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March 25, 2012

French People Believe Toulouse Was False Flag

Toulouse Psy Op Boosts Sarkozy in Polls

Mohammed Merrah, left, the man killed by French police was not the Toulouse murderer

by John Connor

Paris -- Concerning the events in Toulouse, everyone here thinks this is government conspiracy.

1st : The "terrorist" police has "assassinated" was just a common thug. He was involved in some cannabis tragic as many young people in a ghetto type neighborhood.

2nd: The first murders were French military but not white guys but Arab and Black. The medias just said "some military assassinated" without showing any picture or names until people start talking on Internet.

3rd : The killer then killed 4 Israelis, included 3 children in a Jewish school. A witness said he had blue eyes and was corpulent.

4th : From the moment, Jews were killed, the medias and all the politics began the mourning dance they should already have done when the three soldiers were killed. Sarkozy stopped the election to go to Toulouse and warned the killer that he'll catch him, to make the French people that he's the man (lol).

Conclusion : you can kill Arabs or black soldiers in France and it's not a national problem. But if you kill Jews, it's as if you killed the whole France and medias start the mourning dance...

5Th : 48H after the Sarkozy's declaration, a SWAT team invaded the building were Mohamed Merah, the young thug lived, and made a show of killing him in front of the media.

But the truth we all think here is that this guy has nothing to do with the Toulouse murders.

They could haved killed him during the 1st raid at 3 in the morning. Instead, during all day they told bullshit like :"Mohamed Merah says he is from al qaïda."

"Mohamed Merah threw the weapon of crime through the window."

 "Mohamed Merah had israeli Uzi in his car" "Mohamed Merah went to Afghanistan" etc...

You can tell all you want about a dead guy. You can accuse him of a lot of things and he will not defend himself. And to be sure that nobody tell another version, they jailed his whole family.

It could have been anybody. The police chooses you, and now you're a wanted terrorist.

A witness said on TV that the killer pushed her by accident and she saw his eyes. They were blue or greenand he had a tatoo or a scar under one eye.

Mohamed Merrah had black or brown eyes, and no scare or tattoo on the face. This is proof he was not the killer.

Letter from Wild Rabbit:

"Reading the mass-media papers, they continue to blow up this story, adding comment upon comment and never really saying anything. This looks very much like the usual aftermath of a false flag. And again, Arab, and again "Semites" or Jews in all configurations. Without knowing the whole details,because those are strangely not explained (after all the rot written), it does look that the dead goy (guy) didn't have much to do with it. Just ask : if they had him hopelessly blocked for 32 hours, and then shoot him dead just because he shoots, that's either miserable "special forces" work (witness dead) or that's exactly the outcome they wished to achieve. A presidential stint, just like the Madrid bombings just before an election. The latter misfired, let's hope this one does too. These characters who organize murder like that aren't human !"


Mohamed Merah: patsy, or terrorist of Toulouse?

Which crook at the DGSE leaked this deliberately to Al Jazz?
Once again (as in fake footage of Gaddafi 'bombing his own people') Al Jazeera is potentially being used to launder explosive footage. To ignite racial tension. Another hypnotic Trial By Media on the cards.
Still no evidence whatever has been produced that Merah actualy carried out these shootings or shot this snuff-movie film. Or confessed before being likked. But the MSM have not noticed that. Have the French people?
At last Merah's brother has been charged with stealing the POWERFUL scooter.
Again we only have the pro-Sarkozy cops' word for this with presidential election in the offing.

Do the victims' families want it shown? Question not asked.
The mainstream media NEVER debate the salient points - ALWAYS off the ball. 

BBC - Sarkozy urges media not to show Merah shootings video
Mr Sarkozy was addressing magistrates and policemen who took part in the Merah case

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has urged TV stations not to air video of the attacks by gunman Mohamed Merah as al-Jazeera discusses showing footage.
Senior officials at the satellite TV channel are meeting in Qatar to consider the recording, received by the channel's bureau in Paris.
Merah filmed himself shooting dead Jewish children and unarmed soldiers.
French police are seeking a third person over the theft of a scooter he used, a police source told AFP.
Merah's brother Abdelkader has already been charged with helping him steal the powerful Yamaha scooter.........

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