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Egypt is Another Soros "Color" Revolution

January 29, 2011

220px-ElBaradei_Powell_030110.jpgGlobalist go'fer Mohamed El Baradei (left) with Colin Powell

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The turmoil in Egypt
is another  contrived, Illuminati backed "color" revolution designed to install puppets more subservient to their London-based masters.  Over the last decade, we have seen such "revolutions" in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and recent failed attempts in Burma, Iran and Thailand.

"Human rights" and "democracy" is always the pretext for these Illuminati gambits, dating back to the French and Russian Revolutions. They take advantage of genuine grievances to hoodwink the public and gain power.  

This time there was no color scheme tip-off but the unanimous support by the Illuminati-controlled mass media was enough. You wouldn't hear about it otherwise. (For example, did you know that real nationalists took over the government of Hungary?)

The confirmation is the man they are touting to replace Hosni Mubarak.

Globalist widget, Mohammed El Baradei is a trustee of the "International Crisis Group"  an "independent" non-profit group run by bankers to incite revolutions and profit from them. His fellow trustee is none other than the ubiquitous Rothschild front man, George Soros.

El Baradei, who recently resigned as Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, is being groomed by the Illuminati to replace Mubarak. (He and his agency won the 2005 Nobel Prize.) In April, he gave a speech at Harvard saying he was "looking for a job" and wanted to be "an agent of change and advocate for democracy" in Egypt. This is code for local boss in the NWO banker tyranny. (Barack Obama has taught us about "change.") 

In February, El Baradei was part of a new non-party political movement called the "National Association for Change" which included a leader of the banned Masonic Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is a proxy for Britain's MI-6 masquerading as Muslim fundamentalists. In November they were roundly defeated in elections, so this "revolution" seems to be their answer. Mubarak wisely jailed their leaders.   

On Thursday, El Baradei returned to Egypt to lead the demonstrations. Friday he and his supporters were subjected to water canons and batons.  Today, he announced:
"We are seeking a change of regime. President Mubarak should step down. We should head towards a democratic state through a new government and free democratic elections...The whole world should realize that the Egyptians are not going home until their demands are realized...We are talking about taking down the Pharaonic dictatorship."

Egypt has accused the US of helping to engineer this revolt by training "activists."

Is it going too far to say that removing Mubarak would be a victory for Israel in its expansion from the Nile to the Euphrates? Their surrogates are already in Baghdad. 

This article is not intended to garner sympathy for the Mubarak regime but  merely to point out that this turmoil is about the Illuminati tightening their grip on Egypt. Imagine a Mafia gang that has been raking off a share of profits for decades. One day it decides to increase its take by eliminating the middle man. At the same time, it can create turmoil which always provides new opportunities.

One thing is for sure: Our "leaders" care little about human rights and democracy. The Illuminati agenda ultimately is to degrade, disinherit and and enslave us mentally and spiritually, if not physically. The Egyptian turmoil is another step in this direction.   


Note: I am indebted to this article: Tunisia & Egypt: Manufactured Crisis? 

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Was Mubarak Getting too Close to the Russians?

A reader, Dan, writes:

640x320_v2.jpg "There is a Globalist summit coming up in about 3 weeks in Cairo.  On the itinerary the last speech is called, "What will Egypt look like in 2020?
A longer-term perspective from The Economist Group".

I had a hunch to research current Russian/ Mubarak regime relations and indeed, I found they've been talking - Jan 7th.  I think Hillary may be jealous.
Mubarak, Russian FM discuss regional cooperation

"Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held "important talks" yesterday over common regional and international interests, according to Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Abul Gheit

Among the most important issues discussed, Abul Gheit told reporters, was the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Mubarak and Lavrov stressed the importance of reconciliation between Palestinian factions and the urgent need to lift the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip. Mubarak welcomed a proposal to hold a ministerial meeting in Moscow for parties involved in the peace process."

The latest video of the Cairo mobs looks orchestrated, or choreographed as the BBC narrator says in the clip.

That might explain a lot.  Russia hasn't been a player in Egypt since the Nasser.  There's no way the State Dept will allow that. They'll pull the plug on Mubarak first.

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Comments for "Egypt is Another Soros "Color" Revolution"

Steve said (February 1, 2011):

Lots are playing up these revolts as if something substantive is happening for the sake of common people. It's too bad most don't realize that the legitimate issues of the people are being manipulated to distract from the plundering of their respective nations and they would in the end forget that just to see regime change. To complicate matters is the fact that the options set before them will only serve to suppress them more. It's all very calculated and diabolical. The likes of Soros and the NSA/CIA/MI6/Mossad machine are busy these days consolidating the ranks.

Thanks Steve

The plan may be to do a repeat of the Iranian revolution and stoke conflict in the ME


Ed said (February 1, 2011):

such agencies as the CIA , MI6 , Mossad to destabilize a country into accepting the resurgence of militant islamism and thus creating the specter in western minds of a much needed threat [enemy] as in 'pretext' for another justifiable invasion. Some food for thought you must admit ! >

Hans said (January 31, 2011):

Henry, speaking of "color codes" - did you notice in the above image, both Powell and ElBaradei are wearing the same colors, their ties! - which is not by chance, i think:

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:

Revelation [17:4-17:5]

kk said (January 31, 2011):

I don't agree with you that the current phenomenal events in Egypt are another Soros "colour" revolution. Although terribly powerful amost everywhere on earth, the Illuminati are not yet the absolute masters of the world. It is God the Almighty Who Is, praise be to Him.

