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Evil Always Impersonates Goodness

November 1, 2020

The Coen Brothers' brilliant 2009 movie, A Serious Man, showed the bankruptcy of Judaism as a religion. (See my review below.) 

Until now, I didn't understand the intriguing Yiddish fable at the beginning of the film. 

A Dybbuk is a malevolent spirit of a deceased person who wanders the world spreading evil. In the fable, (see the video) an affable Dybbuk convinces the husband that he is not the malevolent spirit of a dead man, and that rumors of his death were premature.

But the vigilant wife is not fooled and takes decisive action. She stabs Dybbuk in the heart. Indeed, he does not bleed for he is already dead. 

Evil always impersonates goodness. Think all of our political leaders. Think Fauci and Bill Gates. They pretend to have our best interests at heart when in fact they are Satanists, traitors and gangsters.

Significantly, this Yiddish parable is not from Jewish folklore. Is it that hard to find anything genuinely moral in Jewish folklore? The Coen Brothers wrote it as an important reminder that evil must be unmasked and banished from the body politic through bold action. This 7 1/2 minute video will make a lasting impression.


The parable is also a metaphor for Judaism itself, a satanic cult defined by Cabala (Satanism) masquerading as a religion; death stalking the world. Cabala taints and ultimately destroys whomever it touches, Jew and non-Jew alike. First Satanism infected Jews, then the world through Freemasonry  (Jewish Cabalism.) We allowed them into our home, the economy and body politic, and as a result, we are satanically possessed and face terrible Biblical retribution.

Updated from Dec. 30, 2017

by Henry Makow PhD 

Hollywood has been accused
of portraying Christianity with a jaundiced eye while sugarcoating Jews and Judaism. Or it presents Jews as non-Jews.

Finally, there is a movie that presents Jews realistically. "A Serious Man,"  by Oscar-winning writer-directors Joel and Ethan Coen, satirizes many Jewish types and suggests Judaism is a fraud.

If this begins a trend toward honest self-examination, there is hope yet for the self-chosen people.

Set in Minneapolis in 1967, "A Serious Man" is an homage to the Coen brothers' Jewish upbringing. The protagonist is physics teacher Larry Gopnik, played by stage actor Michael Stuhlbarg who, like the Biblical Job, is beset by a multitude of difficulties.

serious.jpg"I didn't do anything wrong," he protests when Judith, his pouting wife, announces she is leaving him for Sy Ableman (pictured together, left.) Larry is a "serious man" -- hard-working, ethical and responsible. Why is God testing him?

Larry turns to a friend, Mimi for sympathy. "It's not always easy, deciphering what God is trying to tell you," she says. "We're Jews, we have that well of tradition to draw on, to help understand. When we're puzzled, we have all the stories that have been handed down from people to people."

In fact, that well is dry. Gopnik visits rabbis who tell stories unrelated to his dilemma. One tells him to find "Ha Shem" (God, the "name") everywhere, even in the parking lot. Another relates a story about a dentist who found Hebrew letters on a Gentile's teeth. "What does this story mean?" Gopnik says. "I don't know," the rabbi replies.

Finally, Gopnik pleads for an audience with the revered Senior Rabbi Marshak. "He's busy," his battleship of a secretary tells Larry. "He doesn't look busy," says Larry.

"He's thinking," the secretary assures him.

After his Bar Mitzvah, Gopnik's son Danny does get an audience with the fabled Marshak. Danny waits in eager anticipation for the wisdom that marks his induction into the Jewish fraternity.

Finally, the great rabbi opens his mouth and quotes the Jefferson Airplane's song "Somebody to Love." (1967)

When the truth is found to be lies
and all the joys within you dies
don't you want somebody to love
don't you need somebody to love
wouldn't you love somebody to love
you better find somebody to love

Funny? Yes, but also true. This became the credo of our time. Jews were at the forefront of substituting romance and sex for religion. Perhaps it was born out of alienation from their own "religion."

Compare with Paul Simon, "Kathy's Song," 1965

And so you see I have come to doubt
All that I once held as true
I stand alone without beliefs
The only truth I know is you.


Joseph Sobran said that working for the National Review for 21 years was like listening in on a conversation between Jews. This observation doesn't only apply to political discourse. Jews, often Illuminati Jews, oversee cultural discourse in general. They arrange the spectacles astride our noses and decide who will govern.

