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Communism & Nazism -- Two Wings of Same Satanic Cult

December 26, 2021

loversh&s.jpeg(left, Illuminati sweethearts, Hitler and Stalin)

Hitler was a bulwark against Communism? 
Hardly. Stalin funded the fledgling Nazi Party, told German Communists to stand down,
supplied Nazi Germany with essential raw materials
and allowed Russia to be "surprised" by Operation Barbarossa.
Like Hitler, Trump is false opposition to  
Communism, which already has paralyzed America. 
What is offered up as politics, much like professional wrestling, is a charade.

Nazism and Communism were dialectical opposites, constructed in the same Illuminati foundry. 

"While seemingly opposed to each other, [Communism and Nazism] represented the same group of billionaire Satanists determined to enslave humanity in a world government. While the evil twins duked it out, millions of patriotic opponents of world government would be killed in a false cause." 

Updated from July 5, 2017
By Henry Makow PhD 

After Hitler took charge of the fledgling Nazi Party on July 21, 1921, he spent lavishly on propaganda and recruitment.

There was no shortage of funds during this critical stage. The Nazis obviously had wealthy friends. But who were they?

Wall Street and German industry didn't kick in until the late 1920s. The German Army was financing the Nazis but didn't account for the seemingly unlimited money at Hitler's fingertips.
In the book, "A Field of Red: The Communist International and the Coming of World War II" (1981, pp. 245-246) ) the authors, Anthony Cave Brown and Charles MacDonald report that in 1923, Hitler returned from Zurich "with a steamer trunk stuffed with Swiss Francs and American dollars." There were other mysterious sources of funds in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Latvia. 

(Chancellor for two mos. in 1932-1933, Von Schleicher was Time's "Man of the Year" in 1932)

After World War II, US Army intelligence officers took an affidavit from industrialist Arnold Rechberg who maintained that General Kurt Von Schleicher told him in 1933 that Stalin had provided Hitler with "substantial funds."

Von Schleicher was head of the Black Reichswehr program.
The Black Reichswehr program was dedicated to rebuilding the German army, contrary to the provisions of the Versailles Treaty.

According to Walter Schellenberg, Chief of SS Foreign Intelligence, Von Schleicher also advanced Hitler 42 million Reichsmarks during this formative period on instructions from Stalin! (Memoirs, p.43) (This probably is why the Gestapo murdered Von Schleicher and his wife in the 1934 purge.)  

Supposedly Stalin hoped Hitler would cause a civil war after which the Communists would take over Germany.

The truth is that Stalin and Hitler were both Illuminati. The Illuminati created Nazism as the dialectical opposite of Communism. In other words, the Illuminati created the "Jewish Marxist" world conspiracy and then created its antithesis, its supposed arch-enemy, the Nazi movement, which was destined to be annihilated.

While seemingly opposed to each other, they represented the same group of billionaire Satanists determined to enslave humanity in a world government. While the evil twins duked it out, millions of patriotic opponents of world government would be killed in a false cause.


When the USSR signed the Treaty of Rapallo with the Weimar Republic in April 1922, a massive German military build-up in Russia designed to evade the Versailles treaty began. It included training and factories for the production of munitions, poison gas, tanks, and aircraft.  In return for Communist cooperation,  the Germans provided know-how and investment. Two prizefighters were training in the same gym for a future championship match. Thus the Illuminati economized.

antifa-israel.jpeg(The Right-Left Zionist-Commie Cabalist charade) 

According to Schellenberg, from 1929 on, Stalin directed the German Communist Party to regard the Social Democrats and not the Nazis as their enemy. There is no question the Communists assisted the Nazis in attaining power. (p.43)

The final example of this secret alliance was the Ribbentrop-Molotov Treaty of 1939 which paved the way for the Nazi invasion of Poland. Stalin ignored irrefutable evidence of the Nazi plan to attack Russia in June 1941 and provided the Nazis with needed raw materials right up until the eve of the invasion.

Although both Germany and Russia invaded Poland, the Illuminati-controlled West declared war only on Germany!