However I agree with you that Mohamed El Baradei is Illuminati puppet, but, rest assured Henry the main leaders of the Egyptian uprising, Muslims and Christians alike (like the truly great Abdel Halim Kandil and his friend George Isaak) are perfectly aware about El Baradei's intimate connections with the International tyrants, not to mention the patriot politician and poet Abdel Rahman Yousef who's fighting against the evil forces in Egypt with all his might.

In my opinion, the real danger prowling around in Egypt these days is the liberal and feminist Ayman Nour, now in jail. It is this one, I suspect, who has been wisely jailed to pass him off as the a real opponent of Mubarak's regime.

SA said (January 31, 2011):

didn't Linsey Williams say there would be MIDEAST CRISIS in 4-5 month back in OCTOBER 2010!


here is the clip if you want to post. starts at around 22 minutes into video.

Brunheld said (January 31, 2011):

When a government, like that of Mubarak's, seals its borders to Gazans fleeing
Zionist genocide, effectively locking them in for the slaughter it is
complicit in every way.

When Israel comes out in favour of this tyrant, which they have officially
done consider the source, this is the rogue, border-less, genocidal apartheid
state of Zionist Israel talking here (with friends like THAT ...). Mubarak is
a Zionist puppet if ever there was one, which is of course why the USA is
calling for his support as well.

Maybe Egyptians are fed up ?

Love Life Liberty


The US and Israeli bleating is for show. They are in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood-Illuminati.


Sandeep said (January 31, 2011):

I had read your latest article about Egypt, and I wasn't sure myself why the CIA would destroy it's ''close'' ally and puppet Mubarak, though I was sure this was not a natural phenomenon, but your edit about Russian relations sounds very plausible and looks to me like the most convincing reason. It looks like the Arab countries in the Mediterranean area are turning away from the US-UK fanatics and might be looking to the China/Russia axis.

The US was, as it looks, not in complete control of Mubarak, and they want to change that now with ElBaradei, who is obviously a total creation of the elite. All the riots are created by using Wikileaks, AlJazeera (which is a UK-controlled media-center), and other outlets to inflame violence and dupe the people at the same time, which has worked out so far.

By touting ElBaradei they are definitely either hijacking the violence or they are doing exactly what they wanted: cause riots and implant a ''democracy'' icon who is nothing more than a contrived lunatic.

Tim said (January 31, 2011):

But why? I think the dominion theologists need a violently anti-Israel government to take over Egypt so the "King of the South" card can fall into place so they can make the "prophecies" of Revelations come true. My prediction is when the dust settles the Muslim Brotherhood (aka MI6) will be in control of Egypt!

Then all they need is for an "accident" (via missile from Egypt or Iran) to destroy the Dome of the Rock and they can rebuild their temple starting WWIII.

Asim said (January 31, 2011):

Your latest article on the Egyptian riots couldn't have come at a more pertinent time. Only today was I in a conversation with my cousin, who is a senior member of the Islamic organization known as Hizb-ut-tahir; their website is

This organisation has been around since the 1920s and was founded in Egypt in order to re-establish the Islamic caliphate in the middle east. Their philosophy is based entirely on an intellectual revival and are vehemently against the use of any form of violent resistance against perceived enemies of Islam. They have been heavily persecuted in Egypt and many of its leaders over there were imprisoned for a while.This hasn't stopped the British government, however, from demonising them and have on several occasions threatened to ban them outright -interestingly, this never happens nor is any repressive action taken against them. I have been to several of their conferences and all I can say is that they are benign and way too idealistic at best. Their UK leaders are all made up of GPs, scientists and it seems anyone else with a doctorate in something.

My point however is that Hizb-ut-Tahir do not, surprisingly, have a strong following here in the UK and I think this is because they actually tow the goverment line in world events. I raised the topic of the riots in Egypt being a staged event - if it was a genuine uprising then why would the zionist-controlled media focus so much air time on them? How much time did they give to the Egyptions when they protested the genocide in Gaza and the ensuing blockade?

I was shocked to find that my cousin totally disagreed with me and believed that this was the beginning a of a genuine Islamic uprising from the ground up!!!!!! Furthermore, my cousin stated that the main cause of all the rioting is due to the imperialist agenda of the US and it was they, who had to be defeated in order to restore order.

Jeez, talk about having a blinkered view on things or what! The final straw came when I mentioned the Illuminati role behind all of this to which he replied that I was a conspiracy theorist and nutjob!!!!!!!!!! Henry, if there ever was a case of controlled opposition then this surely fits in that category.

