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Is Talmud Behind Acceptance of Pedophilia?

August 4, 2021

freedman6.jpgExcerpts from a long letter by Benjamin Freedman (left) to David Goldstein, dated October 10, 1954.

Freedman (1890-1984) had been part of the American Zionist inner circle but, like Goldstein, converted to Christianity. The complete letter appeared in a pamphlet entitled "Facts are Facts."

In spite of the centrality of the Talmud to Judaism, I doubt if more than 10% of Jews have read any part of it. This article is as informative to most Jews as to non-Jews. The Illuminati engage in incest, pedophilia, and bestiality. Is the Talmud their guide? Is this why this behavior is being mainstreamed?

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Does Talmud Teach Paedophilia, Incest, Bestiality?

(from Dec 4, 2009)
By Benjamin Freedman

Verbatim quotations from the Soncino Edition of the Talmud are required to illustrate the enormity of the Talmud's iniquity. My comments with verbatim quotations will prove inadequate to do that. In spite of the low language, I will of necessity therefore include in this letter to you I have no compunctions in the matter because the United States Post Office authorities do not bar the Soncino Edition of the Talmud from the mails. Nevertheless I apologize in advance for the language which will of necessity appear in this letter to you. You now understand.

The official unabridged Soncino Edition of the Talmud published in 1935 was "Translated into English with Notes, Glossary and Indices" by such eminent Talmudic scholars as Rabbi Dr. I. Epstein, Rabbi Dr. Samuel Daiches, Rabbi Dr. Israel W. Slotki, M.A., Litt.D., The Reverend Dr. A. Cohen, M.A.', Ph.D., Maurice Simon, M.A., and the Very Reverend The Chief Rabbi Dr. J.H. Hertz wrote the "Foreword" for the Soncino Edition of the Talmud. The Very Reverend Rabbi Hertz was at the time the Chief Rabbi of England.

 The world's leading authorities on the Talmud confirm that the official unabridged Soncino Edition of the Talmud translated into English follows the original texts with great exactness. It is almost a word-for-word translation of the original texts. In his famous classic "The History of the Talmud," Michael Rodkinson, the leading authority on the Talmud, in collaboration with the celebrated Reverend Dr. Isaac M. Wise states:

 "THE TALMUD IS ONE OF THE WONDERS OF THE WORLD. During the twenty centuries of its existence...IT SURVIVED IN ITS ENTIRETY, and not only has the power of its foes FAILED TO DESTROY EVEN A SINGLE LINE, but it has not even been able materially to weaken its influence for any length of time. IT STILL DOMINATES THE MINDS OF A WHOLE PEOPLE, WHO VENERATE ITS CONTENTS AS DIVINE TRUTH..."

The following are but a few of the many similar quotations with footnotes from the Soncino Edition of the Talmud, the "sort of book" from which Jesus allegedly "drew the teachings which enabled him to revolutionize the world" on "moral and religious" subjects:

    SANHEDRIN, 55b-55a: "What is meant by this? - Rab said: Pederasty with a child below nine years of age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that. Samuel said: Pederasty with a child below three years is not treated as with a child above that (2) What is the basis of their dispute? - Rab maintains that only he who is able to engage in sexual intercourse, may, as the passive subject of pederasty throw guilt (upon the actual offender); whilst he who is unable to engage in sexual intercourse cannot be a passive subject of pederasty (in that respect) (3). But Samuel maintains: Scriptures writes, (And thou shalt not lie with mankind) as with the lyings of a woman (4). It has been taught in accordance with Rab: Pederasty at the age of nine years and a day; (55a) (he) who commits bestiality, whether naturally or unnaturally: or a woman who causes herself to be bestiality abused, whether naturally or unnaturally, is liable to punishment (5)."
  (Netflix's "Cuties")  cutiez.jpeg

This "divine truth" which "a whole people venerate" of which "not a single letter of it is missing" and today "is flourishing to such a degree as cannot be found in its history" is illustrated by the additional verbatim quotations which follow:
    SANHEDRIN, 55b: "A maiden three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition, and if her deceased husband's brother cohabits with her, she becomes his. The penalty of adultery may be incurred through her; (if a niddah) she defiles him who has connection with her, so that he in turn defiles that upon which he lies, as a garment which has lain upon (a person afflicted with gonorrhea)."

