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Cloud Atlas - Hollywood's Depraved Occult Fantasy

December 31, 2012

"Cloud Atlas" is a reminder the world is run by a satanic cult. Hollywood makes the cult's home movies which remove us from truth and transport us to a sick occult world.  The good news: this movie bombed at the box office.

by Katy (a Reader)

Today I watched Cloud Atlas after hearing rave reviews. I was expecting an inspiring and thought provoking masterpiece, as promised by the critics, but I found one of the most twisted and blatant Satanic NWO propaganda films I've ever seen.

Under the guise of promoting spiritual awakening, karma, and reincarnation, we are transported into the fractured worlds of a handful of characters, during their various lifetimes.

Over a 2 1/2 hour mishmash of bizarre relationships and events, we are bombarded with everything from slavery to homosexuality, from cannibalism to human cloning.

In the first few scenes, we see a young man, Robert Frobisher, climb into a bathtub to commit suicide, with a background narrative stating that "suicide takes tremendous courage."

gay scene.jpegShortly after the suicide, we are taken back in time to see Frobisher in a previous life, engaging in an illicit gay love affair. This scene is set in the 1930s, and begins with a closeup of a his tattooed butt with another naked body beside him.

As the camera zooms out, we see that the other naked body is also a man (Rufus Sixsmith). As usual, the gay couple is portrayed as the victims, with Frobisher being forced to flee the hotel in order to keep their affair secret.

As they make 'cute' jokes and tenderly kiss goodbye, we are presented with the epitome of the perfect man: physically strong, yet sensitive and loving, and of course quirky and funny.

Through our empathy, we are seduced into feeling sorry for them, and overlooking the disgust and violation that we felt after being forced to witness their naked intimacy without warning or consent. This entire scene is designed to promote the Illuminati's homosexual agenda, leading us to accept homosexuality as normal human behavior.


The rest of Frobisher's story unfolds alongside Vyvyan Ayrs, an aged and infirmed composer, for whom Frobisher serves as a musical assistant.

 While working with Ayrs by day, he has sex with his wife by night, yet all the while pledging his eternal devotion to Sixsmith via handwritten letters. As if the depravity was not enough already, Frobisher even makes a sexual pass at the elderly Ayrs, who rejects him in a moment of utter humiliation.

In the end, it turns out that that the entire affair with Ayrs' wife was all part of game conspired by the couple for their kinky amusement, and Frobisher had been chosen especially because of his own sexual deviations and history of prostitution. Eventually he escapes and his story ends the same way it begins - in the bathtub with a bullet through his brain.

At face value, Frobisher's journey appears to have no connection with the other stories and no higher purpose. However, this story is in fact the twisted thread that underlies and connects every aspect of the film, subtly ensnaring the viewer and dragging us to new moral lows.

Frobisher is a tormented genius and his warped sexual delusions are the fuel for his life's greatest composition, ironically called "Cloud Atlas".

 In fact Frobisher, as a character, is the ultimate playground for transsexual director, Lana (Larry) Wachowski, to explore his own fantasies.


The other story that I found most disturbing is that of Sonmi-451, a genetically-engineered "fabricant" Asian girl who spouts philosophical statements and is revered as a goddess by later generations.

Sonmi-451's story unfolds in a future world where an entire race of clones have been created to serve as slaves for the 'consumers'. The clones are all attractive Asian girls who are dehumanized in every way. They have no individuality; they go by number instead of name; they live like robots, and every one of their movements and thoughts is controlled.

While working, men will often grope their buttocks and humiliate them sexually. In one scene, a man approaches one girl from behind holding a mustard bottle in place of his penis and he sprays mustard all over the her back while he and his friends laugh. When the girl retaliates, her controller slits her throat via her metal collar with one click of his remote control.

The difference between Sonmi-451 and all the other clones is that her fate is to change the world. For this purpose, she is rescued by the freedom fighter, Hae-Joo Chang.

After getting a taste of freedom and kindness, Sonmi falls in love with Chang, and her liberation from enslavement culminates in a scene of eroticism.

 In order to persuade Sonmi to accept her historic duty, Chang reveals the truth of the fabricants' existence in a horrific scene of mass sacrifice where we see hundreds of clones in white hooded robes, marching like drones towards what they call 'exaltation'.

execution.jpegThinking that they are going to heaven, the girls smile and rejoice as they march towards the doorway of what turns out to be a slaughter room. They are greeted by executioners in red hooded robes, callously killed via their metal collars, and transported on conveyor belts into a huge processing factory where hundreds of dismembered, headless corpses dangle from meat hooks.

As it turns out, the bodies of these girls are shredded and fed back to the other clones in drinkboxes.

After seeing this terrifying scene, Sonmi agrees to help Chang and has many so-called profound revelations about life and existence. In the end, a battle breaks out and Chang and all the freedom fighters are defeated and Sonmi is captured. After interrogation, she is executed by electric chair in front of an audience of men in black and red priest-like robes.

drink.jpegThis is a blatant glorification of Illuminati's Monarch / MK Ultra mind control programs and the absolute humiliation and dehumanization of its victims.

 It is a reminder to mind control slaves that they must be completely subservient to their controllers, that resistance is futile, and that their only purpose is to serve and be used.
 Set in the future, it is also a glimpse into the Illuminati's plan for all of humankind.

The story also promotes the Illuminati's transhuman agenda, manipulating our compassion and sympathy to make us accept the clones as equivalent to human beings, and normalizing the concept of artificial breeding.

