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Danish Woman Sours on Postmodern Family

November 13, 2010

danefamily.jpg"Underneath the blanket of idyll is a painful existence of frustration, stress and fear of falling short of all those insane demands of perfection laid upon us by the modern composite family"

Reader Sam Peyo sent this translation and wrote:
This article is about the disastrous effects of divorce and social engineering, but it´s not written by a man who was ripped off by his bitchy ex-wife. It´s written by a woman who, according to her own account, made efforts to minimize divorce trauma and adjust to an insane new Western lifestyle ... to little avail, of course. Although it shows divorced/remarried women in a favorable light and actually suggests they draw tighter limits, the whole situation is grotesque to anyone not brainwashed by feminism and NWO propaganda.
The writer is a typical Danish woman, the kind who unknowingly sends hordes of young men to Thailand looking for meeker wives. Agnostic, polemic, profane (but not an unskilled writer). Recently, because she was shocked by the offensive language ("Yo fucking ho´") she heard in a Danish hip-hop song, she went home, stripped and as a form of protest photographed herself and her daughter naked. The picture is now at the Charlottenborg Art Exhibit. [She has "Ordinary Hooker" written on her body; "Career Killer" written on the child's.] That´s Denmark in a nutshell: (+ screenshot with highlights)


Set fire to my house and crap on the porch

Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis

October 26, 2010

(translated for by Sam Peyo)


Life in a modern, composite post-divorce family can be hectic: an endless jumble of ex-wives, ex-husbands, shared children, step-children and what not. It's total chaos. Some women actually boast "I got six kids to look after" even though they've only whelped two of them themselves.


"It's so cool when we're having dinner, it's almost like an Italian family at a long table. And it's great fun to drive around town and show off the whole family in the old VW van".


That's what I call family idyll. Affirmative living: harmony, overflowing energy and nearness. Or so we believe, deluding ourselves and each other.


I can tell you from my own experience that underneath the blanket of idyll is a painful existence of frustration, stress and fear of falling short of all those insane demands of perfection laid upon us by the modern composite family: an ebullient love life, agreement in matters of child rearing, model coping with the absence of our children every other week, a relaxed and almost girlfriend-like relationship with the husband's ex-wife and the ex-husband and his new wife, and at the same time we have to boost the career and find time to invite friends over for exciting couple dinners.

If you are the one who walked out on your husband―if you are the "evil one" in the story―then you'll have to live with permanent feelings of guilt. Those of us who are bruised and non-confrontational pay for our sins by making immoral concessions to the ex-husband and turning a blind eye to his little acts of revenge. I can almost hear myself saying: "Why don't you keep the house ... I'll find an apartment."


In the end it's always us women who have to understand, calm down, comfort, smoothen conflicting moods and keep the skeletons in place in the divorce closet, while we are drugging ourselves with Fontex and screaming in silence.


The thing is: we are not allowed to be sincere and draw limits. We can't tell anyone we are grappling with a post-divorce depression, not if we are in a fresh relationship. We can't say no to his ex-wife, because that would be admitting a negative surplus and would make us look like losers.

"Oh, come right in!" you say to his ex-wife. "Make yourself at home, set fire to my house and crap on the porch, if you like". You don't want to be the bitchy kill-joy in the open, modern, composite superfamily.


It's even worse with your ex-husband's new wife: she is practically untouchable, because she is your kids' stepmother. And she knows! She can do what she wants, and she will, while you humbly nod and bow. You have to swallow all the camels of Sahara to keep a good tone and increase chances she will be good to your little angels. Damn tight spot to be in!  


Sometimes you feel like a chicken leg anyone can grab and chew on.


We get sick in the modern, composite post-divorce family if we can't be sincere to ourselves and to others.


We have to come out of the closet, draw limits, take care of ourselves and act as credible role models for our children. We have to come to grips with taboos, even if it is embarrassing to be jealous, aggressive and feeling inferior. But that's the bad side of being recently divorced and starting a new relationship.

Say no, and remember you don´t have to be loved by everybody.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Danish Woman Sours on Postmodern Family "

Peter said (November 15, 2010):

David said (November 14, 2010):
"Nevertheless, both parties to a failed relationship are responsible."
David, men like you are stupid. In my marriage it ended because my wife was stealing money and lying to my face. Sure, I was 'responsible' in that I refused to tolerate a wife stealing money from the family finances and lying to my face. Guess what? Most of the time, some women estimate 90% of the time, the woman is UNILATERALLY RESPONSIBLE for the end of the marriage. The woman then creates circumstances by which to blame the man to anyone who will listen to her lies. Men RARELY initiate divorce because they know they will be screwed over. Yet stupid men like you keep spouting your rubbish.

"It can be renamed "Copenhagen Syndrome!""
Good one Henry. I told you that women have the intellectual capacity of 7-10 year old boys. This woman is one more of millions of examples. If a MAN photographed his daughter naked and sent her photo to be viewed by the world he'd be in jail. We both know that.

David said (November 14, 2010):

What a sad story. I thought the naked pictures (which I refused to discover) were an act of submission and not of defiance or protest.

It is “creative destruction” in play. The men do not seem to measure up these days and their wives leave them! According to Prof. Paula England from Stanford in her article, “He Left, She Left” that 60 to 70 % of the divorces in the U.S. are initiated by the wife.

Nevertheless, both parties to a failed relationship are responsible.

EJ said (November 14, 2010):

When do people stop whining all the time about their lot in life, no matter their national origin, and take some responsibility for their reality? You chose to take the easy way out and get a divorce which helps the NWO with their breaking up of the family. You found it convenient to divorce rather then work on some compromise for the family's integrity and now you complain about it like some victim??

You pose naked with your child and label yourself "Ordinary hooker" and the child "career spoiler" well excuse me but I thought when one has a child their "career" is to be a loving, protective, nurturing mother, not someone who will put herself on the web in a way that is demeaning and embarrassing to all connected to her. All that because you listen to some ignorant, adolescent, brainless hip hop music?


Tom said (November 14, 2010):

Your article on the " Danish Woman " really shows how effective the mind control techniques

employed by these sadistic Illuminati scum can be!
This poor woman doesn't even realize that she is embracing and expressing two diametrically opposing beliefs simultaneously! On the one hand she says; "We have to come out of the closet, draw limits, take care of ourselves and act as
credible role models for our children", while she poses naked, holding her small child (also naked) for a photograph that she sends to a Danish publication to be viewed worldwide! She is so confused that she actually believes that it is the
concept of " the family" that is responsible for her woes! She, like much of the mind controlled masses must be suffering from the "Stockholm Syndrome".

Thanks Tom,

It can be renamed "Copenhagen Syndrome!"


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