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Mystery Man (Hitler's Son?) Exposed J.K. Rowling

June 14, 2012


Joanna Rowling is a mind-controlled Monarch slave, said mystery man who claimed to be father of J.K. Rowling's child. He also said he was lovechild of Unity Mitford and Hitler (pictured here.)

Jessica Mitford who helped conceive the Harry Potter series told him he was Hitler's son. 

by John Hamer



Who among us could not fail to enjoy the harmless fun and yet enjoyably scary tales about Harry Potter, the heroic boy-wizard in an epic fight against the forces of evil?

What wonderful entertainment we have all had from the vivid imaginings of Joanna K. Rowling, that 'single-mother made good' who somehow against all the odds, managed to drag herself almost from the gutter to become a multi-billionaire and a role-model.

If only all was as it seems...

Joanna Rowling is a mind-controlled Monarch slave, selected to be the author of the stories because she exhibits the 'positives' of single parent status.  She is a member of the Fabian Society and the Church of Scientology.  The Church of Scientology is a CIA-run front for the Royals, Rockefellers and Rothschilds. 

Around Christmas 2011, I corresponded with and spoke to a "mystery man" who claimed to be the father of JK Rowling's child, born in 1995.  I believed him because of the detailed information he had.

He said that in the early 1990s, he, Jessica Mitford (1917-1996) and her husband Bob Treuhaft (1912-2003, who was apparently J.K. Rowling's 'handler') in a long train journey 'brainstormed' the entire Harry Potter story whilst JKR took copious notes. 


(Jessica Mitford married Bob Treuhaft, left, in 1943. He was a Jewish Communist labor lawyer from Brooklyn. Her family were British aristocrats who married fascists. This site celebrates them.)  

The story was then written by someone whom he referred to as a 'pen and ink stand', a term used to describe someone who is hired to write a story that is not their own idea.

Subsequently JKR was chosen to front it in-line with the Tavistock  promotion of anything that undermines family values (i.e. her single-mother status). 

He also said that it was based loosely on the CS Lewis 'Narnia' stories but qualified that by saying that he had no idea at the time that all the references to pedophilia, witchcraft, Satanism etc. were going to be incorporated.

He said there were multiple attempts on his life orchestrated by Prince Phillip himself ("Lord Voldemort" n the books.) 

He also told me that the scar on Harry Potter's head is a representation of the symbol of the British Union of Fascists.  Jessica Mitford's sister Diana was married to Oswald Mosley who fronted the BUF during WWII. 

file card.jpg

Jessica Mitford told him  that his grandparents were Unity Valkyrie Mitford, her sister and a certain Adolf Jacobus Hitler! 

[Makow note: Significantly there is a 1924 French police file card that identifies Hitler as "Adolphe Jacob Hitter."    The father of Rowling's child is supposed to be Portuguese (see below) but this man had a London accent and said his name was Stephen.

Unity was indeed part of Hitler's intimate entourage from 1936 on, and there are reports that she may indeed have borne his child. ] 


Following these discussions, I found that Bob Treuhaft's business partner in his legal firm for almost 20 years was Dobby' Walker. 

This was just her nickname but even so her Wikipedia obituary refers to her as 'Dobby Walker' and not 'Doris Walker', her real name. 

'Dobby' was an elf-like character in the HP stories who was employed as a 'manservant'.  Maybe this is how Treuhaft and Mitford regarded Walker?

 In delving even further into Walker's background it appears that she was an active member of the Communist party in the 1940s and 1950s as were Mitford and Treuhaft. 

Despite what the elite would like us to believe, there is virtually no difference between Communism and Fascism, in practice.  They are 'sold' to the masses as being at the opposite ends of the political spectrum to one another but perhaps a more accurate depiction of the linear political spectrum would be to think of it as a complete circle with Fascism at 1 minute before twelve o'clock and Communism at one minute past.  For the record, Dobby Walker died in 2009.

hillary 1971.jpg

(Current US Secretary of State before going underground.)

Also, interestingly enough, an intern by the name of Hillary Rodham worked for the law firm of Treuhaft, Walker & Bernstein in the summer of 1971. 

Whatever the truth really is, and it may never be known for sure, there is far more to all this than meets the eye. The rabbit-hole goes very deep indeed.


Excerpt from 'The Falsification of History' by John Hamer


Train-trip story confirmed in Wikipedia Rowling Entry:

After working at Amnesty International in London, Rowling and her then-boyfriend decided to move to Manchester.[23] In 1990, while she was on a four-hour-delayed train trip from Manchester to London, the idea for a story of a young boy attending a school of wizardry "came fully formed" into her mind.[39] She told The Boston Globe that "I really don't know where the idea came from. It started with Harry, then all these characters and situations came flooding into my head."[23][39] When she had reached her Clapham Junction flat, she began to write immediately.[23][40]

Rowling then moved to Porto in Portugal to teach English as a foreign language.[9][31] While there, on 16 October 1992, she married Portuguese television journalist Jorge Arantes. Their child, Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes (named after Jessica Mitford), was born on 27 July 1993 in Portugal.[43] They separated in November 1993.[43][44] In December 1993, Rowling and her daughter moved to be near Rowling's sister in Edinburgh, Scotland.[23]



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Comments for "Mystery Man (Hitler's Son?) Exposed J.K. Rowling "

Rich said (June 16, 2012):

"m not surprised at ALL. I would NOT allow my daughter to read those books when they first came out, despite what everyone said. I KNEW from my studies of the elites and their fake news stories and backgrounds about people to generate sympathy that JK Rowlings story was just a bunch of BULL. There is NO WAY that she was on the streets, penned this story on napkins and scraps of paper and yet just HAPPENED to get published and end up a billionaire. Even IF such a story were true, by the time she's making a few million or even less, to continue up the ladder she would HAVE to sign deals with the Illuminati in some form to keep going and get to the financial success she has today.