Ed said (January 31, 2011):

There is a color code for this revolution. I only heard it mentioned once so it is not very widespread. It is known as the Violet Revolution. I think I heard that when Jack Blood was interviewed on the Meria Heller show. --

Glenn adds:

The colour Violet is allegedly the colour of the Crown Chakra which has the highest frequency of all the various chakra's. It represents the highest spiritual level a human being can attain. So how interesting that the colour Violet, is the coded colour for this ' revolution '.

It makes complete sense when you view it from the perspective of ' spiritual war ' currently being waged upon humanity.

ELAINE said (January 31, 2011):

I have just read your little rant on El Baradei (Rense) and it infuriated me. If I recall you had similar sentiments for Iran's Ahmadinejad not too long ago in connection with a "satanic" hand gesture/symbol and made these views known on a public forum. As I suggested in my earlier email, I would urge you to think very deeply before making inflammatory comments which have no substance.

El Baradei's background has nothing to do with his role as mediator in galvanising the opposition to form a unified force in removing this despised dictatorial regime from power. Further, he has never claimed to want a leadership role unless circumstances dictate it.

To give you a paradigm - my employment background has involved some periods of working for local government here in the UK. Does that make me a prime suspect for having links with MI5 and MI6?

To repeat my earlier email to you, please research before going public. False and misleading information has a detrimental effect - not only on the individuals themselves in the form of character smears but plays into the hands of those darker forces you are attempting to expose.

Alan said (January 30, 2011):

After you published your article on Egypt I not only read the article but then reviewed the links. Here are some of my findings on your connecting the Soros organization:

Crisis Group.Org Is another NOG tax free UN corporation with a $15M budget to resolve (stir up) trouble in mostly 3rd world prospective slave countries for the world bank and all the associations in bed with them. Now lets do a little name dropping, to make the connections. First the President is Louise Arbour who you may remember as a high Canadian and UN HR Supreme Court Judge involved in many international and political trials of top Government Officials. I cringed at the video when in the first minute she mentions the "Rome Statute" of the UN Security Council, as though Rome is the World Authority on matters that should be Sovereign to each Nation, regardless of their financial position.

Take a look at the Crisis Group people and contributors 55% of their contribution comes from the usual western (US, Can, UK, Aus, NZ, IRE), other major European ( France, Ger, Lux, Bel etc.) and a couple of unusual governments Turkey, Lichtenstein. Another 25% comes from tax free Foundations that you might here on PBS and a few you have never heard of. Then there is private money 20% from what would look like a United Way thank you list in a typical newspaper press release. Look at the PDF annual report and you will recognize the other names involved in different ways George Soros, H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton (remember Haiti? where's the fund raising money!), Nato's James Stavridis and Wesley Clark, Queen Noor from Jordan, talking head/skirt Ana Christiana Amapour, Irelands former President Mary Robinson and many other mentions of UN and World Bank, Bank of Scotland, Chevron, Rockefeller Bros., hints of other power house players here and there.

Henry, Egypt is being squeezed and manipulated and the people who live there regardless of race, religion, political or financial persuasion are being pushed from the Illuminati Bankers into more CHANGE, but never for the better, because they keep us enslaved through the unbiblical USURY system , you know Wall Street Stocks (shackles) and Bonds (Bondage).

Csaba said (January 30, 2011):

I am a fan of your site and your ideas. I am a Hungarian living in Poland.

Unfortunately your remark on Hungary is mistaken.
Prime Minister Viktor Orban is a pupil of George Soros, his rocket-like political career (he was the youngest PM in Europe in 1998) started with a stipend to Oxford financed by Soros just before the fall of communism. They still keep a close contact, the government's strong man is the Minister of Economy, Fellegi is a tool of Soros.

I can send you more detailed information on this topic, I think the globalists build now feudal kingdoms to have their retreats after the fall of globalism and Hungary is one of these kingdoms. Orban is supposedly Jewish, his wife too. (I agree with you on the "Jewish question).
This is a very clever trick, they can pretend "nationalists" if it fits to their plans.

Dan said (January 30, 2011):

"Is it going too far to say that removing Mubarak would be a victory for Israel in its expansion from the Nile to the Euphrates? Their surrogates are already in Baghdad. "

That's a likely assessment. Headlines like this:

"Israel Watches Egypt Uprising With Fear"

"As Egypt Clashes Continue, Fear of Islamists Paralyzes the U.S."

Excuse moi? reality check: . everybody in Houston I've heard today is talking about the Superbowl next weekend.

Now the following headline has Soros "revolution illusion" hand-job written all over it...

UK Mail
" The flowering of democracy, or the birth of another Iran?"

They're cracking me up with these bullshit headlines, but it's not funny. It may be the advance job for a US State Dept shuffle of regimes in Egypt and US 'intervention' in Tunisia, Yemen, and Egypt.
A look at the map shows that's a box around Saudi Arabia. Possibly a prelude to that long expected air strike on Iran's nuclear facility.

Readers should definitely read the link you provided, Henry, "Tunisia & Egypt: Manufactured Crisis? "

"During World War I, the British manufactured the phenomenon of “Arab Revolt” to breakdown the Ottoman Empire, which controlled most of the Middle East. The so-called Arab Revolt was lead by Lawrence of Arabia, an on-duty British officer. The flag of the Arab revolt bears a triangle.

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