Why? Because the plan was to embroil Germany in a two-front war with Stalin on the side of the West. The plan was for the dialectical devils to battle it out, and for Germany to be finished off as a nationalistic force. Both Hitler and Bormann were Illuminati agents assigned to lure Germany into a fatal trap.

In 1921, Russia and Germany were presented as two pariah states. The onerous conditions of the Versailles Treaty were designed to drive Germany into Russia's arms. But, this was only in preparation for Germany's revenge, WWII and the final knock-out blow.  


We live in a mental and spiritual matrix created by the Illuminati bankers and their traitorous minions. They manipulate world events and our perceptions of them. They fund the historians and own the mass media. Google "Stalin funded Hitler" and you won't find one mention of this.

But occasionally the truth slips through the net, or used to. Today, information seems more tightly controlled than ever. But "A Field of Red" was published 30 years ago when we were still basking in the twilight rays of Christian Civilization.

The take-away is that if we have another world war, it will be planned and orchestrated by the Illuminati who always control both sides.

First Posted March 16, 2012
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Comments for "Communism & Nazism -- Two Wings of Same Satanic Cult"

Prem said (October 2, 2020):

Namaste greetings from India.I am from Germany living in India continuously for the last 42 years.I am a regular reader of your website. I agree on your articles 90 % ,but on Hitler you are completely wrong.I believe that you would present Hitler in a different way if the Canadian govt,would not imprison anybody who question the holohoax. There is overwhelming evidence that Hitler is the most lied man in History,and that the narratives about the first and second world war and the holocoust are totally distorted. I belief that you know this ,but you can't present the real truth about Hitler if you do, you will be in trouble.

Popular “opposition” commentators . . they all fail the Hitler test. They all fall for the Jewish propaganda that “Hitlerian” is the worst adjective you can apply to any person, any program, any social movement.In either case, they pretend not to know that Adolf Hitler has been vilified in perpetuity by Jewish media to cover up some very important facts that are critical to your continued survival. These facts have been concealed for more than a half century.
Objective facts prove that Holocaust hysteria is a cynical hoax, meant to create new ways of scamming the public ($13.5 billion in Holocaust reparations, at last count; plus laws in almost all European countries mandating jail for anybody who wishes to even discuss the matter).The two main facts that have been covered up are these.

Germany was destroyed in the 1940s because it was the most serious threat to Jewish worldwide financial hegemony the world has ever seen. While the rest of the world was mired in a Jewish-imposed worldwide depression — and people were starving in the streets everywhere, including the United States — Germany under Adolf Hitler was thriving, because it had freed itself from the shackles of the international bankers and their devastating criminal formula of fractional reserve lending, which is the exact thing that is strangling societies all over the world today.


Thanks Prem

I'm sorry but my parents were there for the holocaust. They were not delusional.

Also, do you think Hitler could have achieved power without zionist complicity?

Mike said (October 2, 2020):

C.J. Bjerknes did videos on this, EXACTLY what you state, Hitler was actually a communist and aided them right up to the insane Operation Barbarossa, which he knew would seal Germany's a fate.

In fact, many believe he was taken by Luftwaffe plane out of Berlin, to the ocean and taken by Uboat, over to Brazil, then down to Argentina, like Eichmann. I saw pictures of Hitler and Eva Braun, from the 1950s there in Argentina.

He started talking, Eichmann, Mossad had to get em early 1960s, take him back to Israel that court charade: where Jews were spitting at him, in the glass booth, all choreographed. JPG.

Luis said (July 6, 2017):

People today are very ignorant, they lost the capacity to think for themselves.

Hitler's Nazism and Russia's marxism are the same, with one major difference: nazism was national socialism and marxism is international socialism. Both call themselves socialists.

People fail to realize that nations, at the top, are ruled by freemasonry, the synagogue invisible weapon for world domination. What we see in politics, national or international, are theatre stages for public consumption.

People dont know that it were westerners who financed Hitler.

