this world. You want to "save the males?" Our priesthood is doing just that!

I challenge you to attend our church for one month. Four times. That's it. Then see how you feel. I would think that as a researcher the prospect of finding a church whose authorities are either 1) the most wicked men on the planet, or 2) their claims are true, and they actually have spoken to God face to face, would be intriguing.

Lonnie said (April 3, 2009):

Oh Henry, you have really embarrassed yourself with this one. I read your work regularly and used to find it reasonably credible, but this has given me pause. I was quite dismayed to read this malevolent loopiness about Mormonism. Are ALL of your articles this poorly researched? If so, I need to recalibrate my credence in you. You have made the biased critic's usual error of gleaning your information from howling mad, disaffected former members and enemies, who have twisted doctines beyond recognition or told outright lies to try to make their cases. Most of the sneering explanations of LDS doctrines are not just wrong, they're ludicrous. Why, as an historian, would you ignore the insights of reading the authentic source material and documents for information, and use instead only the most outrageous detractors' tracts as your source? That's no way to investigate anyone or anything, although I suppose it's a great way to write a hitpiece. If you want to know about Mormonism, why don't you ask some Mormons for some explanations, instead of relying solely on excommunicants so angry and vindictive that they would say anything, no matter now outrageous, to try to embarrass the Church. And that's what you're shilling here, Henry. Fables, and a few grains of truth, twisted and contorted into something completely unrecognizeable to adherents of the faith. As one of your previous commenters said, this has cost you a great deal of credibility. You have so many doctrinal errors in this piece, I am throwing my hands up at the thought trying to correct them all. I simply don't have time. There are too many. Yes, the Mountain Meadows Massacre happened, just a few miles from where I am now. But unless you experience the Mormons' well founded feelings of paranoia and defensiveness after being persecuted, murdered, robbed and chased out of one state after another in the East, you're not going to understand the motivations behind the event. Has it anything to do with ritual and Satanism? No, but I suspect it had to do with getting beaten up and bullied one time too many, and being overzealous in making sure it never happened again. Once in a while Occam's razor works, Henry.

Dear Lonnie,

My name isn't Richard Evans. He is a friend of mine. He is not an ex Mormon. I can believe Mormons are good. Our point is that bad things hide behind the screen of good people. I have dissected organized Jewry in scores of articles. Here is the first one suggesting a closer look at Mormonism. We all need to ensure that an evil force doesn't manipulate the groups we belong to.


Dan said (April 3, 2009):

There is one positive thing about contemporary Mormons: it was their money that defeated Proposition 8 ('gay marriage') in California.

Mormonism isn't a religion so much as a society by design. I didn't make that up, we covered 'alternative cultures' in a sociocultural anthropology class. For a few hundred years, America was allowed to be the staging ground for 'the great experiment'. A lot of societies by design were launched and tried out here. Many failed and became extinct. Most assimilated into the fabric of the mainstream culture whether in the power structure or merger into the main. Mormon is one of the few which preserves a high degree of cultural homogeny as a state within the State.

One feature of societies by design is that customs pertaining to procreation and indoctrination of offspring are essential to the success or failure of the society long term.
Competition and adversarial relationship between genders, homosexuality, marginalization of offspring, and disintegration of nuclear family are anathema to autonomous societies - and the Mormon hierarchy are no fools, no matter what else they may be.

I watched a few of the LDS funded commercials that defeated Prop 8 in liberal California. The arguments were directed at heterosexuals with children, or seriously planning to have them.
The points were very sound and the Mormon public relations trumped the Gay persuasions.

The Gay PR rode upon "I don't see what's wrong with same sex couples getting married. It's their business, what's the harm?"

You may want to see how well the Mormon PR was prepared to effectively answer that question, and reach liberal minded, but heterosexual family couples in California. I have to give credit where credit's due.

Robert said (April 3, 2009):

Having been in the middle of the Mormon Vs. Christian debate, I took considerable interest in your look at the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre.
Any mass killing has its origin in both unredeemed flesh and Satanic influence. The Haun's Mill Massacre in Missouri where many LDS members were killed was just as heinous.
The Mormon Temple Endowment Ceremony does have its origin in Freemasonry, although there have been many changes in the ritual since Joseph Smith started it in the Nauvoo Temple. Smith was a 33rd degree Freemason and was an initiate in its occultic traditions.

