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The Illuminati Plan to Enslave Americans (1969)

May 10, 2016

left, Rockefeller insider, Dr. Richard Day (1905-1989)

The US will be de-industrialized and 
gays "given permission to act out." 
Women will be masculinized.
Music would get "much worse." 
Much of what Dr. Day promised 
in 1969 has come to pass. 
But many more ominous measures 
designed to establish a police state
have yet to transpire.

When are we going to wake up and realize that the "elite" is out to destroy us? 

(Revised from Dec. 2008) 
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

On March 20, 1969, Dr. Richard Day, the National Medical Director of the Rockefeller-sponsored "Planned Parenthood" told a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society that
 "A New World System" would permanently transform the world. Dr. Day, who died in 1989, wanted to prepare the 80 or so physicians present. 

Although the doctors were warned not to make recordings or take notes, Day's remarks were reported by Dr. Lawrence Dunegan who died in Jan 2004. The fact that only one doctor came forward suggests that professional associations may be Masonic in nature. 

"Some of you will think I'm talking about Communism," Dr. Day told the assembly. "Well, what I'm talking about is much bigger than Communism!"

He indicated that there is much more cooperation between East and West than most people realize. He was free to speak at this time because " ... everything is in place and nobody can stop us now."


When the new system takes over, people will be expected to sign allegiance to it, indicating that they don't have any reservations to the old system.

"There just won't be any room for people who won't go along. We can't have such people cluttering up the place so such people would be taken to special places and disposed of humanely." 

They would not create martyrs. 

"People will just disappear."

The transcript of Dunegan's recollections has been posted here and should be read in full. However, I'll provide a summary here. 


They do want to implant a chip in us so they can find and identify us, as well as monitor and control our purchases.

They are weaning us off national allegiance and will resort to terrorism to win our assent to their global police state. They may use "one or two nuclear bombs to convince people we mean business," Day said.

david-r.jpeg(left, David Rockefeller) 

He refrained from mentioning who "we" are but said the names are recognizable. Given that he worked for the Rockefellers, I assume he meant the Rockefellers and their bosses, the Rothschilds.

This adds weight to the widely-held view that the central bankers are responsible for most terrorism, using MI-6, Mossad and the CIA. Dr. Day also said that "war is obsolete" given the danger of nuclear exchange so terrorism would be used instead. This was 1969.

Dr. Day said sex will be separated from marriage and reproduction ( i.e. "sexual liberation") to break up the family and reduce population. Abortion, divorce, promiscuity and homosexuality will be made socially acceptable. 
Gender-neutered and promiscuous, fewer people are able to bond permanently with a member of the opposite sex for the purpose of procreation. 

He said that there are always two reasons for anything the Illuminati do: the pretext which makes it palatable to the gullible public and the real reason. Thus, we are being turned into homosexuals in the name of "women's and gay rights." 

 "Homosexuals will be given permission to act out. Everyone including the elderly will be encouraged to have sex. It will be brought out into the open. Anything goes." [The "Stonewall Riots" which unleashed the "gay rights" movement, took place three months later.] The ultimate goal is to have sex without reproduction. Reproduction without sex will occur in laboratories. Family size will be limited as in China.

alg-brandi-chastain-then-jpg.jpgIt will be made more difficult for families to stay together. More women will work outside the home and more people will remain single. Sports will be promoted to girls so they will become more masculine and seek career instead of family. They will be taught that they are the same as boys.

In general, international sports like soccer and hockey will be pushed so Americans will see themselves as "world citizens." American sports like baseball and football will not be similarly encouraged.


Pornography, violence and obscenity on TV and in movies will be increased. People will be desensitized to violence and porn and made to feel life is short, precarious and brutish. Music will "get worse" and will be used for indoctrination. 

There will be unemployment and mass migration in order to uproot long established (conservative) communities. Social change will be introduced in port cities and work its way to the heartland. (Thus, the east and west coast are liberal.)

He said a cure to cancer exists in the Rockefeller Institute but is kept secret for purposes of  depopulation. He said there will be an increase in infectious man-made diseases.

Dr. Day, who worked in weather modification during the war, said weather can be used to wage war or create drought and famine. The food supply will be monitored so no one can get enough food to "support a fugitive from the New System." Growing your own food will be outlawed under the pretext being unsafe. 

