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Hitler Tested Nuclear Bombs

October 15, 2012

Despite the reputation of "German engineering," the Nazis were unable to
capitalize on their advanced weaponry, including the nuclear bomb.
This is another reason to believe that
Hitler was an Illuminati agent. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Did you know that the Nazis tested three nuclear bombs in 1944 and 1945? 

I didn't either and I consider myself reasonably well informed. The information is out there but few people are aware of it.

This, and the fact that details are still kept secret, makes me suspicious.

They don't want anyone to ask this question: 

"If the Nazis had this game-changing technology, why didn't they perfect and use it?" 

Why not ask this question?

Because the answer potentially leads to the "ugly secret" of World War Two: 

Hitler was an Illuminati agent. His mission was to lead Germany to annihilation.

(Admittedly, they were small "dirty" bombs, combining conventional & nuclear explosives, but they produced shock waves and blinding light. One killed 500 Russian POWs used as guinea pigs. 126,000 barrels of wartime nuclear waste were recently found in a German salt mine.) 

The question remains. Did Hitler delay or sabotage the development of nuclear weaponry until it was too late? I have not found the "smoking gun" but there are precedents with other war-winning technology.


For example, in 1944 the SS took over the production of the V-2 ballistic missile. Werner Von Braun was actually arrested and charged with delaying its development. He was released when Himmler was shown that Hitler had vetoed Von Braun's requests for additional resources in 1943. (source: "Assignment for Mussolini"  doc film.) 

In his memoirs, Albert Speer wrote: " the late fall of 1939 Hitler crossed the rocket project off his list of urgent undertakings and thus automatically cut off its labour and materials. By tacit agreement with the Army Ordnance Office, I continued to build the Peenemunde installations without its approval - a liberty that probably no one but myself could have taken."

Over 5,000 V-2s were fired on Britain. However, only 1,100 reached Britain. These rockets killed 2,724 people and badly injured 6,000. Obviously, there was a disconnect between  the delivery system and "payload."


Germany had jet fighters before anyone else. The Messerschmidt 262 could fly almost twice as fast as conventional airplanes. Germany produced  
1400 of these but only 300 were used in battle. They might have thwarted the Allied bombing campaign. 

But Hitler had other plans. Albert Speer claimed in his Memoirs that Hitler originally had blocked mass production of the Me 262 before agreeing in early 1944. He rejected arguments that the aircraft would be more effective as a fighter against the Allied bombers, and wanted it as a bomber for revenge attacks. 

According to Speer, Hitler felt its superior speed meant it could not be attacked, and so preferred it for high altitude straight flying.  (Speer 1997, p. 363.)


Wilhelm Canaris, Chief of the Abwehr (German Military Intelligence) and Reinhard Gehlen (Abwehr Chief, Russia) were both convinced that Germany would lose the war because of Hitler's meddling. 

They both suspected Hitler was a traitor when he stonewalled an investigation of Bormann who was transmitting the Nazis' daily war plans to Moscow Central.

But there were many other indications that Hitler was an Illuminati agent:   His refusal to focus German strength on capturing Moscow, as his generals wished. His failure to let Paulus withdraw from Stalingrad. His release of the British army trapped at Dunkirk. His failure to take Gibraltar and seal the Mediterranean Sea.(Hitler had put Franco in power but didn't call in this favor.) His failure to support Rommel.  

To this list, we could add Hitler's failure to support game-changing technology. If Hitler was sincere about conquering the world, what could be more important than developing nuclear weapons first? Especially when they potentially had the missile technology to reach New York City.

One of Hitler's reasons for conquering Russia was to convince Britain to make peace. You'd think a nuclear threat would have done the job faster and easier? 

World War Two, all wars in fact, are orchestrated. Hitler's mission was not to win the war, but to extinguish the German spirit. His mission was to discredit everything he represented, especially race and nation. 

At that, he was a resounding success.



1. "Hitler's Bombe" by Rainer Karlsch  

"Another piece of evidence Karlsch cites is a March 1945 Soviet military espionage report. According to the report, which cites a "reliable source," the Germans "detonated two large explosions in Thuringia." The bombs, the Soviet spies wrote, presumably contained uranium 235, a material used in nuclear weapons, and produced a "highly radioactive effect." Prisoners of war housed at the center of the detonation were killed, "and in many cases their bodies were completely destroyed."

 Luigi Romersa, a former war reporter for a Milan newspaper, Corriere della Sera. For years Romersa, a Roman who is now 87, has been telling the story of how he visited Hitler in October 1944 and then was flown to an island in the Baltic Sea. Romersa says that he was taken to a dugout where he witnessed an explosion that produced a bright light, and that men wearing protective suits then drove him away from the site, telling him that what he had witnessed was a "fission bomb."