    (footnotes) "(2) His wife derives no pleasure from this, and hence there is no cleaving. (3) A variant reading of this passage is: Is there anything permitted to a Jew which is forbidden to a heathen. Unnatural connection is permitted to a Jew. (4) By taking the two in conjunction, the latter as illustrating the former, we learn that the guilt of violating the injunction `to his wife but not to his neighbor's wife' is incurred only for natural but not for unnatural intercourse."
    SANHEDRIN, 69b "Our rabbis taught: If a woman sported lewdly with her young son (a minor), and he committed the first stage of cohabitation with her, -Beth Shammai says, he thereby renders her unfit for the priesthood (1). Beth Hillel declares her fit...All agree that the connection of a boy nine years and a day is a real connection; whilst that of one less than eight years is not (2); their dispute refers only to one who is eight years old.
   KETHUBOTH, 11a-11b. "Rabba said, It means (5) this: When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this (6), it is as if one puts the finger in the eye (7), but when a small boy has intercourse with a grown up woman, he makes her as `a girl who is injured by a piece of wood' ".
    (footnotes) "(5). Lit., `says'. (6) Lit., `here', that is, less than three years old. (7) Tears come to the eyes again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years."
    KETHUBOTH, 11a-11b. "Rab Judah said that Rab said: A small boy who has intercourse with a grown up woman makes her (as though she were ) injured by a piece of wood (1). Although the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act, nevertheless the woman is injured by it as by a piece of wood."
    (footnotes) "(1) Although the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act, nevertheless the woman is injured by it as by a piece of wood."
    ABODAH ZARAH, 36b-37a. "R. Naham b. Isaac said: They decreed in connection with a heathen child that it would cause defilement by seminal emission (2) so that an Israelite child should not become accustomed to commit pederasty with it...From what age does a heathen child cause defilement by seminal emission? From the age of nine years and one day. (37a) for inasmuch as he is then capable of the sexual act he likewise defiles by emission. Rabina said: It is therefore to be concluded that a heathen girl (communicates defilement) from the age of three years and one day, for inasmuch as she is then capable of the sexual act she likewise defiles by a flux.
    SOTAH, 26b. "R. Papa said: It excludes an animal, because there is not adultery in connection with an animal (4). Raba of Parazika (5) asked R. Ashi, Whence is the statement which the Rabbis made that there is no adultery in connection with an animal? Because it is written, Thou shalt not bring the hire of a harlot or the wages of a dog etc.; (6) and it has been taught: The hire of a dog (7) and the wages of a harlot (8) are permissible, as it is said, Even both of these (9) - the two (specified texts are abominations) but not four (10)...As lying with mankind. (12) But, said Raba, it excludes the case where he warned her against contact of the bodies (13). Abaye said to him, That is merely an obscene act (and not adultery), and did the All-Merciful prohibit (a wife to her husband) for an obscene act?"


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Comments for " Is Talmud Behind Acceptance of Pedophilia?"

Hans said (December 6, 2009):

I am always stunned - positive meaning !!!! - when I read your articles and the feedback of your readers. I can honestly say, with a PHD in Philosophy, that you and Mr. Bob Chapman have turned my Weltbild upside down. I am presently working on a small essay on the student revolution in which I try to show how the movement was from its inception directed (?) by Tavistock, MKUltra, whose agents influenced/infiltrated the SDS in your country as well as in Germany, and jewish groups advocating homosexual and lesbian lifestyles, as shown in congressional records 1963. Add the abortion issue. All aiming at the destruction of the social fabric.
No professor of History mentions this in Germany. You can go through all the relevant books and articles on the subject. And I have seen quite a lot of them. My friend and I we are presently translating a book of Gilcher-Holtey, who is the leading expert on the topic in Germany, into Japanese. She does not mention these connections as she sticks to the chronology of events.
Your work has proven enormously inspiring.
Thank you so much for the stimulus.

