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David Icke Forgot Who He Is

February 29, 2012


David Icke is so busy reminding us
 who we are, ("Love, God is Love") he has forgotten who
he is. That makes him a hypocrite.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

David Icke's readers can tell the difference between right and wrong, but apparently David can't.

He has kicked me off his site for exposing the fraud and psychopath Jeff Rense. What does this say about David Icke?

First, read what David Icke's reader, Amy wrote Wednesday about the Rense controversy. 

"Hi Henry, I am a big fan of your work-I have been following your site for a few months now. I found it from the Icke site, not Rense (I always thought he looked shady, and his site has too many ads jumping around on it.)
If a person with any intelligence would read through the various articles from each side (your site's vs Rense's) they would figure out that Rense makes no sense! Keep up the good work!"

Here is my email exchange with Icke:

Makow to Icke: 11:o5 am Wednesday


Rense kicked me off his site for posting an article you linked to, and now you're cutting me off for exposing Rense as a fraud? Just look at the evidence.

People have a right to know who David Icke is.

11.56 am

Henry ... I knew you would turn on me, too. It was only a matter of time. It is clearly the nature of who you are with your fake and self-delusory moral superiority.
Do you honestly think that I am going to use the work on my site of someone who can so viscously [sic] abuse a fellow researcher who has already done far more to expose the conspiracy than you will do if you live to be a thousand? You have shown that you don't give a shit about the big picture we are trying to expose - only yourself.
Is that what Christianity does for you? Teaches you to be vengeful and spiteful.
The motivation behind those 'articles' turned my stomach. Revenge, vindictiveness, spite and ME, ME, ME. You have acted like a two-year old who has had his candy taken away.
I don't want that energy on my website, thank-you.
All you have achieved with all this bile and vindictiveness is to expose who Henry Makow really is. Please feel free to dig the hole even deeper, matey, because I don't give a damn what you do. You want to self-destruct? Go ahead. You are already a long way down that road as it is.
If you want to expose a fraud, Henry, find yourself a mirror.
I wish you well,


11.58 am

Makow - You turned on me first. We'll let our readers decide.

1.07 pm

Icke - You turned on yourself you deeply sad man, Henry


David Icke has always been very supportive of my work. I did nothing to alienate him except expose his buddy Jeff Rense. If I ignore the ET's and the reptilians, I admire Icke's work and like his website. I still do.

I do not intend to impugn his character. He seems to have ex-wife trouble. He identifies with Jeffry in that respect.

It's sad that David Icke thinks Jeffry's years of service at about $450K per annum excuses him for being a fraud and a psychopath.

David says I would not have exposed Jeffry had he not stopped linking to my site! 

Well honey,  that's how I first realized there was something very wrong with Jeffry's personality. He cut off my website because of one article I posted on it! I could have kissed his ring and made up. But it was more important to expose this fraud than get his hits.

renseestate.jpg(left. Rense's five acre estate. Please donate to help him build his outdoor model railroad.)

To comment on Icke's email today:

1. Where's Icke's concern for the "big picture?" I have written ground breaking articles for his site for many years and suddenly now I have herpes?

2. Since when is Rense a "researcher"? What has he written? His role is to bring cohesion and credibility to the movement.  As such, he is a massive failure and a liability.

3. What is "New Age" David Icke's problem with Christianity? Hasn't he noticed that Freemasonry hates Christianity too? Didn't Jesus also teach that God is Love?  

4. God is more than "Love" David. He is the difference between Good and Evil, and Right and Wrong. Isn't it wrong to ask poor readers for donations when Jeffry earns big money? Over the years he probably netted more than $100K in donations. (He admits to $10K a year.)

barker.jpegHe is no different than an evangelist asking for money in the name of Christ. Only Jeff asks in the name of Palestinian children and "truth" etc.  David, is this your game too?  (I see, apparently David asks for donations too!)

Isn't it farcical that Jeffry has been married seven plus* times yet pretends to be traditional? Isn't it disturbing that many ex-wives and girlfriends say he is a congenital liar? (I see, apparently Icke was a polygamist.)