2.   Historian David Irving - " Here is a brief synopsis of the real German atomic research story. There were two rival teams working towards getting an atomic pile critical -- one of theoretical scientists and academics under Nobel prize winner Werner Heisenberg, the other a more empirical team under army scientist Dr Kurt Diebner.

   Both teams had wrongly been informed by mathematician Professor Bothe that graphite could not be used as a moderator in an atomic pile (now called a nuclear reactor); this left only "heavy water" (deuterium oxide) as a choice, and this substance dribbled forth from the much-attacked heavy water plant in Norway at such a painfully slow rate that they still did not have enough when the war ended.

   Heisenberg's men nevertheless began building a rudimentary pile in a cave at Haigerloch in southern Germany (see my picture below), with which they experimented until they were captured by the ALSOS mission headed by US colonel Boris Pash and his MI6 colleague Michael Perrin.

   Diebner's army team did actually attempt to create a fusion reaction by imploding conventional explosives on deuterium (heavy water), in one rudimentary experiment.
   The German war economy lacked all the basic resources to build an atomic fission bomb, once Speer had assigned top priority to the V2 rocket project. It had no means whatever to build a "dirty" bomb.

   The suggestion that the Germans lacked "pure-grade uranium" is absurd, unless this refers to the enriched U235, bomb making ("weapons-grade") material; the Germans had captured the Belgian uranium-ore stockpiles in 1940, and Degussa had no problems refining it. The ALSOS teams found hundreds of cubes of solid uranium, as photographs in my book show."

First Comment from Jalena:

Thank you for another thought provoking article. I agree with your premise that
Hitler was an Illuminati pawn who lead Nazi Germany to ruin deliberately to discredit nationalism, religion and racial solidarity. The only thing I don't understand though, is why would the Illuminati build up Nazi Germany with its totalitarian infrastructure, superpower military, network of death camps, and even state insignia and paraphernalia (i.e., the Swastika and SS lighting bolts) which were so blatantly occultist in nature, only to not make proper use of it all, where their long term goals are concerned?. 

Specifically, why do you believe the Illuminati would not have simply opted to use Nazi Germany to conquer the entire world, exterminate over 80% of the human race, dissolve all sovereign nation-states, and erect their feudal-fascist world government upon the victory of Nazi Germany in the 1940's?. It just seems as if it would have been much easier for the Illuminati to have accomplished there goals, which have been stated in the decades
since at Bilderberg, Georgia Guidestones, ect; back in the 1940's, when the global population was less than 2.5 billion people, as opposed to the 7 billion now. There were was roughly also a 1/3 of the sovereign nation-states back in the 1940's than there are today. 

Lastly, most of the world back in the 1940's consisted of the first world nation-states, and the rest were mostly colonies of the first world nation-states, so wouldn't it have arguably been much easier for the Illuminati to have established their feudal-fascist world state using
Nazi Germany back in the 1940's, then it is today to bring it about?. 

I agree with all of your articles about the Illuminati using feminism, gay rights, abortion, war, eugenics, water fluoridation, etc  to reduce the human race in numbers and to fold all sovereign nation-states into a feudal-fascist world government, and the evidence is overwhelming, but I just can't figure out why the Illuminati simply didn't accomplish
all of this by having Nazi Germany (which they controlled) simply conquer the world back in the 1940's and carry out such a agenda shortly thereafter.
By the way, there is an excellent video on You Tube I recent discovered, which talks a lot about things you mentioned in your most recent article. The You Tube video in question speaks at length about hitler's secret weapons, Werner Von Braun, Penemunde. the V-2 rockets, etc.

Thanks Jelena

This is a brilliant question and I will suggest some answers:

1. The plan beginning with World War One was always to subjugate Germany. The NWO would be based in the UK and USA. 

2. If Germany emerged triumphant, it would be difficult to control as there would be no off setting powers left. According to the "Red Symphony," Hitler was already getting unmanageable. I don't know if this is true. 

3. There would be little role for organized Jewry in a Nazi dominated world. Illuminati Jews 
are obviously destined to play a major role in the NWO.

4. For the Illuminati, the journey or process is more important than the arrival. The proces involves sucking the wealth of nations while soaking them in blood. It involves degrading and corrupting the masses so they won;t even recognize their slavery and decadence and will regard them as signs of freedom. The world wasn't ready for Nazi-like control. But the time may be approaching..