Lynda said (December 6, 2009):

You have to ask the question: why is The Talmud which for millenia has been the most secret / sacred of texts now being published? The Talmud proscribes a sentence of death for any nonJew who reads it. Fr Pranatis ( of the Hebrew University in St Petersburg translated it into Latin. He was murdered by judicial execution (under Talmudic Law) at the time of the JudeoBolshevik Revolution in Russia 1917.

The edition you are discussing is The Babylonian Talmud ed by Rabbi Dr Isidore Epstein. It is the edition of The Jews' College/Soncino English translation. It is online with rabbinical commentary and hypertext at

However, to get to grips with its hermeneutic, what is needed here is the magisterial and definitive Judaism Discovered by Michael Hoffman. The work of Eisenmonger is also important. Both are available at

In order to answer the fundamental and decisive questions of our times, many people are reading The Talmud in either primary, translated or secondary sources. And they are all coming either under the sentence of the Law or in conflict with the Law by so doing.

The dialogues of Jesus with the Pharisees in N.T. clearly indicate that for those with whom he would make a New Covenant in his own blood, they were to be "as wise as [the] serpents" and that it was given to them to know the mysteries of the Kingdom (which is the subject proper of Qa Ba' alah). It does not follow that Christians need to either read or be instructed by either Talmud or Qa Ba' alah to know these things.

Think about this. The Law guards itself (by its proscriptions) from the eyes of the noninitiate. And the time has come in the Master Plan - The Protocols of the Elders of Sion for "the killing out of the goyim". And the King's Torah is now published in Jerusalem. The term 'King' here will certainly refer to their Messianic King.

For those initiated into the Law, it is possible to make the Talmud and its magick (the Qa Ba' alah) the hermeneutic of any religion of any conquered nation. Both of the these traditions are from Babylon.

This is a history of bringing nations, their religious beliefs and practice 'under the Law.' That law (its codex) is The Talmud. As an oral tradition, it predates Babylon going back to Ur of the Chaldees. The Chaldees worshiped the stars - that is the fallen of the host, the b'nai h'elohim which did not keep their first estate but who descended upon Mt Sion (Hermon) and swore oath to Lucifer upon its summit which is Ardis.

This is the Secret Doctrine as recorded in the Book of Enoch and in the work of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in her work by the same name (also summarized in the Bible). And this doctrine was kept by the ancient priesthood of Lucifer where it originated in Ur. Their dynasty, their will (plan) to dominate and conquer all nations and set Lucifer upon the throne of the world has come down through history as the 'all conquering wind'. The Moriah.

The conquest / subversion and retooling of the Covenant nations which worship the one, eternal, creator and true God according to revealed knowledge - have always been priority one for the Moriah and the Elders. And today they cloak themselves in the nation with ancestry going back to the nations where they have been most successful - the descendants of ancient Canan, Edom and the Israelites they subverted and the Khazarim. All these peoples ultimately go back to Ur. And today the name of this nation is known as the Jews.

Most, I would agree with you are as clueless about their (covert) government as the Americans are about the American government. And both populations are going to be sacrificed by the collaboration of their respective governments unless they become in the words of Jesus "as wise as [the] serpents."

The branch of Ur that became the Turkic peoples, the Finns (originally), the Ossetians, the Khazarians, the Tatars etc migrated north to the Caucasus. Probably alone of all the nations, the Khazars had no use for the angel of light cloak in which all peoples clothed their idolatries. As Freedman tells us, up there on the Caucasus of the Urals they worshiped the devil as the devil and made no bones about it.