In "A Serious Man"  we are privy to a conversation Jews are having about themselves. Finally, we are witnessing some honest self-criticism. As Village Voice critic, Ella Taylor wrote, "A Serious Man is crowded with fat Jews, aggressive Jews, passive-aggressive Jews, traitor Jews, loser Jews, shyster-Jews, emo-Jews, Jews who slurp their chicken soup, and--passing as sages--a clutch of yellow-teethed, know-nothing rabbis."

coeh-bros.jpegIndeed, the Coen Brothers have done for Jews what Fellini did for Italians. I don't think there is malice intended but rather a recognition of Jewish limitations in style, culture, and religion, i.e. the stultifying parochialism, conformity, status-seeking and meaningless observance.

The film also exposes the seeming contempt Jews have for non-Jews, the "goy." Gopnik's gentile American neighbors are hunters who come home with a bloody deer carcass strapped to the roof. There is a revealing scene where Gopnik is confronted at home by the father of a South Korean student he failed. The gentile neighbor comes to Gopnik's defense. But Gopnik dismisses his support and prefers to dicker with the new immigrant.

Is this movie Jewish self-hate? I don't think so. Jews recognize honest satire and find it refreshing. I sat beside a middle-aged Jewish couple who roared with laughter. Ultimately, Jews are the first victims of their own culture. They have been deprived of the rejuvenating benefits of genuine self-criticism.

"A Serious Man" is a major improvement from the Coen's last two movies. "No Country for Old Men" and "Burn After Reading" were bleak, violent and nihilistic. It's great to see these talented filmmakers examine a recognizable reality.

I don't know why people have so much trouble with the concept of "God." He is synonymous with our spiritual ideals: absolute truth, goodness, justice, peace, beauty, and love. We have no choice but to believe and act in His name.

gopnick.jpegYes, bad things happen to good people like Larry Gopnik. But that's not God's fault. Usually, it's our fault, other Godless people or an accident of nature. In fairness to God, more bad things happen to bad people.

The general defamation of God and religion has more to do with the Illuminati conspiracy than anything else.


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First Comment from JPW

Henry is my favorite writer because he has been supplying me with uncommon truths for more than 20 years. Finding uncommon truth among the many "truths" is my favorite occupation. When it comes to criticizing Jews nobody can do it better than one who has been programmed with Jewish software since early in his life. For our planet to become a better place, we need more people like Henry Makow and so many others of the Jewish self-critical humorists and movie-makers. Wisdom begins when self-importance fades.

I like Henry's understanding of God. I wish he would start helping the Jewish people understand that this our God/Creator has nothing in common with the Jewish/Christian "god" of the Old Testament, the extra-terrestrial Marduk/Yahweh/Jehovah. As long as this "misunderstanding" prevails, there will be blindness as well as cognitive dissonance and unhappiness in some of the more gifted people of our planet.

Is it any wonder that we are being programmed not to discuss religion? My Jewish forebear Jobst von Waldthausen and his family became "Christian" under Dr. Martin Luther, his University professor, and promoted that religion in his elevated career. Only in the aftermath of separating from my family, after becoming a Christian fundamentalist and leaving Germany, did i understand why my engagement to a Dutch Baroness, whose father was neither Jewish nor Free-masonic, was not appreciated by my father, who was a high Freemason and probably understood himself to be a Crypto-Jew (even after 400 years of Lutheran forebears) , same as my mother, who converted from Protestantism to Catholicism.

I think I lost a few forum members (including relatives), because I promoted Henry's articles and ideas about Freemasons, who knowingly or unknowingly are part of a Talmudic/Cabalist-type of religion. It is of course unfair on my part to criticize those that chose the "easy" path of Freemasonry for their personal well-being and the well-being of their family, whereas I had the privileges and ease of being the son of a rich and powerful Freemason. I apologize to those, whom I might have unknowingly, but carelessly and unfairly offended in that way.

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Comments for "Evil Always Impersonates Goodness"

Marcos said (November 2, 2020):

The movie "A Serious Man" reminds me of the testimonies of Jewish people who converted to Jesus Christ (link below).

In almost all cases, before converting, they sought the help of a rabi to discuss their doubts and understand the subject, only to be met with extreme hostility and absolutely no answers. In one case the rabi just threw the Bible on the man's head.

JR said (November 2, 2020):

"Ultimately, Jews are the first victims of their own culture. They have been deprived of the rejuvenating benefits of genuine self-criticism."