"Each part of the world will have a specialty and thus become inter-dependent, he said. The US will remain a center for agriculture, high tech, communications, and education but heavy industry would be "transported out."

[ America's Biggest Companies Continue To Move Factories Offshore And Eliminate Thousands of American Jobs, 2013]  

He said people are controlled by means of the information they are given. Often contradictory information works (i.e. discrimination is bad unless it is against whites.) Information will be selective. Not everyone will be allowed to own books. "Certain books will disappear from libraries." Literary classics and the Bible will be subtly altered. 

People will spend longer in school but not learn anything. There will be restrictions on travel and private home ownership will gradually disappear. Homes will become so expensive that people will have to share small apartments with non-family members.  


Our political and cultural "leaders" are accomplices in a plot to re-engineer humanity to serve the Judeo-Masonic central banking cartel. Wars, terrorism, depressions, political and social change, entertainment and fads are all contrived to gradually bring about an Orwellian police state.   

Dr. Day says politicians are manipulated "without their even knowing it." Their failure to protect us from this Satanic conspiracy is a betrayal of the first order. We have to alert the sincere ones and reach soldiers and police too. Civilization hangs in the balance. We are in real danger and should prepare for the worst.  

obama_1911886c.jpgProgressives and Leftists need to learn that "progress" and "change" actually refer to totalitarian world government. This is "the change they believe in." (2004)  The "Hope and Change" (2012) 

Dr. Day said in 1969, "people will have to get used to constant change."  

Our society and culture are a fraud based on one central fraud, the monopoly over government credit in the hands of Cabalist private bankers. They are using this power to extend their monopoly over every aspect of our lives by manipulating world events and social behavior. The only way to save civilization from failure is to nationalize the Central Banks. 

One thing Day didn't anticipate was the Internet. They will have a hard time establishing a police state and disappearing people when communications are instant and universal.   

The complete Lawrence Dunegan boxed tape set is available from the U.S. Coalition for Life, Box 315, Export, PA 15632. The cost is $29.50 which includes postage and a complete printed transcript.

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First Comment from Dan

I'm glad to see this article this morning.  People need to homeschool their children about Dr. Day's secret speech.    I think you are right to suspect that the doctors invited to this meeting were vetted through membership in some professional association which the whistle-blower Dr. Dunegan did not reference.   When I first read the transcripts eight years ago the same thought crossed my mind.   It wouldn't have to be a secret society, just an exclusive one.  There are dozens of hoops to jump through to get through medical school and a place of prestige in the profession.  The weeding out process includes the aspirant's personality profile.  For instance, did you know that most med schools turn down students that finished their bachelor science studies with 4.0 grade point average?   

I was 14 in 1969, and many of us already suspected something was wrong. Teenage boys didn't seem quite as masculine or emotionally mature for their age as their WWII generation fathers had been.  There used to be a joke in the 60's that went, "they must be putting something in the water". 

Indeed, I remember when fluoride was introduced into our city water where I lived, there were a lot of parents in the neighborhood that didn't want it.  That was around 1960. 

You won't find any record on the Internet, unless you searched local newspaper archives for many days to find a clipping to verify my memory.  But for me, because I remember that adults were alarmed about fluoride around 1960, I get quite a different meaning from this clip form Stanley Kubrick's DR STRANGELOVE.   

Many are still conned to think Kubrick was trying to help us.  He wasn't.  The purpose of the character "Col. Jack Ripper" was to make people stop questioning fluoride in the water, by having his character question it, and make it seem like a crazy thing to say. 

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Comments for "The Illuminati Plan to Enslave Americans (1969)"

Allen said (May 11, 2016):

Another excellent recounting if how we have all been duped by the 'say one thing do another' gang.
How tragic to have lived a life for LIES.

This year is their year if completion ( 2016 is a 36 aka 9)
and next year marks 300 years since the formation of the GRAND LODGE.

All the Protocols are fulfilled-interesting adding 1-24 inclusively is 300- a cute wat of saying '666'.
Once again- thanks for a great article.

In closing, many-many 'doctors' ARE Freemasons.
ALL the US hospitals are.