Such practices as Blood Atonement and Poligamy are no longer recognized as legitimate doctrine in the mainstream LDS Church. These doctrines were taught as valid in 1857 and they put the LDS Church in conflict with the US government after 1848. This is part of the reason for the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

LDS members are desirable in the FBI and CIA as they are patriotic, follow orders and avoid vices that can compromise an agent.

The only LDS doctrine that could be considered as 'Satanic' is the idea that Almighty God is an evolved human from another planet. Both the Bible and the Book of Mormon deny this idea and both volumes proclaim that God is Unchanging, from all Eternity to all Eternity. This doctrine, known as 'Eternal Progression' is central to the entire LDS faith, as the religion is intended to prepare the male member to be an Almighty God himself. With his wife {or wives, if poligamy is allowed) the young God will create Spirit children to be born in physical bodies created by physical parents upon a newly created Earth-like planet. There are lesser eternal 'heavens' for those who do not meet all the standards for Godhood.

Eternal Progression is considered total blasphemy by traditional Christians. The LDS is considered a Non-Christian religion by many for this reason.
In the Bible, (Isaiah: 14 and Ezekiel: 28) Satan was banished from Heaven for proclaiming that he was equal with Almighty God. The LDS's Eternal Progression teaching makes the striving LDS church male member equal with Almighty God. If You're looking for any 'Satanic' overtones in the LDS church, this is where you find it.

Stan said (April 3, 2009):

The leadership of the Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, Zionists, Muslims, different brotherhoods, etc all consider that all those that are outside their jurisdiction to be apostates. They are just different sides of the same beast. This is because all are led by Lucyfer at this time. All wars, holocausts, abortions(the younger, the purer and more powerful), weather manipulation, despots etc. all contribute to the sacrifices to Lucyfer. Each one is just a small cog in Lucyfer's army.

Michael said (April 2, 2009):

I am Mormon and have been since I was eight. I am now fifty six. I have been a missionary, have known prominent leaders in the church and have an older brother that was temple president here in Atlanta. I have to say you information in plainly false.

While I am sure there are some members who may do all sorts of things and attribute them to the Church, the notion that the Church leaders are Satanists and that the temple ceremonies and hidden teachings support such a notion is laughable. The doctrine of Jesus Christ as Redeemer and Savior of the world is prominent and clear to anyone who attends any LDS meeting of ceremony. Satan is clearly taught to be the great deceiver and anti-Christ. This is unambiguous. All meetings, prayers, sermons etc are started and closed in the name of Jesus Christ. Unlike most of the rest of so-called Christendom, we even have Him in our name.

So much nonsense has been written by ex-members that has filtered out into media that it is hard to deal with it all. Why would any self respecting writer or journalist prefer the word of an ex-member who has most likely ex-ed for adultery or some other grievous sin over the word of millions of practicing members who hold prominent and trusted positions in politics, media and all walks of life. To do so discredits one as a serious journalist.

The Masonic connection is well established and clearly set forth in many publications. Mormon temple ceremonies are not Masonic. There are similar because they arise from a similar ancient source. King Solomon's temple most likely. But the LDS ceremonies are different and deal with spiritual matters such as sealing families and spouses into the eternities. Hardly Satanic cults.

As for the Mountain Meadows, while it was an awful and sickening event, it certainly doesn't stand alone as the only foul deed perpetrated by those who call themselves Christian. So-called Christianity is so drenched in blood as to make a thinking person wonder if it has roots in Christ's teachings at all. From the Popes to modern American Presidents, blood and gore knows no bounds. Actually, it is a tribute to the Mormons that such an event stands as a single atrocity considering their history of abuse at the hands of other so-called Christians and freedom loving people.

The reason I am certain that Brigham Young was not a part of this deed goes back to when Joseph Smith was martyred. When that event took place under the so-called protection of the law, Brigham, then the de-facto leader of the Church in Navuoo, called for calm and no retribution from members who by all decent standards had all rights to utterly destroy the mobsters and surrounding communities. The well armed Navuoo Legion could well have done so! And Navuoo, then rivaling Chicago in size, could have even presented the Federal Government a fight.