Then Icke wouldn't care if Rense divorced and evicted his seventh wife* after seven weeks of marriage and left her destitute? (She quit her job to marry him.)

Doesn't David care that Jeffry had $8K for a sprinkler system but wouldn't take her to the MD? Boasts he is "loyal and kind."  That he displayed every symptom of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in his response to his being exposed? 

David: Why can your readers see the difference between right and wrong, and you can't? Have you forgotten who you are?    

Finally, I hate this infighting more than my readers. But Jeff Rense has become a litmus test for the "truth" movement. 

I regret that David Icke has failed the test.

Related - I had no idea Icke was such a colorful character. 

Remind David Icke who he is :

*  Rense was legally married seven times, and had one legally binding common law marriage and at least one fiancee, all of whom confirm the same story.


david-51nkdhpqlsl-_sl500_aa300_.jpgFirst Comment from S -

Quick note:   I attended an Icke lecture a dozen years ago.  I found myself sitting in the middle of the front row.  I suppose David thought I might be Annunaki  because of my blond Aryan looks as he declared to the audience:

"If this world has any hope, it is to rid itself of RACISM!"   The second the guy mentioned 'racism' he zeroed his beady little eyes on me as he turned his head in my direction.   It was a small matter but for me, at that moment, it told me heaps about the man. 

side note:  Henry, did David have his hair permed when he had that incredibly effeminate photo taken for that ridiculously titled book below?  His hair is now flaxen like.  What a pussy! 

The most irreverent Celtic Rebel has some interesting things to say about the Icke man as well as questioning the sexual ventures of David's son Gareth.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "David Icke Forgot Who He Is "

Marcos said (April 4, 2012):

See how he goes to psychics to receive guidance. He also said that he was visited by spirits since he was a child. His "workshops" are heavily occultist, something he doesn't really show in his articles.
This means that he is dominated by spirits and basically is a puppet for Satan. Satan knows many people are finding out about the new world order and he has a plan to neutralize these people. From the frying pan into the fire.

I am sure their goal is to promote a situation where the malignant Illuminati will be dethroned by friendly spirits, white brotherhood, galactic federation aliens or the dragon society (sigh). Just join us ! Embrace your spirit guide. Follow the man of peace, get his mark. The Illuminati are gone. A new bright future awaits for us.

Branden said (March 3, 2012):

I'm sorry to see that Icke has turned on you as well. It's interesting that no one including Icke seems to question the bigger picture or Rense's ethics when he admittedly delinks you over a theory that you linked to on your OWN website after 10 years of friendship. Icke even linked to the article himself.

If everything you say of Rense is true then it would explain his odd behavior. His followers need to know about it for obvious reasons and Rense needs to hear about it from you if nobody else is willing to point it out. Who knows, maybe Rene will get some help and be better off.

As of now, the theory you linked to is the only logical explanation for the fukushima meltdown until somebody else can explain why there are so many holes in the official story. I noticed that Rense didn't seem to have a problem with Icke linking to your Fukushima article. I wonder why?

Allot of people would consider Jesse Ventura an asset to truth movement. Never the less, Icke had even less justification when insulting him but did so anyway when he felt it was justified. I don't particularly like Ventura but I still thought this article by Icke was unnecessary.

Peter said (March 2, 2012):

Seems Icke is being sucked into low vibrational energy that he warns everyone about.

Donna said (March 2, 2012):

With no doubts you are in a class of your own. Rense and Ikel are just part of the New Age movement, ad if you look into an Organization called Thrive, you will see them speaking about how bad things are, yet pushing the so called Ascended masters. Another thing I knew you could speak to better than anyone is the following disinformation:

Keep up the Great work,

Carl said (March 2, 2012):

I just wanted to reaffirm how excellent the video that Kristina posted is.