While some may take this as an insult, to Freedman it obviously spoke of an inclination for plain truth. Because from the standpoint of the Covenants: the gods of the heathen, those outside the Covenants, are devils. Deut 32:17; Ps 106. And it all goes back to Lucifer.

If you look at the military elite and cavalry of Christendom in central Europe of the middle ages - the paintings that hang in the museums - you see that they incorporated the device of the crossed flags which they wore on the back. This comes from the Khazarim in their long wars for or against the Christian nations during the Dark Ages. They used this device because to the thunder of their cavalry it gave the sound of the the Samael or devil wind roaring over the steppes and high plains of Central Asia. Interesting. Lucifer's name (Lucifer is a Latin title for Light Bearer) - the true spiritual name of th fallen Archangel is given in the Talmud. Samael or Lord Sama.

That is what they called the all conquering wind up on the steppes of central Asia: the Samael.

The Samurai code must have gone right across central Asia because we find the same thing in the Sam(UR)ai of Japan. The crossed flags of their cavalry, the kami k(h)azi - the divine wind. Or should that be the 'all conquering wind.'

John Todd, of whom you have written, called this dynastic priesthood of Ur, the Moriah. The all conquering wind. The Moriah is also the ridge of Mt Hermon / Sion where father Abraham met his great test in the sacrafice of Isaac which the Angel of God prevented.

Now is the time, a unique time in history for all people who want renegotiate their Faustian Bargain and turn in whatever is their character's script in this bad movie. According to the New Covenant, there is only one basis upon which to do that. For as Lucifer said to Jesus himself, showing to him all the kingdoms of this passing age of the world and the glory of them in a moment of time: "All these I will give to you FOR SUCH ARE GIVEN TO ME if only you will worship me." He refers to the 'ye shall be as the gods' deal that he struck with our first parents. When they agreed, they delivered to him the title deeds of the earth.

Those who think this is a stupid picture have not grasped what this story is fundamentally about.


NJ said (December 5, 2009):

But the Talmud IS a book of laws. it is the major part of the Jews Holy Writ of the Torah SheBeal Peh, and is the guiding light of Laws of Rabbis and Orthodox Jews.

What needs to be understood and emphasized in the Torah to Gentiles is:

1. the absolute, deep, long lived, and active hatred that most Judaism's practitioners have for Christianity and Christians;

2. their thinking Gentiles to be sub-human;

3. ergo, Judaics can take over anything of Gentiles as they would from a dumb animal; and

4. ergo, Judaics properly could and should rule the world over the Gentiles in a New World Order, (as is moving apace).

This last point is of the Illuminati, not just Judaics, but isn't the Illuminati dominated by Judaics, Rothschilds and all?

Granted, non-orthodox Jews don't know a whole lot about this, but have heard something about it and kind of get the drift of it. Because of that, these semi-unknowing Jews are in a way, "gatekeeper Jews" who, for the most part, still do not like criticism of their Holy Writ and block that by calling it hateful or even "anti-semitic". So they cannot really claim to be innocents by way of ignorance.

Tony said (December 5, 2009):

The "work" has been done very well. It is absolutely amazing how so few people are capable of differentiating between Jew, Israelite, Pharisee and Talmudist.

Even after you posted proof that the word "Jew" is a modern word and did not exist in Christ's time people insist that he was a Jew for whatever superficial, unreasoned reason. To recognize that, in the time of Christ, Judah was only one of twelve sons of the origins of Israel, that the religion was that of the Israelites, not that of the Judeans, or even that "Judean" no longer meant from the tribe of Judah (and Benjamin) but meant citizens from the land those tribes had long since claimed, regardless of their beliefs. Similar to a state like Texas or a province such as Alberta. People seem unable to separate geographic labels from religious labels in the case of Jesus.