Robert K said (July 2, 2017):

Whenever a clamorous "extreme right-wing" group gets into the news in a significant way it's almost a certainty that eventually it will be exposed as a put-up job by the police, the secret services, some Jewish organization, etc. Therefore it is quite conceivable that the Nazi movement was another example of this tactic of manufacturing public opinion, only "writ large". The Nazis certainly promoted, as do other socialist groups, the Work State; that is, society as a hive filled with wage slaves.

Al said (March 18, 2012):

Do you think it’s possible that the reason they used the phrases “Fatherland” for Germany and “Motherland” for Russia, is because between the two their child is the present New World Order, we are seeing their child become of age perhaps.

Kevin Field said (March 17, 2012):

The Hitler Stalin article is clever but disingenuous.

I am one of the last people alive who has read Neville Chamberlains 4 years secret study into Hitler and the third reich, which was put into the restricted archive section in the mid sixties.

Understand this, Hitler stopped all the homosexual clubs and parties, the like of which we see today and any perversion would see you put in the work camps. The secret report says no leading Natzis were sexually blackmailable ( homosexual ) certainly not Hitler, neither was he a Rothschild, sexually incomplete nor the father of Angela Merkel to say so is total bunk.

The alliance with Stalin was opportune, but Stalin began to amass troops for an attack on Germany leaving him no choice but to move in.

Even Hitlers diet his reading material and topics of conversation and with whom are recorded in these archives and he would eat or drink nothing which his men at the front did not have, ( in contradiction to Churchill's lavish tastes ) The threat in the 30s was from communism and both the Bush family and industrialists in British supported him against Russia but the bankers tricked Hitler into a war on two fronts, which is why he made 80 offers for peace.

Think on that 80 offers to stop the bloodshed to Churchill.
The plan all along was to bring Europe under the communist heel, which is why Rudolph Hess was sent to Britain to tell the people, and to ask that bombing be restricted to armies and not residential districts, in part Rothschild told Churchill to bomb people not factories as he had a list of factories he wanted for take over as reparations after the war. i still have Rudolph Hess lapel badge to this day and his hand written notes before Nuremberg.



Hitler was a homosexual, had one testicle and many of his female friends committed suicide. I'd call that sexuall incomplete. His grandfather was Jewish, and possibly a Rothschild. Why else would a Jewish intermediary pay child support?

In general Hitler. like some homosexuals, was a master of deception without any conscience. I'm sorry so many people are taken in by him.


Andrew said (March 17, 2012):

OPPOSAMES would be a better term Henry

JL said (March 17, 2012):

Just a note of admiration. Your writing is heroic. Always on message and never wavering. Those who pine for strong nation enjoying Hitler as a symbol for it need to face the truth and realize the Germans were tricked and used for the purpose of their own destruction. It had to be big money behind the Wagnerian-fantasy marches and parades that were Hitler's great enjoyment. The graphic showing a gay Hitler is, I think, appropriate. I agree with the view that that's what he was. And I think it was another reason, whether occult or anti-Christic, that he was their perfect agent. ( It's very sad to think of what was done to the Germans, and also to the Torah Jews targeted by the banker forces using Hitler. I hope more and more of us find your site.

Robert said (March 17, 2012):

can't remember where I came across it, but many years ago I read that the German military circumvented
the constraints imposed by the Versailles Treaty after WWI by training in the Soviet Union in a very major way.
All I can find after a quick search on Wikipedia is the following: "A secret collaboration with the Soviet Union began after the treaty of Rapallo. Major-General Otto Hasse traveled to Moscow in 1923 to further negotiate the terms. Germany helped the Soviet Union with industrialization and Soviet officers were to be trained in Germany. German tank and air force specialists could exercise in the Soviet Union and German chemical weapons research and manufacture would be carried out there along with other projects. Around 300 German pilots received training at Lipetsk, some tank training took place near Kazan and toxic gas was developed at Saratov for the German army." Readers might want to try to follow up on their own.

V said (March 16, 2012):

You can bet Henry that Stalin was getting the money to fund Hitler through the British empire's bankers in London, Jewish and gentile. They were also funding Stalin. There was British spies all over Hitler. He was chosen to be the leader of a fledgling party, the Natzi's and they were there protecting their asset and watching who he communicated with.