It really shined a light on the New Age movement including David Icke and the Jesus denial crowd (including Acharya who I have verbally jousted with on several occasions). If I'm not mistaken they are collegues with similar views. David is better at debating than Acharya but they are both linked to the Rense site. "the crusades happened so Christianity is falsified and evil" and other weak arguments of people who don't understand the pagan Catholic church or who deceive.

All part of the protocols, a little bit of poison in the wine will still get you drunk before you die. Oddly enough David's earlier work (as the video states) did not deny Christ. Perhaps David was allowed to continue if he changed his tune, denying Christ using less that solid citing or no citing, just some fringy authors.

I think this is the main problem with a lot of conspiracy work, they don't cite their work and they always refer to "changes in the cosmos" or "humanity is evolving lines." A lot of old friends are hooked on this, "can you feel the energy from the center fo the galaxy?" This may be true, (alhough most of it is likely preconceived Theosophical tripe) but its hardly proof of a pole shift, or of full human chromosomal activation etc.

Simone said (March 2, 2012):

I always felt that David Icke made sense about the global system (problem reaction solution) but I'm shocked now, at his siding with Rense. My own personal belief is that something not quite human, is behind the Matrix, and I have witnessed the unexplained, but I also witnessed first hand, an aspect of controlled opposition. Over the years, certain Ufologists, their reaction to me when i'd present a ufo related conspiracy which happened to me in the military. Theres been lots of CIA people in this field, and I'm convinced that at least a couple of them are NOCs (non official cover operatives) ("can pose as Academics": Wikipedia) for the Illuminati end game called "Disclosure".

James B said (March 2, 2012):

I have been trying to blow the whistle on Icke for some time. His exposure of the NWO is just a vehicle for his larger agenda. He did not forget who is he.... what he has always been about is paving the way for the true new world order - the apparent bankster NWO is being used as a boogeyman to get people to accept system they planned all along.

See this video short video-

And Icke channels entities - that ought to be a red flag for any christian.

Michele said (March 2, 2012):

Another great article - I never felt comfortable with either of these guys (Rense & Icke).

They have nothing to do with Christianity and the "real" God who created all things, so of course they would attack you. The wheat and the chaff is being separated. Consider yourself blessed.

Russ said (March 2, 2012):

It's funny Icke tried to fallaciously beg the question "Is that what Christianity does for you?" in an attempt to ridicule you.

The irony for me lies in the fact that it is because of Icke, and his "truth movement", that I rediscovered Christianity, and now some 4 years later, my life has improved, inc my health and relations with my family and colleagues.

So Icke needs to drop this i-am-holier-than-thou attitude because one day he will have to account for what he did, and it seems to me, what he does, is make a lot of money scaring people with bedtime horror stories.

Henry, I don't know where the quote comes from, but in this Rense-Icke conundrum, remember this "I tried to reason with a fool once, and he called me foolish." Don't get involved Henry, these two have made their bed, let them lie in it.

God bless you mate.

Anon said (March 2, 2012):

Henry, Glad you've exposed Icke for the charlatan he is. What's worrying is how he got away with it for so long. An indication perhaps of the shallow and boring lives his audience must lead in that they willingly give credence to the existence to 'reptilians', 'hollow moon' and other puerilities Icke, with zero evidence, spouts. I'd more believe the nut who claims David Icke is Richard Branson (see: ) than I would believe Icke/Branson himself.
YouTube - Videos from this email

Linda said (March 1, 2012):

Chris (Gorilla199) has busted a lot of Masonic cryptography and this is on his website Let the Truth Be Known - In the course of busting this cryptography, he also outed David Icke as a Freemason. The vid below is his take on Icke's response. The david icke photo on a Freemason website - the Ryde Lodge, I think, has since been taken down, but Chris has done a capture for posterity.

Icke's new age religion - our space brothers are coming to save us from the reptilian oligarchy - is a parody of the ancient belief of the fallen angels the bnei h'Elohim that is a part of Christian, Islamic and Israelite belief - the Karaites (those adhering to the teachings of Moses in opposition to Talmud and Kaballah).