But the whole point of your dissertations is being buried by these side points. It is ONLY the Talmudists (Pharisees and modern rabbis are basically all Talmudists, which ancient writing IS THEIR REASON FOR BEING AND THEIR CONSTANT GUIDE IN WHAT THEY DO TODAY) who are demanding such self-serving things as "hate crime" laws and laws against open investigation of certain "judicially confirmed" "truths," in other words, cover ups. Of course all people have their faults but only these mentioned are unwilling to admit any and do all in their power to criminalize anyone who says they also have warts.

The best reasoning for this difference in "warts" is that these people DO consider themselves, as the Talmud says, people, while all others are "goy," that is cattle for them to use, and they Do have a plan to control the whole world for their own benefit and to the detriment of everyone else. This is the driving force behind all their planned destruction of the ethics and morals of all others and their corruption of all political organizations, education, media and other religions.

No other group in the world has such satanic purposes pushing their every thought, their every action. To belittle this difference is cognitive dissonance to the point of insanity.

Darrell said (December 5, 2009):

Why do you and others continue to engage in things you have no first hand knowledge of? The truth of the creator (I believe) is not left to the mere corruptible words of man. Faith in a Creator is evidenced in everyday occurrences around us everyday if one chooses to see and look. This quoting and referring to the bible or whatever book (from man) really should come to an end. The fact that if, God/Creator is all seeing and all knowing, god /creator would not leave the word/truth in the hands of men for it to be corrupted for generations to come, but rather may leaves clues contained in the natural world for those to see of their own free will as opposed to following the dictates of what amounts to man or a group of men who seek to corrupt and pervert what is natural and beneficial to the people.

Dan said (December 5, 2009):

You know the Didache, the 60AD summery of the teachings of Jesus. Scholars say it was written by Jews for Jews of the Jesus sect of Jewry as a kind of teacher's manual for teaching Gentiles. It's significance here is that it was composed by Jews when the Kohen Priesthood and Sanhedrin still controlled the 2nd Temple.

There was a council of the sect held Paul and surviving Apostles present to establish rules on what terms Gentiles would be accepted. Some though Gentiles should convert to Judaism first, but Paul and Peter convinced such conversion wasn't necessary.

Those now famous extractions from the Talmud rang a bell and I recalled the Didache has a section that may be explicitly condemning those abominable practices. Why would they include a specific condemnation of homosexual pedophilia if it weren't being practiced in Jerusalem?

"Now the second precept of the teaching is: " You will not murder. You will not commit adultery." You will not sodomize young boys. You will not have unlawful sex. " You will not steal." Do not practice magic. Do not practice sorcery. Neither murder a child by abortion, nor will you destroy what is born. You will not strongly desire your neighbor's things. You will not make oaths. " You will not bear false testimony." You will not say bad things. You will not remember bad things. You will not be double-minded or double-tongued, for the double-tongue is a snare of death. Your message is not to be false or empty, but being filled with practice. You should be neither greedy nor a swindler, nor hypocrite, nor malicious, nor high-minded. You will not take evil counsel against your neighbor. You will not hate any people, but you will reprove some, and you will pray for some, and some you will love more than your life."

This passage seems to be a direct contradiction of passages in the Talmud endorsing these acts. Those passages hardly forbid them outright, only prescribe whom you're permitted or should do them to. In some passages some of these are mandatory to do to Gentiles.

The contents of the Christian New Testament which contains the full story an dialogs of Jesus with Pharisee and the Sanhedrin are a must read for any discussion involving Jesus. It must be understood that everything he did and said deliberately referenced to Torah law, the prophets, Psalms. That identifies Jesus not only as a Jew, but a learned rabbi of one or another of sects of 'old school' Jewry that at the time of Tiberius and Herod Agrippa had been pushed out of Jerusalem by the Pharisee current that set themselves up as the authority due to their wealth.

The narratives of Jesus in the Gospels is a series of confrontations between Jesus and Pharisee and the Sanhedrin, challenging them in duels of interpretation of Torah law. The last time Jesus enters the Temple is the day of the Eve of Passover. Drawing a large crowd, he knocks over the counting table of the money changers, and proceeds to preach till after dark angrily against the hypocrisy of the Pharisee and Sanhedrin. "These things they tell you to do, do them! But know they do not practice what they preach."