According to Sonmi's revelations, "No matter if you are born in a tank or in a womb, we are all pureblood."


1. To anyone considering watching Cloud Atlas: save yourself the time and money, and spare your soul from this filth. If you are seeking inspiration and enlightenment, look to Buddhism where you can learn a lot more about reincarnation and become a better person at the same time.

2. To the shameful Illuminati and its supporters: to quote from your own film, "There is a natural order to this world, and those who try to upend it do not fare well".

Whilst you have enjoyed the illusion of power for a brief moment in this cosmos' history, you do not control the order of this world and your plans will not succeed. You would do well to wake up before the Divine begins to settle his score.


What lamestream media critics said - Rotten Tomatoes 


First Comment by Dan:

Well, we've come along way since The Matrix.  I want to remind everyone that The Matrix premiered on March 31st, 1999.  The Columbine High School mass shootings happened April 20th that year - one month later - and references to the Matrix  were made my news casters .  For example, the long black trenchcoats worn by Neo and the girl to conceal their arsenal of weapons in a scene in which they shot up a roomful of security guards. 

I can tell you why  this sick flop 'Cloud Atlas' got 100 million dollar budget .  The directors were the Wachowski brothers who co-directed the Matrix in 1999.  
In 1999 Larry Wachowski  married a Hollywood starlet -- who divorced him for his delusions of turning into a god and having a sex change operation without consulting her about it.   When the judge asked "on what grounds do you want a divorce?"  
She answered, "He wasn't honest with me about his sexual orientation, your honor".  

The Brave New World is nothing but a global insane asylum run by the criminally insane.  

I hope the movie stays a flop and their career gets sucked down the sewer with it. 

The Wachowski brother's Matrix press packet said, "Raised by a hardcore atheist father and an ex-Catholic turned Shamanist mother,[4] the duo once described their religious beliefs as non-denominational."  In fact they both were reported taking lessons at the Beverly Hills Kabbalah Center. The Matrix movies are pure Kabbalah.

"Cloud Atlas" follows certain souls through 5 centuries of reincarnations.  A reviewer writes, "One soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and a single act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution." "Some people will find absolutely brilliant, while others will feel just the opposite."

Kabbalah teaches reincarnation a bit differently that Buddhists do. The logic of Kabbalah says things that look like evil deedd in this life can turn out to cause greater good as the causal effects 'ripplie' into the future.  It says "evil is an illusion, there is no crime - only correction of the ego.  Do what you have to do."  This is pure Sabbatai Zevi and living large in all forms of entertainment today.
This is why Hollywood spares no expense on movies to promote ideas like "suicide takes tremendous courage."

The Matrix movie spread the Kabbalah gospel that "God is in your mind. His nature is perceived by you as you have defined him. It is a form of auto-hypnosis". This is the meaning of the "spoon bending" scene in the Matrix.  Neo sees a boy bend a spoon with his mind.   The boy straightens the spoon and hands it to Neo, saying "don't try to bend the spoon, that's impossible.  Just remember the truth."  Neo, "the truth?"  Boy "that there is no spoon".  

I neither need or want to see "Cloud Atlas" to be downloaded with a post-op transsexual's psychotic philosophy. 


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Comments for "Cloud Atlas - Hollywood's Depraved Occult Fantasy"

Mike said (January 1, 2013):

The Matrix may have been the most significant movie ever produced. The closed minded post by Dan tries to trash it by association with another film.

I only saw the first one, and got the message. I don't care if it was produced by Jews or if it doesn't seem to support someones dogma.

And maybe the bald headed kid knew what he was talking about.

Rick said (January 1, 2013):

Tom Hanks and Hally Berry on it. Are they so short of work that they do this trash? I've seen other horrible movies( actually, I usually walk out of them) where well known actors and actresses play a leading role on some of this trashy movies. My question is WHY? Unless they are part of this evil group.



Many if not most big name actors are part of the Illuminati.

all the best


Matt said (January 1, 2013):

When I first came to know that a movie by the Wachowski brothers collaborating with Tom Tywker (Run Lola Run, a movie Germans are kind of told to be proud of) would come to the cinemas, including lots of Hollywood all-stars and bling bling special effects et al in epic proportions I thought I'd sense another MK attack and hoax.

But when I went to see it anyway, cause somehow I couldn't resist, it took some time into the movie until it hit me: this is a story about God, creation and the messiah. Check this out: (spoiler alert) Sonmi-451 ... what does this name suggest: Sonmi, Son me, Me Son, My Son and 451 numerically represents DEA meaning a female God/Goddess.

Dont judge right now. We all know God ain't male or female and David Mitchell, the author of the book maybe wanted to open peoples minds here. Talking about God and his son ain't nothing to do with genders. So why not change genders? he could have thought. When a thought like this came to my mind while watching the movie, all of a sudden the movies pieces started to fit together and at least to me in that moment started to become interesting and I cant tell you how many synchronicity I found all of the time from then on. But let me try to remember some... but hold....

When the film ended, I was overwhelmed and didn't know what to really say. Who put the Jesus part in there? Why? Was it the author David Mitchell? Was it Tom Tywker? The Wachowskis? The holy spirit? (wait a minute, whut?!) Was it just me seeing it?

Ray said (January 1, 2013):

When I read about a movie, that "critics" are raving about it. To my mind it always come that only loonies are raving in a mental asylum!

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