Jason said (March 1, 2012):

David Icke is a Nutter; his “ye shall be as gods” shtick is the same old lie perennially trotted-out by The Devil, since the Garden of Eden. It is becoming handy to simply assume that, ultimately, any “Researcher” still embraced by JR is a self-serving and
corrupt Jesuit plant, collaborator and tool. Kidd, and Drocton, and Duke, and the Marrs Boys- Tex and Jim etc. ad nauseum are such. “Tim Rifat” takes an hour to say the same thing 127 times, and admires Alistair Crowely. If Teilhard de Chardin was
still breathing, he’d be an enthusiastic Contributor to that swamp-of-a-website.

Liz said (March 1, 2012):

He hasn't forgotten. He still realizes he is a paid disinformation agent. And ICK (sic) disinforms quite well. He is also part of the problem of what is wrong on our planet. Icke mixes half truths with lies, which is characteristic of lying fallen angels and those who are either related to them or those who submit themselves to fallen angels to carry out satanic works. Fallen angels and demons like to reinvent themselves every few generations or so because they know that humans of previous generations have been made aware of them and their wicked ways, which alerts subsequent generations to avoid them. In our day, they have attempted to rebrand themselves as aliens and/or reptilians, but it's just another tried and true method of deception that fallen angels and demons have always used. I suppose they see no reason to stop now... .

Anyone who makes it their career goal to spread the BLATANT lie that reptilians rule the world, should be recognized as the government asset that he is. I NEVER go to Icke's website--EVER. Ick is a New Ager, and the term New Age is just another closet phrase for Age of Satan or New World Order--which isn't "new" at all but is just the same old ancient worship of fallen angels and demons, reinvented.

B said (March 1, 2012):

Is Icke a Mason?

Oh you gotta see this too:

Bear with the guy, please, it's just 10 minutes. Masonic lodge refers to Brother David icke.

Wade said (March 1, 2012):

The enemies of all mankind control "the agenda", and the opposition to that agenda. This process is called theses, anti-theses, and the process generates synthesis. The process masks what is really going on and the sheeple are led to the slaughter without the faintest idea of what has happened to them.

The lifestyle of Rense and the rejection of Jesus Christ by Icke tell us all we need to know. God's Word explains that we will know them by their fruits.

Dick said (March 1, 2012):

I agree you've become a real thorn in the side of "gnosticism" as
your commenter Adam suggested. People like Rense, Icke, Drockton and others (many but not all Alex Jones guests) represent a dialectic that bounces people between utter despair (ie the Pacific Ocean is ruined forever) and magical thinking (ie "truth vibrations", global consciousness, lizard people) with no middle ground for practical action.

Before we get too worked up about whether George Bush is a reptile or how many Jews are under a given rock, we need to understand what their predecessors like Thomas Huxley, Bertrand Russell, HG Wells & Aleister Crowley were talking about – where do their ideas come from, and how and why do they use propaganda and ritual, so we can understand something like 9/11 or gnosticism. I've been listening to interviews with the unfairly marginalized William Ramsey this week, who has a lot to say on the subject...

If you ask me, the reality we need to deal with can be explained in
terms of economics. Super-rich "satanist" (which in short means
people with no moral limitations) oligarchs want to run the world
like a plantation – improving their breeding stock and maximizing
their profits. Because humans will never consent to this, they need to use lies - everything from war provocations to racial cults like judaism to new age/gnostic movements, from Blavatsky to Tsarion and Icke - to move consciousness and behavior in desired directions, and get us to justify and embrace our own degradation. Now how does agitating against nuclear power, waiting for truth vibrations, getting rid of national protections or quaking in our boots about satanism, the illuminati or 2012 help us in this fight?

James B said (March 1, 2012):

I have watched with great interest the recent attacks from a number of so called 'researchers'. I always suspected Ike of being a smarmy, arrogant shit and his letter to you has confirmed my instinct. Unlike your good self I don't think his site is good at all. It is 'me me me'. Fits how he turned that around to you. A very common trait of certain character types.