I'm not well informed with regard to Jewish matters Henry
...but I find this statement quite brilliant

Kristine said (November 2, 2020):

It´s Genesis 2 and 3 in reverse. Here the man is duped and the woman is not deceived.

The “contempt jews have for non-jews” is documented in the Bible. “jews” are Esau and he still hates his brother, Jacob-Israel, with a burning hatred.

Interesting that the “hunter” in the film was “a goy”, as Esau, the jew, is the true hunter. The hunter and destroyer of souls.

Steve said (January 3, 2018):

Are rather interesting. If you listen to the soundtrack of Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, almost every (if not every) track deals with 'the hope' in some way. I by that I mean the Christian hope of the resurrection. I have many of these songs on my phone so I can listen to them regularly.

Another interesting point to me, is that in the movie Hail, Caesar!, the Coens seem to have subtly woven in their message, IMO, into Clooney's dialog where he forgets the punchline, "faith", but the technique here seems only to make the point even better.

Interesting, those two.

Brendon O'Connell said (January 1, 2018):

A Hungarian has a fit at this film. A "white wash" of a time of Bela Khun. However, there is some GREAT stuff in here. Some VERY frank admissions about the worst of "Jewish" attitudes but also some very good commentary about the best of "Jewish".

I think it makes a case for the frustrations of "ordinary Jews" who just want to "fit in". I am reminded of Mr Zimmerman. He owned a camera shop in Perth. I asked why his family came all the way from Latvia to Australia post WW2? He said, "To get as far away from the bullshit as possible."

I'll post that short section where he has the argument with his father.

Pedro said (January 1, 2018):

"As a Jew" naval gazing, like the Labor Zionists and Revisionists who said "yes there is a Jewish problem" and came up with the answer of the colonisation of Israel, on promises of doing labor and being nice to the natives, and in the end we get what the financiers and string pullers (war makers) always wanted, a gang house for more crime and a reversion to stereotype and the inevitable anti-semitism that puts more hate babies in the belly of Moloch to enhance the sense of persecution. Plus it takes our minds of our own culture (non Jews) that they are destroying and highlights Jewishness as the center of the world, nay, the world itself and all that matters, including God.

Problem: There is a crisis amongst "the Jews", something must be done about it

Reaction: The media, 96% Jewish owned, 4% just Jewish controlled or tolerated hails the problem. It's the talk of the town.

Solution: All you need is love, some Jewish boot camps and militant reading of that book of love, the Talmud. Match making regulated by the Yeshiva Rabbi's (the breeding program continues).

Result: Bliss for Jews. "I did nothing wrong, why do I suffer". Confusion for Goyim who do not identify "as a Jew-ish".

THM said (October 26, 2009):

I feel exactly as does Deborah: "The Holocaust thing is wearing thin these days, so movies like this are intended to have a softening effect on their public image. "Hey, guys, we're just like you with our dreams and fears, etc." I for one will not be letting my guard down."

When Hollywood Jews start revealing their weaknesses, frustrations and failures, and wearing their hearts upon their sleeves, the long term objective is not to identify with their gentile audiences, but rather, to lure them into a false sense of fellow feeling and camaraderie, and to allay the suspicions which Jews always seem to arouse in many, that they may be pushing a parochial agenda that is not alway salutary for society at large.


THM, Despite appearances, Jews are not a coherent body that operates as one. They are very individualistic. The leadership however is coordinated but they do not represent the majority. Your attitude, held by many, is what prevents more Jews from speaking out against the leadership.


Larry said (October 25, 2009):

When I first started studying the situation we find ourselves in and the potential reasons for it, I didn’t think I would end up where I am. I certainly did not think that any group, religious or otherwise, would become a “pivot” for what first seemed unrelated events and historical happenings. Unfortunately, what I now think is based on my research and observations. In other words, I may not like my conclusions, but they are what they are.

What I see is that we spend entirely too much time focused on “Jews”. In itself, there is no “logical” explanation for why a population of this minute size gets so much attention. Secondly, any group, religious or otherwise, who isolates themselves from their neighbors and lives as strangers with enmity to those around them is bound to be the object of scorn. To me it makes absolutely no difference whether a “religion” dictates that behavior or not. If your over-arching goal is the destruction and/or domination of “the outsider”, you are going to encounter problems. It seems to me that feeling guilt for someone else’s behavior is border line insane.

In your article you say “…….because of anti-semitism…”. I’m sure you are aware of the arguments regarding that. Former Turco-Mongolian penis worshippers from the wilds of Georgia are hardly “Semites”. Further, I really do not believe that the enmity derives from “religious” or “ethnic” concern. It is almost entirely behavioral.