The evil persona of Hitler to this day is way over hyped. If Adolf Hitler never existed he would have to be created by our plantation masters. A great orator and a great artist ... yes. Without the money and guidance from our overlords (plantation masters) who choose Hitler and groomed him he would have been a nobody in the history books today.

CommunISM, socialISM, were created by the British philosophical radicals during the British East India Company days, aided by Jewish money and Jewish revolutionary spirit. A marriage made in hell. Later came FacISM and natzISM.

Fund both sides, antagonize them both with false ideology and watch them destroy each other. Divide and conquer. That's how the British blue blood saved their throats from getting slit in the new world by playing the black man, the poor white man and the red man against each other.

Robert said (March 16, 2012):

Cardinal Augustin Bea in his secret sessions with the Jesuits revealed that the Communist and Nazi Party were created by the Vatican. The Communism was to destroy the Czar (protector of the Orthodox church of Russia) and Nazism to kill innocent Jews and Protestant Germany (birthplace of the Reformation) all by the millions. Communists would go into shock if they found that Marx and Engels were coached and directed by Jesuit priests. The communist party was bankrolled by agents of Rome (the illuminati) in order to create another major power loyal to the Vatican. Hitler was the Vatican's dialectical choice, he and his associates (Goebbels, Von Papen, Himmler) were all Roman Catholics. Franz Von Papen boasted "The third reich is the first power, which not only recognizes, but puts into practice, the high principles of the papacy."

Must read for all:


Thanks Robert,

I disagree but post this in the interest of free speech.


Henrique said (March 16, 2012):

Best article I've read about WWII for a while, if not ever. This even ties in perfectly with Albert Pike's letter to Giuseppe Mazzini mentioning the three World Wars "they" would cause to bring in their much sought after World Government, in which everyone would "render their adoration to Lucifer".

He wrote that after the WWII Christianity would be systematically weakened and sabotaged ( being temporarily useful to keep atheist Russia in check) , but not enough to render it completely hopeless, as it would be necessary to the "Final Cataclysm" ( WWIII ) and it's much sacred outcome. Look at these Christian Zionists yelling from their altars that we must defend the state of Israel at all costs as it is determined in the Bible ( which I regard as nothing more than their plan in disguise as all religions were invented ) that "the Antichrist" ( fictitious bogey-man ) would concentrate His forces to destroy the "Holy People".

I wonder why an almighty and ruthless being as the Antichrist would care so much about Israel, just six million people surrounded by hostile populations in the Middle East. If I was the Antichrist lusting for blood sacrifices I would certainly concentrate on the Asian continent, the "Human anthill".

Very smart to realize that the Allies only declared war on Germany, even though Germany AND Russia invaded and ravaged Poland. These geopolitical observations about the situations before and around the WWII without drowning in the sea of trauma and sentimentalism of body-counts are indeed brilliant and the way to go for rational-analytical people, as I believe that keeping people forever emotionally traumatized only serves their ( Illuminists, Globalists, whatever you call it ) goals.

Matt said (March 16, 2012):

Viktor Suvorov makes a convincing case Stalin built up Hitler's military so that Hitler would fight a mutually exhaustive war with Britain and France. Which would have made it easier for Stalin to conquer all three, which would have made the world safe for communism. It also would have brought gulags to Western Europe.

Hitler and Himmler were racists who wanted to massively reduce the Polish and Russian populations (and eliminate the Jewish population). Hitler was planning to invade Russia, Stalin was planning to invade Germany. The Soviets had a much superior military, and Germany's invasion was doomed to failure.

Now why were the British so afraid to release Hess, who was 'suicided' in prison? That certainly points to the Illuminati.

Himmler hated the Church (along with just about everyone else), and definitely fits the bill of being Illuminati. Symbols such as the swastika, all the occult beliefs of the leading Nazi's, point to the Illuminati.

One of my deceased uncles was a US Army captain in WWII. He served as a jailer at the Nuremberg trials. He said that unlike ordinary Germans who are very friendly people, the Nazis leadership he met were not nice people. Which is an understatement.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at