I find it very enlightening how all of those that have attacked you make no reference to Rense's multiple marriages or what his last wife has said. Anyone having read your work would know that your message is simple and true. Not fantasy or new age or sic fi. I have always kept an open mind when reading the likes of Rense , Ike, et al, but my gut instinct now tells me that those i suspected of being phonies are just that. Whether they are controlled opposition or simply bullshit merchants making a living from gullible sheep - i wouldn't know. Possibly a bit of both. Any how i think they have exposed themselves. Again funny how they have all accused you of just that. Seems a bit orchestrated and text book.

Clifford Shack said (March 1, 2012):

It takes a thief to catch a thief. To ferret out takes a fraud. I am grateful for much of the information that has been exposed as a result of the Truth movement. That the information was exposed by people with fraudulent characters seems to be par for the course. Who cares? What would we know without them?


Thanks Clifford

I agree that we owe a debt of gratitude to Jeff and David. But we don't owe them our respect.


Corren said (March 1, 2012):

Hi :) My name is Corren, Im 26 and I am from Perth Australia and I want to send you my Love and Respect. Please know I feel youre spot on, on both Icke and Rense... COUNTER INTELLIGENCE ALERT MUCH! They are TOO Popular to be genuine People seeking truth. Just like fraudulent Zeitgeist teaches "truthers" Lies about Jesus. I feel youre real, and people hate the Real Exposers - They are trying to "crucify" you like they did to Mr Milton William Cooper cos your both bringing the truth and cos youre not afraid to expose things they wont touch & Fuck nutters Rense & Icke (I reckon theyre probably chummy with "Wikileaks" NUTCASE "Julian Assange" too - another fake snake) ... They are ALL TOO accepted in , how can I say; "Mainstream Conspiracy" (dis)info to have not been planted there for a reason by the powers that be- planted for the purpose of interrupting , corrupting real people searching for truth. And while Im here my friend - another Fraud is "GODLIKE PRODUCTIONS" see if you get banned like I did for going on their site and searching on Stanford Research Institute or Tavistock Institute..

God bless you sir, Im one person on "Team Henry" . Ignore both of them. Keep telling the real story Sir, I believe in you and thank you Henry. May Yahweh bless you and yours. Fuck the Frauds.. Real people will find out the truth Mate. xxx

Lothar said (March 1, 2012):

Henry, your Article finally put the nail in the coffin for me. I've watched my idols in the "new age" and "truth" movement go down, one by one. Icke was the very last to go. And why should I be surprised? Many years ago when I first heard about David Icke I was revolted, but all my friends were saying "but he's such a nice man and look at how much he's suffered to get his message out". So I listened to my friends instead of my own judgment. Big mistake.

It is now a well established fact that all of these self-proclaimed champions of truth are deeply flawed individuals. Jeff Rense, David Icke, Grace Powers, Alex Jones, I've studied each one of them over the years. They all act as if they are Moses bringing down a divine message to the unworthy masses. And just what is that message really? If you boil it all down there is only one thing left: that the Illuminatti/Power Elite/Reptilians/Powers That Be are to blame for every single thing that is wrong on this planet. Ultimately, what do they teach you to do about this situation? Nothing of importance, really. Go ahead and pray, meditate for powers you'll never have, shout your head off, write to your congressman and protest in the streets like Icke, Jones and Powers want you to. It wont change a single thing. It hasn't for decades and it's not about to start now.

No, the only way anything is going to change is if each person on the planet takes a good, long hard look in the mirror at themselves, acknowledges the ugly parts that are there in all of us and decides that they don't want to be like that.

Chris said (March 1, 2012):

Henry, Glad you've exposed Icke for the charlatan he is. What's worrying is how he got away with it for so long. An indication perhaps of the shallow and boring lives his audience must lead in that they willingly give credence to the existence to 'reptilians', 'hollow moon' and other puerilities Icke, with zero evidence, spouts. I'd more believe the nut who claims David Icke is Richard Branson (see: ) than I would believe Icke/Branson himself.