But no! What did the Mormons do? Finish their temple, endow and prepare the people to give up everything they had worked and fought for and leave for the Mexican territories where they might have real freedom of religion. Something the America promised but failed to deliver. And then to show that there was no hatred toward America, they marched to fight in the Mexican War for the U.S. Boy, that sure sounds like a bunch of Satanists don't it!

I could say more but I would have to write a book. So next time do a little more research before you impugn one of the fasted growing religions in the world consisting of 13 plus million members! Try going to a church meeting sometime and tell me if they are Satanists! Better still, the next time you are in Salt Lake City, go meet a General Authority in person and tell me they are Satanists. They are some of the finest, kindest most loyal Americans and true Christians you could hope to find.

Michael, I am prepared to believe that there is much that is positive in the Mormon religion. The purpose of this article is merely to alert people, including Mormons, to be on the lookout for a possible hidden agenda. If there is none, that is welcome information. --Henry

Russ2 said (April 2, 2009):

With the issue of "blood atonement," again, there is much to be sorted out. Yes, there was such a doctrine and yes, there were underground groups carrying out revenge. But again, look at it within the context of the times with pogroms and persecutions against a misunderstood people that dared to be different in their lives and perhaps became a little bit too proud of such a difference amongst their neighbors.

As to the presentation of satanic influences, as a "quote" insider Mormon, that has participated in the functions that occur within the temple, I again roll my eyes and breathe out a long breath. Are there similarities between LDS temple functions and masonic functions, evidently so. But does it go beyond that? I don't think so. Again, this is an argument that one could "go the rounds" over. Does one paint a broad brush of satanic depravity against the founding fathers of the United States who have masonic backgrounds? I would hazard that most, save the most fanatic of "conspiracists under every bush," would say not.

As for as the extremely distorted tale of the supposed story of God's plan of creation presented within the temple, it just ain't so. In the book of John, who is the "prince of this world?" (John 12:31, 14:30) Lucifer was NEVER appointed as the ruler of this world. He was commanded to depart and essentially became a usurper in God's absence. According to LDS theology, before the creation of the world, Lucifer wanted to be sent so that no soul would be lost. Thus, there would be no choice. Nowhere in any LDS doctrine does God approve the actions of Lucifer. Christ wanted to represent God's plan so that mankind would have agency and learn from his earthly existence. Mankind would then find the way back to heaven and God's presence through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course, Christ was selected and Lucifer was left simmering in his own hate.

When reading about "buying Divine franchises in proportion to the wealth that they accumulate and ty the[sic][tithe] to the LDS coffers in Salt Lake," I have to grin within. Tithing is an indicator of church standing and worthiness to participate in the functions that go on inside LDS temples. Nowhere is it put out as a "carrot" for a "franchise." As for the issue of progression where members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints find the opportunity to continue in eternal development, a couple of points. Yes, LDS believe that our Heavenly Father had been a child, had gone through his own earthly probation, had become perfected and gained the opportunity for divinity. But this is not something that we beat our breasts upon for all to see. This is treasured knowledge.

The LDS also believe that this world is not his only creation, that there are other creations without number. (Who would want to limit the dominion of God, anyway?) And if we have the opportunity to inhabit other worlds, would we not want to do so with our own families, those that we have the greatest love for? That is the whole purpose of the temple functions, to bind on earth what will be bound in heaven (Matthew 16:19), so that families can be together forever. That is the purpose of genealogy. Now, for some who would try to suborn God's will and "sacrifice" names to Lucifer according to his plan (whether secretly in the church or not), it still can't be done if the principle of choice and agency is a part of God's plan. If you want to do it to yourself, go ahead and become Lucifer's disciple. In fact, in temple functions, the work that is done for deceased ancestors will have effect upon that person only if they accept that work. To do
genealogical work, the access to records is free. Anyone can go to any local LDS genealogical center and have access to records. There are many private genealogical sources that do charge a fee for (primarily web) access, but anything that the LDS church has is not charged.

As far as having a "disproportionate" representation in the government, the article already concedes that those numbers come primarily from where LDS membership is concentrated. No mystery there, with over 6 million members in the US. As for undue church influence, these politicians have their own agendas. There are times that LDS politicians will break from "official" positions. As with any organization, one will find good and bad points. For as many within the church that may have an opinion on the efficacy of the UN, etc., there are many other members that want to send out a voice of warning against it. As for numbers within the CIA and FBI: who wouldn't want to have someone work for them that has high moral values, doesn't smoke, drink or gamble, is family oriented, has a high participation in community charity and disaster support --- which all contribute to someone who would be a low security risk?