Demons CAN and DO go into objects, especially music CD's, cassettes, records and books. I was at a book store with 2 of my kung-fu students/friends years ago and it was face down on the table. I had no idea what the book was. Being seriously into meditation and chi-gung for decades I instantly sensed a FOUL, somehow wrong energy coming from the book, almost like an electric shock, but not physically. As I started to pick it up I immediately dropped the book and made an audible "aahhh" sound.. My friend Rob was like "what happened, static electricity?".. I said no, something dark.. what the hell is that book??! He turned it over and it was a Harry Potter book, the first one. This was BEFORE I was aware that demons were actually commanded via occult rituals to go INSIDE of books, tapes, albums and other objects... no kidding.

Listen to this for more info
John Todd - Demons Behind the Music

Dick said (June 15, 2012):

Pretty interesting information on Harry Potter. Sounds pretty believable to me. Here's an interesting website about the alchemical symbolism in Harry Potter. I'm not well versed in
alchemy or kabbalah, but this site seems like an "exoteric" explanation that disguises some of the more sinister meanings of the plot. The analysis of Snape is particularly off:

The lightning bold on Harry's head would seem to me to be the Mark of Cain – the section on the Zohar in this wikipedia article suggests it's the Hebrew "vav", a V or 6, which looks like a
lightning bolt, has connections to the terlocking "V"s in the volkswagen logo, and is probably the reason a lightning bolt would
be used in fascist/nazi symbology.

I would take this as a sign that Harry was marked for killing his alchemical "brother" (Voldemort), as a sign that to destroy Harry (who should be seen like Cain as an evil murderer) would provoke
God's vengeance. The rest of the plot is about the resurrection and reintegration of Voldemort into Harry to form a perfect magician.

C said (June 15, 2012):

I just clicked on one of the links in the article about "Hitler's son", and I hardly could beleive, what I saw, but those facts exceed many conspiration theories:

"Unity Mitford was (...) conceived in the town of Swastika, Ontario where her family had gold mines."

A family with gold mines couldn't be out of the circles of the illuminati global elit. But why "Swastika"?,_Ontario

"The town was named after the Swastika Gold Mine staked in the autumn of 1907 and incorporated on January 6, 1908. James and William Dusty staked the claims alongside Otto Lake for the Tavistock Mining Partnership. "

Back to Unity Mitford: "Her younger sister, Jessica, with whom she shared a bedroom, was a dedicated communist.[1] The two drew a chalk line down the middle. One side was decorated with hammers and sickles and pictures of Lenin, and the other decorated with swastikas and pictures of Adolf Hitler."

With this kind of background this orwellian family division of labour is not too suprising. Perhaps Unity was conceived in an occult cultic place in a special breeding program, and the sisters were indoctrinated with the communist and fascist ideology and this could be a symbol, that the two movements were "bedfellows", and "sisters". Then two of the sibligs appear around the German and British fascist leaders, and become their women. This can be a link between the Führer and his background Masters.

"Hitler had also become obsessed with the young blonde British student. He was struck by her curious connections to the Germanic culture including her middle name, Valkyrie." - It also can be a symbolicly, carefully chosen middle name to Hitler"s English girl conceived in the town of Swastika, the Valkyries being "choosers of the slain" according to Norse mythology. ( ) Hitler (and Germany) has been chosen to be slain at the end of the battle with Bolshevism and the West by those, who built him up.

"Hitler was extremely superstitious, and he believed that Unity was sort of sent to him, it was destined." Indeed...

Red Ox said (June 15, 2012):

I do not have much special about JK Rowling. Only thing is that the Harry Potter books are describing events that go on - but that happens with everything.

e.g X Factor - Simon Cowell - "having the X Factor" means being selected for experiments. Cowell was around MI6 in 1990/91, long BEFORE he became 'famous'. His mother, interestingly, also attended meetings. Won't speculate what her involvement was, possibly sexual with someone important.

Harry Potter - The Potter's Wheel is a Royal Arch/MI6 torture device. When victims go for Tea (T=Torture) one of the games played is to be strapped to the Potter's Wheel and spun round while being electroshocked. This induces an OBE - out of body experience.

Basically (and this has been well worked out over the decades) the OBE is that the victim thinks they are flying. This features prominently in Harry Potter.

It has been done to me, and Thomas Hurd commented "you'll come back down to earth soon, Reggie". The Russians also described what happened (confirming it to me) approximately 8-10 years later.

Daniel said (June 15, 2012):

I just read John Hamer's take on JK Rowlings and her alleged authoring of the Harry Potter series. The Harry Potter books are some of the
materials that I use to teach my fluent students here in Korea. After reading these books and watching the films I'm sure I smell a
Shakespeare conspiracy. The Harry Potter books rival the insight and complexity of Frank Herbert's Dune series. I don't see any way a welfare mom can have this kind of insight. A dead give-away was when she was asked how she comes up with the ideas for the Harry Potter storylines.
Her answer "I just sit back and it comes to me." Yeah, it comes to her in the form of a team of Hollywood writers showing up at her front door.

Robert said (June 14, 2012):

I have read only the first Harry Potter book. I understood the evil purpose of it not only from its
encouragement of fascination with "wizardlry", but also because it promoted acceptance of the
normalcy of young people hating each other.

I also recollect its being a surprisingly amateurish model of composition.

Bernie said (June 14, 2012):

Harry Potter articles

"The story of Harry Potter is an allegory: It is written and packaged to look like fantasy when, in truth, it is a carefully written true description of the training and work of an initiate in an occult order." From The occult roots of Harry Potter magic

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