Z said (May 11, 2016):

Henry, great article! Thank you.

The question is why this information is allowed to be published publicly. My own explanation is that it serves as a way of programming of the people for the things to come. If that is indeed the reason, the so called awakening of the masses will not make any difference.

Alex said (December 10, 2008):

I have read some of your writings. There are many things I could go into here but I won't. I am sure that you are aware that the greatest evil the world has ever experienced is Zionism. An evil that is determind to destroy us in it's path to world dominance. In your article you say that small groups need to act etc. I'm afraid that there is simply no time for that. The way to destroy the monster is by waking up all the sleeping fools at once. The zionists have made one very big mistake in their zealous quest for world dominance. They made that mistake on 9/11 when they attacked their so-called best friend America and tried to frame the Arabs for it as they did in the Lavon affair. But they made one VERY big mistake on 9/11 and that was tower 7. # 7 was barely damaged but owner Larry Silverstein said that the decision to pull it was made at 12.30. 7 came down around 5 P.M.. I usually takes 3 weeks to pull a building like that. Silverstein should be forced to reveal the name of the superman demolition company he hired to do the job in 4 hours on a day like that when the streets were blocked with rubble. THIS is what me must go after, the name of the company, THIS was the mistake that can wake up America, and the world.

Judy said (December 8, 2008):

Dear Henry: Your latest article quoting Dr. Day on the NWO is much appreciated. Can't help but notice how similar it is to Huxley's Brave New World. In this country Brave New World has been regarded and taught (I did so myself) as an anti utopian or dystopian work. However, its close similarity to what has been happening socially in the last half century or so makes one wonder if Huxley was simply recording what the elite New World Order folks were up to. After all, his brother was Julian Huxley who was immensely influential in the United Nations programs and his grandfather was the redoubtable Thomas Huxley (Darwin's bull dog) who fought relentlessly to further an atheistic and mechanistic approach to education at the expense of religion and higher human aspirations. Aldous was an interesting, if satanic, individual. He even allowed his long suffering wife to pimp for him. Again, thanks for your tremendous efforts at getting this information out. Unfortunately, most people seem unable to draw the necessary conclusions from this info and act accordingly. I am not optimistic.

Bill said (December 8, 2008):

Dear Henry: Thank you for your fine contribution to saving humanity. In previous letters to you, I have recommended "intentional communities" as a means of defending righteousness. An important element in the effectiveness of such a group would be grain production. I spent about twenty years as a member of a community in W.V. For me, it was pretty much a subsistence lifestyle. But it became evident that if a group has a reliable supply of grain, and I am thinking of wheat, they can persevere. History has shown that the grain supply of a society is always very carefully managed by government.

Tom said (December 7, 2008):

I discovered your site about 4 years ago and have visited weekly (every Saturday morning) since that day.

It is likely too late to change our fate. By the time the masses wake up, they will already be in chains. When I attempt to educate people on our reality they look at me like I have two heads. Some get angry. They just don't want to hear it. If you attempt to burst the comfortable fantasy bubble they are living in they turn away or shout you down. The people love their prison . . . for now.

I live a few miles from the Freemasons Canadian headquarters, next door to it is the Scottish Rite building.

Downtown Hamilton seemingly has been allowed to decay over the years, progress is non existent. The entire downtown core has become
a hotbed of poverty and crime. Hamilton has a massive crack cocaine problem that the police admit they can't even put a dent in.
The walking dead are everywhere.

In the center of this filth sits The Freemasons Grand Lodge of Canada. I wonder what they have planned for Hamilton City Centre. What will it be in the NWO? Clearly it is a place where meetings are held, decisions are made.

I think it is important that you put together a collective of your articles that can be downloaded a one PDF file from your site.
I fear that soon the internet will no longer be the medium of free speech that it is. Your writings should be saved and spread by as many
of us as possible. Over the years I have compiled a massive library of media regarding the NWO and all the events surrounding it. I share it with anyone who cares to learn.

Richard said (December 7, 2008):

As someone like yourself that works to bring the truth of what is *really* going on to all that will listen, I just wanted to say “Thank-You” for another great article and all the research that went into it.