Researcher said (March 1, 2012):

A friend of mine who is no longer with us, had worked with David Icke over many years. She promoted truth seminars in Toronto with her company Sumari Seminars in the early 2000s, bringing in some of the biggest names including Icke, Watt, Duncan Cameron, Eustace Mullins etc.

She was known in the truth movement as "Viktoria". Sumari Seminars was attacked from within and dismantled, leaving her with little.

In our conversations discussing the various "truth movement" leaders she regularly noted the change she seen in Icke after his marriage to the wife named Pam. This aparently was when the methods Icke were using switched from getting the word out to becoming a money oriented quest. This was the same time when Icke suddenly became accepted by the likes of Jones, Rense and others. When Viktoria referred to Pam she called her "his handler".

Viktoria had insight to many of todays biggest "stars" in the trooth/pay-triot movement, which we openly discussed over the short period I knew her before her death on January 20th 2011.

She didn't discuss Rense much because she had no dealings with him directly, but I can tell you she did not frequent his website, or ever direct me to articles placed there.

Others she did have direct contact with were Alex Jones & his wife/handler and Alan Watt. I can say she was disappointed in Alex Jones and his wife/handler, Alan Watt, and David Icke and the circle of money that they are involved in. She classified them as "tagged".

Kevin said (March 1, 2012):

What is required here is DISCERNMENT. Disinformation agents, by definition, combine truth with cleverly disguised falsehood. The trick, then, has to be discerning which parts are truth, and which are falsehoods. I believe that God can and does grant such discernment to those that He decides prove worthy of it. That being the case, I would therefore respectfully urge you to let stand what you have written about Rense and Icke, and leave it at that.

There's enough out there on both sides at this point for people to make up their minds one way or the other. To keep beating that dead horse no longer serves any purpose. Please continue to do what you do best, and trust your readership to be able to discern the truth of the matter. It remains likely that many people will discern the truth regardless of what you, Rense or Icke say about one another. Keep up the fight, but more so against the real enemy, and less his toady underlings. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places!"

Tom said (March 1, 2012):

I'm not surprised. David Icke is a real creep. Looks to me like you pose a threat to them and the New Age fraud they are perpetrating on well meaning patriots.

Interestingly, the guy who produced this documentary was also banned from ..


Thanks Tom,

Champions of free speech? Just another version of the mainstream media.


Amy (Icke Reader) said (March 1, 2012):

I can't believe it!!!

Unless there's something I'm not aware of, this attack on you, Henry, is unwarranted.

I'm so disappointed in Icke, his letter was cruel. I can't believe he's on Rense's side! In addition, I can't believe there's "sides" being taken! This is all so confusing, is that the point, to muddle the truthers?

The thing is...what about Jim Stone? Jim Stone, if he is indeed real, is putting his ass on the line with his stories, yet gets no mention . The fact that everybody is fighting over linking to his articles makes me wonder, wonder wonder...

Jim Stone runs for his life, while David gets to travel the world & speak at large venues like Wembley Arena-something's wrong here!

Adam said (March 1, 2012):

I believe that Icke and Rense share a common theology: Gnosticism.

Gnosticism could take an entire article -- if not book -- to explain but it is as complex and varied as Christianity. The simplest, boiled-down explanation is that Gnostic theology teaches that salvation/ enlightenment is achieved by attaining special, sacred knowledge. Examples may be things like: Remember who you are. Love is real, everything else is illusion...get the idea.

The point, Henry, you are a theological outcast for such men. You should count yourself lucky then.

Also, for people who claim to be “truth researchers and truth journalists” it is completely contrary for them to discount Jim Stone story so out of hand like that...goes against what they claim to be.

When a man’s words do not match his actions it’s more likely that his actions are telling the truth.

JJ - Norway said (March 1, 2012):

David Icke says:
"Is that what Christianity does for you? Teaches you to be vengeful and spiteful. "

Do I read too much into this, but do I hear a vengeful tone in the other direction? Christianity is about loving the Truth more than lies, and be tolerant to others views, that mean it would be best for Rense he keep Stone's Fukushima article you submitted. Why not? It is very well researched (?). What in it is not worth to inform about, and let people decide on themselves what to get out of it?