Can Jesus be revealing the secret of high Freemasonry revealed by Pike in Morals and Dogma? That there's an 'Outer Temple' for the suckers told to obey the laws of Jehovah and the Inner Temple illuminated priesthood who worship Satan?

That era in the history of that location - Jewish history -has naturally been the focus of Biblical and Hebrew scholars, archeology and socio-anthropological research most intensely for over a century and much is now known about it.

My point is, clearly yet another schism - a head on collision was coming to a head in Jerusalem and the surrounding deserts at the time. The 'old school' sects retreated to communes in the desert. Qumran's just the best organized and preserved. One of the functions of Qumran was a fortress of scribes compiling an archive of holy scriptures.

These sects condemned the Pharisee as blasphemers and false prophets that had turned Jerusalem and Judaism into a charnel house.

(Note: Contrary to years of assumption Qumran wasn't the dwelling place of the fabled 'Essenes' nor was Jesus an Essene, nor is there any evidence Jesus came from Qumran. Also, there was no place called Nazareth. Nazarene was likely one of the non-Pharisee sects.)

The way Qumran was set up in a defensive posture atop a bluff with an ingenious internal water supply and food storage and food production self contained atop a rock bluff to withstand siege, they were obviously fearful of reprisal or intervention.

Muhamed said (December 5, 2009):

Thank you Alicia [below] for pointing to me to such well written and researched articles like pedophilia in Islam,I see that got a special section on the Jewish owned Wikipedia.

You seem like a very nice, fair and righteous woman,and very balanced,roles eyes.

Seriously Henry these people are insane,they are corrupt to the core,they do nothing good,or produce any good,other than enjoy them self's in lies, deceptions and evil schemes.

You can not argue with these people nor can you prove anything to them,but you are left with two choices,you ignore them if you can or you fight them.

These people are serving a purpose but their time is short and they will surely end up in hell,a place they justly deserved.

If you click on the link she posted in her comment and read the article you will notice it mentioning such things as pedophilia in the Quran (God forbid).

It only mentions one single verse from the Quran which it is taken out of context as much as possibly possible.

Now Having read the whole sura which contains that verse many times and never,ever,did I connect it to pedophilia?

That short sura can be read here in its entirety
The mention of pedophilia is no existent,but to people like Alicia that don't matter they just make it up,puff,out of thin air,its magic.
Those kind of people count on the readers to take their words for it and not check it out for them self.

Its the classic devils tactics.
Also here is a good article about Prophet Muhammad's marriage from Aisha

Alicia clearly has no problems with the evils of the Talmud (it seems like) but she sure like to point at other religions while ignoring her own.
She doesn't want you to be even talking about it.
Alicia if you want this to be fair make sure we get a TalmudPedophilaWiki before you start complaining about this being unfair.

Alicia said (December 5, 2009):

I think it's unfair that you post an article about how evil the Talmud is (and therefore Jews, since as it falsely states: IT STILL DOMINATES THE MINDS OF A WHOLE PEOPLE, WHO VENERATE ITS CONTENTS AS DIVINE TRUTH..."), even though only a small minority of Jews actually have read any part of it, much less base their life on its teachings. Furthermore, the Talmud is not a book of laws, but a book that recounts interpretations of the Bible by different rabbis (mostly from the middle ages). So if a Rabbi has a twisted interpretation of some law, so what? It's like judging Americans today based on law books from 200 years ago, and being scandalized about their slavery laws.

I think if you are going to post nonsense like that, you'd at least be fair, and post similarly biased and unjust articles like these one on Islam: . Or at least something more timely, like the controversy surrounding the Catholic church and paedophile priests.

If you dig deep enough, you'll find dirt on any religion that's been around for as long as Judaism, Islam, or Christianity. Especially when you have a text from the middle ages the size of an encyclopedia!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at