I have re-posted it as the lead article on my blog:

Trying to wake up the sheep can be a frustrating and thankless task, but the alternative, to just let the NWO “win” with no resistance, is abhorrent to me. At any rate, I wanted to thank-you for your efforts.



"Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized: In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident"
Arthur Schopenhauer (German Philosopher, 1788-1860)

M said (December 7, 2008):

I wish to thank you for the information in your article about Dr. Day. The knowledge of history is imperative to understand the events of today. It is hard to understand where you are without knowing where you have been and that pertains to a nation as well as the individuals who call themselves it`s citizens. Those who are monotheistic in their religious beliefs have always been pitted against each other through deception from within their own ranks as well as from without. One of the biggest examples of this was the betrayal of Jews by Zionists in WWII and it still continues today because all Jews pays for the crimes of Zionists, since so many people do not know the difference between the two groups. As a Christian, I know that there have been, and still are, many whom I classify as Christian Zionists who do the same thing and, consequently, Christains are all lumped together as being the same as them. I have learned to look for info on any author I`m not familiar with and especially now with all of the negative 'info' about Islam, which I admit, I know nothing about. I have just learned, through trial and error, to check and try to verify the things that I read. T

Lisa said (December 6, 2008):

have followed your site for several years now and admire many of the "politically incorrect" insights you have shared.

Allow me to bring to your attention an educational program which is currently attempting to infiltrate U.S. public schools called the International Baccalaureate (IB). Gullible American educators and parents are fooled by the designer label and refuse to recognize this organization's true intent.

For everything you want to know about IB but were afraid to ask, please visit our website:
Truth About IB.

Jean D'eau said (December 6, 2008):

What`s on the 2009 American menu?

1. Collapse of the US economy before the end of 2008.
2. Collapse of the US govt finances in February 2009.
3. General social chaos (civil war?) in 2009.
4. Mass arrestation and deportation of the rebellious civilians (see FEMA camps here:
5. Dissolution of the Congress whose members will be officially blamed for the social troubles and arrested.
6. Annexation of Canada and Mexico to the USA in order to form the "American Union".
7. Substitution of the "amero" currency to the dollar.

Al said (December 6, 2008):

Ah yes, the ultimate question; how do we battle back. I think forming small cells is certainly a start and one that can help build community bonds again assuming they don't get infiltrated by FBI operatives. An observation I have made of the NWO is that they strive for centralization in all things, government, industry, media/entertainment etc. The natural opposition to this is decentralization in as many things as we can do. Giving more control to Local school boards or better yet, homeschooling our children and this is where forming small cells would be very effective since they can come together for a practical reason, not just to battle that "vague notion" of the NWO. Practical reasons such as growing gardens, raising kids, helping neighbors put snow tires on the car in preparation for winter etc.

In government, here in the states, giving more power to the individual states over the federal government would be the next step and encouraging Nationalism of some kind over globalism in world affairs would logically follow. It would really be nothing more than an America First foreign and economic policy, or a Canada First foreign and economic policy for y'all up there.

A nation is nothing if it makes nothing. We need to bring manufacturing back to North America. Self sufficient nations have no incentive to go to war with other nations. This inter-dependency which the bankers have foisted on us accomplishes many devious ends. It erodes national sovereignty, it requires a means of international exchange which creates opportunities for a parasitical class to arise to "effect smooth transactions" between countries, and it can help set the stage for future wars by purposely creating distortions in that exchange system.

All nations need to become independent in their food production, for the majority of their manufacturing needs, and in the creation of their own Cultures (self determination) not what our American hollywood jams down their throats. Instead of multiculturalism, we need to encourage greater speciation of peoples by allowing them to group together by race and sub-cultures within races to allow an even greater number of cultures to bloom. This is completely anathema to the schemes of the Banksters since they want a large culturally undefined, homogeneous hybrid of people on the planet with only them sitting at the top as a clearly defined and culturally and genetically distinct race. It is on this basis they will claim they have the right to rule since they managed to hold on to their uniqueness, their exceptionalism, while all other cultures were lost. If we encourage the notion of Germany for Germans and France for the French etc, and encourage even more defined uniqueness in these countries, this will take away from the Bankster's claim of exceptionalism.

Edward said (December 5, 2008):

Who controls the 'matrix'?


that's a good place to begin (one's research)

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