I have purchased and read a lot of David Icke, and found plenty good information, but is here in this sentence in his email to you a grudge against Christians or a psychological conflict in relation to Christianity I haven't heard before? It is new to me if he foster and maintain any such grudges or prejudices (projected anger at you Henry as his 'mirror' for psychological projection) against Christians.
I would think that he could very much identify with Jesus Christ, sort of know the esoteric meaning of the Christian religion, after himself beeing 'crucified' in the Hoogan-show and otherwise, but maybe no so....

The question is if there is a personal Messiah complex than, not needing Christ as Messiah, regard oneself as the 'long awaited One' - the celestial messenger, the anointed One. Christians are not able to worship any human beings as such, so it might be an 'issue' for some IF they set them self up as one themselves.

It would be unfortunate if David Icke came 'out of the closet' as such one, with a Messiahs complex, felt threated by Christ's supreme role as such.

Harry said (March 1, 2012):

Hi Henry.

I can't believe the goon squad, rense has in his corner. I have interacted with one of these supreme beings before, over the phone, one mr. paul drockton. I believe this man is psychopathicly evil. I tried to ask his opinion on a spiritual matter, i had and still have concerns about being bothered by evil spirits, or demons, i asked him to pray with me. Instead he tried to curse me! Literally his prayer was him trying to open me to demonic spirits. I asked him what he was doing. He said he was just trying to help me! I swear to God. I had originally asked him for some help purchasing some silver. he said he would call me back later about the silver purchase, then told me he could not help me, and to never to call him again! I swear to God.

I just the other day bought the illustrious, Mr. David icke's book on who we really are. From the attack piece he did on you to save his main purveyor, the larger than life mr. Jeff Rense. I have lost all respect for him, and i mean all. I will save the book, when i receive it and sell it back to amazon for pennies on the dolar, if need be. I was raised a catholic, that is to say i am a Christian, my moral standards are based on Christianity, some of the things attributed to Jesus Christ in the gospels are sublimely beautiful, i never understood those who criticize the words of Christ. But i agree with you in a lot of ways about God. I truly believe God is Reality with a capital R. As well as Truth with a capital T. Did not Jesus say to seek the truth and it shall set you free. I think he meant freedom from slavery from materiality, or putting the spiritual and the material in their proper place. Still in your corner, Henry, keep up with your continuing excellent work.

Ian said (March 1, 2012):

Henry, Don't get in a flap with these clowns. Icke is into shape shifters etc, Alex Jones and Rense doesn't appeal to me, Rixon at least you can pick what you want to believe on his site, Les Visable is special in that he just gives ways of thinking about things in odd ways. I like your stuff though I disagree with your religious beliefs, and some of the stuff you write.

The current situation is getting out of hand and destroying any slight cohesion the truth movement once had. The powers that be like truth seekers to believe in alien shapeshifters etc and I believe that if you're a real threat, eg Maud Dib's with 7/7 Ripple effect or David Shaler the ex MI5 agent, then changing your name to Delores and dressing like Jesus is an option you get before you get the David Kelly or that New York Madam option.

Let them get on with their shit and you get on with yours, because all this rattles out of the pram stuff over an article which I believe is true,"Fukushima" being a FF attack, is getting no-one anywhere. Ok you've been rejected, get used to it. Fuck them.


Thanks Ian,

It's important to know who our "leaders" are, Illuminati or pay-triot.


Kristina said (March 1, 2012):

David Icke debunked - video:

Viktor said (March 1, 2012):

I am not too happy about new disputes which have arisen between you and David Icke.

David was one of the first people who opened my eyes about the things that are really happening in the world.

I always knew that something is wrong but I couldn't formulate what is really happening and I also think he is one of the best presenters of this whole issue in the world.

Also I have read a few grey things about his personality (if you search about Ivan Fraser you can find interesting things about DI) and I know he has problems with ex wifes, but I think one of his problems is that his second wife sued him and wants to destroy everything he is doing.