Anyway, some thoughts. Not everything one reads is necessarily what is.

Russ1 said (April 2, 2009):

The article in question, as noted above, is a poorly researched and unscholarly work. It is so juvenile, I have to roll my eyes and breathe out long breaths.

The facts are there, yes. Whether or not that particular "September 11th" has any import, who knows. Nowhere in the article does it state why the event transpired. What was the background? The Latter Day Saints had just been pushed out of many different states suffering rape, pillage, burnings and murders -- one of which had extermination orders (Missouri) against all "Mormons." They thought that they had found refuge in the bareness of the Great Basin. The federal government had just ordered out the bulk of the US Army led by Albert Sidney Johnston to Utah on scurrilous charges of insurrection. It was the beginning of the "Mormon War." The LDS pioneers were in the process of deciding how to best defend themselves. Brigham Young had given orders to keep all their supplies and to not communicate with outsiders. In all their minds, there was a distinct possibility of a "final solution."

In the midst of all this is a wagon train full of Arkansans who couldn't understand why, because of the above reasons, they couldn't get needed supplies as they were passing through Mormon territory through to California. Words were traded. The Arkansans and Mormons began to trade threats. The Arkansans reminded the Mormons what they had done before to the Mormons and threatened to come back after they got to California.

Just what was said by who and when and ordered by whom will be argued until the cows come home. There are various scholarly books that can be read by both LDS church sources and outside sources. It was John Doyle Lee, not George Albert Smith, who was ultimately executed for the incident. One would be hard put to try to get a serious presentation by Hollywood, such as the laughable "September Dawn." Was Brigham Young involved or was it allowed to get out of hand by local authorities who were already sensitized to the fearful climate? One will have to read more than one source from more than one side to make such conjecture. Mountain Meadows was a horrible result of misunderstandings and brinksmanship among ALL parties. It got way out of hand and people should have taken a few days time out to ponder the outcomes of such actions. It is a blot and a stain and the LDS church recently officially came out for responsibility for the victims and their descendants. Fanaticism it was not. Satanic blood ritual it was not. Mr. Evans' projections of intent should be better thought out and not so influenced by sophomoric tattle and tell-all ignorant scandal sheets that have periodically come out ever since the church was formed.

Randall said (April 2, 2009):

You have done a disservice to your cause. I am a former Member of said Church. Am now a Nichiren Buddhist living in Dallas Texas. I was married in the Mormon Temple in Mesa Arizona, endowed in the Oakland Calif. Temple of the LDS Church. My ex wife and I have 5 Children. And I have 7 Grandsons. The Doctrine of Blood Atonement was promoted by President Brigham Young. There was a group of Enforcers of Church Doctrine known as the Danites or Avenging Angels.

This also needs to be viewed in the context of the Haun's Mill Massacre of Mormons in Missouri, and the Expulsion order of Governor Boggs. Which made it legal to Murder Mormons in that State in Cold Blood. The fact that the Mormons acquired Land, built beautiful homes and created jealousy amongst the Locals also contributed to the problems. There was Class Envy going on at that time. Due to the persecution of Church members, members were very aware of outsiders and distrustful having been harmed by both Government and Private individuals. Its not paranoia if they are trying to kill you. Joseph Smith and his Brother Hyrum Smith were both murdered by a mob. In that context I suspect a balanced view needs to be addressed here.

I have been inside the Temple in ceremonies. There is no Blood Atonement or such nonsense. Really you are destroying your credibility. Mormons today are fighting to preserve Family, fidelity, Chastity and old fashioned values. Against a Tsunami of Sexual expression. Their defense of Marriage and its definition is based upon their defense of what they see to be Eternal Truths. While I disagree with Church Dogma and the Book of Mormon. DNA Science clearly shows Asiatic People crossed a Land Bridge from Asia to the Americas during the last ice age. It is almost laughable what you have written. Satanic Worship? Please who are the crack pots giving you this nonsense?


Reply: Thanks for this contructive and informative reply. The massacre seems to be a documented historical fact and its hard to believe Mormons were threatened by a wagon train bound for California.

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