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Gay Mental Illness Used for Evil

October 17, 2010


[Disclaimer: I hold the view shared by many homosexuals that homosexuality is a developmental disorder. I don't believe it is a "mental illness" except in more extreme instances. However the letter below is revealing and I suspect its thesis is accurate. ]

By Dr. F

Regarding your article on the Gay Suicide Scams, this organized media thrust is dedicated to explaining / deflecting the cause of the mental illness that is VERY apparent in homosexuals.

The media is essentially saying homosexuality is very prevalent (wrong) and of natural origins (wrong) and that these normal, albeit different, individuals are being abused by discrimination (true) to the extent it is causing mental break-downs leading to suicide.

Well, let's look at some facts that Kinsey intentionally ignored: At least 80% of homosexuals are abused (often sexually) as children, or are at least products of single-mother parenting where they are preyed upon in a variety of ways.

The perpetrators are almost always tied to Rings that involved the local Elite, who are tried and true Satanic pedophiles. They live to defile and torture children, as they are energy vampires and sadistic.

The innocent children are victims to the extent of sexual identity pathology, which IS THE MENTAL ILLNESS. This legitimate and well documented illness is not addressed because it would expose the epidemic (and now multi-generational) of pedophilia perpetrated by the Elite.

But, it gets worse. It is known that the vast majority of sexually abused people become child abusers, often while in an "alter" persona that was created when their minds were horrifically shattered as children.

Although mentally sick victims, they become part of the perpetuating problem. This cycle leading to societal destruction has been understood for THOUSANDS of years. The process of breaking people as children (through extreme torture and abuse) to use them as various "tools" against society was well known in Egyptian times and is now perfected as a science.

In fact, the worse the pain and torture, the better for the Perp, as the child's mind fractures and suppresses memory of the abuse. In the end, the Elite get their energy and their sick kicks, while undermining and destroying the very fabric of society that is needed to counter their evil.

Brilliant, but a diabolical plan. Many of the mentally sick homosexuals who survive their childhoods and teens are placed in positions of power as adults, so they can be exploited by the Elite to further steer society towards doom, while the rest of us are crippled by "tolerance" and "politically correct" campaigns ad nauseum.

But, we should have empathy and sympathy for homosexuals and understand their pre-existing mental illness, which develops into a "collection of behaviors" that has negative effects on the mentally stable and untouched.

Preventing these people from being placed into positions of power (without intensive non-drug based therapy) is crucial. "Outing" is a necessary tool for our collective survival.

"Prejudice", as originally defined, is warranted, but violence and hatred is counter-productive. These people are victims, but are potentially very destructive. They need help and restrained guidance.

Unfortunately they are often at the helms of the Cultural Machinery, such as Hollywood, the Music Industry, advertising, modern art, print media, etc.

Their infection can spread to us via these pathways. We must break the Cycle of Abuse and identify the Criminal Elite by names and addresses, not just as Illuminati or Central Bankers. The term "Jew" is nearly useless; let's just use "Evil". It's more accurate.


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Dr. F adds:
You can add as a comment, if you like, that I used "mental illness" in its most general sense, but developmental disorder is more accurate, albeit "softer sounding".

 When dealing with developing children, events that stunt or misdirect normal development (such as sexual identity) are obviously disorders of development. I agree with a comment below that we are all subject to mental / moral abuse now via our fictitious culture, and within adults, this is better termed mental illness, although I sometimes call it Immoral Infection or Deviant Disease to be more descriptive. I also agree that Stanley Kubrick switched from the Left-hand path to the Right and tried to artistically blow the whistle on the Satanic and deviant nature of the Controlling Elite, but they stepped-in just in time before the sheeple saw things with Eyes Wide Open.


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Comments for "Gay Mental Illness Used for Evil"

Paul said (October 19, 2010):

Homosexuality is the result of a progress discussed in Romans 1 of the Bible which starts with unthankfulness, then unbelief and switching to other forms of thought, idolatry (of anything other than God), adultery, and then homosexuality (starting, funnily, with women). Homosexuality can happen to all of us. I've met men who after a couple hundred women got bored and went to men. Many who end up in orgies end up inadvertantly with the same sex and then it goes on from there. But it is all part of a larger plan to subvert people and make them as out-of-control as possible so that they can be in debt as much as possible. Homosexuals can change and those who engaged in it later in life out of experimental circumstances can easily renounce it. Those who went through the Romans 1 experience by the age of 3, 4, or 5 have a much harder time and take years to overcome it. All homosexuals also struggle with adultery as well, part of the territory.

Stephen said (October 18, 2010):

It is disconcerting that the Diagnostical and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) removed homosexuality and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) from the list of mental disorders. This indicates strong Satanic influence within the psychology and psychiatry departments within our universities.

These Satanists will fight tooth and nail denying these illnesses as curable. If it is curable then it has to be called an illness and that would upset their entire model.

Homosexuality is a difficult illness to to live with, then you are lied to and told there is no cure, but nothing to worry, you are normal even when you know something is very wrong.

Brian said (October 17, 2010):

This latest article reminds me of a brilliant, in depth analysis of Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror film The Shining by Rob Ager. He methodically breaks down the abundant subliminal symbolism Kubrick encoded into the film. One of the main hidden themes buried beneath the surface narrative is that of inter generational child sexual abuse and homosexuality. Another hidden theme relates to the perverse cruelty of the so-called aristocracy or elite. I don't know if Ager would agree or not, but I believe he may have put his finger on something even deeper, and that would be Kubrick's sly allusions to Satanic Ritual Abuse and the resulting Dissociative Identity Disorder it allegedly causes, as per Fritz Springmeier.

Remember, Kubrick is the man who made the mysterious "Eyes Wide Shut", laced with none too subtle references to Freemasonry, ritual magic and murder. He died only several days after completing the final cut of that film by the way. After his death, Warner Brothers executives removed several scenes. Hmm...

Seriously, I highly recommend reading this guy's analysis with the subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse and the creation of traumatized mind controlled slaves kept in mind.

"Mazes, Mirrors, Deception and Denial" by Rob Ager -

 Link to page analyzing various symbolic embeds alluding to child sexual abuse (Look closely at the magazine Nicholson is holding in one of the shots!) -

Francois said (October 17, 2010):

You could remove the Gay from the title and it would still hold true. It is all part of the global mind control scheme. And just to point out that illnesses are of natural origins, they basically are defense mechanisms.

I invite you to read The Mass Psychology of Fascism by Wilhelm Reich.

Also bearing in mind that we all have been subjected to abuse one way or another through television and the educational system for example.

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