Those of us who do not belong to the sect should learn to respond appropriately. If someone is obnoxious, devious and destructive, it is not “anti-semitic” to point that out. Perhaps the answer lies in whether or not these people wish to join the greater family of man. If they wish to live on the fringes and parasitize the hosts they are likely to encounter ill will. Somehow, that is not very surprising to me.

In the end we all have free will. If we use it to good effect we grow. If we do not we suffer the consequences. That choice is ours to make. It is not an obligation of others to endure our aberrant behavior in silence. Nonetheless, it was a good piece. I just can’t help commenting on my not so apparent requirement to ‘share’ in responsibility for their problems, real or imaginary.

Ray said (October 25, 2009):

The Coen brothers may be taking aim at Judaism but overall for the past 40 years Judaism has not been trashed anywhere near the degree Christianity has been. Evangelicals are made to be the loons and fanatics over and over while the Jewish person is the sage or moral champion. Regardless religious fanaticism is not a pretty thing in any form. I just wonder why Borat was not called out for being a racist diatribe against Arabic peoples and I am sure the Hollywood moguls would never have allowed a film by an Arab that similarly lampooned the Jews.

Freemasonry certainly seems to be an evil institution but the Talmud is not far behind it and Jews adopted and used that before Freemasonry.

Also Jesus himself called the Pharisees children of the devil because their love was for their own traditions and not the living God as demonstrated by Jesus himself.

Therefore, it seems that the downfall of Judaism started long before Weisshaupt and maybe had something to do with their rejection of and animosity for Jesus.

I am NOT advocating Jews adopt evangelical churchianity as that is about as far from Jesus' teaching as the Pharisees' teachings were. I am saying that the elevation of ones ethnic identity above being a light for the truth of the living God is not the way to enlightenment. To quote the Beatles : "all you need is love!

Deborah said (October 25, 2009):

I've come to the realization that nothing is ever done by "accident" with these elite Zionists. They're savvy enough to know that their victims are beginning to see them for what they are: an evil cabal of Satanists. The Holocaust thing is wearing thin these days, so movies like this are intended to have a softening effect on their public image. "Hey, guys, we're just like you with our dreams and fears, etc." I for one will not be letting my guard down.

My husband and I had to send one movie back to Netflix after watching it for a few minutes and then jettison two other movies we had recorded on the DVR because there were, let's say, "Illuminati" fingerprints all over them. We just kept thinking, "This is how THEY want us to see ourselves: stupid and degraded." One movie with cute Jewish angst isn't going to do it, I'm afraid.

Curtiss said (October 25, 2009):

Dear Dr. Makow,
I enjoyed your review. However, I do not plan on seeing the movie, for the following reason: the trailer is absolutely horrible. It starts with Gopnik getting slammed repeatedly into a wall with a loud bang every time.

This loud banging sound, only slighly modified, is continued throughout the rest of the trailer, as we watch all sorts of horrible things befall
him. Nothing redeeming happens to Gopnik, and, as if showing him get repeatedly slammed into a wall once was not enough, the trailer revisits this scene at least two more times. The entire trailer puts one on edge and leaves one with a dark, violent, and nihilistic feeling. I am glad that the Coen brothers are willing to examine Judaism, but I wish that they would have done so differently.


Couldn't agree more. The trailer turned me off too and I was going to see another movie that started 10 min later. The trailer does it an injustice. That banging scene gets extended in the trailer--it is short lived in movie. Also there are some redeeming elements in the movie.


Tony said (October 24, 2009):

Wow, Henry, Hollywood made or not, it seems amazing to me that this film got distribution. Perhaps it's a sign that those in control figure their control is, at last, absolute, and they can now lighten up a little about themselves and Judaism in general and have some fun. This hardly seems to fit many past "Jewish insider" movies that were designed to play to two separate audiences at the same time wherein it was obviously figured that the goy wouldn't really "get it."


This movie gradually is being rolled out worldwide.


Dave said (October 24, 2009):

I really enjoyed that review, Henry. Overall I have very mixed feelings on the Coen brother's oevre and while I have yet to see "A Serious Man", it looks to me like it will rank among their more entertaining and philosophical offerings. It also sounds as if anyone with Jewish friends or heritage will find something to be amused by, or at least something to think about after you've left the theater (and let's face it, not many general release films inspire the latter!)

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