I invite other suggestions from readers. 

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Comments for "Hitler Tested Nuclear Bombs "

Mark said (October 19, 2012):

Jalena's insightful points begs the question, why the banksters didn't simply build up one side in their dialectical game with funding, intel., technology, supplies, equipment ect., whilst depriving the other sides of such, thus creating either a Third Reich-dominated world order, or one dominated by a Soviet or Zionist-Anglo-American empire?

Having 1,000s of years of experience with the perennial rises and falls of rebellion-prone, short-lived empires, the banksters would have known all too well that such an empire could not have long stood. There stilll needed to be about 100 years of additional well-orchestrated work on the "Great Work" -- the 1,000 plus year reign of a Forth Reich: that is, the complete destruction of the remnants of race, tribe, family, nation, God-based religion, individualism ect., and the implementation of a neo-feudal, technocratic control-grid.

But even at that, "the best-laid plans of mice and men" could still well end up falling flat on its face.

Brian said (October 17, 2012):

Articles and follow-ups like these gets to the heart of things going on right now.

In my view, your reply to Jalena is right on point, and adding to that I would say the Illuminati are following an ancient script whose story has been played out before since time immemorial.

It could be that the most recent 'play' occured just prior to what we 'know' as the beginning of recorded history, at the outset of ancient Sumeria. And therein lies the rub, because what we call 'history' is simply the orchestrated manipulation of events by 'master puppeteers' who are not human. Ones intimately familiar with how the game is played. 'Games' that occur in cyclic fashion throughout the eons and perhaps involving other planets and galaxies. Who knows?

Hitler was at the pinnacle of this most recent orchestration, and as such his experience is telling. I'm reminded of a conversation he had with one of his intimates where he spoke of an encounter, reflecting his deep immersion in the Occult. He said, "I have met this 'new man', and I was terrified of him."

Mark said (October 17, 2012):

To those "game-changing technologies", I would also add the electrically-driven, glowing, Nazi Foo-Fighters (the progenetors of our modern UFOs, which were brought back to the good old U.S. of A. at the war's end)), which buzzed the allied bombers over Germany, and caught on their gun-cameras; that even in their non-weaponized condition, could well have wreaked havoc with the "Axis of Good's" war effort, but never actually seriously deployed.

Bert said (October 16, 2012):

It is a standard tactic of the Illuminati to first gain trust, and then to betray. This is the process of "nation building." For example, the Illuminati might start out, as Hitler did, by issuing a debt-free national currency, that is gold-backed to give an illusion of stability. This is how the Illuminati draw a population into their web of trust. For an economic miracle, a new dawn or whatever, place your trust in big central governments, like the one that Hitler created!

As soon as the trust is given, then comes the betrayal. The mantra of the Illuminati is "... by deception shall we wage war ..." But war on who? The answer is, they wage war on all of humanity itself! And the only possible reason for this mantra, of "by deception shall we [whatever]" is ... betrayal. On a personal scale, betrayal is the only possible purpose of deception. "By betrayal, shall we wage war ..." is the real mantra. On a national scale, the betrayal and corruption is called treason.

Mary said (October 16, 2012):

If you read the book "America's Nazi Secrets" you will discover who financed WW2 and they financed Hitler at the same time as they financed Stalin and then they gathered in the Nazi criminals after WW2 and took them to the US. Some remained in the US and others went into the USSR as spies..... and so on until today's present situation

Kevin said (October 16, 2012):

I believe it is entirely possible that Hitler and/or other high-ranking Nazis struck a deal with the Allies in the final days of the war, a deal that evidently brought many Nazi scientists to the U.S. in Operation Paperclip, among other things. This deal may well have also included atomic bomb technology. The American breakthrough with the bomb only occurred in the final days of the war. I think that the reason why may well be that they dealt for the final piece(s) of the puzzle. The Nazis would have had an incentive to do this-the other side of the coin was having all their secret toys fall into the hands of the Russians. I suspect none of the high-ranking Nazis wanted that to happen. I even think that this speculative deal might have included the escape of key Nazis to South America and perhaps even Antarctica. Unfortunately, I have no evidence to back this up, but it may be grist for someone with more time and energy to pursue such an investigation. As always, well done...


Thanks Kevin

The fact that so many Nazis were settled in UK, Canada US and Australia suggests Illuminati collusion.


Robert said (October 16, 2012):

I have always been mystified by how Hitler came to be a military strategist allegedly directly controlling Germany's activities on land and in the sea and the air during WWII. Normally for a person to have any capability in this area they would have to undergo prolonged and specialized training, without which they
would immediately be exposed as incompetent dilettantes. As far as I am aware, Hitler's experience in WWI would not have served as preparation for him to assume the role of a large-scale military planner later on.

