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August 15, 2012


I've said this all before. When dealing with cognitive dissonance,
 the simple truth has to be stated and restated.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Humanity has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati. Mankind is satanically possessed.

 We are under constant psychological attack  from an unseen occult enemy.
Society already bears the shackles of "political correctness," a Communist Party concept.

Certainly, this is not the picture presented by the mass media. The Illuminati use the mass media to deceive and degrade us.

The Illuminati are the Cabalist Jewish central bankers and their vast network of Freemasons who control business cartels, governments, intelligence agencies, churches, think tanks.. virtually everything of importance.

They are using debt to enslave the human race under a Satanic dispensation. Look at the Olympics occult symbolism if you doubt this. (More here.)

The Illuminati are responsible for Communism, (the State is a surrogate that allows the bankers to own everything.) Communism belongs to the same satanic cult. 

In the West, Communist objectives are advanced under the rubric of "Liberalism."  

In the Protocols of Zion, the Cabalist bankers say they must undermine "all collective identity except our own."  The four legs of human identity are religion, race, nation and family. 

They undermine family by sabotaging gender roles and the institution of marriage. 

They introduce "sexual liberation," "feminism," "gay rights" and "gay marriage" to destroy heterosexual norms and institutions.

Who can deny they have done this? Who can deny they are the real "haters" spoiling the lives of millions?   

They spin this as "progress," "social change," "freedom from repression," "independence."  They make it seem spontaneous and grass roots when in fact it is contrived elite social engineering. 

Who would attack the love between husband and wife by teaching women that men are rapists and marriage is "oppressive"? Satanists.

Who would deny that a woman needs the support of a husband to raise  children? Satanists. (Forty per cent of children are born to single mothers in the USA today.)

Who would deny that a child needs to be raised by a loving mother not a "care-giver"? Satanists.

Who would deny a child the regular presence of a father?  Satanists.

Who would redefine the institution of marriage, sacred to 98% of the population, to accommodate less than.5% ? Satanists. 
Anyone who denies the existence of God and a natural and moral order has taken the first step to becoming a Satanist. Atheism is on the rise in the US. 


The Satanist (i.e. Illuminati) goal is to turn the natural and moral order on its head, to somehow negate for humans the gender difference that defines the whole natural world.  The goal is to thumb their nose at the Creator using every form of unnatural and depraved behavior. 

Thus, they attack everything that is wholesome and natural, pure and good. 

They practice and promote sickness, war, dysfunction and deviance for their own sake. They promote promiscuity, pedophilia, pornography, and eventually bestiality.

Just as a true Christian might practise his religion by doing good, they worship Satan by doing what is depraved.

change.jpgWar. Only a Satanist could start one.  

They call it "changing the world."  They are "change agents." 

But is the world getting better?

No, because "changing the world"  actually means change along satanic lines. That, to them, is the meaning of "progress."


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Comments for "Clarity"

Clarity said (August 18, 2012):

The Bible teaches how to keep Satan/ism down. For example (suggestion is to read it thoroughly, then digest it):- Who is listening, then actually doing that every day? As the saying goes, it takes two to tango and he (Satan) could not have done this alone without help, and I think that is what Henry means by satanically possessed and lacking the solution to stop it all.

Finally a solution out of this mess:-

Marti said (August 17, 2012):

Excellent article, Henry. There have been demonic forces at work for a very long time and now they are getting more blatant. and they DO possess people! Satanists don`t go through all of these rituals for nothing. They do these horrors to appease Satan and obtain more power.

The Illuminati couldn`t get more satanic, even if they tried. Demons are real, Henry, but so are the angels of God. Research Alister Crowley, the Theosophical Society, Benjamin Creme, etc. I have spent years researching all of this because I want to know my enemies.

R said (August 16, 2012):

Well said, Henry. I have moved to a very progressive town in NH (Conway) and I was registering my vehicles in the town hall. The elderly desk clerk asked me if I wanted to register to vote. My response was that I don't want to encourage them and that the only choices we have are satanist one or satanist two. She agreed with me so wholeheartedly I launched into a political clarity rant that lasted about 5 minutes. I ended it with how our country is being controlled by satanists.

I think the people are they finally choosing to listen.

Aussie said (August 16, 2012):

I agree with Asim - an excellent and cogent article hard to deny. I listen to the news and regularly see and hear the brainwashing and that too much just doesn't sit right in me. You sense the fraud of it all. Turning age old truths upside down with the skill of consummate, articulate, political actors. It is most definitely contrived. I also sense that the youth of our society more than anyone know something is seriously wrong, but they don't know the answers on how to deal with it. Most unfortunately, because mainstream Christianity has been heavily infiltrated by these elite devils, it no longer has the spiritually righteous power it used to have to lead youth (and the masses) out of the litany of core, anti family, anti God, satanic lies.

Len said (August 16, 2012):

Remember the famous satanist practices of reading & doing things backward ? Remember also that they often
"turn the Cross upside down" ? ... well, the desire is to INVERT & PERVERT every decent, godly, Christian value and then replace it with degeneracy & debauchery. Yeah. It's sick. but so is the world. Now, more than ever.

There's a very dark prophetic scripture found in Revelation 18:2-8. ... I think, very frankly, we have arrived there.
PRAY that you might be counted worthy to escape these things.

Asim said (August 15, 2012):

Great article--incisive and to the point. For me, Islam is the perfect antidote to the illuminati and societal's ills. In essence-it is a contract made between you and your lord; there is no intermediary acting on your behalf-no church hierarchy of preists, bishops, archbishops etc.

That is why the Illuminati backed religions or 'organized religions' have such a hard time with Islam-without a power pyramid in place, no one can rise to the top to claim Godhead; everyone is on a equal footing before God. Sure, infiltrations have been made, but going to Hajj in Makkah, sublimely reminds everyone that whether you are king or pauper, you are all slaves on a level playing field before the eyes of God Almighty.

I would suggest Al Thompson, this site,; he seems to lump Islam with the rest of 'organised religions' and all its negative connotations.

Al Thompson said (August 15, 2012):

Satanists destroy the joy in everything. Most governments and religions reek of the occult. And they shouldn't have any authority over anything.
Why should a satanist rule over anything? They have no intention of doing anything good for the people under them. Most governments and religions are engaged in physical and mental slavery. Both represent evil, and the bondage comes from their application of evil. Even most bibles have occultic symbols in them.

Philo said: "Accordingly, the sacred volumes present an infinite number of instances of the disposition devoted to the love of God, and of a continued and uninterrupted purity throughout the whole life, of a careful avoidance of oaths and of falsehood, and of a strict adherence to the principle of looking on the Deity as the cause of everything which is good and of nothing which is evil." Goodness and love come only from God and keeping his commandments, and all bad things violate those commandments. Many immature and intellectually deficient preachers tell people it is impossible to keep the commandments, thus destroying the whole moral fabric of civilization. Most religions I know of are satanic and they take the joy out of life. We are all born with the knowledge of the commandments, and those are the things that are the most important. The commandments latently possessed by every man, woman, and child.

I'm not sure what you mean by people being "satanically possessed" but I see it as the whole governmental and religious systems, and not necessarily the people themselves. Remembering and using the commandments will fix the problem; government and religion will not fix anything, they'll make things worse.

Devi said (August 15, 2012):

The Vedas, spiritual books of knowledge, teach that the four pillars of religiosity are: cleanliness, austerity, truthfulness and mercy,. They also teach that the way to attack these pillars are to engage in illicit sex, intoxication, gambling and meat eating.

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