It seems he attacked you first but I wouldn't put an equality sign between Jeff and David and I still appreciate him as an important researcher, while I don't read Renses web site anymore.

I also advise you to follow what is happening in Hungary even if most of the people don't know where Hungary is because interesting things will happen during this year (there is a very big percentage of highly aware people, it is no coincidence that all revolutions here were broken down very forcefully: 1956, 1848, etc.)

James again said (March 1, 2012):

Henry, you said ..."Where's Icke's concern for the "big picture?"

Indeed, I asked myself the same thing about Les Visible - who also wrote in Rense's defense. And when I called him on it - (for taking sides without regard to the evidence/joining in the pile-on) - he shot back with a message about me be a slithering slandering reptile and told me to fuck off and stay off his site.

And what struck me (over the course of a volley of messages) was that he had no interest whatsoever in getting to the bottom of the truth of the situation. Rense was a partner and he was going to defend him and that was that. So in my view, all the high sounding words he writes every week don't amount to a hill of beans - because like almost all of them in this "business" - they are business men. Truth just happened to be their chosen commodity.


Thanks James.

As Al Thomson says, they aren't called pay-triots for nothing!


Gary said (March 1, 2012):

He is the exact problem that hinders any real revelation of the truth on a large scale. The new age infinite consciousness crap he espouses is the heart of freemasonry, kabbalah, and luciferianism. Infinite consciousness is how he explained calling himself the son of God back in '91. It is all demon worship presenting itself in different forms. That would be true shape-shifting.

It fits perfectly with the reptilian and ufo nonsense. You cannot believe in the reptilians without the ufos now can you? This junk makes people telling the truth look like lunatics, which is exactly what they want. What sane person could believe such crap? It is meant to discredit everything it touches, while indoctrinating weak minds into satanism.

James said (March 1, 2012):

I have been trying to blow the whistle on Icke for some time. His exposure of the NWO is just a vehicle for his larger agenda. He did not forget who is he.... what he has always been about is paving the way for the true new world order - the apparent bankster NWO is being used as a boogeyman to get people to accept system they planned all along.

See this video short video-

And Icke channels entities - that ought to be a red flag for any christian.

Joe said (March 1, 2012):

I thought this video would add to the conversation... William Cooper on David Icke, "David Icke Is A Piece Of Scum".

Besides, I think its safe to say the only reason you were black-listed by Icke, is because he depends on Rense as one of the few radio hosts who will help him peddle his Reptillian B.S. here in the States.

James said (March 1, 2012):

David Icke has probably done more damage to the truth than anyone in the field.

Shape shifting reptilians?

You know, I don't particularly like Alex Jones but he got it right when he said that David Icke is like the turd in the punch-bowl.

Yes, Icke has exposed a lot of the agenda and for a long time now... but WHO is going to take him serious when he starts spouting that the Queen of England and George H.W. Bush are reptile beings who survive off of human blood???

I am probably one of the rare few who doesn't believe Icke is controlled-opposition.

I honestly think David Icke REALLY believes in these fairy tales and he's taken a lot of gullible people down with him. And worse, he's made all of us sincere truth-seekers out to be a joke in the mainstream eye.

Don't waste your time on David Icke, Henry... just distancing yourself as far from this guy as possible is the wisest solution.


Thanks James

I heard Jones used that expression to describe Jeff Rense. Jones needs more put-downs!


Denny said (March 1, 2012):

Who ever said David Icke knew who he was??? Reptiles? I listened to 45 minutes of Icke online about "who" killed Princess Diana, and after a long and grueling 45 minutes, he hadn't said anything. He has no clue. (a ritual killing) Well duh! Tell me something I don't know Dave.

And as for Rense, who listens to him? Everyone I know went to his site for links to other sites with some worthwhile information. I don't listen to him or read his few and far between articles. We use his site as a link hub for stories from other writers on other sites. I, like others think this infighting is pathetic, and does NOT help our cause, but in the thick of things, "YOU" win!

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