Secondly, is it not amazing what can be accomplished in the area of physical production in time of war--5,000 rockets, 1,400 jet fighters, most of which were not even used, produced almost as
throwaways? All the time feeding, clothing, and housing the population better than this was being done during the preceding decade! It demonstrates what a fraud the current austerity measures being imposed in most countries is. Austerity is an artificial financial phenomenon having nothing to do with the nations' physical potential to provide their citizens with the makings of a secure and decent life.

John said (October 16, 2012):

I have read about WW2 for over 50 years,
Hitler stopped a few projects because he thought the war was going to end soon, he even cut back on the number of men in the Army,,the V1 was cheaper to build than the V2,,because he lost the air war over the UK he relied on spies to tell him where the rockets were landing,,bad idea because England turned all of Hitler's spies.

At the end he send plans and parts for jets to Japan via German subs, he also send a small amount of atomic material,,

Dan said (October 16, 2012):

The Nazis had Werner Heisenberg as director of their nuclear project. Heisenberg was author of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and founder of quantum mechanics for which he won the Nobel in physics in 1932.

Due to the disproportionate number of Jewish physicists involved in German science before 1933, Heisenber's image had to be 'rehabilitated' by the Ministry of Propaganda. This process was the same routine as the PR reformation of Nazi rocket scientists Werner von Braun performed by Walt Disney Studios so that the American public would passively accept the former Nazi as head of NAZA......oops, NASA. NASA was the American space weapons and surveillance net development bureaucracy sold as peaceful space exploration.

Hitler died in April 1945, and on May 5th Heisenberg and his top nuclear team had defected to the safekeeping of MI6. The defection had been planned long in advance. The details were top secret until declassification in 1992.

WW II was a planetary herding operation that had nothing to do with reasons given for it. I found the quickest way to break the condition of the conventional movie and history book presentations of WW II is the read Thomas Pynchon's fictional novel "Gravity's Rainbow".

Brian said (October 16, 2012):

I would also mention that the end of 1941 in general was a pivotal time whose events, or lack thereof, essentially doomed any chance of Germany winning the War.

As mentioned, Hitler's Generals strongly urged an attack on Moscow, knowing that if you take IT it would destroy Russia's Central Command and render them incapable of conducting the war. Hitler's response, and I'm paraphrasing here, was that "only ossified minds think an attack on the Capital City constitutes good war strategy." The decision was for the Wehrmacht to hole up for the Winter and go after the Caucasus oil fields in the Spring.

Add to that the Nazi pledge to declare war on any country declaring war on Japan (the U.S. of course, after the attack on Pearl Harbor) and it's no small wonder that the highest ranking German military officers knew there was no way they could win a Global war against the "sleeping giant" America, and a Russian army able to lick its wounds and re-group.

All this knowing that because of the so-called "miracle at Dunkirk", England would become an enormous Allied armed camp that would result in D-day 2 1/2 years later. And oh yeah, Hitler supposedly thought the attack would come at Pas de Calais and not on the Normandy beaches, and when it finally DID come German divisions weren't mobilized because Der Fuhrer was getting his beauty sleep. Right.

The Illuminati played it beautiful.

Javier said (October 15, 2012):

Some years ago i read part of this book (in Internet as is not available), WuWa ! - WunderWaffen of Arthur T. Wheeler , with very interesting data about the SS nazi atom bomb project, according to this book that SS project used the same technology we use today to obtain uranium, centrifugal systems, and that allowed the SS to build some bombs (one or 2 used in tests), 2 of them later given to USA and used in japan, with parts for another 12 or so.

This maybe can explain why many papers about the "manhattan project" are still "secret" its normal in some of them but dont seem to be proper for many others, but if the nazis reached the bomb before the psychological impact would be enormous. But this has a very interesting "thing" about the failure, that increase the value of the fight of many brave soldiers to destroy the nazi regime with the eugenic ideas it represented, a war that could be avoided, if the banksters didn't financed Hitler. If that information is correct, if the nazis had the bomb, that manipulation was without doubt, the most idiot thing they did, maybe only surpassed by their help to the soviets.

The Nazis only were able to make the war thx to the help from USA, with the synthetic oil, rubber, and additives (one ship full of them was delivered by standard oil in abril 1939 and endured till 1942), and many many other in world war 1 with the later president Hoover, helping the German kaiser using the "Belgium relief fund".

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